Tagum mayor gives reward money to 2 sikyus fighting off in daring pawnshop robbery

(late upload oct 15, 2014 news)
Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon assessed that the two security guards of the robbed 15-A Pawnshop who fought against two robbers Sunday made a good fight, calling as an example for other security guards to do the same when faced with armed and dangerous robbers to neutralize them.
The mayor made a visit Monday to the pawnshop Monday handing reward money to the two security guards of the pawnshop.
He said that the city police has already filed a case against one of the robbers who was recognized in the pawnshop’s CCTV.
He added the robbers who were able to escape on two motorcycles are not from Tagum City but outsiders as they spoke Tagalog when they made their heist.
Last Sunday at around 11:30 the robbers suddenly barged to the pawnshop located at Pioneer Street right at the downtown, just a minute of walk from the City Hall doorsteps, and immediately disarmed one security guard.
The two then broke glasses of stands and immediately took three trays containing jewelries which the pawnshop personnel estimated to value around P700,000.
As they fled, unknown to them, one security guard who was eating his lunch at the back of the pawnshop, responded and fired to the fleeing robbers, wounding one of them.
The robbers fired back but the guards were not hit.
The robbers still managed to flee away to unknown direction as police elements, tipped off about the incident, moments later arrived on the scene. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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