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Duterte notes rise of jobs in Davao City, rise in crimes in Region XI during PNoy’s time

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july 27, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in his regular Sunday TV program noted that during President PNoy Aquino’s time his city has certainly experienced economic growth as particularly seen in the rise of jobs due to the establishments of call centers and other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms.

But on the other hand, he, being the chairman of the Regional Peace and Order Council, noted a rise of “not more than 18 percent” of criminalities throughout Region XI.

“Dire sa Davao (City) dili kaayo (not so many), but in many places in Region XI, there seems to be a sharp rise of criminalities,” he said.

He begged that he would not name those places in deference to the mayors concerned.

He said that the communist CPP-NPA rebels remain to be the leading threat to peace in the region even as he reiterated anew his policy of talking for peace with them.

He added that the national administration has been actively encouraging people to go to Mindanao and with it “Davao City is in the green map”.

For one, he attributed this giving of a green map to the city government’s cutting of redtape and gridlocks owing to his maximum 72-hour policy for the City Hall departments to release business permits to people who would want to do business in the city.

“If they could not release it, they will go directly to me and I’ll sit down with (their) papers. I would  ask why they fail to comply within 72 hours,” he said.

The mayor also defended anew President Aquino’s “right to be heard” in speaking even against the Supreme Court’s decision on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), stressing that he came to President’s defense ”without touching on the illegality of DAP.”

He said that DAP funds from some senators like Bong Revilla and Pia Cayetano had landed to something good in the city such as for hospital building and various hospital equipment and facilities in the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

“DAP and PDAF handled by Napoles are the ones which are dangerous,” he added. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Coca Cola spokesman Tamano: no sole Coke distributorship in its sari-sari training program in Tagum launch

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july 23, 2014

Atty. Adel Tamano, vice president for public affairs and communications of Coca Cola Philippines, belied a report that the company’s 5by20 Program aimed to empower women entrepreneurs has a built-in feature of making their sari-sari stores as sole distributors of Coca Cola products.

“It’s not one of the conditions, they can sell other softdrinks,” he said during the local launch of Coca Cola Philippine’s 5by20 Program in Tagum City last Monday. 
The softdrink company’s entrepreneur development program that links up with local stakeholders targets producing 5 million women scholars as capable and empowered sari-sari owners by 2020. 
For Tagum City alone, the program targets to produce 1,000 women scholars per Memorandum of Agreement signed on that day with the Tagum City Council of Women, Inc. (TCCWI), which is chaired by former city’s first lady Alma Uy.
Tagum City or Davao del Norte is the 26th place in the country where Coca Cola launched the program since 2012.
“The TCCWI officers and the women presidents in 25 barangays in the city will help achieve that,” Uy said.
Uy was instrumental in the coming in of Coca-Cola’s 5by20 Program when she initiated to inquire from the company and submit the TCCWI’s profile which eventually drew interest from the country’s biggest softdrink maker.
Tamano said that Coca Cola launched the program for seeing “sari-sari store owners and our sales people on the ground as the real spokespersons of Coca Cola.”
The 5by20 Program is also dubbed as Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources or STAR Program, which would “help women retailers overcome the barriers they face to business success by providing them access to business skills and life training access to business resources and assets.
“The most important thing we give in this program is knowledge and education. We are not taking the handout approach. We are implementing a new paradigm of doing things, na may malalim nga partnership with civil society, with the government and the business sector, because we believe this is the new way of empowering women,” Tamano added.
“Our partnership in the program is complete and we have impact-ful goals,” he said.
Recently, Coca Cola has trained in Manila six trainors from the women council who will handle the courses in the 12-week Basic Entrepreneurship and Gender Sensitivity Training, from August 12 to November 12 this year.
Besides the TWWCI, the other MOA-signing partners in Coca Cola program for Tagum City are the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, which is a national partner of the program, and the Cagayan de Oro-headquartered First Community Cooperative (FICCO).
Signatories and guests during the launch included Coca Cola FEMSA Davao region manager Roger Araneta, TESDA-XI regional director Gaspar Gayona, TESDA Davao del Norte provincial director Urbano Budtan, and FICCO chief executive officer Edgardo Micayabas. 
The MOA signing was held at the Big 8 Hotel, and the launch with more than a thousand council women leaders at Gaisano Mall of Tagum. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte) 

Wearing skimpy two-piece attire is Constitutional- Mayor Duterte

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july 20, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte sees nothing is wrong with wearing two-piece attire in public.

