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OPINION: Sigh of relief

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By Cha Monforte

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio until this writing is out of town. In his absence since last week, senior Boardmember Janet Gavina took the helm of presiding the provincial board, that was well known last year of its legislative vigilance, I should say. BM Gavina is spirited in steering on the provincial board. Maybe it’s due to the good stuff that the body is made of while the Great Tug-of-War has not yet come (Or will it really come?).
Well, for the last year’s feat, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan junked two controversial city ordinances- the Nickel Suaybaguio-authored Urban Poor Ordinance and the legally infirmed Purok Ordinance. But on the same year, the body’s policy confirmatory authority was somehow belittled if not undermined when City Hall enforced its Flexi-Fare Ordinance even while the measure was not yet confirmed at the provincial level.
Somehow the hurried pre-implementation of the flexi-fare measure was just a revenge of sort for what the SP did to the first piecemeal P7-to-P10 tricycle fare measure when they evidently put it in suspended animation while the gasoline prices were still up and only let go off the increase when gasoline prices had already decreased thereby putting the City Hall red in cheek reeling on the shadow of irate tricycle-riding housewives. Nevertheless, the year 2008 ended well with City Council and the SP declaring sort of ceasefire. But it was not really a joke when four lawyer city legislators hopped on at the Capitol’s SP conference hall to advance the merit and worth of their Purok Ordinance only to know after that the measure was returned to the sender. But now here’s one proof of democracy, while the city remains a true component of the province.
But for those two stones, the City Hall made even with the Capitol at the year’s tailend with that hurried implementation of the Flexi-Fare Ordinance (as if the provincial board didn’t exist at all). When the SP would say negative, we would stop enforcing, City Legal Officer and CTFRB chair Roland Tumanda offered though a caveat. But who among the SP could junk the fare measure when the gasoline prices were decreasing last Yuletide Season and P1-fare saving was the first thing wanted by Tagumenyos as a Christmas gift. The City Hall felt vindicated, and more so last January 2 when it gave a New Year’s gift of another P1-fare saving to the city’s riding public. We pray that gasoline prices nowadays could hit the range of P20 to P29.99 so the tricycle fare can be adjusted down to P6, and what a forthcoming sigh of relief.
BLOGBUZZ: But Councilor Joedel Caasi on Monday’s session expected an uptrend of gas prices and reported about cases of arguments breaking down between tricycle drivers and passengers over whether the fare is still P8 or P7. Time to mount an electronic billboard for fare advisory infront the City Hall…. It’s almost mid January. Time flies so fast. We have a half month more of waiting on who should be the Comval standard-bearer for the District 1 congressional post. Is it VG Ramil or BM Maricar?…. A bubuwet said that Senator Chiz Escudero, a presidential wannabe, secretly went to Tagum City last week and met with someone who has a good record of electoral cheating. Intriguing lie?…. A pundit tipped us that a Davnor congressional dreamer is changing color and repackaging himself. From a social drinker, he’s now fast becoming a drunkard, if only to cast away his old image of being unreachable un-makamasa. He was last seen drinking til the wee hours of the night with a town priest. Who is he?  (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, e-mail:, text 09069104553)

NEWS: “Paperless legislation” for Tagum SP next year

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oct 9

TAGUM CITY – Patterned after what the Agusan del Sur provincial government has trailblazed ahead, the City Hall will be investing about P1.5 million to implement a “paperless legislation” in the City Council by next year.

Under the scheme, city councilors would no longer have to deal with voluminous papers but instead use laptops in doing legislative works such in submitting their committee reports, proposed resolutions and ordinances.

The budget would be used to buy 14 units of laptops, one for each of the councilors, vice mayor and the secretariat, server and two back-up CPUs, scanner, WIFI connection, networking and peripherals including training and installation, said Vice Mayor Allan Rellon.

Last week several city councilors went to Agusan del Sur and saw for themselves how the paperless session in the said province works.
“What can be added to the city is the use of emails in sharing proposed legislations,” Rellon said.

He added that in this scheme a laptop-carrying proponent councilor can send his proposed measure to his colleagues to invite them for comments or for co-authorship, or send it to the secretariat to be calendared.

From reports gathered, the laptops would be brought by the councilors outside the City Hall and during sessions they would have to connect the laptops to the local area network in the session hall.

