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@P2.4 M COST

The new giant Christmas tree being yet finished at the New City Hall front grounds will tower at 172 feet, and if there is no other higher rival being constructed at the moment elsewhere, it surely will be the country’s highest.

At that height, it already surpassed the 100-footer giant Christmas tree at Araneta Cubao that was recently lighted up and well broadcast.


“Where the seat of city government is, ideally it should be near to it,” Mayor Allan Rellon said on the transfer of the location of the city’s giant Christmas tree that has become an attraction each Yuletide Season comes since the late 90s.
The steel structure of the old giant Christmas in the Freedom Stage ground at the back of the old City Hall in downtown area was dismantled last August.
“It’s Christmas Season and part of our culture and tradition is the Christmas tree. We have been doing this and as Christian people we put up symbols for our celebration of Christmas, like the Christmas tree,” Mayor Rellon said on his aspiration to have a taller giant Christmas tree in the palm city.
“It has a concept of Christmas tree in the wonderland. The structure and all the lights including accessory structures on the ground will cost a total P2.4 million,” he bared.
“It now has ten layers to represent for the ten-point agenda of my administration,” he enthused.
As in the past, thousands of multi-colored small lights and beautiful lanterns strewn around the body of the city’s Holiday tree are expected to sparkle and give a good night shot.
As the structure is being finished by a city engineering crew as of Tuesday, the apex star on top is 8-pointed.
But as to how dazzling and magnificent in lighted colors and sights it would be will first be seen come its ceremonial lighting on Wednesday next week, Nov. 16. The program will start at 4 P.M.
Besides the traditional guests comprising of government, private, religious, business and civil society officials in the province, the ceremony will also be graced by national officers of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) who will have their national strategic planning on Nov. 16 to 18 at Big 8 Hotel in the city, Rellon informed. He is current LCP national executive vice president.
The top local chief executives will also try to witness the grand coronation night of the Mutya ng Tagum on Nov. 17.
The height of the city’s giant Christmas tree varied in time.
It was former Mayor Rey T. Uy who started the tradition during his one term as mayor in 2001-2003. The Holiday tree was shorter, smaller then.
The tallest height that the old giant Christmas tree had reached per record was 153 feet in 2007 during the comeback administration of Uy. Prior years before 2007 its height kept on increasing.
But in 2008 its height was lowered to 100 feet. In 2010 Christmas Season it was increased again reaching to 106 feet. Last year it measured 105 feet.
In keeping with the city’s tradition, the same the city streets, Freedom Park, Rotary Park and E-Park, where there will be local boy scouts jamboree in December, will be dazzling and glowing with colorful and beautiful lights, festooned with lighted lanterns and other Christmas decors, the mayor further informed.
So it’s awesome, wonderful Christmas Season again to Tagum City, before its parochial fiesta (Feast of Christ the King) comes on Nov. 20, Sunday. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: A problem of semantics

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Aug. 11
By Cha Monforte
A problem of semantics
The President as a human is just concerned to his fellow humans that’s why he released his first list with names of humans he did not differentiate to be greater or lesser humans. So does PDut has no right to expose humans armed and dangerous to many of their fellow humans in our country? From one of these armed and dangerous humans alone we know how killer types those mentioned are: they have their full assortment of firepower ever polished and cocked up for so many times as they grit their teeth being exposed of their skeletons of the narco closets by the bravest President the PH has throughout its history.
First off, we are not and we will not be heroes and it’s none of our business to join the debate. Besides heroes are extolled in books not cemeteries. Am 52 now and have not gone to libingan ng mga bayani. It’s only the relatives of those buried there who have personal attachments not us. The problem is just semantics as by it is about space. Now why just call the place libingan ng mga presidente at mga bayani. In that case, Marcos is separated as well as included.

Kung hundi binunyag kaylan pa? Dead men tell no tale, true. But on the other William Shakespeare posted a truer quote: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” That’s why a judge and a cop officer, both dead, were included in the 1st Digong list. If not of Digong’s revelation, we could have not known that the two were dead already. Anyhow, there’s though a need to super insulate the feeding of intel info to the President. It should be foolproof.
Of course, there are salvagers, vigilante, trigger happy, blood thirsty lurking in the ranks of cops and agents in each province. Or the newly hired, neophyte cops just wanted a killing experience so they shot fatally for a kill instead of just wounding a drug suspect during a raid. In the ensuing melee of reporting, cops tend or intentionally lump a fatality of say a dead out of a grudge or revenge to be included in the statistics of drug suspects. And police beat reporters take the investigation section’s blotter notes without questions and so the drug toll increases each passing day.

But besides this reportorial melee, there’s a melee of rival drug dealers in the current drug war, and so Bato is right, nagpapatayan na sila. The confluence of these factors and other reasons constantly feed a fire to those who cry for more blood, result to irreversible drug war and collation of increased drug statistics. We’ve been through this and our paranoia was past us. Of course, there are collateral damages in the war, and so sorry for them. But being first paranoid is just natural in this current drug war. Outsiders of Davao City would sooner shake their drug paranoia out and be immune of the daily reportage of drug death toll.

TAGS & HASHES: We’ve been there in this daily purge of criminals and drugsters. So there’s no chill in our spines, dear Phils except Davao City. It’s you who are paranoids……At least hitherto apolitical netizens become political now with the advent of Digong. They share on their FB just by seeing the title as pro-Digong without knowing its porno content…..
Unlike corporate boardroom, rebels who have blood as their capital need ample time to cross consult each other before they decide an important one.#CeasefireNow

OPINION: Manilenyo hawks

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Aug. 10

By Cha Monforte

Manilenyo hawks

With Pres. Dut’s revelation of the long list of narco politicians, narco judges and narco law enforcers, PDut’s “My God, I hate drugs!” (Dios ko, gikasilagan ko ang druga!) should now be transformed to just “We hate drugs!” as common slogan in schools, workplaces, in all places, with the signature fist of Prez Dutz.

For me, I’ve just formulated a draft for our village’s community code of restrictions for progressive home development and offsite resettlement, and am inserting an anti-drug provision to our model- for approval by our general assembly.Indeed, let’s join PDut’s total drug war by contributing even in small way whatever station of life your are in now.


I’ve heard either afterthought or sigh of relief from many, many people saying it’s kinda really better that Digong won as what would happen to the country had he not won given the shocking revelation on the gravity of the drug problem that could not be known had he not won.

PDut started good, let this ceasefire noise be kept under wraps. Are these shadowy people moving at the backroom nowadays? Bert Gonzales (a daily chatter with freed GMA?), JoAl (is he still alive?), Boy Saycon (enjoying his retirement as PWD?), Gringo (enjoying his terminal leave bonanza?), Trillanes (cocking his arma but Faeldon is watching for a kill?). Of course, the top echelon at the AFP hierarchy are all hawks than doves (But Bato is ready to sagasa them in case they go for a coup, in cahoots with Tulfo Bros.). Time for a rollcall for these Manilenyo hawks and unknown others, Dabawenyo Panacanang guys.
TAGS & HASHES: Terminate ex- and incumbent narco chief executives via sharpshooter sniper’s fire, and to hell with HR….. Methinks Joma’s slew of red-hot verbal shot (read: butangero) to PDut should not result to cusswords again after the latter tempered in residing in Malacanang….. Sibling as a word could not have been understood well had it not because of FB. ‪#‎BeWordsmith‬

OPINION: Difference between refund and reimbursement

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July 26
By Cha Monforte
Difference between refund and reimbursement

Dutertards: The Supreme Court’s decision stopping 10 PM-4 AM curfew on minors is lyrical. At no time in Philippine history under Duterte time which is so improbable at this time of highest popularity has seemed so surprising in immediate throwback since Duterte administration’s start of its timeline as this SC’s decision. This would only say, as a matter of common sense, that a city not even an island could not rule a country.

