Reply to a paid media hack who wants to demolish my reputation


A reply to a bad story written by a rabid paid media hack who wants to demolish the person and reputation of the social media editor of this news site:

Here’s my reply to Balanza’s lies:

It’s only now that I read this, hehe, I’m no kinda onion-skinned mediaman who would libel a fellow mediaman when dark secrets are uncovered and exposed. Hehe, I just laughed at your sleepless nights due to my truthful reporting on your dark secrets, Roger. Name calling pa more hehe Roger! Shame on you paid media hack Roger! I got two screenshots to rebut on this long malicious piece, Mr. Senile Paid Media Hack. One screenshot shows your demand for P100,000 “talent fee” in trying to apply as demolition writer vs. Del Rosarios in this 2016 election, and with your atrocious price snubbed vis-a-vis your lack of credibility and repetitious adverbs, adjectives and same demolition ideas that always backfired at your so-called clients, besides your usual mangled English and editorial lapses due to your old age and senility, you jumped to the other side of the political fence to demolish me and tarnish my good reputation as an independent, investigative journalist with your evil intention that demolishing me would also demolish the good reputation of Vice Gov. Baby Suaybaguio, Jr. The other screenshot Roger shows your director, the naughty chief of Davao media mafia, honcho of mercenary broadcasters in this election in Davao del Norte, Jun Ledesma, also senile now like you, citing me as so excellent writer. Besides, if I’m no good writer, then why are you so mad at me like a rabid dog, Roger? Libel if you must Roger, and I will make a headline: “Fake multi-awarded paid media hack sues an excellent writer-blogger”. Roger, read my 2 screenshots on this link: – CHA MONFORTE

But who is Roger Balanza?

SCREENSHOT 1: Roger Balanza’s Indecent Proposal:


roger balanza scandal.jpg

Here is Balanza’s pic:

Roger Balanza

My profile, modesty aside:

cha monforte an excellent writer in davao del norte

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