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OPINION: Scent of a Woman

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By Cha Monforte

That award-winning 1992 film Scent of Woman strikes a nostalgia in me. I ask Davao del Norte Vice Governor “Baby” Suaybaguio to watch the blockbuster film again- at home.

The film is starred by actor Al Pacino (a retired irascible, blind, medically retired U.S. Army officer Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in the film) and Chris O’Donnell (tukayo Charlie Simms, a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to Al Pacino or Frank Slade).It won for Al Pacino the Academy Award for Best Actor and more cinema laurels for director Martin Bres.

I think last year or early this year the HBO and Cinemax played it again- and again (in the outfits’ shenanigans to playing with our culture of easily forgetting things, err like Ninoy’s heroism or Kris loves with Phillip Salvador and Joey Marquez– no pun intended).

There’s a lot of walking CD vendors now and pirates are coming up with well-CD recorded films in glossy and sleek covers. Ask for it, and the latest Pacquaio’s fight, and voila- they have it.

Anyway, film-watching at home is good for the coming weekend holiday as warm-up starter before going to the cemetery to meet a riotous exploding living population paying homage to our millions of beloved dead, the global warming notwithstanding.

To set our mood for the All Saints Day (Nov 1, Saturday) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2, Sunday), choose the film genres that are good for the soul- the classic, romantic, that which dramatically slow-moving but emotion-captivating with surprise denouement. Not the comedy, action, Jacky Chan, brutal, horror films please.

I mean the Scents of the Woman is primarily classic but comic. It intrigues the heart in seeing a cantankerous middle-aged man who is now blind, alcoholic and impossible to get along with (Al Pacino) having a time in New York with the aid of youthful assistant Charlie Simms, just to take a room at the posh hotel, eat at an expensive restaurant, to wish to sleep with a beautiful woman, and then commit suicide. Later, the blind Colonel tangoes with a girl whose perfume captivates him (hence the title of the movie).

To cut the movie short, Slade’s suicide does not materialize as he is prevailed upon by Simms.The rest is history.- they become close friends and shortly Slade cause for the exoneration of Simms from the allegation that he plays the prank on school headmaster. End for now.

Flashback: I saw the vice governor two decades ago so smart in jeans when he was still the city mayor. That time his nephew Konsehal Nickel must have been still in shorts. I saw in the latter a déjà vu on VG Baby. But being older but still smarter, VG Baby could take the Al Pacino’s role, while being young and neophyte, Kons. Nickel could take Chris O’Donnell’s.

Not that the VG portrays in real life Slade’s film character. He’s already south in age now after serving the city and province in length, with interregnums after electoral defeats.And huwah! (Slade’s stereotyped shout in the movie which I like to hear), the VG has returned fragrantly ensconced in his current public seat- for that scent of a kingmaker.

Forget that blink when he was reminded by movant BM Larry Caminero there was still that third and final reading to finally junk the Purok Ordinance two weeks ago. VG Baby might have just an afterthought what’s in store for the Urban Poor Ordinance of his young nephew Nickel that was yet forthcoming to land in his august hall.

As to Kons. Nickel, he may play a prank of his Urban Poor Ordinance, knowing that as his uncle’s earlier plan of running for the Congress was political suicide, hence the VG’s silence now, the new measure that has recently reached at the Davnor SP seems to be also one that would have him kissed his young political career goodbye. Or this scent of 2010 is just subject for a director’s cut? Oh baby, for that Scent of a Woman. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments, reactions, e-mail:, or

NEWS: “Paperless legislation” for Tagum SP next year

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oct 9

TAGUM CITY – Patterned after what the Agusan del Sur provincial government has trailblazed ahead, the City Hall will be investing about P1.5 million to implement a “paperless legislation” in the City Council by next year.

Under the scheme, city councilors would no longer have to deal with voluminous papers but instead use laptops in doing legislative works such in submitting their committee reports, proposed resolutions and ordinances.

