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DPWH-XI RD Alquiza:  “no record” transacting with 12 fraudulent contractors cornering P16.9 B projects

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june 19, 2014

Dept. of Works and Public Highways- XI Regional Director Mariano Alquiza said yesterday, Wednesday that there is “no record” that the 12 contractors identified by Commission on Audit Chair Ma. Gracia Pulido as having fraudulently cornered P16.9-billion worth of projects had transacted with the regional office.

The projects cornered by the 12 contractors were implemented during the years 2009 and 2010 in various provinces and regions in the country with Davao Region mentioned as having the biggest amount of disallowance with projects totaling P121.18 million.

DPWH-XI Regional Director Engr. Mariano Alquiza

Alquiza said in a press conference at the DPWH-XI regional office said that he only knew in newspaper last Monday the report on the disallowance of the projects transacted by the 12 contractors tagged by COA as fraudulent.

“After which,” he added, “I instructed my accountant to validate the report if they transacted” with the regional office.

He said “wala dito sa (level) ng regional office, although I have asked (my) district engineers to validate the report.”

He added that he understood that Secretary Rogelio Singson would be sending a special audit team considering the gravity of the works in looking into the records that had transpired since 2009 and up to 2013.

Alquiza assumed to his current post only in 2012.

COA Chair Pulido last week bared that her agency had issued notices of disallowance for projects worth P184.66 million following earlier findings on irregularities involving the projects which public works Secretary Singson had earlier asked for special audit.

The report said that of the total, only P17.8 million had been refunded.

Moreover, DPWH-XI information office Dennis Flores also said that as verified also by the monitoring engineer “we have no project with the contractors in the list although we’re not discounting the findings of COA.”

Tan vowed to finish the special fraud audit by the end of the year and forward the findings to the Office of the Ombudsman.

Among the COA’s general findings were excessive contract costs; excessive material costs and quantities of materials procured, some of which were not used; implementation of projects without a funding order; and improper procurement and bidding processes, such as the release of bidding documents even before the contractors had paid for these.

Another projects have no genuine and meticulous post-qualification assessment, notices of award before the receipt of the special allotment release order (SARO), otherwise they have bidding deficiencies, unauthorized signatories, no bids and awards committee (BAC) resolution declaring the lowest calculated bid, among others.

Morever, a fraudulent project was found to have defects that included cracks on the concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter; collapsed sidewalks; presence of potholes and poke marks on the concrete pavement; and settlement of the gutter and concrete curb, and the like. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

“I’m no protector of the Bangayans” – IGACOS VM Al David Uy

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june 17, 2014

Island Garden City of Samal Vice Mayor Al David Uy has denied the charge that he is “a protector” of the Bangayans and that he is using his position to protect the Bangayans’ shipping business.
In an interview, he said that it is just that the Bangayans of Samal Island have been old family friends of Uys.

IGACOS Vice Mayor Al David Uy

IGACOS Vice Mayor Al David Uy

In fact, he added, Ronald Bangayan, owner of the Mae Wess ferries, is his baptismal godfather.
He said the family friendship between the Uys and Bangayans dated back to his grandfather who was a business partner with the father of Ronald Bangayan.
His lolo, a pure Chinese, arrived in so early date in the island and intermingled with the natives and later married a native lady whose family name is Manlapus, he said.
The vice mayor also said that his father Jimmy is no longer connected with the Mae Wess ferries after serving as the shipping manager of Ronald Bangayan.
As to the charge that he is not favoring the planned Samal Bridge so that Bangayan could monopolize the passengers’ and cargo shipping business in Samal-Davao City sea route, he said it is “not true” as he “favors for it, only that I have many questions” like its feasibility and particularly, the cost of bridge’s toll fee, “which might be higher than the ferry fare of P10 per passenger.”
He bared that Bangayan can transfer its shipping operation like in Tagpopongan that faces the roll-on, roll off (RORO) wharf in Pantukan, Compostela Valley whenever its RORO operation is no longer feasible if the bridge exists already.
Bangayan had already purchased seafront properties in Tagpopongan, he said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Daneco-NEA’s Guya: Blackout coming due to indebtedness

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june 17, 2014

The National Electrification Administration project supervisor to Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative has warned that the electric cooperative would be disconnected of power by its main supplier PSALM anytime soon this month if it continues to pay low to its ballooning power obligations.
NEA project supervisor Engr. Godofredo Guya bared in press conference Wednesday last week in Tagum City that Daneco has only about 70 percent collection efficiency rating while it is being saddled by a ballooning power obligations from its four power suppliers amounting at press time to a total of P767.01 million, of which P601.37 million is due for the Power Sector and Assets Liabilities Management (PSALM).

Daneco-NEA officials said that throughout the franchise area in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, Daneco has more than P1.1 payables from member-consumers.
Guya said that the Department of Energy has “apparently given go signal” to PSALM to cut its power supply to Daneco.
The other week, PSALM president and chief executive officer Emmanuel R. Ledesma in a statement said that PSALM requested the DOE to issue a notice of disconnection against Daneco due to the failure of Daneco to comply with the financial obligations under their power supply agreement.
Guya, however, did not show any written letter from PSALM addressed to Daneco-NEA relating power disconnection.
Daneco-NEA OIC general manager Benedicto Ongking has been sending letters to elected officials in the two provinces showing its own encoded data on the power obligations to various power suppliers, without the photocopy of PSALM’s letter.
During the press conference, Guya and Daneco-NEA officials bared that Daneco has already an outstanding power obligation to Engineering Equipment Inc. (EEI) Power Corp. amounting to P101.93 million.
It was a first revelation on Daneco’s obligations to EEI since the latter started supplying Daneco during peaking hours October last year amid long daily rotational brownouts. EEI is a diesel-powered 13-megawatt independent power producer based in Tagum City.
EEI was contracted by the previous pro- Daneco-CDA board of directors led by late Dean Briz before the conflict, but the implementation of supplying power to Daneco was finalized by the Daneco-NEA.
Besides, Daneco has also power obligations of P50.94 million from the Aboitiz-owned Therma Marine, Inc. (TMI) and P12.76 million from the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines.
Daneco failed to pay P576 million outstanding debt to PSALM covering the period March 2013 to April 2014, causing Daneco–NEA in June 2013 to seek for loan restructuring of the P275 payables with a monthly amortization of P8.15 million.
PSALM, however, said that Daneco-NEA “had dutifully paid” the monthly amortization while the Daneco-CDA group failed to settle its power bills, the latest of which being given in December 2013.
PSALM apparently is seeing Daneco as one entity being the main power generating supplier since then when it was yet the original, bigger National Power Corp.
So with the other secondary power suppliers whose contracts to supply power were made before July 2012 when Daneco was still one entity, without divisive infighting over who is legitimate between Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA groups.
PSALM and TMI supplies power to Daneco at an average of 30 and 15 megawatts, respectively. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Daneco-CDA consultant Lariosa: “A bluff”

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june 17, 2014

Opposing Daneco faction under the Cooperative Development Authority or Daneco-CDA group immediately tagged Daneco-NEA’s report of heavy indebtedness as the cause of impending blackout as “a bluff, a lie.”
Daneco-CDA media consultant Nilo Lariosa took a swipe against Daneco-NEA saying: “There is no such thing as an order from PSALM or from DOE to disconnect. They are bluffing because they could not show any document. It’s part of their continuing pangilad sa katawhan (cheating to the people).”
He said that the Daneco-CDA had earlier “secured a status quo ante order from Regional Trial Court Branch 95 in Tagum City directing Daneco-NEA including PSALM, NGCP not to do inimical actions against the interests of Daneco-CDA and its member-consumers.”
“If ever they have that order to disconnect they should show that to the people,” Lariosa added.
Also, Daneco-CDA spokesperson Oliver Autor said that Daneco-NEA officials made “a new bluff threatening consumers of total blackout like what they did last year.”
He charged that Daneco-NEA has resorted anew to threats based on bloated power obligations so that member-consumers would have to pay their electric bills to Daneco-NEA.
He said that last year Daneco-NEA officials threatened member-consumers that the power obligations had already reached more than P700 million when “in truth it was only more than P300 million.”
Earlier, Daneco-CDA board president Engr. Albert Omega also earlier contended that PSALM could not arbitrarily cut its power supply without the hearings of Energy Regulatory Commission.
Omega claimed that ERC was no longer entertaining Daneco-NEA because the body accordingly wanted only to deal with one Daneco entity. (RUN/cm)

