Barte confirms running for mayor

sept 3-9, 2014

Board Member Neri “Nonong” Barte has confirmed he will run for mayor in Compostela in 2016 polls.

“I’ll still be with Uswag Comval, with Governor (Chiongkee) Uy,” he said in an interview last Friday afternoon at Miko’s Brew in Tagum City, where Senator Bongbong Marcos had arrived for a talk in an orientation seminar for Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Ligas ng mga Barangay.

board member neri barte

And the board member is indeed running in the name of peace: “Since 2010 there are more than 100 persons killed in Compostela based on record from police blotter.”

This paper reported earlier that the town is besieged of rising incidents of “lungkab,kawat, patay” crimes, which the administration of Mayor Lema Bolo failed to contain as of now.

The board member said that at present he is further collating the police statistics on crimes against persons and properties, including carnappings of single motorcycles.

Board Member Barte wants to put a stop to all of these if he is given opportunity and power by the town people to lead them in the fight against crime.

He said the unabated crimes occurring in his hometown appeared to be caused by the proliferation and use of illegal drugs sold by drug pushers.

“Dinha ko natawo ug nagdako sa Compostela, kabalo ko kung kinsa na’ng mga pusher,” he said.

He feared his town would become proverbially a one whole “drug tiangge” even as he said that at present drivers and owners of habal-habal single motorcycles are no longer plying at night in the roads of Barangays Siocon and Gabi and neighboring areas out of fear that their motorcycles might be carnapped.

But the top position of the mayor is a basic requirement for him to be able to do controlling and terminating crimes in the now crimes-besieged Compostela.

“There is no substitute for an honest intention for the good and welfare of Compostela people,” he said before mediamen in Tagum City.

For his recent declaration the board member is further fast earning the monicker “The Terminator”.

Barte had served councilor for five terms in Compostela before he became a board member in 2007.

He is serving his last term now in his 28

th year as elected public official apart from his 6 years a Scout Ranger trooper (Class 27) before he entered the town politics.

Compostela residents managed to be interviewed by this paper last week said that they want a strong-willed person and not a weakling as their next mayor to give peace and put order to the present state where people feel so unsecured and fear they would be the next victims of crimes.

Moreover, in the same interview, Barte said that at present he is eyeing his first cousin Atty. Jeorge Rapista as his vice mayoral tandem “kung mosugot siya”.

Atty. Rapista, an articulate and feisty legal counsel of Daneco-NEA, had served for three terms as Compostela vice mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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