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COMMENTARY: Treading on dangerous grounds

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March 17-23, 2011

Nabunturan officials who had then been pushing for the P90-million bond flotation should not hurry now, now that they are resorting to a direct bank borrowing with their intent of negotiating for an P80-million loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines. First, they have to formally close the chapter of the bond flotation, which Mayor Romeo Clarin implemented for the construction phase despite the existing injunction issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 3 Judge Hilarion Clapis Jr on November 4, 2009.

With this, the new Sangguniang Bayan should first formally repeal Municipal Ordinance 2008-10 which the SB during the last term of former Mayor Macario Humol had approved to authorize the P90-million bond flotation. Because the bond flotation ordinance was also confirmed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in its SP Resolution No. 215, series of 2008, the new measure repealing the bond flotation ordinance should also by repealed by the new, current SP. That should be the first order of business before the measure authorizing the mayor to negotiate, sign and execute for and behalf of the municipality a loan worth P80 million with the LandBank. That measure repealing the bond flotation regime should first be separate and not lumped with the measure heralding the new regime of direct bank borrowing through a repealing clause because it would be so presumptuous that the two regimes are only the same and one. How can the new Nabunturan SB enact a two-pronged measure in one ordinance that simultaneously junk the much-touted other in not a clear note, through a rider- the repealing clause, and at the same time call for a go-signal for the bank loan?

But we have heard that the new SB is poised to take this two-in-one measure. That should not be. Because the P90-million bank flotation was further implemented by Clarin administration after it was started by the previous Humol administration with all those millions-worth of expenses incurred for the preparation and the biddings- the first a failed one and the second which led to the infusion of some P20 million for the foundation works of the two-storey “mall-type” public market building (even as the Nabunturan public have not yet seen any single indication that a structure is rising at the burned site in the public market)?

At this early, we heard that the bond float financial advisor Preferred Ventures Corporation would be billing some P1.8 million, and that a buy-out scheme would be made wherein part of the bank loan would be paid to pay and liquidate the P20 million-worth of investment made by the contractor which did the pre-engineering and foundation works for the public market building. As far as the bond flotation concept is concerned, there is yet no proceeds of the bonds as we heard no announcement of the bonds auctioned for the general public to buy, while the Veterans Bank Manila as an institutional buyer intending to buy the bonds in bulk is reportedly not releasing any single amount due to the existing court injunction stopping the bank flotation. There’s yet “no cure”, no bond proceeds, and why should Preferred Ventures Corp. be paid of P1.8 million when during the preparatory phase of the project it bragged so much about its “no cure, no pay” mode of payment for the bagged P2.7-million consultancy pay?

We fear that Clarin and the current Nabunturan SB are treading on dangerous grounds.That is when they would implicitly and indirectly repeal the bond flotation ordinance, and pay the Preferred Ventures Corp and engage a buy-out to the P20-million infused by the contractor under the bond flotation regime from the loan drawn out from direct bank borrowing, which is another, a new financing regime. – Cha Monforte


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March 17-23, 2011

For obviously failing to shore up funds by initially implementing the opposed bond flotation despite an existing court injunction, the administration of Nabunturan Mayor Romeo Clarin is doing a turnaround by resorting now to direct bank borrowing to fund the construction of the two-storey “mall-type” public market building pushed by former Mayor Macario Humol during his second and third terms since 2006.
During those terms of Humol, Clarin was the vice mayor actively supporting the much-touted P90-million bond flotation . He is now giving a thumbs up to a pending measure filed in the Sangguniang Bayan repealing the bond flotation ordinance and authorizing him to sign,contract and negotiate an P80-million loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines.
At presstime, sources said that the measure repealing Municipal Ordinance 2008-10 which authorized the P90-million bond flotation has already passed the first and second reading.
Right after the May election last year, Clarin, who just assumed as the new town mayor, Humol, who was already a plain citizen, and other pro-bond flotation officials officially launched the project in a ground-breaking ceremony, putting up a huge tarpaulin billboard at the site in the market where block tienda stalls were razed to the ground by a fire in 2005. Sooner the site was enclosed with a fence made of galvanized iron sheets.
Subsequently, words were abuzz that inside the fenced area foundation works had been made by a contractor who already spent some P20 million but which had reportedly stopped further funding the project at present while waiting for release of money buying the bonds in bulk by the Veterans Bank in Manila.
Said contractor named by sources as CCJJ construction company and represented by one Engr. Moreno had invested some P20 million to start the construction works specifically for the foundation of the market building including its architectural and engineering design that in the feasibility study made by the bond flotation financial advisor-consultant Preferred Ventures Corporation would already cost P6.7 million.
Last February 23 another fire ate up block tiendas just adjacent to the fenced site. A day after the recent fire, the gate of the fenced site was opened and visibly seen were steel trusses laying down on the ground.
The present measure while still being debated at presstime would seek to alternatively fund the project that has already eaten up three various sets of sanggunian bayans since the bond flotation financing scheme was pushed by Humol starting in year 2006 during his first term.
In 2008 midway during Humol’s second term, his bond flotation scheme was opposed by a local group of taxpayers including a good number of market vendors whose block tienda stalls were eaten up by the 2005 fire.
First the oppositors launched a people’s initiative petition as mandated by the local govenrment court to repeal the ordinance but the previous SB presided by Clarin junked the petition in its Resolution No. 2008-206 made on October 21, 2008.
Subsequently, the oppositors represented by former Councilor Alfonso Tabas, Charlie Monforte and Emilio delos Reyes went to the Regional Trial Court Branch 3 in Nabunturan and filed an injunction case with application for writ of preliminary injunction in their bid of stopping the bond flotation.
After series of hearings where various resources persons from the regional offices of the Dept. of Budget and Management (DBM) DEtp. of Finance RTC Branch 3 Executive Judge Hilarion Clapis Jr issued the writ of preliminary injunction on November 4, 2009.
The bond float oppositors, who went to court last year in trying to stop the bond float project, have welcomed Clarin’s turnaround saying that they feel that they and the people of the Nabunturan have been vindicated of their opposition to the bond flotation. (v&cc)

Goryo Facula for PA, why not? The failed bond float of Nabunturan

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march 10-16, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Names of “who’s who” to be the next Davao del Norte provincial administrator (PA) have been floated and so far we heard of Fr. Em-Em Luego of Sto. Tomas, provincial general services officer Samsom “Sammy” Sanchez, Romulo Tagalo of info office, provincial legal officer Jennifer Namoc, ex-Igacos Vice Mayor Orly Amit, and ex-Boardmember and ex-BE Dujali Mayor Gregorio “Goryo”Facula. The last should be the first. First and foremost, Goryo has good rapport with the local media and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, he being an ex-BM. He’s a good bridge between the executive and legislative departments which have sour relationship these days. He was once a Capitol insider.

Goryo is also amiable to provincial employees, besides having no pretentions to be who he is. Well, I knew that Goryo before be became the BE Dujali mayor was a coconut pilot (gagah, he’s an ex-mananggite), an ex- sprayman for-hire by basak owners (the reason why he got sick by synthetic chemical and stopped his high schooling), ex-habal–habal driver, an ex-bakery delivery man, ex-Kabataang Barangay (KB) president, ex-kapitan, ex-councilor, ex-mayor (3 terms) garnering several Hall of Fame awards, an ex-topnotcher BM. Goryo used to walk in slippers the long length of Barangay Cabayangan, BE Dujali to Carmen town daily in going to school during his elementary and high school days. He has been a church kaabag even now. He has all the qualifications. More than these, he’s a simple man, down-to-earth person, and has all the patience to be chopping board (tadtaran) or to be a shock-and-scold absorber. It seems Goryo’s patience is like a swaying bamboo. This last is the most important qualification of Goryo Facula for Tahanan. He’s not the one whom a father of a living Capitol executive department officer said is “not like a kite which at times looks down while flying high.”

Days after Goryo lost his mayoral bid to Mayor Lolita Moral last May, I saw him eating banana at the entrance of Kadiwa canteen at the Capitol. He was sitting on the guard’s chair with one leg folded up, in shorts and plain shirts. When I approached him, he said “pusoy ta bay”. Kay way kwarta. No much money to win an election. Though approachable, but he’s strict like a father to his legislative staff especially in implementing his plans. But he’s consultative and would not stop asking anybody for best ideas. He was the No. 1 BM in terms of legislations- resolutions and ordinances authored/passed for series of years – 2008 and 2009 in his only one BM term. Why? He’s prayerful and hardworking. He went to his legislative office almost daily from Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday. He can be a first Tahanan resident PA. Goryo is the man whom the Capitol needs for a PA with the CISA guards around whom several observed are already getting lax in no longer always subjecting visitors to the main building for check and body search. Sometimes, humans as they are, the CISA guards have been seen to be drowsing to their posts especially the most wee 2 PM and while always seeing their CCTV cameras so monotonous even as there have been no terrorists-looking guys around from those who frequent the Capitol.
That recent fire in Nabunturan public market struck in the part of the location where the planned two-storey public market building would rise through the P90-million bond flotation project started by ex-Mayor Macario Humol. Sources said that the bond float scheme is already being abandoned by the new sanggunian and Mayor Romeo Clarin for its failure to raise funds for the project. Now they want a direct bank borrowing, an P80-million loan from the LandBank. With this development, the bond float oppositionists are being vindicated. We’re telling them so- that from the concept alone of bond float, it is bankrupt, that’s why we opposed and brought the issue to the Regional Trial Court in Nabunturan for an injunction. That’s besides the abuse of authority case filed against the pro-bond float officials for their insistence to proceed the project despite that there’s an existing injunction issued by the RTC against the project, the very reason why the Veterans Bank, as institutional bulk buyer of bonds, remains to have only the intent and is not releasing a single peso to buy the bonds. They immediately knocked to the doors of Veterans Bank when we have not yet heard that the bonds were auctioned to general public, the supposed first step in bond float process before the entry of institutional bulk buyers which would underwrite the buying of bonds or buy the bonds in bulk. As a result, the Nabunturan LGU would be paying more charges and obligations for the underwriting or for the coming entry of bulk buyer, the Veterans Bank.

But good for the Veterans Bank which reportedly recognizes the existence of Clapis injunction while the remaining pro-bond float officials have been trying to belittle and disregard it. Despite the Clapis injunction and evidently showing disrespect to the court, they have been implementing the bond flotation by having a contractor fund the foundation works for the public market building reportedly amounting to P20 million. But shortly they hit a financial squeeze when the contractor has no more money to fund further the project. Our sources said further that the contractor is awaiting for the promised release of funds from the Veterans Bank, which surely would not shell out the amount pending the quashing of Clapis injunction. (But how can it be quashed when they did not mind Clapis injunction in the first place?) We heard that most members in the current Nabunturan sanggunian don’t want to re-bid the project under the regime of direct bank borrowing, and want the same contractor which initially funded the project under the bond flotation regime. Now here’s a new question: Why should not the project be re-bid when the contractor belonged to the bond float regime? Bank borrowing is a new regime and so there’s a need to re-bid the project. The new Nabunturan officialdom should first secure legal and COA opinions about this, else new legal complications would come in. And so with the question, if it is legal and allowable if part of the bank loan would be made to pay the P20 million spent by the contractor of the bond float regime.

But when they initially implemented the bond float, it is evident that an injury to the interests of Nabunturan public has been made already due to the costs and expenditures made in the name of the failed bond float (for all those Laag Aral on bond float in Mindanao and Batangas, preparation expenses, meals, accomodation expenses for the Preferred Ventures consultants, supplies and reproduction of the so-called feasibility studies, plans, communications, calls, executive coordinations, travels, etc.) However, when they resort to direct bank borrowing now, the bond float oppositors and the people win. We told them so, and now many said who heard about this latest development, here’s a big pikat to them!

Despite this development, still we’re waiting for the Ombudsman’s verdict on the abuse of authority case. Lately, the Ombudsman asked the two parties to submit verified position papers after it did not dismiss the case with the offering of joint counter-affidavit of the pro-bond float officials led by ex-Mayor Humol. It is best hoped that they would finally junk the bond float scheme and resort to direct bank borrowing, the one the anti-bond float oppositors have been pushing for since then as it is simple, has only the principal and interest to watch on as obligations and the loan’s terms are not injurious and prejudicial to the interests of the Nabunturanons.