On the other hand, Councilor Rey Salve proposed to provide P1.5 million for the paperless legislation in the Annual Investment Plan for the 2009.
He said the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is also interested to implement the same next year. Some of its members went ahead in their Lakbay Aral on paperless legislation. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum SP thumbs down toxic nematicide’s banning

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sept 1
By a score of 4 “yes” votes against 7 “no” votes, the Tagum City Council yesterday in its 59th regular session killed yet on the second reading the proposed ordinance banning the use of the toxic pesticide named nematicide in the banana plantations encroaching the periphery of the city.

“No votes have it and the proposed ordinance is considered closed on the second reading,” declared Vice Mayor Allan Rellon as he banged his gavel.

Proponent Councilor Joedel Caasi was no longer explaining yesterday on the rationale of his measure which he earlier introduced before the body in his bid of banning the nematicide he claimed to be toxic and hazardous to the health of the banana workers and destructive to the environment that reportedly once caused for a fish kill incident in Madaum river.

Caasi just said “yes” in yesterday’s nominal voting on his measure, but he got the “yes” votes of his co-author Councilor Francisco Remitar and colleagues Councilors Alan Zulueta and Vicente Eliot Sr., who all harped on the nematicide’s destructive potentials to city’s marine areas such as in Barangays Madaum, Libuganon, Busaon and Bingcungan.

Through voting “no” most of the councilors argued they just did not want banning but only regulation for the prescribed standards in the application of the nematicide to the banana industry.

Councilor Maria Lina Baura said that there is yet “no clear and factual evidence” which shows that the nematicide currently used by banana plantation has been so destructive.

“Not exhaustive and extensive… no hard facts or data that show otherwise,” Councilor Raymond Joey Millan uttered these words in torpedoing Caasi’s proposed ordinance.

Councilors Rey Salve and Sangguniang Kabataan president Cyril Leonard Muring both cited that Caasi’s measure “needs more extensive research”.

Remitar particularly backed up his “yes” vote particularly citing that Mayor Rey Uy has been putting up massive environmental protection projects in the city’s coastal areas and a “no” vote ran counter to the mayor’s thrust.

Others voting in negative without much explanation were Councilor Robert So, Nicandro Suaybaguio Jr. and ABC president Alfredo Pagdilao.

Councilor De Carlo Uy failed to vote as he was absent in yesterday’s session.

Last week the city council had various resource persons and experts taking turns on their respective pros and cons on nematicide’s proposed banning.

Representatives from Tadeco and Lapanday banana plantations said the granular type of nematicide is yet the best pesticide that controls the root-attacking nematode pests, without which banana production could suffer a decline of 15-20 percent.

Representatives from contract-growing banana cooperatives composed of agrarian reform beneficiaries warned of nematicide’s ill effects to the health of the banana workers, communities, ecology and environment adding that while the pesticide is expensive they preferred to use environment-friendly organic alternatives such as chicken dungs in their production to avoid these. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

Let’s bite harder the bullet

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july 30

Tagumenyos are hit hard too by the global crisis and in our part economic hardship caused by skyrocketing prices of fuel, rice and other commodities. The city is too a microcosm of the nation. It is not an isolated part of the country. And Tagumenyos would now be burdened by the increased fare pegged at P10 and no longer P7 after the provincial board will concur with the City Council’s ordinance approving the P3 fare increase earlier sought by the lowly tricycle drivers and operators.

With this, the city is breaking as sort of record for having increased at what the commuters said as big amount when other places are only partaking a part of the global crisis at an increased fare jumping by P1 to P1.50 only.

If the provincial board so concurs with the city ordinance, then we’ll start biting harder the bullet, so to speak. It’s hard times made harder by the clamor of the tricycle drivers and operators who said it was long overdue as the gasoline price had long doubled up since then.

But the wonder of it all is why the affected drivers and operators demanded for an increase of P3 when the P10 fare is just equal to what the habal-habal drivers have all been asking at the minimum from their passengers. By asking for the P3 increase they made themselves more disadvantaged as expectedly passengers without heavy cargo or children in tow would now better prefer to ride the fast habal-habal single motorcycles as they have the same fare anyway. But that would be only during sunny days as passengers on the rush could still withstand a fast and short travel even under blistering and scorching heat of noontime sun. The heat could be offset anyway by the open tropical wind.