The budget would be used to buy 14 units of laptops, one for each of the councilors, vice mayor and the secretariat, server and two back-up CPUs, scanner, WIFI connection, networking and peripherals including training and installation, said Vice Mayor Allan Rellon.

Last week several city councilors went to Agusan del Sur and saw for themselves how the paperless session in the said province works.
“What can be added to the city is the use of emails in sharing proposed legislations,” Rellon said.

He added that in this scheme a laptop-carrying proponent councilor can send his proposed measure to his colleagues to invite them for comments or for co-authorship, or send it to the secretariat to be calendared.

From reports gathered, the laptops would be brought by the councilors outside the City Hall and during sessions they would have to connect the laptops to the local area network in the session hall.

On the other hand, Councilor Rey Salve proposed to provide P1.5 million for the paperless legislation in the Annual Investment Plan for the 2009.
He said the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is also interested to implement the same next year. Some of its members went ahead in their Lakbay Aral on paperless legislation. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Internet cafes welcome mayor’s probe on Tagum sex scandal

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sept 11

The president of the association of internet cafés in Tagum City bared yesterday they welcome the ongoing investigation of Mayor Rey Uy in identifying the establishment where the spreading Tagum sex video scandal took place.

Eddie Silagan, president of Internet Café Association of Tagum (ICAT), said that they are just waiting for the results of the mayor’s current probe.

During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Internet Café Housing Board (ICAB) the mayor called on internet café operators to police their own ranks into not violating the city ordinance regulating the operations of internet cafes such as the allowing pornography to happen and the minors and schoolchildren to play online games during school hours inside their establishments and others, Silagan said.

The mayor has also urged them to unite and not to fight against each other for the internet user market which internet cafes could share in healthy competition.

At press time, internet cafes in the city are already being subjected to close monitoring by the City Hall after Uy mayor issued an executive order earlier this week creating a monitoring group from his own office to strictly enforce the city internet café ordinance.

Silagan, who is the operator of the Aroma Internet Café along Mabini Street, said his establishment itself had been checked and monitored for any violation the other day.

He said they also welcome the mayor’s monitoring saying that internet operators in the city have been wary now after the sex video scandal of a UM-Tagum female student broke out in news last week.

He said that internet café owners worry over implications of the unknown liability in case the internet café where the cyber sex scandal took place is identified saying that what if the establishment is known but the person who recorded the sex video could not be identified among those working in the internet café.

He said for his establishment alone he has two assistants rotating in the shifts in the morning and in the evening.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon earlier said that the mayor would not hesitate to close down the erring establishment in this city’s own sex scandal that has already spread to cellphones and the Internet.

On Monday, the UM-Tagum administration blamed the still unknown internet café in the city as the one which caused for the spread of a 20-minuter sex video clip of one of its students who later dropped out.

In the much-talked video clip that has stunned the city, the UM-Tagum young female student using a chat user name “Baby” bared sensitive parts of her body and used sex toy penis while chatting with a prodding foreigner chat boyfriend with username “Clyde”.

Asked on the charge that the involved internet café has used a remote access software in stealthily recording Baby’s orgasmic acts, Silagan said it is a possibility but “most of the internet café owners are only more of entrepreneurs doing business and do not know about it”.

He added though that there are internet cafes in the city which have owners, technicians and workers who might have known about the operations of remote access softwares.

He said that for him it would be difficult for outsider technicians hired to do occasional computer repairs to install these programs without the owners knowing it.

He said that internet café operators are usually not experts on the technical side of the business.

ICAT has also welcomed the call for the amendment of the city internet café ordinance with provisions from lessons learned from this city’s own sex video scandal.

Silagan also reiterated anew his group’s condemnation over the use of the internet café for pornography purposes and the spread of Baby’s sex video clip.

While he said the sex video scandal is an “isolated case”, Silagan also described that the sex video scandals “are not at all new” but “common” these days in the Internet. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Way Kurat: “I’m willing to face the SP” “But Joecab should also go there”

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july 14

Compostela Valley Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora (1st District) has accepted the challenge of former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero saying that he is very much willing to go to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to shed light about what he can remember during the meeting with Chinese-speaking investors and with President Arroyo herself during her visit to Compostela town last July 2006.

