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NEWS: AGR’s resignation from Lakas-Kampi “a smart move”- Yayong

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Davao del Norte politics

aug 27

Still politically coy Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza, former Davao del Norte governor, has his own reading on the recent decision of confirmed congressional hopeful Anthony del Rosario (AGR) in resigning from the merged Lakas-Kampi party which his father governor chairs in the province.

“It’s a smart move and the real purpose is really to leave the administration’s congressional standard bearer vacant, while he would end up being supported by two parties- of the administration and opposition,” said Gementiza, who earlier wanted Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr to duel with AGR in the congressional arena.

In an interview yesterday at his sprawling residence at Apokon, Tagum City, Gementiza, who was himself included by Tagum’s political pundits as congressional potential in the province’s District 1, said that the young Del Rosario’s running as independent could benefit him as provincial boardmembers in the district reported to be comebacking to reclaim their mayoral seats “have now AGR” to troop to under his leadership while the incumbent mayors would remain to be with the side of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario under the administration party.

The District 1’s congressional post to be vacated by last-termer Congressman Arrel Olano had then become a much sought-after post of fellow leading Lakas-Kampi partymates after AGR admitted that he had stage 3 lymphoma cancer early this year until two weeks ago when in a media forum he announced that he was already completely healed of it after undergoing series of chemotherapy treatments within a seven-month period.

In that media forum, he announced his resignation to go independent as “neither administration nor opposition” in confirming his bid of running for Congress, and for him to freely choose a presidential candidate whom personally liked.

“Now he (AGR) can freely pick the strongest opposition candidate,” Gementiza added.

He said that it is unthinkable that the father governor would pit someone against his own son in the congressional race, referring to the post of Lakas-Kampi’s congressional standard-bearer in the district.

But the the former governor also said: “or Dolfo may bolt the administration party” as “in the first place” he has already “no Tadeco to protect”.

Gementiza continued to be coy on his political plan in the coming 2010 elections.

“Mahibal-an ra nato na sa Nobyembre kung pwede pa ba o dili, kay kung dili mag-concentrate lang ko sa akong negosyo (We’ll know that by November, if it’s still good for me to run or not, but if it’s not, then I’ll concentrate myself on my business,”he said.

Meanwhile, in yesterday’s birthday celebration of Vice Gov. Suaybaguio, in an interview, he wished for further unity and good governance in the province under the leadership of Gov. Del Rosario.

“I have been in the mainstream politics and I have not been jumping from one political party to another, and I wish that would end all speculations” in obvious expression of his continued unity with the governor following previous reports that his relationship with the governor underwent an episode of getting soured sometime.

The governor feted Suaybaguio with a splendid birthday celebration at the Tahanan governor’s residence inside the Capitol complex at Mankilam with provincial officials, AGR, mayors including Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy, boardmembers, city councilors, friends and members of the media present.

At lunchtime, when Suaybaguio arrived at Tahanan he was greeted with a Happy Birthday song, and when he posed with the governor, acoustic singers rendered the song “Together Again”.

But a ranking provincial official, who asked not to be named, quickly opined on the song: “That’s wrong, the two had never parted ways. It’s just that their reported parting was misread, since the intention was really to boost Baby’s political foundation. He’s now so popular to the people in the province and their tandem is so formidable” (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News).

NEWS: AGR resigns from Lakas-Kampi, to go independent for Congress

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aug 4
TAGUM CITY- In his first day of work in the Capitol, returning former Davao del Norte Vice Governor Anthony Rafael del Rosario dropped a big surprise yesterday in a press conference he called by announcing he would be resigning as member of Lakas-Kampi party and would instead go independent in running for Congress in the District 1 of the province in 2010.

He said his father Governor Rodolfo del Rosario “would be surprised by this (announcement)”.
“It’s time for me to see who among the presidentiables I like to support. I’m looking for a presidential candidate that I think has the same principles as I have, a President I can relate with and for the principles he stands for…My resignation is my decision,” said a visibly thinner Del Rosario, who was on leave for seven months from his executive assistant position and as the provincial sports coordinator in the Capitol as he underwent series of chemotheraphy treatments in Manila for his stage 3 hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

He said he is already completely healed from the “mildest type of cancer” and even dared mediamen for a “two-kilometer run” with him to test him.

“I also get second opinion of my doctor in Singapore, who is a cancer specialist and one of the best in Asia, and he said I can run for Congress,” Del Rosario added.

“I have to get out (from Lakas-Kampi) to be independent,” he further said adding that it would be difficult if he would remain in Lakas-Kampi of the administration and talk with other presidential hopefuls in the opposition “like Binay, Erap, Villar, Roxas, Escudero”. “Madaut ta ana (that would destroy me)”.