In his regular Sunday TV program, he said “it’s Constitutional”, singling out the issue on the wearing of skimpy attire of young girls during a rave party which an event organizer planned to hold in next month’s Kadayawan Festival.

The mayor based his opinion in what people have been wearing in the beach including the two-piece attire which he said is not against the law.

“Whether in a beach or on stage, what’s the difference? What’s the beef?” he asked.

“Tama sila, it’s freedom of expression, as long that they are not naked,” said Duterte, also a lawyer.

He added the constitution has very broad provision that allows persons to do what they want to do unless it goes against public morals.

“The contemporary time is our standard. Is wearing bikini really bastos? Will it generate lust? In our generation’s time, it’s not immoral to wear (that),” the mayor stressed, adding that he had an experience when he travelled Brazil while still a congressman, in seeing all the women “from lola down to apo” wearing no bra at all in a wide beach there.

He also said that he was afraid the city is treading on unconstitutional grounds if the issue of wearing of skimpy attire in public goes in court given the city’s women code prohibiting it in formal presentations, although he said he understood the calling and advocacy of women’s progressive groups such as Gabriela and women councilors in the previous City Council.

Last week, some members of the City Council have charged to an event organizer applying for permit that previous rave parties in the city had young girls showing their bras besides the alleged violations to the city’s anti-smoking and 1 AM liquor ban ordinances and use of prohibited drugs of some party goers during the merriment.

As to report on intoxication, smoking and use of drugs during the event, Mayor Duterte said it is the “work of police to apprehend” and not the organizer unless she is the one selling prohibited items.

He advised the organizer to settle her obligation balance in her previous event with the city treasurer.  

Rave party organizer Kat Dalisay was thrust in a center of controversy when she posted in her Facebook an advised “to wear long sleeves instead” during rave parties and a “violation of freedom of expression” to the intimated prohibition of wearing of sexy attire during the event.

 She posted “hypocrites”, visibly alluding to the City Council committee members who heard her application to hold a rave party.

Dalisay’s application for permit is still pending even as she was invited to shed light in the coming session of the City Council on Tuesday.

She immediately apologized in her Facebook shortly after Vice Mayor Paulo Duterte made a statement over the issue defending the City Council and apparently displeased over the calling of the latter “hypocrites.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

BOC Davao seizes ukay-ukay filled container vans

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july 16, 2014

The Bureau of Customs Port of Davao yesterday, Wednesday seized two 40-footer container vans filled with the known ukay-ukay goods from China and Singapore.

BOC Davao District Collector Ernesto Aradanas led in the opening of the hot container vans held separately in Davao International Container Terminal in Panabo City and in Sasa Wharf in Davao City.


The vans were subsequently examined by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-XI agents to look into possible insertion of prohibited drugs.

As of press time, PDEA-XI has not yet bared its examination report.

The two shipments were consigned to Oro 88 Trading that has declared address of Km. 13, Davao City.

BOC Davao report said that the shipments contained ukay-ukay items such as used curtains, used blankets, used shoes, used carpets and others.

“The shipments have not yet been valued as the consignee has not yet filed an entry,” said BOC Davao district collector staffer Fatima Espino. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


BOC Davao seizes P4.1 M misdeclared plywood from China

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july 2, 2014

Bureau of Customs Port of Davao District Collector Ernesto Aradanas yesterday, Wednesday led the opening of five container vans that have plywood shipments from China and misdeclared by the consignee as only more than P1 million when they were supposed to be more than P4 million in all.

