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aug 8, 2014

Political officers of the Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Aniano Antalan and former Mayor Roger Antalan have said that the Uswag IGACOS (U & I) Party is “a strong force to reckon with”, that would chart and push the further development of the island under the leadership of the Antalans.
The mayor is on his last term and it is rumored now that he would be running as the vice mayoral running mate of his elder brother Roger who would try a comeback for mayorship in 2016 under a local party, the U & I Party, that is to be registered this month as a local political party with the Comelec Manila.
The mayor had reportedly broken his political ties from District 2 Congressman Anton Lagdameo following sudden resignation of his long-time city administrator Cleto Gales.
In an interview, U & I Party press relation officer Ernesto Quidlat said that their party with the mayor elected as the executive committee chairman and Roger as secretary general would push for greater and consolidated unity among the people and further development of the island.
At the initial, the party has already 700 committed member-leaders with all of the island’s 46 barangays already having U & I party chapters, and the three districts, each with district council’s set of officers and working committees.
Quidlat said that the party formation started with the advocacy during the three-term mayorship of Roger, “then it bacame a movement and now a political party.”
The party had its first islandwide assembly last July 23 at Philippine Human Resource Development Center at Barangay Catagman.
Most the barangay captains and many city councilors attended the historic gathering.
“Definitely U & I Party is a force to reckon with in the coming 2016 polls considering the political institutions of the Antalans and for what they have both done that resulted to the great development of Samal Island,” Quidlat said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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aug 6, 2014

Total prohibition of plying motorcycles without plates ordered following flagging down of military operative Sunday 
Following report on a flagging down of a military operative using motorcycle without a plate past Sunday midnight, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon has asked Monday intelligence operatives from the military and from other law-enforcement agencies to also use motorcycles with plate numbers when in the city to avoid being misinterpreted as bad elements.
This as the mayor ordered total prohibition of motorcycles carrying no plates from plying in Tagum City in his aggressive drive to contain the increasing crimes committed by motorcycle-riding criminals such as carnapping cases of single motorcycles that have been happening since the recent months in the city.
Rellon directed the city police and the traffic management force to flag down and hold violators and effect seizure of motorcycles without plates.
A report said that an operative from a military unit stationed in Tagum City was flagged down by alert motorcycle-riding City Finest police elements but  fortunately the operative immediately raised his hand and shouted he is a member of a military resulting to the radioing of his identify to his unit for confirmation.
Minutes later a military squad on military vehicle came to fetch the operative ostensibly to make a show that the flagged down operative is one own of their own.
There was no altercation between the two groups reported though as the operative was released by the police to the arriving military group, a source said.
“I call on them to coordinate with the chief executive on this important matter. I call on military battalion commanders, platoon or squad leaders to check and apprise their elements,” Mayor Rellon said, fearing a case of misencounter between two peaceful forces in his city in the future.
On this note, he added that he is “bound to reactivate a military-police composite team” which would especially take charge in handling cases where a military or police element is involved in incidents on drunken brawl or involving public alarm.
“If a militaryman is involved, the one who would negotiate is a military man. If a cop is the one involved, a cop would negotiate,” he explained.
This he would take up in the command conference he would call with the provincial and city police chiefs, and their respective operation deputies, as well as with battalion commanders of 60 and 72nd Philippine Army Infantry Battalions and other military and law-enforcement forces stationed in or near the city, Rellon said.
He emphasized though there was no report in the recent months on military elements going wild, “maoy” in vernacular, on merrymaking during their off-duty hours.
Tagum City, being a servicing central hub at inner north of Davao Region, is traditionally frequented by people on nighttime merrymaking as it boasts abundant rest and recreation (R & R) facilities such as lively sexy and gay bars, videoke and disco pubs and drinking joints along with its brisk night market offering barbecues, foodstuffs, ukay-ukay wares and nighttime booze.
Meanwhile, Tagum City PNP chief of police PSupt. Solomon De Castilla disclosed in separate interview that there is no high incidents of crime recorded in the month of July in the city.
As to motor carnapping, he said that this crime can be contained with active community support.
He cited that there was a case that a carnapper was arrested by the police but the victim later backed out from pursuing the case as he agreed for an out-of-court settlement for a fee of P25,000.
He added that in police record motor carnappings were made “by individuals” for money and no longer the type where the motor carnappers only wanted to sow chaos in the city as they went into carnapping and shooting rampage then left behind the motorcycles they forcibly got from owners or drivers.
They were already neutralized, PSupt. De Castilla said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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aug 4, 2014

Asked hard and for so many times if he will run for President in 2016 by his co-anchor, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in his Sunday TV program often responded that he is “not qualified” but he opened up sharing his vision for a new Philippines if elected as President.