In that presidential visit, the President announced at Zamora’s congressional office that she was bringing with her investors of Chinese firm ZTE Corp interested to invest in mining ventures in the province.

In an interview over the weekend, Cong. Zamora said that Caballero was right in saying that the President came to visit her congressional office and was also right for passing the buck of the issue to the congressman but “with all respect to him, Caballero should also go there” referring to the SP which moved last week to conduct a legislative inquiry on the reported $1-billion mining project of ZTE Corp to Diwalwal.

Zamora suggested that since he is on the thick of marathon budget hearings at press time until October 11 and onwards Caballero should first face the SP so that his statements “could be put on the record” and “after that, file a motion for me to appear”.

“I’m willing to appear but I could not just be available due to the marathon hearings,” Zamora said.

Zamora said that during the presidential visit there was indeed a meeting that occurred inside his congressional office with the President and Chinese-speaking officials with their interpreters.

But, he said, he did not know what were the particular companies the Chinese-speaking visitors were representing for.

He said he was not the only the one who knew what transpired during the meeting since former 2nd District Cong. Prospero Amatong and all the mayors were also there except Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes.

Caballero, then governor at that time, was not invited to attend in Compostela visit of Arroyo but reports said that he and Brillantes had also met with ZTE investors at Marco Polo Hotel during the visit.

Caballero, in separate interview, denied he met with ZTE officials saying they were only having their lunch with Mayor Brillantes at the hotel while the President graced for the launching of the congressman’s earthworm and nursery project at his congressional office.

Currently, the ZTE Corp is embroiled anew of another controversy about its award of mining rights over 8,000 hectares of mineral reservation in Diwalwal a year after the firm figured in the anomalous NBN deal. The firm was accused of giving millions of bribe money to national officials including the President to bag the multi-billion NBN contract.

For its legislative probe, the SP entasked last week its environment committee to call Caballero, Finance Secretary Peter Favila, DENR Sec. Lito Atienza, former DENR Sec. Michael Defensor and others to shed light on the report of $1-billion deal of the ZTE Corp. for the mining rights over Diwalwal which the SP feared could trigger unease among Diwalwal miners if the report is not clarified.

The SP acted on following privilege speech of Boardmember Dexter Lopoz who notified his colleagues two weeks ago about the deal as first hinted by an editorial of the Philippine Star before the new ZTE controversy hit the current headlines.

Boardmember Neri Barte joined with Lopoz last week calling for legislative probe on ZTE’s Diwalwal deal which got the SP nod. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Mayor Uy to close internet café in sex video scandal

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For Baby’s justice

Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy will not hesitate to close down the internet café found to be the one where the so-called Tagum sex video scandal occurred as the city authorities continue on their probe on it.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon relayed this to Sidlak after the interagency Internet Café Advisory Board (ICAB) convened Tuesday upon instruction of the mayor to tackle on the sex video scandal involving a young female student of the University of Mindanao-Tagum City and recommend measures to the mayor to address it.

Rellon presided the meeting of ICAB which he co-chairs with the mayor.
He said that the mayor, who is now investigating the case, will not hesitate his discretionary power to revoke or not renew the business permit of the internet café where the cyber scandal took place.

He said the ICAB also resolved and recommended to Mayor Uy for internet café attendants or watchers to secure occupational permits from the City Hall with a certificate of attendance of ICAB seminar.

ICAB has also scheduled a meeting with owners of internet cafes on Sept. 29 at 2 P.M. at the Sangguniang Panglungsod session hall.

In Tagum sex video scandal, the UM-Tagum coed with user name “Baby” on school uniform chatted with a foreigner chat boyfriend with user name “Clyde” who was directing “Baby” to bare sensitive parts of her body before a webcam.

In the video clip that has spread to cellphones and in the Internet, “Baby” also uses a sex toy penis. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: UM-Tagum blames internet café in city’s sex video scandal

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Coed “Baby” commits suicide?