For asking to much be equal to habal-habals the tricycle drivers and operators themselves ended up losing more to the unfair competition posed by the colorum habal-habals that now outnumber the trikes. They will end up biting the bullet the hardest. We contend a discount of P1 less from the P10 or P9 average fare could give more better leverage for the tricycles to this stiff competition of ferrying the lucrative market of passengers in the city. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum City website updated with major ordinances for city councilors

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By Cha Monforte

July 28

The official website of Tagum City government on has been updated showing a plenty of major ordinances for years 2007 and 2008 days after it was charged of not having a single ordinance crediting to the present council.

Before the end of last work week, the city official website’s link on City Ordinances has already posts of eighteen  major ordinances passed by the present crop of councilors.

On various categories, for the present year 2008 the City Council has passed thus far ordinances creating the city’s consumer protection council, establishing the technical-vocational institute, the Tagum City Trade School, institutionalizing the literacy program, imposing rates for the sale of bidding documents and other fees,  appropriating new schedule of market values of real properties, allowing the transfer of City Hall to the new site at Apokon, requiring the sale and use of iron fortified rice, reclassifying of two parcels of land for Magdangal Martinez and NIA properties, granting burial assistance to senior citizens, and burial assistance of P3,000 for World War II and Korean War veterans.

For the year 2007 posting, the link has ordinances establishing the city vocational and technical educational scholarship program¸ adopting the mace of the official seal of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, enacting the comprehensive city fisheries ordinance, repealing City Ordinance No. 90-s. 2003 on the investment incentives code, repealing City Ordinance No. 257, s. 2002 on granting medical/ burial/ financial assistance to all barangay officials and functionaries in the city in cases of sickness, accidents, hospitalization and death, as amended; reclassifying a parcel of land owned by Veneering Master Woodphil Corp. from agricultural to industrial purposes, adopting the 2008 guidelines in the organization of purok, establishing gender and development code, and adopting the 2007 revenue code of the city.

Monday last week, Vice Mayor Allan Rellon admitted that the city website was just not updated with outputs of the present council.

He immediately put the city’s information technology division to task of uploading major legislations of the present councilors saying “in fairness to the City Council”. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum City council passes zero major ordinance in 1st year?

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By Cha Monforte

july 21

The Tagum City Council appears to have not passed yet a single major ordinance as far as the City Hall’s well updated website at shows.

In the link entitled Ordinance, the website has posts of 16 categories for the 34 ordinances dating back as far as year 1999 up to 2006.

Not a single ordinance dating 2007 has yet been posted in the website which could be credited to the present City Council, whose term started on the first official day of their work, which was July 1, 2007.

It appears that the posts in website link City Ordinances in the corner of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon are major legislations if not highlights in the row of categories showing the legislative accomplishments of the two previous City Councils, several members of whom are still currently serving their terms as second- or third-termers.

The major ordinances were categorized into business regulations., economic enterprises, education, environmental protection and ecology, finance, general administration, government administration, government programs, grant incentives, health and sanitation, housing and land use, peace and order and public safety, public works and infra, solid waster management program, taxation, and youth and sports.

Years 2001 and 2003 have no ordinance posted.

Year 2006 topped in the row with 11 major ordinances on or about the revised code of economic enterprises, prohibition of cutting of trees, shrubs in public roads, parks; defining quasi-judicial powers of the city council and rules in the administration of complaints against elective barangay officials; prevention and control of avian influenza, regulation of videoke machines, wearing of crash helmets of drivers and riders of single motorcycles; guidelines in the City Homes, comprehensive solid waste management, regulation on garbage control, collection and disposal; and the revision of schedule of market values of real properties.

The Tagum City official website is awesomely beautiful with the architectural drawing of the planned new city hall flushed up at the homepage. On computer older than the Pentium 4 brand running online on minimum broadband speed, the webpage though unfolds and streams rather exceedingly slow due to the embedded flash video. Its news link is well updated though.

The city’s website on URL was formally launched just last April 2. 2007 after a year planning and preparation, though the city’s informal website had then been in the Internet via free hosting under the URL

At its code source, it has a meta name author named Reynald S. Mendrico Jr, and a contact e-mail address,

For the website development, at least a whooping P300,000 has already been invested by the City Government through a supplemental budget approved by the City Council headed by Vice Mayor Rellon.

In complying with the e-governance law, the website has already downloadable pdf files like the pro-forma papers such as bid forms and certificates required under the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184).

In the website’s most recent Invitation to Bid, which was though posted only last June 30, was for the construction of the new City Hall building through the Development Bank of the Philippines loan financing targeted to be worth P72,952,960.20.

The downloaded Invitation to Bid informed the public of the July 3 deadline of the bids and July 14 notice of award. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)