Metro Manila is primate city in the Phils, the freest, most liberated city, where the creme dela creme of country’s critics and critical minds conglomerate, that’s the context to use to see why the Supreme Court stopped the 10 PM-5 AM curfew. Of course, Prez. Digs would have media, institutional critics there unlike Davao City after Pala’s death. More criticisms, TROs, supalpalans have yet to come to him, Koko and Alvarez. This is the Philippines.
If only Sen. De Lima will play game like twerking ala Miley to Prez. Digong’s facial movement and not be onion-skinned, turn red and bluster, then she could be a good presidential timber in 2022. She has to play her cards well.

How superlucky he is who was spurned in 3 races and in the last he won out of divided votes of his 2 rivals then he zoomed up riding on the crest of the titan’s popularity from a maim kingpin’s balm of anointment and gee his flood of pennies- and yes! for a song. This supermajority SOB just became the speaker of the super-balingbing, super-recycled and super-unwashed panties in the house.
Thanks Google, and from Jeki I got this answer to a longstanding question hovering in my coco shell: “If you return an item that you bought to a merchant to exchange it for the money you purchased it with then you are getting a refund. If you are being given money for expenses that you have on behalf of someone then you are getting a reimbursement.”
Don’t read, watch mainstream media for a month and only indulge on social media, then voila you only have Mocha Uson as national politician from Manila. There’s no more Drilon, Erap, Chavit, Lacson et al. Duterte time’s such quite interesting.
TAGS & HASHES: I missed the Philippine Oscar’s last SONA….. A day before his 1st SONA, Prez. Digz signed the FOI EO. Incredible!……That fatal post. The better half could have just texted the significant other of her hubby than posted it on her FB…… If FVR won’t accept to be envoy to China due to old age, then send in the freed GMA without the neck brace.

OPINION: TokHang for lawyers, et al

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July 17


By Cha Monforte

TokHang for lawyers, et al

Now I realize – after reading Baste Duterte’s opinion on being Mindanaoan stereotyped as a Moro when you are in Manila, and for all that Manilenyos’ supremacy-fueled hatred against Moro- the more Pres. Duterte comes home to Mindanao on weekend to rest, the more this historical bias against Mindanao will be hastened to be reversed.


I’m seeing that the cops’ Bato Dela Rosa will be the next Mindanaoan senator by May 2016. Jan. 21 before that he’ll have his mandatory age of retirement.


Hope is high that the graft issues vs. ex-Pres. Noy’s subalterns won’t cascade and prosper like the plunder case vs. Coloma and COA’s findings on unauthorized bonuses worth almost P1 B by PCSO’s execs as I would be tempted to say that Noy only indulged in seeing the macro and the big picture than the micro and ugly view on Bilibid.


Why: If someone is accused of worst corruption in our country he reasons out he’s been selling jewelries, like that narco general mayor.


For those who don’t hug with unwashed masa, when a Bisaya IDP (Illegal Drug Personality) says kaon, it means to take shabu. It was suyop, etc before. Kaon no more!


If you’re a Duterte hater and you have dreamed him as part of your dream scene, then: you actually love him which you deny while awake. You’re not a true blue Dutertard if you haven’t dreamed Pres. and you with others as characters of your dream scene.


We shall launch now Tuwid na Daan para sa Tunay na Pagbabago with PDP & LP coalition, after all the fist color is usually yellow in color.


I wish there would be discreet TokHang for lawyers, doctors, teachers, mediamen, and managers. But a netizen snapped back to this post, and she said: “include the politicians like councilors, vice mayors, mayors up to the highest level.” She was short of saying include the congressmen and governors.