He also said that it pained him to see that in the country’s politics the principle in the party changes in obvious potshot to the administration party, even as he declared he is still “100 percent behind Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo“.

He added he is more keen to support a presidential candidate who has “managerial skills” and “executive experience”.

But Del Rosario’s announcement has fueled speculations among observers here that the influential Del Rosarios, who have had family feud with the Floirendo family of the gigantic Tadeco banana firm in the last elections, is in path of jumping to the opposition prior the 2010 polls.

During the same press conference at the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo in the media center at the Capitol, Del Rosario himself bared that he heard only last week that his father governor was already replaced as the Lakas-Kampi regional chairman by Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Malanyaon, and replaced as the Lakas national treasurer by a “Kampi congressman” hinting a possible falling out of Gov. Del Rosario from Malacanang’s blessings.

Last Saturday the former governor arrived in his Tagum residence and was greeted by streamers welcoming him back home. Together with his father, family members, other provincial officials and employees, he then heard a thanksgiving mass. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: VG Suaybaguio: “It’s water under the bridge” on issues between him and RDR

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april 24

“It’s water under the bridge” or something that is over and gone and so not worth thinking any more.

With that cliche, Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio Suaybaguio Jr said in an interview that the issues that somehow put him Governor Rodolfo del Rosario as estranged companions are already through. “Tapos na lahat ang mga isyu.”

“We’re OK na,” he added.

He described the episode as to be just like a part in the life of a couple when there misunderstandings, arguments or and quarrels occur at times between husband and wife.

The vice governor said though that the “issues that were not properly reported by the newspaper” were just indeed in papers that did not seriously bother both him and the governor as old friends.

He said that the bottomline of his continued partnership with the governor “is to deliver good public service, and that’s the essence of it”.

Controversies hounded the vice governor when allegedly the governor told the media that he did not know the whereabouts of Suaybaguio who made an extended stay in the United States for a vacation in late December to January.

A weekly publisher bannered a story about the missing vice governor in thousands of copies distributed in barangays.

The governor’s men working in the Capitol were suspected to have funded what they called as demolition job against Suaybaguio.

Suaybaguio in turn let loose old sentiments over the local media over the past decisions and maneuverings of the governor that politically sidelined him like his opportunity to get the congressional post instead of the current last-termer Arrel Olano.

Asked on what he could say on former Vice Gov. Anthony G. Rafael del Rosario (AGR), who is stricken with Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer, Suaybaguio, a congressional hopeful, said that he is also praying that the governor’s son could recover and continue what he wanted to be.

The young Del Rosario, also a congressional hopeful, was then widely believed to ultimately become the Lakas standard bearer in District 1 being the son of a kingmaker governor until cancer did the speculation in. This resulted to emergence of Suaybaguio as the party man to be the next in line.

But he said that if AGR could not really run for the post due to health reason then he is prepared to run for the post.

He added though that everything including the issue on the congressional standard bearer would be discussed properly in proper time within the Lakas party.

Suaybaguio also said that he has always been with the Floirendos-Del Rosarios in his over 20 years in politics and has remained loyal to the Lakas party (See related story).

“As a Lakas city chairman, there is no way for me to bolt from Lakas,” he added.

“I sacrificed much for the party. I’ll always follow the decision of the party. I always submit myself to the party. I’ve never been an opposition candidate except during President Aquino’s time after I was removed as the city vice mayor in 1988,” he said.

Reported to be also interested to gun for the congressional post that would be vacated by last-termer Cong. Olano were Boardmember Roger Israel, Mayor Rey Uy’s son City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy and Philippine Councilors League provincial president Larry Caminero.

All the congressional hopefuls except Boardmember Caminero, who ran and won under Kampi in his hometown Kapalong, belong to Kampi and since there is no reelectionist to the contested post the Lakas rule on the equity of the incumbent could not apply.

Practical political workings in the province pointed however to the governor, as an entrenched political kingmaker holding the purse and as Lakas regional and provincial chairman, as the one who has the much say in the picking up of party standard bearers even as he reportedly consults party leaders and entertains popularity surveys. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Davnor gov-less, mayor-less due to China trip

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april 22

Davao del Norte has virtually no governor and municipal mayors starting today as they are bound already to China for a study tour.
“The tour would last for 8 to 10 days,” Tagum Vice Mayor Allan Rellon said in an interview yesterday morning
He also said that Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is heading the province’s delegation composed of city and municipal mayors and their accompanying technical men.
He said that Mayor Rey Uy is joining the tour which would expose the delegation to diverse fields of interest such as lawmaking, infrastructure and agriculture developments in various cities and places of China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Macau.
He added that the Dept. of Interior and Local Government had already approved applications for permit of the governor and all of the 11 mayors in the province to go out from the country for the China trip.
“There are 25 names in the delegation based on the letter already prepared by the Consul General of the Chinese Embassy,” Rellon said.
He said that earlier the invitation for the province’s chief executives to go for a study tour came from the Chinese Embassy.
“It was addressed to Gov. Del Rosario, who in turn invited all the mayors to join the study tour,” he added.
Rellon by now is the OIC City Mayor. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Yayong endorses Baby Suaybaguio for Congress 2010

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“New City Hall is just a walking distance from my house”

Former Davao del Norte Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza Tuesday  in an interview said that he liked to see Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio taking the crack for the District 1 congressional post which last-termer Arrel Olano is finishing to serve at present.

“Yes, I am endorsing him (Suaybaguio) for Congress,” he said.

Gementiza’s statement came close to what observers said as political exit of former Vice Gov. Anthony Rafael del Rosario who admitted last week that he is afflicted with Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer in Stage 3 development.

Gementiza opined that between Suaybaguio and the young Del Rosario the former has more winnability in District 1 saying that the latter “is more identified with the second district”.

He added that Del Rosario only established residence in Tagum City in a recent year “because he wanted to be a candidate”.

Asked on his political plan by 2010, Gementiza said “wala sa, kay layo pa” (none yet as the election is still away). “It’s still a nobody’s game,” he said.

But on the next breath, he said that the location of the new City Hall that is being fast-tracked for completion by Mayor Rey Uy at present at Apokon “is good that it is just a walking distance to my residence”, a seeming potshot to one of Yayong’s political options.

Gementiza though admitted that he and the present governor have been calling each other in phone saying in vernacular that “if it’s not me calling him, it’s he who gives a call”.

Gementiza, now 74, ran but lost to the governor in the last 2007 polls.

The young Del Rosario, known by his political nick AGR, was earlier so much speculated to be the inevitable Lakas standard-bearer for the District 1 congressional post given that he is the son and political heir-apparent of the aged Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario. The latter is already 76.

AGR announced last week that he would be undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the next six months and hence would be on leave from his present position as the provincial sports coordinator.

But observers speculated that with AGR’s disease there would be difficulties for him to stand the rigors of the bruising electoral campaign once he physically recovers, or he would be associated with an electoral issue on his health.

With Del Rosario’s political exit, Suaybaguio, known close to the governor, is now speculated to take the stead of AGR in the governor’s endorsement for the post.

But Gementiza commented that Boardmember “Dangpanan” Roger Israel, who is also aspiring for the congressional post, could not also be discounted citing that Israel has a record of landing as topnotcher for senior boardmember in three elections in the past. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Investigation on alleged Sportivo overpricing scam in Davnor Capitol called on

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BM San Juan asked for parallel probe

Davao del Norte Boardmember Artemio San Juan called on for a “parallel investigation” by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on the alleged Sportivo overpricing scandal being circulated in malicious text messages from still unknown senders.

Showing previous copies of a local Tagum daily, Sidlak and of a local Visayan daily which reported last week the spread of said text messages to among local mediamen, San Juan, chair of the SP’s laws and justice committee, moved in Monday’s session to refer the matter to the committee on good government chaired by Demitrio Maligro for “proper investigation parallel” to the one pledged by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario during a press conference.

A few interpellations were heard on the floor to clarify San Juan’s motion.

Boardmember Ely Dacalus stood up and asked for copies of the previous issues of Sidlak and a Visayan daily saying that he had not yet read the news items.

San Juan then made supplementary motion directing the Office of the Secretary of the Sanggunian (OSS) to reproduce copies of the issues for the rest of the boardmembers.

Floorleader Gregorio Facula wrapped up San Juan’s motion following clarificatory queries from senior Boardmember Janet Gavina, who was still presiding over the provincial board yesterday in view of the continued absence of Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio.

There was no comment heard on the floor when Gavina asked for it before the motion was sent to Maligro’s committee.

Gov. Del Rosario Tuesday last week in the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo press forum at the Media Center in the Capitol compound pledged he would conduct his own inquiry-probe on overpricing allegations spread by text messages that tagged his provincial administrator Rufo Peligro and general services department head Sammy Sanchez.

He dared the unknown senders to come out in the open and bring out evidences to their allegations even as he swore on the integrity of the bidding processes at the Capitol.

The governor also decribed the text messages in one angle as political intrigue intended to sow disunity among political leaders adding that it came with 2009 being a political year already.

Menwhile, the vice governor is due to return office on February 2 after his over a month of vacation from the United States, said Nicandro “Nick” Suaybaguio Sr., brother of the vice governor.

He said that the vice governor also underwent medical checkup in the US for his minor arthritis ailment.

He said that the DILG provincial office made Tuesday a favorable legal opinion that the authorization of the vice governor to OIC Vice Gov. Gavina to sign papers as e-mailed last Friday is “valid in form and substance”.

