New BOC Davao Port Collector Butalid vows “no take, no tara” policy

(late upload oct 23, 2014 news)

Smarting past the oil smuggling controversy just left by his predecessor, the new district collector of the Port of Davao assigned by the Bureau of Customs Manila headquarters vowed he would lead in a “no take, no tara” policy.
Before BOC Davao’s rank and file employees in last Monday’s flag-raising ceremony, retired General Ricardo Butalid declared: “I’m with you and I will lead you in no-take, no-tara policy. I will lead you in this advocacy.”
Tara is the street-smart colloquial word circulating in BOC offices nationwide for grease money.
He congratulated the BOC Davao’s men and women for always hitting collections above the targets, urging them to continue performing well as the BOC Manila and Commissioner Sevilla “know this”.
He added he would also lead them in reaffirming with the Bureau’s mission and objectives, chiefly for increase collection, trade facilitation and border protection.
He reminded BOC Davao’s organic manpower of the BOC’s hierarchy who should be followed, saying: “Always remember that we have higher authorities above, authorities who will oversee us. Their concern is also our concern.”
The statement was apparently a tab to the report that dismissed district collector Ernesto Aradanas allegedly tried to cling to his post following allegation that he resisted directives of BOC Commissioner John Sevilla to immediately issue a writ of seizure and detention (WSD) to the smuggled oil shipment of 260,000 liters of premium gasoline apprehended in the sub-port of General Santos by the Manila customs intelligence agents with Philippine Coast Guard elements last Sept. 6.
During Aradanas’ alleged dilly-dallying in issuing his WSD the smuggled shipment was pilfered of 163,000 liters. Aradanas issued his WSD on Sept. 23.
Report also said that Sevilla asked Aradanas to immediately resign days after the incident but the latter reportedly clung to his post until he received the termination order of Dept. of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima.
The order terminating his services as project manager was signed by Purisima Oct. 1. Aradanas only left the post Oct. 13, the other Monday.
Aradanas vehemently denied making wrongdoing even as he thoroughly explained his actions as proper and legal that led to his late issuance of WSD.
In press statement when Aradanas left post Oct. 13, he stressed he did not resign and called for impartial probe citing lack of due process in the termination order.
Aradanas, a retired brigadier general, was hired as project manager 3 of the Office of Revenue Modernization under the Dept. of Finance. Being that, he was deployed to BOC and subsequently was assigned as district collector for BOC Davao last Feb. 3, 2014. BOC is under the DoF.
Butalid is reportedly a protege of BOC Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Jesse Dellosa.
It was Dellosa’s Intelligence Group (IG) that uncovered the so-called oil smuggling “pipeline” between Malaysia and the Philippines starting from Sabah and ending up at various ports in Mindanao.
A report said that smuggling has become rampant in Mindanao through the so-called “Malaysia-Philippine smuggling pipeline.”
Butalid was the former chief at J6 (Communications, Electronics and Information System Service) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) before his retirement in 2011.
He ran for congressman in the first district of Masbate last May 2013 polls but lost. Late last month he joined the BOC IG per backing of Dellosa.
He was groomed by Dellosa to become the CIIS national director, but before he could get his due appointment, the vacancy of the post of Davao port collector suddenly came up last week. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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