The head-director of the University of Mindanao-Tagum City is blaming the still unidentified internet café in Tagum City which has reportedly taped one of the school’s female students who figured in what is dubbed as Tagum sex video scandal that has been already widely spreading in cellphones and in the Internet.

UMTC director Fely Rabaca said that the internet café involved in recording the involved chatting coed should get the blame and punishment for the spread of sex video clip.

She said though that if the coed were still in the school when school authorities knew of the sex video scandal the student could be immediately expelled for tarnishing the school’s reputation as provided in the UMTC disciplinary manual.

“We could not even issue a good moral character certificate for her,” she said.

“Ang internet café gyud ang maoy basolon kay sila ang nakahibalo sa pamaagi (the internet café should be blamed as they know the technology),” she added.

Rabaca also said that school authorities could not prevent students for what they are doing outside the school.

She bared that she instructed her Office of the Student Affairs to investigate on the matter sometime in the first week of last August.

This developed as Sidlak heard from a group of UM-Tagum personnel yesterday that they heard unconfirmed reports that “Baby”, chat username of the suspected UM-Tagum coed, has tried to commit or has committed suicide by cutting her wrist. “Naglaslas daw”.

Baby has since then fled the city to unknown place.

Rabaca said that per school records as of July 18 Baby was considered already “officially dropped” and considered no longer a UM-Tagum student when the news about the sex scandal broke out in the media and at the city’s session hall last week.

Baby is considered to have finished only her first year in UM-Tagum since she managed to officially dropped her subjects during the first term of the first semester of this school year obviously before whispers about her grew louder inside the campus.

Also, Baby managed to secure an honorable dismissal before her sex video clip has been widely shared through the cellphones of many students in the campus, said Maricar Cainglet, UM-Tagum high school guidance counselor.

She said that she only saw Baby’s video clip in a cellphone last August 19.

The guidance counselor said that the last time she saw Baby in the campus was July 16 processing her papers.

She said she was so surprised and even could not believe of the sex video showing Baby describing her as a “sweet, buotan (good) and intelligent student.”

She learned though about her coming from a broken family.

She added that Baby had at least twice shifted in course while studying in UM-Tagum and was a transferee from a college in Davao del Sur.

Baby had also studied at the St. Mary’s College in the city from 1st year to 3rd year high school and graduated in a town in one of Davao provinces.

The UM-Tagum authorities have strongly called yesterday on people to stop spreading further Baby’s sex video.

In what others dubbed as UM Tagum sex video scandal, Baby was chatting with an obviously foreigner chat boyfriend with a blurred username “Cled” or “Clyd” in the chat message box. ((Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: New law school to open next year in Tagum

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sept 8

TAGUM CITY – A new law school will be opened in the next school year, bared Atty. Jesus Albacite, one among the incorporators of the school, during last Friday’s inauguration of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Edifice located fronting the Hall of Justice at Mankilam this city.

He said that over 100 individuals have already shown interest to enroll in the law school which has a name Saint Thomas Moore Law School.

During the same occasion graced no less than by Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno, who visited the city primarily for his Justice on Wheels mobile court program, Albacite offered to IBP members to contribute stocks to the school which is organized by a group of lawyers.

The newly-inaugurated IBP Edifice would be used for the IBP-Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Chapter’s free legal aid and free legal education programs.

The building, dubbed by lawyers as an edifice, was realized through the financial assistance of the administrations of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy.

It was first proposed by Atty. Rodolfo Rapista who worked for the passage of a provincial ordinance on the donation of the lot on where the edifice now stands.

But it took five two-year IBP leaderships to have it completed most of which was lengthily served by Atty. Albacite.

Atty. Daniel Campoamor is the present IBP chapter chairman for the two neighboring provinces.

The inauguration was attended by some 100 judges and lawyers from the courts in Davao City, Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley.

The city has once a law school through the University of Mindanao-Tagum City but it later folded up for failing to have its law graduates pass the bar exams in a series.(Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)