“All’s well already so the SP casual employees could already have their salaries,” he said.

Reports said that casual employees in the SP have been already complaining last week over the delayed release of their salaries this month as their contracts have still to be renewed and signed by the vice governor.

However, staff members of the vice governor’s office told Sidlak that release of salaries for casual employees has always been rather delayed every contract renewal month of January and July citing the need to process working papers and requirements which would pass various departments in the Capitol. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Political year

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By Cha Monforte

We’re definitely on political times down the road. Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario said it so Monday during a Kapihan. On the broadside, he described the spread of malicious text messages on the alleged Sportivo overprice scam as one political intrigue, even while he dared the unknown cabal to come out into the open and then prove and substantiate allegations. Veteran and seasoned Igacos politician, Boardmember Artemio San Juan has no reservation in saying that this year is when intrigues will fly thick and fast.
Good for Gov. RDR and BM San Juan. They said what should be expected. Recalling back during the gubernatorial reign of Joecab in Comval, this is the same time of his last term term when he got an ultra-filibustering and obstructionist majority of boardmembers led now Gov. Chiongkee Uy. Joecab’s executive budget was re-enacted for the majority’s intentioned failure to approve. On a hailstorm of allegations vented by Joecab’s oppositionists over the media, new budget approval was snagged while the issue of pork barrel for direct disbursement by the legislative department landed on COA’s frying pan. The cooked menu was named disallowance.
That was history though but preluding Joecab’s electoral defeat. The lesson learned is that towards halfway of a term is already a political season and politicians have to start politicking in the open. It’s now time to cast that phrase out, “malayo pa ang eleksyon, trabaho muna.” It’s no-no now. Such is good for the last year. The pundits are after all right. If outsiders and challengers could not make a dent in the public mind later this year, they could not break even with the incumbents considering the latter’s administration advantages. January 2010 is time for premature electioneering already.
So with this, the choice of Comval Lakas to make this month, January as the time to decide whether the congressional standard-bearer is Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya or congressman’s daughter Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay is just right and fitting. At least the one who is left out by the party has still the time to jump to opposition’s ship and dovetail with the national opposition presidentiables and senatoriables. That way he or she could still have plenty of time to organize a districtwide or provincewide political structure and machinery.
The case of former Davao del Norte Gov. Yayong Gementiza is an exemption. He was shoved out from Lakas on the rather eleventh hour, two months before the 2007 elections, while he was the sitting governor. When he jumped to United Opposition, it was not late as he had all the provincial activities and government manpower and logistics served for his reelection. But RDR had more logistics, men, media, bailiwick, techniques and organization than what a personalistic Yayong could muster for a win.
The Big Ramil-Maricar Problem of Comval Lakas is different. If it’s BM Maricar now, then VG Ramil is shunted out from provincial-sponsored activities and mass gatherings from this month up to the election ban time as it would be a duty of of Gov. Uy in the tandem to expose and promote Maricar as his runningmate. VG Ramil could still invoke his inclusion being a VG to whatever provincial activity but it would be a sneaky one, if not a cat-and-mouse affair- he’ll appear first onstage while Maricar is still away and coming.
But that’s still an iringan win-win solution while VG Ramil holds his ground as a Lakas member banking on the possible free zone stance or lobotomy of Uy on the last hour. But it’s better for VG Ramil to jump ship to the opposition on this scenario as he has his own logistics and two mayores and the people’s opposition temper on the waiting to favor him. But a longstanding-Lakas member Ramil to the opposition? It’s too unlikely, but just maybe.
On the other hand, if the choice is VG Ramil, the same scenario would hold true to the provincial activities except that BM Maricar is a lesser political mortal for constant isolation. The big problem is that she has a card, in fact a wild card who could throw a money wrench to Lakas in Comval Uno- Cong. Way Kurat Zamora, a stage-, propa- and gimmick-savvy and most popular politician in Comval, while he has three mayores at his side. Which could trigger a chain reaction to District 2, and voila- provincewide! Being that, Cong. Way Kurat is good opposition material and a potential regional opposition chairman, from whom funding flows in the likes of Joe Tejado during Erap’s presidential running in 2001 elections.
But a Way Kurat to the opposition? He who delivered over 13,000 votes margin to GMA over FPJ in 2004 elections and who consistently participated in slaying the four impeachment complaints against GMA? It’s still likely since GMA has already been repaid by Way Kurat’s votes. Bayad na. A plain citizen Way Kurat could have the best potential of becoming a cabinet member, chairman or undersecretary of a national agency under a new President coming from the opposition. On this good scenario, Way Kurat has nothing to lose even if Maricar loses. But he has more to gain if Maricar wins. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, text 09069104553, e-mail: