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Dec 16-22, 2010

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy bared in an interview that he would be converting the old City Hall as a museum of the city once the new City Hall at the Apokon is completed and the city government will already hold office there.

“The original look of the old City Hall will be restored, “ he said on another coming development plan under his third-term administration.

old city hall of tagum

He added that the old city hall as museum would not necessarily be closed for offices saying that he planned that non-government organizations (NGOs) will hold office in the SP building.

In the mayor’s plan the old main city hall building will be restored back to its original look and its non-original annexes will be demolished. It will then be refurbished and stressed with features of historical significance and importance to the city like showcasing historical strides made by the city and by its past city officials since its founding as well as the present competitive advantages, business and tourism potentials to give a quick look to visiting outsiders and tourists what is Tagum City before and now.

“Maybe the city jail would be also be retained as feature,” Mayor Uy said.

Once the old city hall is turned a museum, it would sit like a leonine historical artifact surrounded by well-landscaped frontage park with possible water fountain while the Freedom Park at its back would remain for its function and would also be refurbished.

On the other hand, the mayor also bared that he plans to fully develop the San Agustin Park at New Balamban with a possible bird park  and along the stretch of the road leading to the park, cottage industries will rise up, end- to-end.

As to the two-hectare land recently donated by the Pajardo family to the city which is located at Barangay San Miguel, the mayor has no plan yet for it although he said that it could possibly be made as an “eco park…green area”.

But he said that the development of these will be made “within ten years”.

Mayor Uy has almost two more years now in his third term, and his last statement has drawn speculations on another Uy political continuance to pursue what he started and what he will be starting in his last term.

In an earlier interview with the Valley & City Chronicle two months ago, the mayor broke a news that he wanted second-termer senior City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy to be his next city mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Construction of P170 M Panabo Market Complex to start January- SILVOSA

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Dec 16-22, 2010

P70 M public memorial park will also be constructed

Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa Sr has bared in an interview that the construction of the P170-million Panabo City Market Complex will be started comes January next year.
“The money for the project is already for release, “he said.
The project is a two-storey market complex which has commercial and office spaces for leasing. It is to be funded by a loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines.
The edifice will rise from the existing commercial space owned by the city government where there are many chicken barbeque stalls and carenderias at present.
Relocation for the stall and space leasees from the present site to nearby old building where once the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) was holding office in New Pandan is now being processed at present.
“The old public market was constructed 60 years ago and we need a new one for new image,” Mayor Silvosa said.
The two-storey edifice would also cater for the new investors who come to do business in the ever-progressing City of Panabo, he added.
On the other hand, the city mayor also bared that also to start in the early months next year is the construction of the city government-owned Panabo City Memorial Park. It will be worth P70 million.
The new public cemetery will be developed along the concept of private memorial park at a seven-hectare land at Barangay New Visayas.
“After complying with the bidding process by January, we will start construction for the memorial park,” he said.
Assistant city engineer Rosalina Delima said in separate interview that the memorial park would have coffin and bone crypts.
“While the construction of the new cemetery will be ongoing, burials in the old cemetery at Barangay Gredu will still be allowed. Simultaneously the old cemetery will be rehabilitated with road improvements and realignments, and in cases when niches would be hit by the road improvements, bones of the deceased would be transferred to the new cemetery at New Visayas,” she said.
When the memorial park is completed and is already opened, meantime there will be no burial at the old cemetery as it would further be rehabilitated and easened up, it was learned. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Cee O is doing a Santa again to soldiers

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Dec 16-22, 2010

Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy is doing again a Santa Claus in this Yuletide Season to military troopers, police and police auxiliaries on the ground as military men from various commands and locations and even those as far as Diwalwal in Compostela Valley started picking up their gifts Tuesday from the City Hall consisting of rice, electric fans, computer sets and others and happily loaded them to their military trucks parked at the side of the Sangguniang Panglungsod building.
The mayor is giving the gifts of goods worth P50,000 for each requesting group of government troopers which would be given as prizes during their respective Christmas parties.
Mayor Uy has been known to be doing a Santa every Christmastime since his first term for the troopers- whether based or not in the city- that in the recent years other military groups positioned far outside the Tagum City got wind of this and joined the line to partake of the City Hall’s Yuletide gesture of goodwill and gratitude to government troops.
”That’s what we are doing things here in Tagum City, and that’s the only our way of thanking them for securing our city in making our peace and order stable throughout the year,” the city mayor said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Panabo’s SK federation president Najah is pure Kalagan Muslim

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Dec 16-22, 2010

“I am pure Kalagan Muslim from Barangay Datu Abdul,” newly elected Panabo City Sangguniang Kabataan federation president Najah Ranain told the Valley & City Chronicle in an exclusive interview last Monday right after her first attendance in the City Council session.
Najah is the SK president of Barangay Datu Abdul, a known homeland of Kalagan Muslims in the city. Her father Nasser and mother Jairabah are both true-blooded Kalagan Muslims.
On her very first moment of attending session, Najah said that she first felt a sort of tense and because it was her first, a baptism of fire of sort, she had still to closely observe the session’s procedures and how her seniors moved and deliberated on the floor.
It was challenging moment to her when she was given the floor for her first privilege speech.
Under the glare and watch of her colleagues and those standing outside the glass division of the session hall, she stood and gracefully walked towards the rostrum and bravely addressed her seniors being her co-equals for her important representation for and behalf of the city’s teeming youths.
With poise and eloquence, she called her representation as a challenge and opportunity to serve greatly the youths and the city and thanked all the SK leaders as well the city officials who have been helping and empowering the youths in the city through the years.
How she was warmly received by her seniors including the presiding Vice Mayor James Gamao.
Najah is already 18 years old- past the SK age bracket of 17 years old and below until 15. “I just turned 18. I was then 17 years old before the last October 25 barangay and SK elections. My last birthday was November 10. It’s allowable as clearly provided under our SK election law. What is important is you are 17 years old before the scheduled date of the barangay and SK elections ,” she clarified.
Najah is currently second year in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Mindanao in Davao City. She had her high school at Panabo Christian High School.
Last December 3 the election of the SK federation officers was held at the ABC Hall at Barangay New Pandan and there, 19 of the 38 barangay SK presidents (two were absent) voted her to win in a so close and tight parliamentary race with the elected SK presidents as the electors.
“I felt that I was able to convince them to vote for me because of the strengths of my vision, mission and programs for the youths,” she said.
Among the SK leaders, Najah has been known to be a socially concerned youth leader who have already initiated and caused for the launching and accomplishment of various programs and projects for the youths in Barangay Datu Abdul.
Now as the city SK federation chair Najah is given more opportunity to radiate her service-oriented leadership in serving more youths in a city which she described as a so hospitable and non-discriminatory to the Moro people like the Kalagan Muslims and the indigenous people (IP) from where the lawyer Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa Sr, a Mandaya from Cateel, Oriental also hailed from before residing and serving best the city for long as a resident, lawyer and a makamasa politician holding various elective positions and now as the city mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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Dec 16-22, 2010


I’ve been asking friends what’s the English of the fruit tambis (and is tambis a fruit in the first place?) and I always get none, they’re searching also what’s the English of tambis? So there the puzzle remains and I and my friends agree that whoever can find the right answer shall foot the first P500 expense for the beers in our group’s morning the night happenings slated on Dec. 23, the day before the eve of Christmas Day. As always we can not meet by Dec. 24 since it is of course meant for our respective families and kins. December 25 Christmas Day also, in our provinces, always remains to be the most meaningful day of resting/sleeping, eating leftovers, exploding ‘crackers leftovers, watching TV, talking, jokingx2 and bonding with the family members. For now, we’re searching still what’s the English of tambis?- Al Rosero

Pre-selecting the SK federation president

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Dec 16-22, 2010


Tagum City and Compostela Valley Province under the separate administration of brother Uys have now Sangguniang Kabataan federation presidents first made out of the panel interviews and screening of a committee composed of leader-representatives from various sectors.
Fresh report from Comval said that the screening committee created by Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy was composed of representatives from the academe, religious, and the business sector/non government organization with one from legislative department. The committee screened the province’s 11 elected SK municipal presidents, rated them on weighed scores based on criteria and chose the Top 5 of the most qualified and most deserving SK municipal presidents to handle the job of being the SK provincial federation president and thus the SK representative to the provincial board. There was still voting made by the 11 SK municipal presidents who would be their Top 1, the SK’s ex-officio boardmember.
Comval’s procedure actually followed the Tagum City’s process of pre-selecting its SK city federation president and the ex-officio member of the city council based on the directive of City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy. The mayor earlier said that the panel interview route proved to churn out the best among the better SK leaders in the city and all those “kabuang” (dirty tactics) in electing the SK federation president in the past have now taken the backseat. The use of money by parents wanting their son or daughter to become the SK federation president had been sidelined. In the past, the mayor said, he often received gripes and complaints from several of his political supporters about the “kidnapping” of SK barangay presidents to have them chose for their favored SK federation president. We have belabored how a parent sponsor “kidnapping” or “hostaging” for entertainment, rest and recreation to have their son or daughter elected as the SK federation president.
With the pre-screening or pre-qualifying scheme made as precedent of Tagum City and Comval, best hope has been raised that parents and the SK leaders themselves will ultimately embrace this initiative that actually has challenged head-on the existing SK procedure of electing federation officers. Clearly, the change or revision was only inserted at the start or middle process of parliamentary system of electing the SK federation officers since at the last there was still election made by the few SK electors- the barangay and municipal SK presidents of Tagum City and Comval Province, respectively.
There are more reasons giving validity on the creation of the committee of the mature and no less than of persons of probity, which is actually a pre-selecting or pre-qualifying body, given the appearance of the youngness of the SK electors, among whom as we have seen lately in one coastal town of Comval is an SK municipal president who could not deliver her campaign speech without always stammering and repeating when she went blank of the speech she had obviously memorized before, perhaps made by her parents. If that SK president could not parrot an impromptu speech even in vernacular how could she be capable to lead the youths in her municipality? Clearly, she was a product of the “kidnapping or hostaging for R & R” of SK presidents. But the youth leader has to be understood, emphatized as it was her moneyed, ambitious parent who pushed her to become so.
The constitution of the independent committee shows that the brothers governor and mayor have confidence in the preeminence and role of the intelligentsia (read the academe and others) in guiding or intervening to what has already become a soiled SK federation election process deriving from a national law and subsequent implementing rules and regulations. The scheme is definitely precedent setting.- CHA MONFORTE

