OPINION: Difference between refund and reimbursement

July 26
By Cha Monforte
Difference between refund and reimbursement

Dutertards: The Supreme Court’s decision stopping 10 PM-4 AM curfew on minors is lyrical. At no time in Philippine history under Duterte time which is so improbable at this time of highest popularity has seemed so surprising in immediate throwback since Duterte administration’s start of its timeline as this SC’s decision. This would only say, as a matter of common sense, that a city not even an island could not rule a country.

Metro Manila is primate city in the Phils, the freest, most liberated city, where the creme dela creme of country’s critics and critical minds conglomerate, that’s the context to use to see why the Supreme Court stopped the 10 PM-5 AM curfew. Of course, Prez. Digs would have media, institutional critics there unlike Davao City after Pala’s death. More criticisms, TROs, supalpalans have yet to come to him, Koko and Alvarez. This is the Philippines.
If only Sen. De Lima will play game like twerking ala Miley to Prez. Digong’s facial movement and not be onion-skinned, turn red and bluster, then she could be a good presidential timber in 2022. She has to play her cards well.

How superlucky he is who was spurned in 3 races and in the last he won out of divided votes of his 2 rivals then he zoomed up riding on the crest of the titan’s popularity from a maim kingpin’s balm of anointment and gee his flood of pennies- and yes! for a song. This supermajority SOB just became the speaker of the super-balingbing, super-recycled and super-unwashed panties in the house.
Thanks Google, and from Jeki I got this answer to a longstanding question hovering in my coco shell: “If you return an item that you bought to a merchant to exchange it for the money you purchased it with then you are getting a refund. If you are being given money for expenses that you have on behalf of someone then you are getting a reimbursement.”
Don’t read, watch mainstream media for a month and only indulge on social media, then voila you only have Mocha Uson as national politician from Manila. There’s no more Drilon, Erap, Chavit, Lacson et al. Duterte time’s such quite interesting.
TAGS & HASHES: I missed the Philippine Oscar’s last SONA….. A day before his 1st SONA, Prez. Digz signed the FOI EO. Incredible!……That fatal post. The better half could have just texted the significant other of her hubby than posted it on her FB…… If FVR won’t accept to be envoy to China due to old age, then send in the freed GMA without the neck brace.

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