Compostela Vice Mayor Reynaldo Castillo just shrugged off the report that several of his men employed in the LGU were floated or reassigned from their posts by Mayor Jessie Bolo due to the alleged failure to deliver lumber supplies to a bridge project during Castillo’s administration. He said he just heard about it and he could not yet confirm. Earlier, Mayor Bolo was asked if the report was true that there are palengkera talks about his ineffectual running of the affairs of the public market. He replied to querying folks to instead go to the market and know themselves the real score of the market situation.
Carmen Mayor Marcelino Perandos needs to check his town’s demographic statistics if he continues putting words in one arc in his public market about making Carmen a city by 2020. Come again mayor? The cityhood needs the requirement of 150,000 population, and your town has only over 60,000 people at present. You mean in a span of 8 years you could have 90,000 additional people in your town? RH bill proponents in Congress must be laughing out loud (lol). Ha ha, gipakatawa mi nimo Mayor Perandos! You must be just formally joking!

Assume a much faster annual population growth rate of 5%, and for Carmen at 60,000, thus the town can only afford a maximum of 3,000 births in a year (But this is really so high for a small town). So where will Perandos get the lacking 7,000 persons in a year to realize the assumed 8-year target of getting an additional 90,000 people to make Carmen a city? Make Carmenians populate more in a year? Lol.
Boardmember Vicente “Enting” Eliot has been all busy in distributing coconut seedlings and in giving value formation seminars to rural folks through their Three-In-One foundation. Besides being a daily radio commentator in XFM in Tagum City, he along with ex-Congressman Bal Sator is visiting remote places in District 1. So with Boardmember Dr. Fred De Veyra , who’s been distributing free reading glasses to indigents in barangays.
But unlike BM Enting and BM Doc who separately make diskarte serving their constitutents, there’s that one BM who cuts shortcuts. When Asuncion Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas rendered his SOM Address last week, that BM, who’s known to be gubernatorial sipsip, had his presence felt when he accompanied Liga ng Barangay provincial president BM Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo when they walked upstairs of the new, elegant municipal hall. When BM Enteng F left, the BM also left always walking by the Floirendo scion’s side. Somebody said the BM is now namamangka sa dalawang ilog.
Before Asuncion Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas rendered his SOMA, he said before mediamen that if he had his way he better not have a SOMA. But, he quickly added the sanggunian did not want him to dispense the SOMA. The next thing the mayor knew was that he was applauded for many times while he was delivering his SOMA- as started by his own employees.
New Bataan Mayor Lorenzo “Boy” Balbin Sr seems to be aloof with the local media, from the way he’s making his presence scarce whenever there are mediamen around. Taga hilit man gud. Way media didto.
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march 10-16, 2011

Addresses on the states of the municipality, of the city, and of the province are being rendered nowadays in compliance to a provision of the Local Government Code.

Asuncion Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas was almost on the verge of saying that for his part the rendering of State of the Municipality Address should be abolished. Minutes before he rendered his SOMA last Thursday and before a group of mediamen the mayor said that if he had his way he better not render a SOMA, but he was quick to add that his municipal sanggunian did not want him to forego his SOMA. And therefore he had to report before various stakeholders.

The media missed asking Parrenas for his explanation. Or maybe he just wished it and was coy in telling about his good preparation to deliver his SOMA as we learned later that he earned not one but many applauses from his audience. He had it so good and well. And after his rendition came the usual handshaking and congratulations and salo-salo.

His first thought of not wanting to render a SOMA was maybe just wishful thinking. But he’s not alone as we heard about similar gripes from a few chief executives over the ritual being just a thing for compliance to the provision of the LGU’s bible. The code though offers a caveat that SOMA and the like can be dispensed with.

But the executive addresses on the state of governance should be a must as these cite and highlight accomplishments and lay the directions, thrusts and identify challenges of the municipal, city or provincial administrations.

SOMA, SOCA or SOPA is one important document that collates and sums up what has been done to the taxes paid by the people to the government. Or it collates and sums up what the has been done by the government officials and workingmen for the good of the people. But it is not only a summation document. It is a process. Like the yearly budgetting process which starts with a budget call, the making of the SOMA, SOCA or SOPA generates actions from sections, divisions and departments to make, consolidate and submit accomplishments from the ranks to where the bucks stop, the office of the governor or of the mayor. It is laborious to the one assigned to consolidate as it is more laborious to the one assigned by the mayor or governor to draft the entire piece and submit for his review, addition and deletion of items- and approval.

Fortunately, however, the piece most often comes up from the previous years’ SOMA/SOCA/SOPA templates and most often, address writers only plug in new statistics for recurring accomplishments of the LGU that keeps on running regardless of changes and differences of administration, and embellish only the piece with a best introduction and closing statements apt to the leadership, principles, thrusts, slogans and character of the one who stands before a motley crowd of stakeholders, the one who delivers and reports that the government unit he is leading is right well on a good track and trailblazing to give the best for the most number of his constituents.

New City Hall not limited to debt ceiling – Cee O

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march 10-16, 2011

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy has clarified that the total cost which would complete the new City Hall is not pegged and limited to the ceiling set by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) to the city government’s borrowing capacity.

The BLGF approved for year 2010 the city government’s new debt ceiling of P249 million from the previous P231 million.

The city mayor said that besides bank borrowing general funds would also come in to complete the project.
He said that limiting the total cost to the debt ceiling would render the structure of the new City Hall to be “not that big, not that beautiful”.

He lamented over the inaction “without clear reason” of the Development Bank of the Philippines to the city government’s loan application of P162 million resulting to a year of virtual stoppage of works for the new City Hall.

With the DBP’s inaction, early this year the city government shifted to borrowing with the Philippine National Bank (PNB).

City Hall sources said that DBP did not make disapproval but offered loan syndication, which did not sit well with the city government while there have been many loan offerings from various banks.

Meanwhile, the city council recently authorized Mayor Uy to contract a new loan of P162 million with the PNB. The expected loan would reach the total loans for the new City Hall to P617 million with the previous P450-million loan accessed over two years ago.

City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy said that the city government is “very much capable” to pay for the new loan sought even while part of the loan had been paid already with the continuing amortizations.
He added that the recent BLGF debt ceiling is “very conservative” and the loan sought coupled with general funds can manage to complete the new City Hall.

“With the general funds that would come in from time to time, the new City Hall would be completed within Mayor Uy’s term,” he said.

But the new City Hall looks palatial and awesome structure already as of now. Even as it is not yet complete it is being used already in various big activities hosted by the city. The most recent was the successful holding of the 3rd International Rondalla Festival.

Excursionist officials from local governments in various parts of the country have been coming to see and were awed by the huge City Hall with sprawling grounds. It is touted as the biggest and most modern city hall in the country.

Mayor Uy said it is conceived and designed to be multi-functional saying that for one the problem of venue where to hold mass gatherings, programs and performances is solved with the vast spaces, meeting and convention features of the 8-hectare new City Hall. (cha monforte)

Vincent F accessing Anton’s kitty to benefit all DavNor barangays

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march 10-16, 2011

To call SP members for a meeting soon

All and not only District 2 barangays would benefit from the congressional funds of 2nd District Congressman Anton Lagdameo Jr while these funds are currently being accessed no less than by the congressman’s cousin, Liga ng Barangay provincial president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo.

Floirendo is pushing four approved resolutions of the provincial league of barangays requesting Cong. Lagdameo.

One resolution asked for the congressman’s financial assistance for the provincial liga congress, while two other resolutions asked for Cong. Lagdameo’s representation to obtain farm implements and medicines “to be distributed provincewide”.

The last resolution asked for the congressman’s assistance to obtain funds from the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) amounting to P2 million for the construction of the wasteway of Liboganon river irrigation system for Barangay Gabuyan in Kapalong.

In an interview, Boardmember Floirendo said that he would be calling for get-together meeting with members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan “earlier” than December.

Inquired about his brother, former Cong. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr, he said that his Manong Tonyboy has been advising him during their casual talks.

“But he doesn’t tell me what to do,” he said adding that he is moving by his own way of knowing and serving barangays in his initial days as neophyte legislator-barangay representative.
The former congressman has been known as the political kingpin in the Floirendo family.
Vincent is the barangay chairman of the Barangay Adecor in Kaputian District of the Island Garden of Samal.
He was elected unopposed by the municipal and city barangay chairmen during the parliamentary election of the Liga ng Barangay last December.

Earlier reports said that Vincent wanted to follow the footsteps of his Manong Tonyboy, who first became a boardmember before becoming the 2nd District congressman for three straight terms. His first cousin Anton Lagdameo is current successor of Tonyboy.

Mayor Rey Uy, a close friend of Tonyboy, earlier said that Tonyboy would concentrate in managing the Floirendo businesses, the biggest of which is Southeast Asia’s largest banana producer Tadeco. Antonio Floirendo Corporation (Anflocor) is currently completing the construction of the huge Abreeza Mall in Davao City in partnership with the Ayala malls. (cha monforte)

At 95 “My dad (Don Antonio Floirendo) is very healthy, walang sakit” – Vincent F

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march 10-16, 2011

He and AGR are texting to each other, “AGR is fine”

The youngest son of Tadeco’s owner Don Antonio Floirendo has bared that his Daddy is still very much in the pink of health at the age of 95.

In an interview, Liga ng Barangay provincial president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo said that his father “is very healthy, walang sakit (no illness)” .

When asked of his father’s hearing capacity, “ayos pa rin (it’s well),” he said.

Asked on how his dad calls him, “Enteng if he is in a good mood, Vincent if he is in bad mood,” he said with chuckles.

Vincent, 42, is the youngest in Floirendo’s brood of three brothers and three sisters.

In the same interview, Boardmember Floirendo said that he and 1st District Congressman Anthony “AGR” del Rosario have been texting to each other while the latter is in the United States recuperating after his stem cell transplant and chemotherapy by the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California.

In their most recent texting, Floirendo said that he learned that the congressman has just a fine health after being healed of his Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, but “kailangan pa ng pahinga (he still needs further rest).”

He added that the congressman could have returned to the country already but his doctors are not taking any chance to expose Del Rosario to elements of diseases inside the airplane and the congressman is “medyo sensitive pa (appears to be sensitive)”.

He said that so far Cong. AGR “is already healed” and as such “he is on re-mission” after being given a “second chance to live”.

“Sa June ang balik niya,” Boardmember Floirendo said.

He admitted that he is “closer” to AGR although the latter is older by 4 years of him. “We played and grew up together.”

“Mas magkasundo kami although kaedad ko si Manny (AGR’s brother),”he added. (cha monforte)

After the “grandstanding and overstepping” charges, DAVNOR SP STANDS TALL

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March 3-9,2011

Pante, 11 police chiefs give presence in session
By Cha Monforte

The Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan, reeling from charges that they were grandstanding and overstepping on the shoes of the executive department, stood taller and much dignified to among observers when all the chiefs of police including their provincial director paid presence to the SP’s invitation during last Monday’s session.

The invitation was first moved by Senior Boardmember Shirley Belen Aala in last week’s session whereby PNP Davao del Norte provincial director PSSupt. Jose Volpane Pante and all his 11 chiefs of police stations throughout the province be invited to meet with the SP members and shed light on peace and order situations as well as present police programs and directions.

PSSupt. Pante was visibly on jovial mood as police vehicles ferrying his chiefs of police (COPs) came arriving one after another at the entrance grounds of the SP building, rear of the main Capitol building in Mankilam.
He said, in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle, he was more than willing to meet for the second time the SP with his COPs. Earlier, the SP gave Pante a certificate of appreciation for his two-year tour of duty in the province.

When asked as to whether he would be leaving the province soonest as he earlier bared during his first SP appearance last month that “at the most” he would be out by February 17, he replied, “Wala pang papalit sa akin” minutes before he took the rostrum as a resource person.

During the session’s question hour, he informed the SP that three police officers are aspiring to be his replacement.

The mood of the question hour was set by Boardmember Aala who first gave a privilege speech.
She said that the SP’s invitation was “not a show of arrogance” but more of a “getting to know each other”.
She challenged the police to join hands in knowing the majesty of law as an instrument of justice in the collective goal of attaining peace and order throughout the province.

Presiding Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr introduced the members of the provincial board to the police officers.

Pante then introduced to the body one by one his COPs, and reported the peace and order efforts of the police as well as the current programs and projects in the provincial PNP and in various municipal and city police stations.

He said that the police force is facing the problem of scarcity of policemen against the high number of populace.

At the end, he called for collaborative efforts of the police, local government units and citizenry in fighting crimes occuring in the province.

Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad, in his interpellation to Pante, asked the police “to treat as urgent matter” the request of SP members, and “your presence (with us requesting) is most important.”

On the other hand, Aala asked Pante “to have a body count” of the men of respective police stations following her earlier raising of the issue that some crimes were allegedly perpetrated by men in uniform, “which happened both in the local and national fronts.”

Also in the same question hour, Tagum City chief of police PSupt. Ruel Neil Salcedo took the rostrum and reported developments of the Gaisano Grand Mall robberies.

He said that at presstime the police is still on the manhunt for the suspects while two suspects were arrested recently arrested.

The police, he added, is also verifyng if the suspects belong to Ozamiz-based Kuratong Baleleng syndicate.
At the end of the question hour, Pante and his COPs were given certificates of appreciation for their attendance in the session, where a lively exchange of information and ideas between the SP members and police officers was noted.

Other COPs who attended who attended the 8th regular session of the SP held last February 28 were
PCI Marlon Pinote of IGaCoS Police Station (PS), PSupt. Alexander Serrano, Jr. of Panabo City PS , PCI Rimas Lambert of Asuncion PS, PCI Alvin Saguban of New Corella PS, PCI April Mark Young of Kapalong PS, PSI Mario V. Galendez of B.E. Dujali PS, PSI Ricardo Roña, Jr. of San Isidro PS, PSI Jerome de Guzman, OIC of Carmen PS, PSI Michael S. Seguido of Talaingod PS, and PSI Gerardo Locaylocay, OIC of Sto. Tomas PS. Other police officers present were assistant provincial director PSupt Huberto Abadia and PCI Lito E. Patay. (cha monforte)


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March 3-9,2011

COA auditor Querequincia: “Pag di magkatugma, we’ll elevate it to our regional office”
By Cha Monforte

The Commision on Audit (COA) auditor for the Davao del Norte provincial government bared in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle that the “management” of the Capitol has already replied with their explanations to the earlier COA’s audit observation memorandum relating the controversial security services contract bagged by the Christian Investigation Security Services (CISA).

“We’re still evaluating their replies,” COA auditor Susan Querequincia said.

She said that the Capitol management’s explanation letter was dated February 16, 2011 and it was received by COA on the next day.

This paper requested for a copy of the COA observation memorandum and the “management explanation” letter but Querequincia refused to give citing a reason that “any paper that would come out from our office will need the approval of our regional director.”

She said though that in the COA’s audit memo she raised various questions relating the transaction for the governor’s office to explain.

She added that in her evaluation, which she said is a “long process”, “if di magkatugma (the explanations and her evaluation findings would not jibe), we’ll elevate it to our regional office.”

She said that specifically the matter would be first referred to the legal department of the COA-XI.

The Capitol’s P6.3 million security services contract with CISA has since become a running controversy when issues came up that it was allegedly rushed by executive department officials in the remaining days of last December while Vice Gov. Suaybaguio and the SP were reportedly bypassed of their respective functions and authority to first approve a contract before it would be implemented. Suaybaguio was the sitting acting governor at that time in view of the US travel of the governor. (cha monforte)

Simple yet star-studded 13th founding festivities for Comval in 3 days

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March 3-9,2011

The Compostela Valley provincial government is celebrating the 13th founding anniversary of the province with simple yet star-studded festive activities in three days only from March 6, this coming Sunday up to March 8, Tuesday.

The anniversary festivity come-ons are usually musical gigs as in Day 1 it would have the Barangayanihan Showtime in the morning, “Lanog sa Kapitolyo” drum and bugle corps competition in the afternoon, and Aegis Band concert in the evening.

In Day 2, it would have a Cultural Fiesta in the day’s time, and in the evening the performance of the hit Garbo Comvalenyo with no less than ABS-CBN’s creation singer Jovit Baldivino.

Day 3 would have DSWD Secretary Dinky Solaiman as keynote speaker of the March 8 foundation day program while Congresswoman Lucy Torres is the keynote speaker of the Women Leaders Summit, in the morning. In the evening the Meet the Presidents’ Gag Show featuring Giselle Sanchez, Ate Glow, Willie N., Chad Borja and the Band will entertain the celebrating Comvalenyos. Gawad Kalinga raffle draw and lastly, fireworks display will end the three-day founding anniversary celebration. (cm)