Obvious harassment

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By Cha Monforte

Barangay Adecor, Igacos Kapitan Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo is coming out to be uncontested in his bid to become the provincial federation president of the Liga ng mga Barangay with the lowering down of Maniki, Kapalong Kapitana Maritess Timbol to be just in the second in command of Kapitan Enteng. Sources close to Kapalong Mayor Edgardo Timbol, better-half of Kapitana Maritess said that they wished to vie for the presidency but given realpolitik they have to settle for the second. That’s knowing also that Kapalong earlier got the Sangguniang Kabataan provincial federation presidency, which is now being held by Eugene Kristine Estrada, daughter of incumbent Kapalong Vice Mayor Romy Estrada. Last Monday the new SK fed president took oath, and I chanced upon the Kapalong vice mayor at the Capitol SP building, and asked him what’s the secret of her daughter’s win? He replied, “it’s unexpected… I cannot give you why, it’s confidential- how.” Loaded statements. Anyway, congratulations Vice and new SK fed pres Kristine!
On the other hand, Bollokan, Laak Kapitan Felisa Navarro is a sure win for the Comval’s own Liga ng Barangay provincial federation presidency with no one among the municipal ABC presidents filing a candidacy for president except the motherly and soft-talking Madam Fely. Early this year when I still don’t know her I went to the DILG office housed in one of the rooms of the second storey of Laak munisipyo and I saw Ma’am Fely looking familiar to me. I didn’t ask about her and just secretly wrote her name based on her table nameplate while interviewing her about Laak as a town seemed to be isolated and so far away from the Cabidianan Capitol. I asked her as the municipal local government operations officer (MLGOO) what’s the competitive advantage of her town to the rest of Comval towns and she replied it’s the dynamic and strong local leadership. We discussed about Mayor Rey Navarro’s 6 K (Kalinaw, Kalsada, Kalan-on, Kaalam, Kahimsog ug Kalingawan) program and how its results are gaining ground to the development of Laak and to the boosting of the morale and industry of the town people. Before I bade her goodbye, since I kept on recalling where did I saw her that made her so familiar to me while interviewing her, I finally threw the last question – how she’s related to the incumbent Mayor Rey in town? In her usual soft voice, she replied: “He’s my roommate.” Her answer first titilated my mind in few seconds asking why roommate? and ah a thud struck in my mind and shortly I had a hearty laugh knowing that she’s the wife of the incumbent mayor.
Madam Fely retired last October after serving the DILG for over 35 years from an ordinary clerk to full-pledged MLGOO. “She’s one DILG officer who really rose from the ranks,” said the newly returning DILG Comval provincial director Liborio Diana. Ma’am Fely started as a DILG clerk, then an admin officer, LGOO II, LGOO IV and finally as LGOO V after her each passing of DILG exams. Diana said that because she’s the wife of now Mayor Rey, who also became the Comval vice governor, barangay liga provincial president, boardmember, the DILG would at times especially during electoral season reassign her to various places to ensulate her from political doubts and pressures of Mayor Rey’s political enemies. The next day after her despidida held last Oct. 12, she filed her CoC to run as kapitana of Barangay Bollokan and overwhelmingly defeated one rival. With no one opposing her now as barangay Liga/FABC president, like her counterpart in Davao del Norte Kapitan Enteng Floirendo, she’s running for the post unopposed. It would be mere formality of voting of ABC municipal presidents for both of them before they take oath by Friday. Congrats to both of them.
Things are turning awry after my headline on Daneco’s BAPAs (Barangay Power Associations). Persons involved and even those who are not don’t want any explanation and reasons even if they have all the avenues to reply issues or the court to resort to if they feel too aggrieved of my recent headline story- “DANECO’s BAPAs UNDER LANIBA WRACKED WITH FUNDS’ ANOMALIES, LOSING MILLIONS”. Again, I’m saying to them: “shoot the message, not the messenger.” Reply to the issue, don’t hit personal the journalist who writes or reports the news so he can further write on what has been lacking or absent, if he misses at all.
Last Dec. 13, Monday afternoon, past 3:00 from Mankilam Capitol while I was riding on a plying single motorcycle the sister of Mr. Allan Laniba- Mrs. Josephine Laniba Revilla accosted me while she was driving a single motorcycle with a male rider. While she was following or driving right side on the motorcycle I rode she was shouting on the road at the top of her voice with words like “gidaut nimo ang akong manghod”, “put—- ina”, “ayaw pag-ing-ana kay dili ka perpekto”. I answered mildly that she is not my enemy as well as her brother Allan Laniba and I’m only after for the truth. “Ayaw’g ing-ana… put___ina ka!, #%@%#^$^$#! Gidaut nimo akong manghod!” she shouted. Wearing no helmet I could see her face blushed so red with tiger stare cast on to me. I assessed she was reeking in a fit of full anger. I was going to Mankilam barangay hall supposedly to cover from Capitol coverage, and when we reached at the ground of Mankilam barangay hall, Revilla also parked her motorcycle and continued her shouting which had caught the attention of Mankilam barangay captain Antonio Rio and some of his barangay personnel who were inside the barangay hall. The barangay hall has a glass door, but since they noticed Revilla’s acts spiced with fingerpointing, her voice must have penetrated the glass door and her voice must have been heard also by the barangay officials. Holding my cool, I repeated she is not my enemy nor Laniba and said that if they felt aggrieved by my headline last week then they have all the court to resort to, as they have also all the avenues through their “station Radio Caritas” to reply issues. But a visibly unreasoning and enraged Mrs. Revilla was not accepting any explanation and continued her verbal assault against me and left a threat to me before she and her male companion sped off. When they were gone, I went inside the barangay hall and asked a dispensa to Kapitan Rio and his staff for the incident that had me verbally assaulted, and for- her bad words so floated on the air- put me under humiliation. I explained to Kapitan Rio that the verbal annoyance made by Mrs. Revilla obviously sprung from my last week’s headline story about Laniba’s inclusion in a legal case that would be filed by the Daneco officials for his laxity and command responsibility over the unremitted power bill collections amounting to a total of least P2.8 million by at least 9 BAPAs, collection entities that are under the management of the Institutional Service Department (ISD) department which has been headed by Laniba. I have my news sources for the headline story that carried a paragraph about the inclusion of Laniba for “laxity and command responsibility”in the forthcoming legal actions against the involved BAPA officers. This as I have the innocent motorcycle driver and Mankilam barangay officials and functionaries as my witnesses to Mrs. Revilla’s humiliating words and actuations.
This Wednesday I was informed that it was the grievance committee of the Daneco board of directors which recommended that Laniba should be included in the coming suit. Meantime, we’ll wait for the board’s legal action against them in court. As to Mrs. Revilla’s actuations against me relating to a news story made in line of my work as a journalist, if it is not a harassment I don’t know what it is. Mrs. Revilla has obviously that personal and familial motivation being a sister of Mr. Allan Laniba that had her appeared like iskandalosa for that incident.
In this genderized world, I have been treating women as equal to men. Equally both can do good and harm. Equally both can become a bully, rude and thug. But it’s not my nature to fight back with rage -like in situation like that. In my long years as a journalist, I offer reasons and listen, take down notes whenever one comes to say his own story to tell to reply to the story I have written that he says either it lacks or it sucks, and so with that I have something for a follow-up story. (But sucks? I almost not heard about it unless one is too politically partisan). I’m including this for the public to know of the incident since the headline story about the erring BAPA officers is clearly a public interest issue.
Earlier, Mrs. Revilla had been castigating me on the air with obviously libelous charges over the “Radio Caritas 100.7 FM”. They have all their “station” to use to respond to my headline story on BAPAs, and not by verbal harassment bordering on oral defamation. But a Regional Trial Court in the city had required the “station” owners to submit their provisional authority (PA) for the “station” on or before December 31, 2010 to the city government to back up its application for business license. As of press time, Laniba which reportedly co-owned the “Radio Caritas” has not yet submitted the required PA, which is foremost the basic requirement before a radio station can go for commercial radio broadcasting. It looks like they would be having their last radio perorations and ululations against my person as a journalist until December 31, 2010. Like Salman Rusdie (forgive the metaphor), it looks like the owners of illegal “Radio Caritas” have issued a fatwa on me in this case to castigate or put me in ridicule by all their unpaid manpower including the used disc jockeys who poked occasional fun to obviously refer to me as member of the working media. Meantime, Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and we’ll see what would happen to the illegal “Radio Caritas” on January 1, 2011. May true peace still reign in our hearts in this Yuletide Season. Merry Christmas!