“Di ko interesado, di ko ganahan, ug wa koy kwarta. (I’m not interested, I do not like it and I have no money),” he replied to insistent questionings of his co-anchor Atty. Geraldine Chiu in view of the 10 million signatures gathered by the group pushing him to run for President.

The mayor said running for President needs P10 billion to P15 billion.

“Asa man ko ana? (Where will I find that?),” he asked although he acknowledged there are businessmen who approached him tendering willingness to support him if he runs for President.

From Duterte 2016 Movement, the group led by R. Castillo barangay captain Mar Masanguid has lately changed their name to Duterte for President Movement after rotating in Mindanao despite the mayor’s statements of decline and non-interest since last year.

But the mayor on Sunday’s edition shared his “vision, not a political platform” if he becomes a President.

Should in one year’s time after sitting as President he could not see real reforms through the normal functions of the President, he said forgive him he would be forced to close the Congress, and declare a revolutionary government.

Moreover, the mayor said he would privatize all government-controlled corporations including the GSIS, Bureau of Customs, retire all the generals except the 40 among them “who are the best and the brightest” and as to the Left and Nur Misuari, “if they want a coalition government, so be it.”

He added if NDF chairman Luis Jalandoni wants a top government post, “I’ll put him in DAR” and CPP-NPA chairman Joma Sison n DSWD. “Mag federal government ta.”

The mayor also responded to the tag hurled by Manila politicians that “he is extremist”, saying he could be called by that “but look what happened to Davao City?”

He said he has more things to do on the thought that he is the sitting President, and “the caveat for everybody is at the end of my term there should be real changes” done for the country. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

IGACOS has P443.79 M in its budget prep for 2015

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aug 2, 2014

It is budget call time again for local government units these days for the fiscal year 2015 and for the Island Garden City of Samal it has P443.79 million to budget and spend for next year.

IGACOS city budget officer Jemelita Camasong bared that the city would have budget of P375 million from Internal Revenue Allotment and P67.79 million from local income or a total budget of P443.79 million.

During the budget call forum with city department heads last Wednesday, Camasong explained that city’s budget would have to align with the national parameters and city government’s thrusts as well as comply with existing budget national directives and circulars of the Dept. of Budget and Management.

IGACOS budget would have to align with the Aquino administration’s five key result areas that underpin its development agenda, which are: anti-corruption, transparent, accountable and participatory governance, poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable, rapid, inclusive and sustained economic growth, just and lasting peace and the rule of law, integrity of environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

“Our programs, activities and projects should align to these five priorities areas,” she said.

Also to consider is the guideline on enhanced Grassroots Participatory Budget Process or GPBP (formerly Bottom-Up Budgeting or BUB), the Aquino administration’s top to bottom approach in allocating resources to ensure the inclusion of funding requirements for the development needs as they are identified at the local level, Camasong echoed a national memorandum.

On the other hand, city planning and development coordinator Engr. Mario Pacaldo bared that the city administration of Mayor Aniano Antalan would have local development thrusts for 2015 that include the construction of new city market and transport terminal, multipurpose gym, more pathway for the port, seawall for Kaputian beachpark,  coastal park development, farm-to-market roads and the mayor’s livelihood programs.

“We’’ll no longer have road graveling for steep roads, as these would be scoured and washed out by floods. Instead, we’ll opt for concreting of farm-to-market roads in slope areas,” he said.

Based on DBM’s Local Budget Memorandum No. 68 dated July 1, 2014, the 144 cities in the country would share from the total P89.20 billion IRA shares based on their population, area and income.

On the other hand, the 81 provinces, 1,478 municipalities and 41,889 barangays would share from P91.02 billion, P132.95 billion and P76.67 billion worth of IRA, respectively, as computed by the DBM.

In the budget calendar for LGUs based on the Local GovernmentCode, after the budget call forum, where budget proposals of department heads are solicited, technical budget hearings and consolidations would then be made. After which the local chief executive prepares his budget message and submits the same to sanggunian the executive annual budget not later than Oct. 16.

The sanggunian has until Dec. 31 to approve the annual budget.(Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Buhangin Proper Kapitan James C. Salvador pins hope on RPT from NHA properties

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aug 2, 2014

Buhangin Proper barangay captain James C. Salvador is pinning hope that more titles of land would come out from residents in National Housing Authority (NHA) properties that comprise the biggest portion of the total land in his barangay.
He said, in an interview, that it is only after structure owners have paid fully the land owned by the NHA when they could commence paying real property taxes where the barangay shares in.
“If many have already fully paid, in that case, we get bigger shares of real property taxes,” he said.
Todate, the barangay only collects almost P3 million from real property taxes.
Moreover, Kapitan Jimmy bared that the barangay-funded drainage and concreting projects in San Francisco road is at press time on curing stage and after that ,the other side of the road would be concreted.
The drainage project would solve the long-pestering problem on watery road caused by overflow of canal water that was then in lower elevation.
Barangay Buhangin Proper has a total income of more than P30 million, about P25 million of which comes from Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

NEA padlocks rival Daneco-CDA’s office, collection centers

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july 30, 2014

The Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative-CDA group is proverbially on the run now after their offices and collection centers were surprisingly closed down Monday morning by enforcement agents from National Electrification Administration (NEA) Manila headquarters, signalling an end yet to the hostile and divisive three-year legal, administrative and collection battles with the Daneco-NEA group starting 2012.

Two NEA Manila lawyers, identified as Atty. Oswaldo Gabat and Atty. Dupay, backed up by dozens of policemen led by Davao del Norte provincial director PSSupt. Samuel Gadingan swooped down like making a lightning raid at around 6 A.M. Monday at Daneco-CDA main office at PCU building in Magdum, Tagum City.

The combined team caught off guard Daneco-CDA’s security guards belonging to CISA security agency, ringed the building and padlocked the Daneco-CDA offices inside. They then replaced the subdued CISA security guards with Daneco-NEA’ own belonging to Obscor security agency.

At 8 A.M. Daneco-CDA employees coming in were barred from entering their offices.

After closing down Daneco-CDA’s main office, the team on the same day subsequently closed down the group’s collection centers located at the Gaisano Grand Mall Tagum, Daneco substations in Mabini, Pantukan towns in Compostela Valley and the collection centers in Kapalong and Asuncion towns in Davao del Norte.

Before the padlocking, Daneco-CDA, a breakaway group claiming to be the legitimate electric cooperative which should manage Daneco, had been collecting at least P10 million monthly from follower member-consumers.

Daneco-CDA’s collections were said to be about 10 percent of the entire Daneco collections from a total 150,000 member-consumers of Daneco in the two provinces.

Daneco-NEA Project Supervisor Engr. Godofredo Guya charged Daneco-CDA’s operation was illegal and their collection activities as alleged acts of stealing money from Daneco’s member-consumers.

In an interview Monday afternoon at the Barracks, the provincial police compound, Daneco-NEA legal counsel Jeorge Rapista said that “NEA Manila through its authorized enforcement officers sent here, Atty. Gabat and Atty. Dupay, is just implementing its Cease and Desist Order issued last December 13, 2013 pursuant to Republic Act. No. 10531 and based on the injunction we got from the Court of Appeals.”

“It is just an exercise of NEA’s quasi-judicial function based on the new NEA Charter Law, RA 10531, which provides that all electric cooperatives should be under the NEA’s supervisory and disciplinary powers,” Atty. Rapista said.

“The coverage of the Cease and Desist Order includes the stopping of their operations and collections, and how to stop these is to padlock their offices and collection centers. They are also directed to surrender all their vehicles and equipment, and to turn over the management of Daneco under the NEA’s control and management,”he added.

“The police are not implementing the order of NEA. They just provided assistance to NEA to maintain peace and order. The police followed the rules of engagements, and definitely there was peaceful implementation of the cease and desist order,” Rapista said.

Earlier, Daneco-NEA officials bared a notice of PSALM disconnection and threat of franchise-wide blackout owing to its heavy indebtedness to power obligations resulting from the long-running dispute starting July 2012 following board leadership row and factionalism.

As of last month, Daneco’s total power obligations reached to P767.01 million, of which P601.37 million is due for PSALM. It is also overburdened by an accumulated P1.1-billion payables from member-consumers.

On Tuesday morning in radio interview, Daneco-CDA board director Noel Quidilla decried over NEA’s “harassment to (their) group” adding that their group vowed to continue operating unless “there’s already a Supreme Court decision.”

He said they had appealed the case relating the Cease and Desist Order to the Supreme Court and are readying to file court cases against NEA and Daneco-NEA officials for padlocking their offices and collection centers “with the help of armed policemen.”
“The policemen involved should also be relieved immediately,” Quidilla said.

It could not be immediately known how much money does Daneco-CDA have in the vault inside its office and collection centers as well as in its depository banks.
Traditionally, an electric cooperative has three “and” signatories composed of the general manager, chief finance officer and the president of the board of directors. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)