OPINION: A problem of semantics

Aug. 11
By Cha Monforte
A problem of semantics
The President as a human is just concerned to his fellow humans that’s why he released his first list with names of humans he did not differentiate to be greater or lesser humans. So does PDut has no right to expose humans armed and dangerous to many of their fellow humans in our country? From one of these armed and dangerous humans alone we know how killer types those mentioned are: they have their full assortment of firepower ever polished and cocked up for so many times as they grit their teeth being exposed of their skeletons of the narco closets by the bravest President the PH has throughout its history.
First off, we are not and we will not be heroes and it’s none of our business to join the debate. Besides heroes are extolled in books not cemeteries. Am 52 now and have not gone to libingan ng mga bayani. It’s only the relatives of those buried there who have personal attachments not us. The problem is just semantics as by it is about space. Now why just call the place libingan ng mga presidente at mga bayani. In that case, Marcos is separated as well as included.

Kung hundi binunyag kaylan pa? Dead men tell no tale, true. But on the other William Shakespeare posted a truer quote: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” That’s why a judge and a cop officer, both dead, were included in the 1st Digong list. If not of Digong’s revelation, we could have not known that the two were dead already. Anyhow, there’s though a need to super insulate the feeding of intel info to the President. It should be foolproof.
Of course, there are salvagers, vigilante, trigger happy, blood thirsty lurking in the ranks of cops and agents in each province. Or the newly hired, neophyte cops just wanted a killing experience so they shot fatally for a kill instead of just wounding a drug suspect during a raid. In the ensuing melee of reporting, cops tend or intentionally lump a fatality of say a dead out of a grudge or revenge to be included in the statistics of drug suspects. And police beat reporters take the investigation section’s blotter notes without questions and so the drug toll increases each passing day.

But besides this reportorial melee, there’s a melee of rival drug dealers in the current drug war, and so Bato is right, nagpapatayan na sila. The confluence of these factors and other reasons constantly feed a fire to those who cry for more blood, result to irreversible drug war and collation of increased drug statistics. We’ve been through this and our paranoia was past us. Of course, there are collateral damages in the war, and so sorry for them. But being first paranoid is just natural in this current drug war. Outsiders of Davao City would sooner shake their drug paranoia out and be immune of the daily reportage of drug death toll.

TAGS & HASHES: We’ve been there in this daily purge of criminals and drugsters. So there’s no chill in our spines, dear Phils except Davao City. It’s you who are paranoids……At least hitherto apolitical netizens become political now with the advent of Digong. They share on their FB just by seeing the title as pro-Digong without knowing its porno content…..
Unlike corporate boardroom, rebels who have blood as their capital need ample time to cross consult each other before they decide an important one.#CeasefireNow

4 Responses to “OPINION: A problem of semantics”

  1. Christine Joy L. Mauro Says:

    This blog makes me happy. As a student, I am staying in a boarding house and we don’t have the television to watch news. The only thing that I have is my cellphone. It is really hard to cope up with the latest news or latest happenings that is going around the country. A friend of mine is a fan of yours and she recommended me this site. By reading your work I am thankful that there are still people who are not afraid to voice out their opinion. Thank you for your ideas and I am hoping for many more to come. Good afternoon and God Bless you.

    • cha monforte Says:

      Hi Christine, the youths now are fortunate to have the cp, fb and others to widen their knowledge anytime and anywhere. Thanks.

  2. Chills ran down my spine, thinking how bloody the road we have to cross just to get a glimpse of a gleaming tomorrow. Just imagine, it’s only been months but things are already heating up; how much more for the upcoming years? Hoping to receive updates from you. Kudos! You’re one exceptional writer!

    • cha monforte Says:

      Triz, yeah you have your fears just like others, but many have optimism for real change in the current administration.

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