OPINION: Malacanang of the South

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by Cha Monforte

The Malacanang of the South in Davao City is great proposal. After all it’s the President himself that is the source of power. He represents vox populi. The seat of power comes secondary. A coup ending in seizing up a palace without the top occupant is hollow. In a flat world of high-tech communications, the President is given the access to be omnipresent to the nation even if he chooses this city of the south as the new capital by holding office here in most of the days in a week.
So it’s doable pala eh for all TV networks and media headquartered in Imperial Manila to report news on our President-elect headquartered in Davao City without hitches and glitches. ABS-CBN showbiz reporter Mario Dumaual has just sent his superb report on excellent barong and gown designers in Davao City, Mindanao. Goosebumps appear at last over how the imperial media highlight now the affairs of the metropolitan city in the nation’s periphery, Mindanao, the backwater sub-region of PH. If PDut will always stay in city during his reign, expect his contemplated project of three major train lines across PH realized as practical Manilans wanting to see and talk with their President come here by trains due to excess air passengers. With the giving of importance to Davao City as like the country’s new Metro Manila, spatial decentralization is effected as by poetic justice is served to long neglected Land of Promise.
Strike while the iron is hot. The CPP-NDF-NPA should grab now the 4 departments (DAR, DENR, DOLE, DSWD) offered by PDut. Get the 4 depts while talking peace, arms’ disposition shortly later. The 4 are big depts. It’s like a tenth of the government chopped up for a partial coalition. What about this 1/10th coalition movement so that peace will reign forever in our country? The clamoured genuine agrarian reform will first be launched under Joma’s leadership as DAR-DENR-DOLE-DSWD consultant, before that nationalist industrialization you said. Slowly but surely there will be victory counted on few years and terms than the longest 4 decades you have.
The Philippine Consulate officials and employees in Dubai are accordingly a bunch of arrogant people! Filipinos asking much needed help from our Dubai consulate are shabbily treated and usually ignored. “Mga arrogante mga walang modo mura mi mga walay pulos,” riled one OFW who pm’d me on my Facebook. President-elect Duterte needs to shake the Dubai consulate up upon his assumption to office. Meantime, outgoing PNoy should know about this arrogance taking place in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, baka pwede pang malinis pa nya ito.
It was maybe that PDut’s heart pulsates to be more a Moro in his linealogy that Borloloy, our ROTC corp commander 3 decades ago in Msu Marawi, has become to be the first MSU Rearguard who becomes the PNP Chief, and surely Sir Salimbangon (“drop like a log, look like a tiger”) and all those who ate there @ P180/month from Rajah Solaiman Hall are now having our best laugh. Congrats MSUan Borloloy, one star General Police Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa!
TAGS & HASHES: Congrats to all winners and losers in the last polls in Davao del Sur and Davao Occidental. The fact that the election was so peaceful compared to the past, all need a pat on their backs ….. MetroNews Mindanao is your newest hometown weekly, subscribe and happy reading!

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Basalo declares to run for mayor

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(late upload oct 27, 2014 news)

Civil engineer and former Councilor of Montevista Cirilo “Jun” Basalo, Jr. declared to run again for mayor in his hometown in the coming 2016 polls.

In an interview, his dream of bringing real changes and development in Montevista “remains as ever” and this time he said he would ally with gubernatorial wannabe Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong.

Inline image 2

He would possibly take his former Vice Mayor and Councilor Jose Juario as his runningmate if the later accepts so.

As of now, Engr. Basalo said he has development vision for Montevista anchored on three platforms of government: good governance, sustainable development bias to the barangays, and investments attraction for jobs’ generation.

He said these platforms if aggressively pursued would polevault development to the long-underdeveloped town with its results and gains felt by the barangays.

Basalo is a civil engineer in profession and had served the town as councilor for three straight terms.

He is a businessman, concentrating on imports and exports.

His ties-up and connections, both domestic and international particularly BIMP-EAGA countries could spell difference to Montevista when attracted to invest in Montevista and partnered for economic and social development especially as the Asean Integration will already start next year, 2015.

In last 2013 election, Basalo ran independent against now Mayor Topoy Jaictin.

In that election, Basalo got sizable votes even if he lacked resources while Jaictin was aggressively backed up by the well-oiled machinery of the Uswag Comval, the administration’s provincial party.

“The gubernatorial bid of Congressman Amatong is a game-changer,” Engr. Basalo quipped.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Jauods are withdrawing their support to Jaictin, whom opposition pundits charged to have not made good performance during his first term as mayor.

A highly placed source said that Jaictin’s tandem Vice Mayor Roel Abucejo would be dropped for his reelection bid with Jaictin by the Uswag Comval as well-performing Councilor Boy Rabanos “is the favorite” of Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.