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I backed off to hear the Gov’s SOPA

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march 19, 2012
I was almost ready Monday before lunch to drive off to Mankilam Capitol to hear this year’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) by Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario. But honestly, as usual, the SOPA’s usual cold statistics and painting of good intentions and plans and its drowsy length don’t impress me since then. At high noon, I backed off to hear the Gov’s SOPA. Sorry.
Comval’s counterpart  SOPA delivered three weeks ago was accordingly too lengthy that one invitee told me that while he could not stand to respond a furious call of nature out of deference to the governor and all the people listening, he had to bear all those discomforts and drowsiness of trying to be listening and following the governor’s reports by mind power, endurance and eyeglass-covered semi sleep (tulog manok).
Often the “problem” relating SOPA is how its writer would make it to be too comprehensive to portray all the accomplishments of provincial offices and the priorities and plans of the governor for this year and while he is still in office, without making it too lengthy as to be already beyond the absorptive capacity of governor’s audience.
Such “problem” is often shrugged off. After all, it is the governor who is the speaker, it is the invitees who are the listeners– provincial and LGU officials led by the mayors, officials from national government agencies, NGO, PO representatives, Church, sectoral representatatives, barangay and purok officials and others like ex-governors.
We have been repeating this ritual each year and per plot of the local government code, this ritual would remain indefinitely.
Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy is different. He had only his SOCA (State of the City Address) for three times, if my memory serves me right. In my last year’s interview with him, he said he first came to comply but on the next year’s complying he found out to have the same audience, and so for the third year he finally backed off. He seemed to be inconvenient reporting just for compliance and ritual purposes and with the same fixture of audience. With Mayor Uy’s continued non-compliance of rendering his SOCA, it shows that after all there is no disciplinary action or penalty that can be meted out for those chief executives who don’t render their respective SOPA, SOCA or SOMA (State of the Municipality Address).
I should say that Mayor Uy has a point beyond ritualism. Like for the great making of Tagum City as it is now, if a test is made to determine the amplification of political leadership, reports of accomplishments are best heard from the feelings and expressions in various grooves and kantos, from among the city people themselves including the passersby themselves. Mayor Uy’s foregoes are reasonable. And there’s no harm in that. I challenge DILG if they can have the mayor comply with the law. Nonsense!
When I backed off, I had the wish that the SOPA yesterday would have the flood-mitigation plans for the towns of Carmen, Sto. Tomas and BE Dujali highlighted. These three towns lie within the Tuganay River Watershed, and are naturally so low-lying, and flood-prone. With the unknown effects of climate change hanging and amid us, the problem of perennial flood shared by the three LGUs has become worse in terms of toll, fatalities, extent and damage in the recent years, and if flood is not mitigated by joint and collaborative efforts, the problem is sure to get worst in the immediate years ahead. Heaven forbid, these three towns especially its low-lying and flood-prone areas could no longer be considered livable and productive. (For comments, e-mail: