Basalo declares to run for mayor

(late upload oct 27, 2014 news)

Civil engineer and former Councilor of Montevista Cirilo “Jun” Basalo, Jr. declared to run again for mayor in his hometown in the coming 2016 polls.

In an interview, his dream of bringing real changes and development in Montevista “remains as ever” and this time he said he would ally with gubernatorial wannabe Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong.

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He would possibly take his former Vice Mayor and Councilor Jose Juario as his runningmate if the later accepts so.

As of now, Engr. Basalo said he has development vision for Montevista anchored on three platforms of government: good governance, sustainable development bias to the barangays, and investments attraction for jobs’ generation.

He said these platforms if aggressively pursued would polevault development to the long-underdeveloped town with its results and gains felt by the barangays.

Basalo is a civil engineer in profession and had served the town as councilor for three straight terms.

He is a businessman, concentrating on imports and exports.

His ties-up and connections, both domestic and international particularly BIMP-EAGA countries could spell difference to Montevista when attracted to invest in Montevista and partnered for economic and social development especially as the Asean Integration will already start next year, 2015.

In last 2013 election, Basalo ran independent against now Mayor Topoy Jaictin.

In that election, Basalo got sizable votes even if he lacked resources while Jaictin was aggressively backed up by the well-oiled machinery of the Uswag Comval, the administration’s provincial party.

“The gubernatorial bid of Congressman Amatong is a game-changer,” Engr. Basalo quipped.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Jauods are withdrawing their support to Jaictin, whom opposition pundits charged to have not made good performance during his first term as mayor.

A highly placed source said that Jaictin’s tandem Vice Mayor Roel Abucejo would be dropped for his reelection bid with Jaictin by the Uswag Comval as well-performing Councilor Boy Rabanos “is the favorite” of Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.

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