The container vans, four 4 x 40  footer and a 3 x 40 footer,  earlier seized by Davao port’s customs authorities lay aground at Tefasco Wharf in Tibungco, Davao City when they were opened before reporters.


District Collector Aradanas said that the shipments were consigned to Jessenelle Trading and came from China via M/V Mell Semangat V-021.

Last June 26 alert orders were requested on the shipments by customs agents, to which Aradanas acted favorably leading the assigned customs examiner and other customs officers to conduct 100-percent examination on the shipments.

“They found the contents as declared in the import entry. However, the Office of the District Collector doubted the declared weight of the said shipments and directed that the same to be subjected to Magna Scale to ascertain the correct volume and weight,” said BOC Davao public information and assistance chief Suharto Sumayan.

Finding the shipments misdeclared, on the next day, June 27, customs officers seized them following Aradanas’ issuance of warrants of seizures and detention.

The shipments arrived in the wharf last June 7 with bills of lading and declared weight of only 23,000 kilograms, but it turned out to weigh 33,140 kilograms, thus a discrepancy of 10,140 kilograms for each container and difference in duties of more than 30 percent from P213,737.19 declared amount which ought to be P820,623.11 for each shipment, making each shipment automatically subject to seizure in favor to the government.

With the customs declared value, the five-container shipments ought to be P4,103,115.55, than a total of P1,068,689.5.

However, last June 24 a certain Miss Angela Cando of Malate, Manila and proprietress of the consignee in an affidavit said that she “was not aware of the said shipments supplied by XIAMEN YIRO Import and Export Co. Ltd.” and alleged that the consignee in Davao City did not order any plywood from her.

She further disclaimed “any participation with regards to importations” of XIAMEN YIRO company.   

Aradanas, in short media talk after the opening, urged businessmen to conduct their business without violating customs laws, adding that the Aquino administration has been continuing to launch serious reforms without let-up in the customs bureau. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

P12 M for Panabo City dads’ brand new pickup vehicles

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july 1, 2014

Eleven members of the Panabo City Council and the City Planning and Development Office will soon each get a brand new pickup service vehicle.

The acquisition of vehicles has a total budget of about P12 million.

City Legal officer and chair of the city’s Bids and Awards Committee Gay Gerle Peloton said that the vehicles would still be subject for bidding though at press time she has not yet received the appropriation ordinance for it.

“The vehicle’s generic name is 4 x 2 pickup,” she said.

She said the budget was approved by the City Council last week with revised amount, and “it would be more or less P12 million” considering that the each vehicle costs more or less P1 million.

She added that the bidding could not proceed if the BAC could not secure an authority to purchase from the office of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

It was during President Pnoy’s time that issuance of the authority to purchase vehicles to local government units was delegated from Office of the President to the DILG . (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Officials wary on escalating crimes in Davao Norte

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june 24, 2014

Several officials in Davao del Norte are wary on what is described as “escalating crimes” happening in the province. 

On Monday’s session on the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Board Member Ernesto Evangelista raised the issue on increasing crime incidents in the province and reminded colleagues on the provincial government’s giving of motorcycles to the provincial police.

Vice Governor Victorio Suaybaguio, Jr.  informed the body that the SP has given seven units of single motorcycles to the provincial police  “as our small initiative in our quest for peace.”
He urged board members to give each a motorcycle to the police to be funded out from their priority fund allocation.

But Board Member Raymond Joey Millan wanted that the matter be brought up to the governor and particularly at the Provincial Peace and Order Council.

Millan moved to invite provincial police superintendent PSSupt. Samuel Gadingan in their next session to shed light on the latest holdup-hostaging incident in Makulay restaurant, where a cop hostage-taker was killed.

There are reports that carnapping of single motorcycles and holdup incidents have been increasing in Tagum City since the recent months. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)