Kadayawan festival fund disagreement “is over”- Mayor Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in his regular weekly TV program that the fund disagreement on the recent Kadayawan sa Davao 2014 Festival is over.

“Tapos na na,” he said in reaction to the issue on the disagreement among Kadayawan executive committee officials relating the use of the budget for the week-long Kadayawan festival held mid last month .

He said that the people running the festival were in disagreement how the funds was used.

 The City Government funded P2.9-million budget for the activity.

The mayor said that City Councilor Edgar Ibuyan, Sr. recently showed him the “complete” liquidation papers detailing the expenses of the last Kadayawan.

He added that the money spent for the activity “were in the papers”.

Immediately after the holding of the festival last month Councilor Ibuyan, the Kadayawan execom chairman, complained that some committee members withdraw cash and made cash advances without his signature affixed on the document.

Ibuyan said that the itemized budget was prepared without his approval as it was already made by yet unidentified committee members, whom separate reports said allegedly cornered honorarium as judges of some Kadayawan activities.

Ibuyan particularly griped over the street showdown judges being the same persons who handled and organized the event.

The councilor wanted to push changes for the next Kadayawan as he lambasted the cornering execom members to be acting like they were the most powerful ones to run the Kadayawan. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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