Daneco, Inc. maintains less than 2 hours of rotating brownout daily due to NGCP

(late upload sept 26, 2014 news)

The franchise area of Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. is getting an average of less than two hours of rotating brownouts daily following daily load curtailment advisory of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.

“We cannot avoid rotating brownouts as the NGCP asks us to curtail power daily at an average of 10 to 20 megawatts,” Daneco, Inc. technical department manager Engr. Nielo Japay bared.

Rotating brownouts happen usually during working days and infrequently only during weekends when where is light power load consumption in Daneco’s system.

However, Daneco’s rotating brownouts would end when the Aboitiz-owned Therma South would come in operational by March next year, he said.

Daneco, Inc. will be procuring an additional 15-MW power from Therma South.

NGCP does the traffic of power running in the Mindanao grid, which is mainly supplied of power from Agus and Pulangi hydropower systems.

Other power sources in Mindanao are contributed by independent power suppliers and private power firms tapping diesel, hydroelectric, geothermal, coal, bunker fuel sources or mix of these.

But the Mindanao gird has been lacking of power supply due to rising population in Mindanao and its consequent higher demand for power since the recent years even as the Agus hydropower plants have been undergoing rehabilitation sometime.

Daneco’s current power demand hits an average 72 megawatts (MW), of which an average of 25 MW is consumed by its Compostela Valley distribution area while an average of 47 MW is consumed its Tagum distribution area.

Daneco’s Comval area is composed of the six mainland valley towns which are Mawab, Nabunturan, Montevista,  Monkayo, Compostela and New Bataan, and the highland town of Maragusan.

The Tagum, on the otherhand, is composed of Tagum City, Comval’s coastal towns of Maco, Mabini and Pantukan, Comval’s upland town of Laak, and Davao del Norte’s towns of Kapalong, Asuncion, New Corella, Talaingod, and the Island Garden of Samal.

Other areas in Davao del Norte such as Panabo City, and the towns of Sto. Tomas,BE Dujali and Carmen are serviced by Davao Light and Power Corp.

Engr. Japay said that depending on the power demand situation in Mindanao the NGCP’s power curtailment advisory varies anytime in terms of power to be reduced for distribution to households and firms, which explains the irregular rotating brownouts in the franchise area.

“The NGCP will advise us anytime to curtail power usually from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M., say 15 megawatts, and we will in turn switch off power rotating in our Comval and Tagum areas, each of them having less than two hours of brownouts,” he explained.

“We would have to follow NCGP, otherwise when we won’t reduce our power load being distributed in the network, the NGCP will make manual load dropping. In that (latter) case, the NGCP usually delays in resuming power supply to Daneco from the Mindanao grid,” he added.

Before the manual load dropping, the NGCP finds which among the five distribution lines of NGCP to Daneco is suitable to be shut off.

If 15 MW is the power load sought for curtailment the Tagum City line that connects with the lines for Asuncion and Laak towns, which all have 35 MW, is often spared, and what it often shut off by NGCP is the Tindalo to Asuncion line, which has 15 MW, Japay said.

Tagum City alone consumes an average of 22 MW these days considering its many number of malls and business establishments that eat up bigger power.

Besides the Tindalo (Nabunturan) to Asuncion distribution line, Daneco has also Tindalo-Monkayo, Nabunturan-Monkayo, Maco-Tagum, and Maco-Mati distribution line through which the NGCP-trafficked Mindanao grid power supply enter s.

The Daneco, Inc. has been in charge and in control of the power switching since when its hostile feud with the rival Daneco-CDA group had gravely wracked its organization and finances.

Daneco, Inc., which is strongly supported by the National Electrification Administration, is winning group as it recently won bitterly fought cases in courts even as the rival Daneco-CDA offices and collection centers had been padlocked one after another for operating and collecting electricity payments allegedly illegally.

A sketchy report said that NEA Manila filed last Tuesday a syndicated estafa case against Daneco-CDA officials and all its cohorts in a court in Manila.- Cha Monforte

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