A Regional story (Part VII)

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Fe Claire TM Honor

So the two poor nephews were already crying mutely for they have been seeing their poor lolo slowly dying at the regional hospital so much so that they recalled their lolo on Week 1 when he could still talk wailing and questioning what the fuck were the contents of the expensive meds he had been taking that he could not feel any effect at all in healing him from his complicated ailments. Their lolo who was on alta convulsion and went already on another stroke was already rode on like a horse by a hospital attendant and a nurse helping each other to pump the breast of their lolo to resuscitate his heart that already stopped. One, two, three… one after the other both pumped the breast of their lolo. But since the attendant was called by another nurse to help in a newly arrived patient and the nurse was also called by a doctor to go to get something from a room, one of the poor nephews was “ordered” by the nurse to do the pumping at her stead. (To be continued)

A Regional story (Part VI)

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Fe Claire TM Honor

By the next day after two weeks in the regional hospital the poor nephews saw again their still breathing lolo being injected with a medicine by a nurse. Their poor lolo was only visited by a doctor during the morning round, and the two poor nephews just heard the doctor and nurses talking in English. They saw the beautiful nurse whose buttocks became the landing area of the hand of the doctor and the two nephews just winked their eyes to each other. For the whole day their lolo was just subsisting in his attached oxygen and dextrose and he could no longer eat as most of the time he was asleep, still breathing. But later in the afternoon their poor lolo suddenly convulsed and one of the nephews immediately called the attention of the nursing station where many nurses were still always chatting and laughing to each other. Fortunately, one nurse and an attendant were immediately deployed.(To be continued)

Missing AGR this Yuletide Season

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By Cha Monforte

It’s Christmastime and this week the start of the 12 days before Christmas will roll on. The air at night is getting colder and rains occasionallly fall on. The dawn’s masses will begin this coming Thursday, Dec. 16, and simultaneously, as often in the past, classes will temporary stop for the children to have their Christmas vacation. I’m nostalgic now of childhood time when each day of Christmas vacation was filled of Christmas spirit. Such excitement to receive Christmas gifts from older people was a joy forever – when we were still a child. There was that time of popularity of bamboo kanyons. How they gave us joy- also those small kwitis, sparkler, libintador, triangle, whistle bomb. Christmas carols when heard and Christmas lights, trees, stars and decors when seen were so meaningful. Most Season-struck to me is Jackson 5’s “Give Love on Christmas Day”, and all those fantacies about having White Christmas- I loved those colonial Christmas cards. As I stand now and perhaps to any other older men- nay not old just edaran- especially those average familymen, I mean those in the informal sector and underground economy racing so difficult in making both ends meet, Christmastime isn’t no longer what is was before- in intimately feeling its spirit. Christmas is really for the children. Time to give them time and shower them with love during this Season so children will feel more than what we had passed before. And now we exert so much labor and hurry to transact and still find less and are always facing necessities. But it doesn’t matter anyhow as labor exerted is meaningfully meant for the survival of our loved ones and sweat that drips on is for honest, legal source of income. Not by scams like the one who embezzled collections from people’s money and suddenly put up his own business in the city.
It’s Christmastime and I thought that by now Davao del Norte District 1 Congressman Anthony G. Del Rosario (Cong. AGR) I could already see and interview him. Not yet and by June as his chief of staff brother Raffy G. Del Rosario informed lately in the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo. How we miss now Cong. AGR. The last time I interviewed him was right after he held his last presscon at the Capitol’s Media Center. He was already inside the gate of Tahanan with a group of Capitol employees including provincial legal officer Atty. Jeniffer Namoc. I raced to throw a question about his cancer and his flight to the US. He was candid enough to reply. It was when a copy of my first paper Towns Chronicle had the news about the reported political iringan between the Del Rosarios and Floirendos with a photo of him talking with his counterpart District 2 Cong. Anton Lagdameo. A short fire came out from from his voice denying there’s iringan between them, saying he and his kin legislator had often talked to each other. But Cong. AGR cut his temper short. I could sense he had changed – from being straighforward, enraged in occasion like when I wrote about his being always out of town- from the Capitol while he was then the provincial sports coordinator and before he made a surprise of informing during a Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council meeting that he was sick of cancer. That was about three years ago. So Cong. AGR had fought his cancer for over two years. That’s quite a long time, and we are happy of the news that he is now cancer-free following two series of chemotherapy treatments and periods of rest- first in Manila and now in the US where he had also a cell transplant. How we wish him to get well and fast, see again and personally greet Cong. AGR “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. I miss his candidness, his straight-to-the point answers, and his occasional silver-spoon temper to newshound reporters.
BLOGS AND BITS: Councilor Mario Angelo “Dodong” Sotto in Nabunturan is just right to strike a win-win solution through a multisectoral approach in the mined then Mainit National Park in town. The predicament is public officials in town can’t stop mining in its portions like the Log Cabin. Why? It’s for the multisectoral task force to find and answer this.
Top officials should not begrudge if DepEd Comval assistant schools division superintendent Antonio “Tony D” Delos Reyes will make a rebound and be reappointed to his position by PNoy anytime now. That after the demolition job made to destroy Tony D out of unproven charges made by the talangka-minded people. I mean those few Comval DepEd and Comval DepEd-attached people having crab mentality who successfully maligned Tony D out of professional jealousy over his feat of becoming a CESO. Tony D should also be given the opportunity to defend himself. My source says the one who started and co-led the unjust and unfair trial by publicity and by broadcast and the unaswered poison hard copy and e-mailed letters to DepEd national is also a sinner- he has his own “Lips-to-Lips Scandal”. Hint: he is a BOD member.
Comval Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy is again making the Cabidianan Capitol glow so colorful and bright during nighttime with his “Ilaw sa Pasko sa Kapitolyo” recently launched. Kodus to the governor and to his provincial administrator Virgie Allones.
Mawab Kapitan Rupet Gonzaga is right to question the romp ABC election made by 7 barangay kapitans allied with Mayor Evalina Jampayas and her husband former Mayor Samuel Jampayas. Na technical na hinoon as it was not declared the official ABC election, and so 4 kapitans including Kapitan Rupet held their own as officially declared by him being the incumbent ABC president, my source said. And so Kapitan Rupet became again the town’s ABC president by 4 votes. While he’s at it, meantime we’ll wait as the 7 kapitans are questioning Kapitan Rupet’s assumption at the DILG national.
Assumption College of Nabunturan (ACN) High School Batch ‘81 will have reunion December 28. Txt for inquiry, 09392218348…. Inmates in our provincial jails at Mankilam, Tagum City will also be having their own Christmas party on Dec. 18. Donations and Christmas gifts for the inmates are most welcome…. For DavNor and Comval reporters’ Christmas party, it will be a bring your own baon. We’re penniless. Wait for my txt msg though. (e-mail: