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2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 16,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Davao Norte Gov. Del Rosario vows to complete “big-item” projects before next term

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dec. 28, 2012

Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is optimistic he can complete the “big-time” projects before his second term ends in June 30, 2013.

The governor, who is sure winner in 2013 elections, cited before local mediamen that he has two big-item project and program that he is completing, namely: the P240-million provincial sports complex and the convergence program based on peace and development paradigm.

“The sports complex is 95-percent completed,” he said, adding that what is next to be done is the improvement of the gym equipped with airconditioner. “That requires about P300 million.”

He said that the fund for completion is incorporated in the 2013 provincial annual budget worth P940 million.

On the other hand, the governor said that the convergence program of the provincial government has been largely winning peace through development in the province’s countrysides by bringing in multiple services converged by provincial departments, local government units, barangays and various governments agencies including the military.

He said that “peace cannot be attained without development, and vice versa.”

He added that this convergence strategy would continue during his assured third and last term after the 2013 polls.

His sole rival a certain Norberto Mijares from Panabo City was recently declared “nuisance candidate” by the Commission on Elections-Manila.

Last December 12 the governor led the soft opening of the 11-hectare Davao del Norte Sports and Cultural Center (DNSCC). It is located infront the provincial Capitol building at Barangay Mankilam, Tagum City.

It features a 5,000-capacity grandstand, a rubberized all-weather track oval, a football field, outdoor playing courts, and an aquatic center with a 10-lane Olympic-sized pool, warm-up pool, and clubhouse.

The sports complex is positioned to become a premier sporting venue in Davao Region.

The governor is optimistic that with the state of the facility his province can ably host the Davao Regional Athletics Association (DAVRAA) meet in February 2013.

With it, Davao del Norte is now a strong contender for the hosting of the Palarong Pambansa in 2015, Gov. Del Rosario added. – Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte

OPINION: Xmas scribbles

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dec. 27, 2012

By Cha Monforte

I spent my Christmas eve and do-day in desk. Indulged in net-babad while there are more foods around. Got to share those scribbles in here:

The cold December air from Siberia is being whipped up now by the tail-end, lost wind of typhoon Quinta. The last dawn mass is over. It must be that down there in stricken Comval and DavOr areas, tens of thousands of kins and relatives of the dead and missing are shivering from this cold and from the bitter pangs of off-and-on hunger, band-aided by relief ops.

It came to pass that the extent of damage and casualty wrought by the so vicious typhoon Pablo is beyond the efficacy of our combined resource, manpower and governmental responses now. It took years and and decades that we ravaged our forests, and solutions could never be made in days. But we recognize the urgent need for relief and retrieval. The former has sort of abundance now, the latter is scarce given the the gargantuan tasks, logistics and resources to scour the decomposed. We are still much on the stage of relief ops.

I must not say that I have that “prophetic” opinion years ago. Oh, that “Submerged Valley Theory”. Google it!. It was simple geo-technical-environmental projection for the valley. Those “de kahon” ultra leftist analysis of lambasting the big, corporate mining firms as one of the reasons of this misery is a jaded one aimed to propagandize the CPP-NPA-NDF ideology and muckrack the military. In Comval, we don’t have many big mining firms reigning. There’s only Crew Mining and those 2 or 3 in Pantukan are still on exploration stage. What reign are the endogenous small scale mining, whose growth is irreversible, sadly at the expense of our environment. We collectively bite the bullet as we now have an army of highly trained small miners scattered digging all over Comval’s hills and mountains. There’s still the Code of Omerta sealing the reported high casualties in Diwalwal, and the guerillas, military and our public officials, the DENR, etc are mum on this. After all many have shared from Diwalwal’s gold, and a government takeover of Minahang Bayan in Diwalwal is a no-no scenario.
Thanks for the warm we have this Christmas. Can’t yet sleep thinking of them- the typhoon Pablo survivors and affected. How are they now? Did they consume just on time for the celebration the noche buena packs given by Sec. Dinky last Thursday? Or they consumed in their next dining right fter the noche buena packs were given? Especially those who are gripped by this moment’s chilly winds and dense fog that mixed with the stench of unretrieved decomposed, and who could not move afar for lack of land and receiving relatives in lighted areas, the horror, the macabre situation of carcasses buried near somewhere, the threat of epidemic breakout in dark, howling valley of death and tears, made life so difficult and harsh for them. And this is Christmas. May those who shiver now have lighted small fires to keep themselves warm. May Santa be made true riding on his sleigh and shower them with foodstuffs, mineral waters, jackets, sweatshirts, and blankets. May our Most Benevolent Lord Jesus Christ cover them of his warm protective shield.
Just past midnight, somewhere in DC: The much-praised firecrackers’ ban in Davao City is a myth! At the strike of 12 midnight I heard sounds of exploding firecrackers-big and small- outta here in my neighborhood. The folks, the kids were cheering. No policeman in his right mind, body and heart foremost will patrol around just to watch out violators who simply wanted to meet the birthday of our Lord with a bang. After a short while, the about 10-15 minute explosion of firecrackers immediately stopped. The cops are surely also with their loved ones celebrating Christmas. Gee, nobody was hurt. Merry Christmas to each and everyone! (For reactions: e-mail:

Gov. RDR says referendum to decide for conflicts-plagued Daneco

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dec. 27, 2012rdr

Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario opined that member-consumers have to decide whether the 40-year old Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) would operate under the supervision of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) or under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

He told local reporters that “Daneco is supposed to be a coop and as such members have to decide.”

He added that the referendum “should be done properly, and should not be politicized.”

The governor said that he learned of the legal problems that came up when most of the members of the old set of board of directors were sacked by NEA due to an administrative case.

“Now there’s a new board appointed by NEA,” he said, adding that he hoped that this time the problem and conflict in Daneco would end.

Daneco has some 125,000 member-consumers and services the whole province of Compostela Valley and most of the towns and cities of Davao del Norte except Panabo City, the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) and the towns of Carmen, Sto. Tomas and Braulio E. Dujali.

Since July 2012, two factions of Daneco leadership have been warring against each other resulting to the emergence of Daneco-CDA and Daneco-NEA groups and two sets of managements, board of directors and collection activities.

The NEA-sacked officials trooping under Daneco-CDA stuck on and engaged in series of court and quasi-judicial battles while physically holding for more than six months the Daneco Tipaz office in Tagum City until the office was forcibly closed by a sheriff backed up by provincial police following a break-open-closure order from the Court of Appeals.

However, the Daneco-CDA faction subsequently set up their new office at the Philippine Cooperative Union (PCU) office in Barangay Magdum, Tagum City and continued their collection activities.

The faction set up collection center in Gaisano Mall of Tagum directly competing with the Daneco-NEA collection in the same mall. Also, it set up a collection unit in the premises of barangay hall of Barangay Visayan Village in the city.

The Daneco-CDA’s new officials, no longer those sacked ones, claimed that they still operate legally as the CDA registration was only temporarily suspended by the CDA and pending Supreme Court’s resolution of the appealed case relating to the Writ of Preliminary Injunction issued earlier by the Court of Appeals. – Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte

Davao Norte guv foresees fast post-Pablo recovery of banana industry in 2013

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dec. 22, 2012

While projecting of an economic slowdown that would impact early next year to Tagum City, Davao del Norte’s premier city, Governor Rodolfo del Rosario though foresees “it would not be too long” for the typhoon-affected banana industry to recover next year 2013.

He reckoned that in six months’ time the province’s affected banana production areas could recover as he expressed optimism of the coming in of interventions of the Aquino administration particularly by the agriculture department.

As soon as the affected banana farmers would start planting as assisted by the government, recovery for the sector would be started, he told local mediamen during the year-end Kapihan forum held Thursday at the provincial Capitol in Barangay Mankilam, Tagum City.

He relayed that DA Secretary Proceso Alcala has committed his department’s resources to help the small, independent banana growers rise up again while the big banana companies would surely be back on the ground.

The governor bared that typhoon Pablo had destroyed about 50% of the Davao del Norte’s banana production particularly in the towns of Asuncion, Kapalong and San Isidro.

Davao del Norte is the country’s top cavendish banana producer with at least 20,000 hectares, while the hardest-hit Compostela Valley has almost half of such production level.

Earlier, the Philippine Banana Growers and Exporters Association had earlier estimated a 25 percent or about 42,000 hectares of plantations owned by its members as damaged by typhoon Pablo. Both large-scale corporate and small-grower banana farms suffered the same fate in Davao Region.

PBGEA placed at between P8 to P12 billion worth of damage to the affected banana production.

While the province has almost zero casualty, with only one child reported lately, Gov. Del Rosario bared that the province’s agricultural sector was the hardest hit with damage of about P3.5 billion and half of billion pesos in terms of infrastructures.

On the same occasion, the governor reckoned though that in next months ahead the local economy of Tagum City would feel the negative impact of typhoon Pablo.

He said that malls in the city would be affected due to less economic activities and lack of employment.

The economic trend we have now, he added, would be rather sluggish.

He said though that there would be still opportunities that can be seized on during the post-typhoon reconstruction period as it could spark a “tremendous demand for labor”. – Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte

OPINION: Belligerent Daneco-CDA

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dec. 17, 2012

By Cha Monforte

Belligerent Daneco-CDA

The faction Daneco-CDA seems belligerent, and seems so security conscious. I tried for two occasions, Monday and yesterday, to dovetail with the faction’s officials purposely to interview particularly on their collection of power bill payments.
I went to PCU building in Tagum City last Monday afternoon where the Daneco-CDA holds its new office after the Daneco Tipaz office was forcibly closed by authorities last month, and I saw for myself the CISA guards so security conscious with their fingers holding the triggers of their long firearms. I and my driver were stopped and asked where we were headed to. I introduced myself as member of the media. The guards chorused: their “GM” Gerard Osorio, BOD president Abiner Labja and legal counsel Atty. Glenn Blair Carnicer were not around. I believed them. We sped off. 
Yesterday, Tuesday, morning I tried again. I was asked again by the same guards who I was? My gosh! I again presented myself as a member of local and national media particularly as reporter of Business Mirror and Philippine News Agency. I gave my calling card. One guard went upstairs to ask for approval. After about five minutes, I was told by the CISA guard that  “wala daw si GM”. I retorted, “kinsa’y nagsulti ana?” The guard replied, “ang body nya.” I replied in jest, “eh di naa diay si GM kay naa man ang body.” The guard reasoned out, “daghan man ug body si GM sir.” So we sped off – with doubts that maybe the “GM” was afraid to be interviewed by media unknown to him or them. Osorio is a new face to me also.
The CISA guards’ answers only tell that the Daneco-CDA “GM” Osorio has more than one bodyguard. He might be security conscious because of the standing conflict with Daneco-NEA faction. But Osorio is so lucky “GM” compared to all previous Daneco GMs who had none to have a bunch of bodyguards paid by Daneco-CDA’s separate collections.
The collection issue of Daneco-CDA is a public interest issue because it already involves the direct monies of the member-consumers. What if a court declares illegal the current separate collection of Daneco-CDA? Will the payments be credited by the other Daneco, which presumes to be the right and legitimate Daneco, the Daneco-NEA? Because of the differences of the power rates of the two Danecos, what to do now in case there’s a lacking amount, a balance? Good if there’s excess. Huhum, I smell great confusion and havoc in the future in case the court rules that there should only ONE Daneco entity authorized to collect!   
I’m not yet talking of transparency over the funds collected, used, spent, deposited, saved, etc by Daneco-CDA at a time when its registration is suspended. Well, they say it’s not yet revoked or cancelled, so they have the right to collect as they still operate legally. Remember folks, the CDA registration of Daneco-CDA is just suspended pending resolution of the issues relating the Writ of Preliminary Injunction (WPI). It’s a long story to tell here. Meantime, the collection centers of the two Danecos inside the Gaisano Mall of Tagum are competing each other, and are playing cat and mouse in the disconnection of delinquent member-consumers (the Daneco-NEA disconnects, and later the Daneco-CDA reconnects, what a bull!)
Despite the break-open-closure of Daneco Tipaz office formerly held by Daneco-CDA, the same the damaged good, Daneco now, is a story about two managements, two board of directors, two sets of manpower and two collections, unless Daneco-NEA gets another favorable court decision, or a CDA’s decision to finally cancel Daneco-CDA’s registration to outlaw it. Otherwise, the legit Daneco-CDA gets full legitimacy and full recognition.    
But I still hope that Daneco-CDA officials will be open for media interviews. The member-consumers want to know the real score of their payments. The public wants to know if the Daneco-CDA is paying the power obligations to PSALM, NGCP and Therma Marine. And in what amount so far during this conflict time? These queries must be addressed, too, to the Daneco-NEA officials. The public have the right to information through the inquiring media.
I should tell the Daneco-CDa guards- I’ve been an objective writer-reporter since then. If ever I sided in one of my past news or opinion, that’s because the source gave me bountiful information to write on. I’m hungrier for data and info. So how can I write news about Daneco-CDA when its officials are either hideous or stonewalling? (For comments, e-mail to:, follow me in my Facebook and Twitter, search cha monforte)