About Cha

Cha Monforte is blogger cum community journalist with writing experience of at least 20 years dating back to the time of typewriter, IBM typesetter and manual cut-and-paste paper types in the hollowed ground of the printing press. Currently, he writes for the Philippine News Agency, and regularly feeds news and views contents for various community dailies and weeklies through the Rural Urban News, a social media news service, a blog-based community news and narrative reportage advocacy outfit promoting web-based citizen journalism. RUN outfit has also a portfolio for home-based web content writing, SEO and link-building.

5 Responses to “About Cha”

  1. hi, thanks for setting this up. appreciate it. keeps us updated.

  2. benjamin villota Says:

    I’ve been looking for your kind of reporting from Tagum where I used to live (1978-1986). Thanks for your emailweds reports to Gold Star Daily here in Cagayamn de Oro City. By the way. May I introduce myself a little bit? I’m currently with MGSD (Mindnao Gold Star Daily) as desk editor. I hope you’ll more of your reports. We’ll try to come out with it in our daily edition. For more information please try to get in touch with Mr. Allan Basong whose last known adress is Tagum City. Thanks a lot again and hope to see you in persson some of these days in Tagum. Yours, truly, Benvil – that’s sme.

  3. Marrisa Ignacio Says:

    finally, i found a blogger from my home town. i miss tagum very much and reading your blogs here will somehow connect me to the current events in tagum city.

    Good Luck and GOD bless

  4. jun ledesma Says:


    You’re an excellent writer. You might want to contribute a column to our community newspaper – the Mindanao Journal in addition to your blog.



    pls reply to mindanao.journal@yahoo.com

  5. bro gud am. salamat sa pagduaw sa minmon. ang akoang personal website wordpress man http://www.kumbira.wordpress.com pero nabusy man gud ko aning sa pagadian mao nga didto ko sige nagload. kanang minmon.tk redirection na pero sa http://www.blogspot.com gyod na.

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