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NEWS: Movement for Change in Comval D1 launched, endorses Lopoz for Cong

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jun lopozATTY. JUN LOPOZ

oct 28

The Movement for Change (MFC) in the District 1 of Compostela Valley has been launched and its convenors strongly endorsed the congressional bid of Atty. Jaime “Jun” Lopoz as its “chosen alternative leader who can ably represent for the ideals and principles it advocates to bring first, change in the brand of politics in the district”.

“The great challenge of the people in our district now is to how to propagate the politics of change as replacement to the politics of the few, politics of promises and politics of tradition and patronage,” said Virgilio Iligan, a pastor in New Bataan during MFC’s launch Saturday at RTR Building in Compostela town.
“Let’s get serious in treating elections. It’s not good to give fun to it, and for all we know the promises of politicians after they were elected have not yet reached to our barangays until now that we’re already near to the next elections,” said Rading Velayo, also a pastor from New Bataan.
The group pinpointed that the province despite being so rich in agriculture and gold its people badly reel from the leading problems of hunger, poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities for livelihood and education.
“In the field of politics, what emerge now is the traditional politics and politics of the few. Our people have been made to be used to the politics of entertainment mixed with patronage politics,” the MFC convening manifesto stated.
“A few want to control political power and they maneuver that no one will fight against them in the coming elections. They want to monopolize political power while political dynasty-making is being pursued. In their bid to retain and control political power, the few use money, temporary services, influence, threats, intimidation and armed coercion. They want to enchain the people to their political decision,” the MFC manifesto stated further.
At least 50 leaders from various sectors converged and adopted the the MFC’s three core principles consisting of volunteerism, standing up for change and right to elect.
In response, the group vowed to work and campaign for the “politics of change” that addresses the leading problems of hunger, poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities for livelihood and education.
MFC lead convenor Bonifacio Rivera said that they would have to actively campaign to gain thousands of volunteers across sectors and barangays districtwide “for the ‘lider sa pagbag-o’ si Atty. Jun Lopoz”.
The group is targetting to bring to MFC’s fold the youth, women and mothers, farmers, labor, workers, small businessmen, miners, professionals, religious, non-government and people’s organizations, agrarian reform beneficiaries, drivers and operators, teachers, senior citizens and community leaders. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Born-again BM prays over to Ramil, Maricar

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oct 6

COMPOSTELA VALLEY- District 1 Boardmember Paul Galicia, who is known to be a born-again Christian, has called on everyone to pray for an  enlightened decision in resolving who should be anointed between Lakas partymates Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay for the congressional post they have been vying at this early for the 2010 polls.

Galicia said that he has since then been praying hard for Gentugaya and
Apsay “kay prayer na lang gyud ang pag-asa ani” in reference to the early row between Gentugaya and Apsay that is becoming divisive to the so-called Comval unity in the present political configurations.

He denied earlier Sidlak reports that he has already sided with Apsay
saying that he is treating the two in the same respect- Gentugaya, who is his “kadugo kay may dugong Insik ug Ilonggo like me” and to Apsay, who is his “igso”.

He said that the consensus reached by his colleagues and Governor
Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy was that whoever is endorsed and chosen by Lakas party as the administration standard bearer for the post will be respected by them.

As to his reported verbal wrangling with Boardmember Moran Takasan in
the past week over the issue on “shadow slates” of both congressional wannabes, he said that those were just made in friendly jests as colleagues in the provincial board.

He said they are taking as just normal the broadside “kantyawans” occurring within them from time to time.

Galicia also bared that he has already initiated spiritual and moral
recovery and development program in the province’s 11 municipalities as
encouraged by the executive order issued by Gov. Uy.

Following his advocacy, the governor’s directive has resulted to the
formation of spiritual and moral development councils in municipal government units, he said.

Galicia is civil engineer in profession and a preacher of Forever Life Ministry, a born-again Christian group. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: “Monkayo, you’re in good hands!”- MB

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aug 31

For once he wiped his sweating forehead in the middle of his 4th State of the Municipality Address last Thursday, and broke a dialect for a pause in his speech.

But the tens of thousands of the townfolks of mostly young crowd of secondary students and teachers obviously took it for a game to a kind of mayor, evidently beloved by the Monkayo people now, for bringing in solid and tangible gains and accomplishments for the town and the laurels of his workforce after a turbulent period stigmatized by Diwalwal.

“Under the Brillantes administration, Monkayo, you are in good hands!” thundered Mayor Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes Jr. in like a coup de grace finish of his Thursday’s SOMA, his 4th in his two consecutive terms until at present.

A roaring applause of the young was heard inside the jampacked newly improved municipal gymnasium, Brillantes another infrastructure landmark after bringing in a new municipal hall and two market public market buildings in his first term.

The town at present is celebrating its 54th Araw ng Monkayo and the 13th Kariyawan Festival which will culminate this coming Thursday, Sept. 4.

For almost an hour, the mayor reported his administration’s gains and accomplishments such as the town’s No. 1 rating achieved in 2007 throughout the Compostela Valley Province in the Department of Interior and Local Government’s Local Government Performance Management System. For this he said your “taxes is moving”.

After completing the new municipal hall and the two public market buildings, “now we are ready to hold big events because of the completion of the newly renovated municipal gymnasium, big enough to accommodate 5,000 people. Pwera buyag, ang atong gym mao ang pinakanindot sa tibuok probinsya, di ba? Makita na usab nato nga mas napanindot na ang plaza. Malipayon na kaayo kita nga naa nay masuroyan labi na ang atong mga kabataan uban sa ilang mga pamilya. Nakita nato ang tennis court nga na bag-o na ug isunod na pod nato ang freedom stage. Sa pagkakaron, gisugdan na ang construction sa 17 stalls nga fruit stands diha sa taboan area., “ he said.

Beginning this year he said that a P2 million budget would be allocated each year in his current term which will result to the concreting of all the streets and roads in the poblacion. For this, he thanked his local sanggunian for the support through their Municipal Ordinance No.06-2007.

Brillantes also reported his significant gains in the areas of infrastructure, potable water systems in the barangays, social services like the strengthening of 27 DOH standard health programs, municipal-wide medical and dental outreach program, housing assistance, provision of Red Cross Insurance for the market vendors, operators, drivers and conductors, jewelry making training for the persons with disabilities, women and students, and the intervention through the Task Force Bugas during the rice crisis.

The Brillantes administration for the last year’s feat has garnered awards such as the Sandugo national award for surpassing the blood sufficiency program of the Department of Health, and through Mrs. Danielle de Leon for winning the Most Outstanding MSWDO throughout Region XI; through Mr. Panfilo Alcala for winning in the National Gawad Saka Awards 2007 (Rice Farmer Category) of the Department of Agriculture, and for the six other Provincial Gawad Saka Awards, two of which became regional awardees; and the regional award from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the good solid waste management program of the mayor.

Brillantes also pledged to sustain his Municipal Scholarship Program which at present has 198 scholars enrolled in various technical-vocational schools in the province. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

Tagum by the night

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By Cha Monforte

 As early a little past the twilight each day, bar girls, commonly known as GROs, fresh from bath and clad in sexy attires, can already be seen sitting in a row of chairs in that section of street leading to the Totit-market-slaughterhouse complex. Alas, gising na ang Tagum by the night.

I’m not so really a night owl. I still sport a cellphone about the age of 5110, and I couldn’t yet do a high-tech editor writing online in airconditioned malls or in posh coffee bars with WIFI. Often rice drowns out my dream of buying a laptop. It’s crisis time, then and now.  But I got few friends who give me occasional peeks and perks on new nighttime goings on as they love wine, women and music. Well, I’m going towards the mid 40s, and I often drowse off now in the midst of unrepentant Red Horse or San Mig beer guzzlers. It’s unlike before the 80s and 90s that I could still manage to stagger to get home many cracks of dawn. Those were venturesome youthful days to cherish anyway. Besides the fading youthful vigor, it’s also painful to the pocket to squander meager money earned hard for a living in order to continue writing. To live to write, not the other way around. I’m no sour gripe. 

Such girlie spectacle in the frontage of videoke bars that dotted here and there in the city’s undeclared red light district around the Totit complex is saying that Tagum true to its being a magnetic sub-regional service center is just maintaining the status quo of being the usual nighttime R & R hub of the neighboring municipalities. When money flows in from the youths and infidel husbands from neighboring towns and from militarymen from camps stationed somewhere to the city’s red light district including its flesh trade, the city cashes in on from the “night investors” in effect. They also sustain a living and spark a multiplier for Tagum’s nighttime economy.

By the peaceful vivacity of Tagum’s nighttime I saw for once in recent booze that left me sober for drowsing off enough, Councilor Mylene Baura’s standupper in the City Council about gang wars last week would seem to be mythical issue bordering on unfounded xenophobia on the issue she unduly raised. She could have done more homework to belabor an A-1 info. As also a Solo Maria in Tagum SP like BM Janet Gavina of DavNor SP, perhaps Baura could hammer more meat in privilege speeches on other glaring issues such as the monitoring and compliance on hygiene rules for the CSWs (commercial sex workers), the soft, respectable DSWD and NGO parlance for the prostis and buntogs, or those in in the world’s oldest profession quenching the thirst for lust of men.

But then, she could also rile on the hideous character of the city’s flesh trade, which could be denied of since it is discreet, negotiations-based and a sideline business among GROs that opens up as soon as the owners close their girlie videoke bars past the midnight.

There’s also this unwanted location of internet cafes just adjacent to the girlie bars. Internet cafes which have often the youths and schoolchildren as customers should never be located adjacent or proximate to the bars as they are afforded a good view of the allure, vices and worldly temptations put up by those paying for the sin taxes.

Concerned students would go to 24-hour internet cafes up until around 10 PM for a mix of web research for tomorrow’s assignment, surf, chat or play. Besides that the innocent youths are subject of the bad influence casts by the sight, they are also at risk of the maoys, blankos and lokos from those who have already much of the drink and merrymaking.

But then the councilor can also hit on the breast exposures that happened on webcam inside semi-enclosed cubicles of an internet café just beside a girlie bar in a city. Well, a still sober friend of mine last week chanced one, looking like a coed, chatting with, cajoling a foreigner, perhaps not the usual horny Indian. But maybe she did only bare above her waist so she could run to the nearest 24-hour Western Union outlet. But this is already besides the point, and would need another essay. (For online edition, visit my blog at:


Congressional wannabes not to sit back and relax

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If the charter change (Cha-Cha) via the constituent assembly (Con-Ass) will finally fly on the wings of federalism, on the assumption that the businessmen, civil society groups and Catholic bishops, and various opposition groups as well as the 2010 presidentiables from the Senate could not put up a united front like what they had made for several times during the time of Ramos, Erap and Gloria, chances are it could throw a monkey wrench to the political ambitions of front-running politicians in both Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley.

On the assumption that Cha-Cha via the Con-Ass is made, adding one more term to the presently allowed three terms of a congressman, then both the third-termer DavNor 1st District Cong. Arrel Olano and Comval 1st District Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora could still run for their last reelection. And since both of them belong to the Lakas party or the merged Lakas-Kampi party, by the equity of the incumbent principle, it’s they who would be bagging the standard bearer of the administration party. Such bodes ill to the ambitions of DavNor congressional wannabes. Likewise, Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay would have to stop their mutual back-biting and conveniently seek for their reelection. All’s well that ends well. 

But sadly or happily, the Ramil-Maricar silent positioning feud will continue. On the other hand, the eyes of a member of the divided politico-economic clan or of the DavNor vice governor, otherwise the one who kept on losing in elections out from his faded glory that came after his involvement in Piatco scandal or of the Dangpanan who never was,  will continue to be trained on what Olaño would be leaving, as from our vantage point it would be so hard these days of skyrocketing prices for the President to realize her pipedream of effecting a Cha-Cha without sparking a so noisy backlash and juggernaut of the opposition, not least the presidentiable senators who do not want an overstaying President blocking off also their pipedream of becoming the country’s next President.

We think this new Cha-Cha call is another charade flouted by the administration in accomplishing at least two purposes: showing its irritation to the snagging of the peace agreement by the fiat of Supreme Court’s action, and putting a new smokescreen to the obsession of the President Arroyo to reach the end of her term by 2010. At least a new breathing spell can consume again a lengthy period especially so that our district congressmen are expected to return to be with us again from the comforts of their Manila offices for the consultations on Cha-Cha via Con-Ass for federalism maybe this week or two weeks for now.

It would be bad for the congressional wannabes in DavNor and Comval to just sit back and relax in taking ride of this new Cha-Cha pretense. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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By Cha Monforte

We’ve heard lately that several among the pro-bond flotation pushers in Nabunturan have already run out of reasons in justifying the exorbitant and extravagant P90-million public market building. Instead of rebutting squarely the project-bounded issues from the growing number of oppositors to the bond float that would only construct an excessively expensive market building, which would surely become a White Elephant, they have hoodwinked the people by the false reasoning that the Nabunturan cityhood could not push through if the SOB bond float could not be materialized. Santa banana!

We’ll pick this latest falsity on the discussion board. It’s clear as the sky that the Nabunturan would never be converted to a city now and in the near future. Reason: it fails on two of the three requirements of converting a town to a city. Nabunturan’s total income from the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) and local sources runs over P80 million only versus the required minimum of P100 million. Failure one. Based on the latest official census in 2007, Nabunturan has only 67,365 versus the required minimum of 150,000. Failure two. Only in the land area requirement does Nabunturan meet. The town has 245.29 square kilometers versus the required 100 sq. kms.

Simple statistics just cast a pale of doom to the bloated claim of Nabunturan officials that it is leading to a path of cityhood. The biggest obstacle of Nabunturan cityhood lies in its lacking population. Even if we take a greater annual population growth rate of 2.5 percent instead of its 2.3 percent, and by a progressing cumulative projection, the town population can only hit the required 150,000 by 2040 or 32 years from now. But since there’s this geometric behavior of the population to increase, we take Malthus seriously and cut by half my projected 32 years for Nabunturan to hit 150,000 persons. But in this still Nabunturan needs 15 years of waiting to become a city, at the very least.

Another selfish reason that stymies the cityhood bid of my hometown Nabunturan is the resistance of the existing cities to the conversion of towns to become cities as they don’t like seeing newcomers competing to bite for the IRA pie allocated for the cities. The existing cities and even the newcomers like the fortunate Cabadbaran in Agusan del Norte and Bayugan in Agusan del Sur which became cities just this year and Mati in Davao Oriental in last year fear that if there would be more cities to come, in the end they would be munching smaller slices of the IRA pie.

With this, it is understandable now that the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) has been fighting tooth-and-nail for the stoppage of city conversion in various fronts: lobbying the President to veto an approved cityhood bill, to Congress for a resolution declaring moratorium on cityhood bills and increasing conversion requirements, and going to the Supreme Court to ask for restraining orders to stop towns from holding cityhood plebiscites.

With this LCP selfish and strong resistance, it’s another waste of government resources and time for the Nabunturan officials to go into Lakbay Aral or study tours on cityhood or go into lobbying faraway national corridors of powers in Imperial Manila. And given the glaring population obstacle Nabunturan has or the lengthy years needed to hit the 150,000 population mark, it’s one great falsity to make the Nabunturan cityhood a crying reason of the bond flotation pushers. It seems they are now going bankrupt of their justifications and alibis for this all-too ambitious project that is doomed from the start.

For this cityhood false reasoning, we have this adage in vernacular: “Atika ang tatay mo, ayaw ko” (For online edition, visit my blog at:

NEWS: Gang wars in Tagum worry lady councilor

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Lady Councilor Mylene Baura is calling for collaborative efforts from various sectors in preventing the city’s youths from falling prey to youth gangs that have reportedly engaged in feuds and wars with other gangs.

Baura said that unverified reports came to her office that last week’s shooting of a student at the vicinity of the St. Mary’s College was sparked by a rivalry of youth gangs.

She added that the youth gangs that reportedly come by names Tags, Clips and Bloods have young boys and teeners as members.

This came as City Police Superintendent Dario Gunabe has been actively deploying police patrols especially at nighttime in identified places where suspected gang members loiter and group.

The councilor appealed to the concerned parents in the city to look after their student children especially as she heard reports that some youths have been using the alibi of going to internet cafes at night to do research for their assignments but were actually doing something else like loitering which has caused some to fall prey of the recruitment activities of young gangs.

Baura and the city police department have already scheduled school symposia in their educational awareness drive against youth gangs.

She said that the protection of the city’s youths is not only a government and police matter as it is also a concern of the schools, parents and everybody.

The lady councilor said that the city must be free of gangs and gang wars as it is a meeting place of young adults even from neighboring municipalities in order to give them freedom to enjoy roaming freely in the city.(Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)