OPINION: Daneco-NEA alarmist

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june 17, 2014

By Cha Monforte

It seems that the amount used as the reason (or alibi) of Daneco-NEA to cause for a franchise-wide blackout is just small. It is only P8.14 million monthly, and it’s peanuts to Daneco-NEA or even Daneco-CDA. Any of the two factions can easily pay that amortization of the restructured P275 million (of the total P576 million power obligations of Daneco as one entity). The website of NEA now says that the Daneco-NEA has been diligently paying its power obligations, while the Daneco-CDA is not paying its share. Daneco-NEA and NEA project supervisor Godofredo Guya have not been frank into saying that Daneco-CDA is not paying its share of the power supply burden. For when they ask Daneco-CDA to pay its share, they are recognizing the protagonist they want to be annihilated in the first place. It’s NEA Manila which does the talking. Daneco-NEA has been sending letters to officials about Daneco’s PSALM obligations per encoded data of its finance officer as noted by its OIC GM Benedicto Ongking. The problem here is they did not attach or juxtapose a photocopy of PSALM demand letter indicating the impending action of disconnection in case of delinquency. It’s all Daneco-NEA’s claim. That’s why I tend to believe on the charge of Daneco-CDA that Guya and the appointed Daneco-NEA board officials are “bluffing” based on “bloated financial obligations” which they accordingly did last year for the DOE to forge an agreement that had only made Daneco-CDA stopped its collection activities. Last Monday, in aphone interview, Ongking confirmed they did not yet receive any document from PSALM about the disconnection. He claimed that last Feb. 25, 2014 they receive PSALM demand letter that already lapsed 10 days after they failed to pay what had been demanded to be paid. It was February and Daneco-NEA had already secured a restructuring of the power obligations due for March 2013 to April 2014. It appears now that it is only P301 million that has not been sought for restructured, or Daneco-NEA had been paying parts of this? Daneco-NEA now appear to be panicky already that by bloating obligations and not showing PSALM’s demand letter it becomes alarmist. It’s napangka or bokya in Filipino. Some critical sectors including a board member said that the latest blackout announcement of Daneco-NEA is but a “palupok”. Particularly, the appointed and rubberstamp Daneco-NEA board are a bunch of alarmists. It’s Daneco-NEA’s accountability when its own panic is shared to the public, creating larger instability and unpeace.
There’s no blackout, folks, as it would become a mortal sin of Daneco-NEA being the leading faction in this long-running Daneco war. But reports said that the Daneco-CDA has been expanding its loyal membership base through reconnection of electric meters from what Daneco-NEA has disconnected. How true is the report that Daneco-NEA is surrendering and would not be contesting PSALM or DOE in making power disconnection so that an emergency situation comes in out from the blackout and hence annihilate Daneco-CDA for it has no more power to reconnect? But what about if the Daneco-CDA would reconnect what the PSALM would disconnect?
But I would say now that the two Daneco factions have loudmouths. It comes no surprise that they are noisy these days. But maybe a total blackout may come and Daneco-CDA is brought for judgment. When blackout moment comes amid a continuing rotational brownouts, that would be the time that the loud mouths of the two factions have to eat crows.
Davao del Norte Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra spewed out fire and brimstone over Daneco’s continuing war between Daneco-NEA and Daneco- CDA in my interview with him last Thursday. I strongly sensed his disgust was directed to both the sets of the officials of the two factions. The board member, chairman of the SP’s human rights committee, obviously could no longer take much further what he has been seeing to Daneco he served very well when it was yet one entity during the 80s and 90s. He slammed for the so wasteful, so costly, so foolish infighting who’s legitimate or not between the two factions.
There is now a need for member-consumers to rise up to the present disarray of the erstwhile one Daneco. Rising up would mean they can move and stand like petitioning electorate for people’s initiative or recall. That can be if there’s a devil advocate movement or group to initiate. I heard one which is driving a petition to convert Daneco into power corporation registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. May they lead this time when there’s already fatigue over this so costly, so wasteful, so foolish Daneco war that seeks only to destroy Daneco as an institution.
BM Dr. De Veyra is right when he slammed that Daneco has been on losing streak of its finances due to this costly infighting. Both factions maintain their own set of employees and management and board officials. There are two sets of expenditures instead of one. With it, naturally Daneco would lose financially. Because officials of both factions whet the appetite for continuing Daneco’s war as it’s them who mutually benefit out from it, Daneco has to lose as a result. If ever the blackout comes true with the claim of the Daneco-NEA that PSALM will disconnect its power supply to Daneco anytime this month, then Dr. De Veyra is right to say that the member-consumers have no sin and could not be blamed for this mess, not their low payments to their electric bills, but due to the continuing war that was started and sustained by both of the officials of the factions. When that darkness comes, Daneco’s 150,000 member-consumers should rise up and protest against the foolish officials of both the Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA including NEA project supervisor Godofredo Guya. Don’t blame us but you all Daneco officials! Dr. De Veyra said.
The Tagum City Council’s committee of the whole made its committee hearing on the Bird Park controversy closed door at Molave Hotel last Thursday. May there’s already a result of it after the hearing. The tagged fall guy was there. Will heads or a head only will roll in the committee’s recommendation?
Davao del Norte SP Floorleader, Board Member Hernanie Duco wants that all the official matters and measures in his office would be acted and referred speedily to committees. I sense BM Duco of Carmen is efficiently doing his function for board members to avoid getting caught delayed with the 30-day reglamentary period for the SP to act on measures of lower sanggunians.


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june 10, 2014

RDR’s disaster chief delays SP calamity declaration

SP to declare state of calamity more than 4 months after Agaton
The assistant provincial administrator and at the same time the head of the provincial disaster preparedness management office of Davao del Norte apologetically admitted before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in session Monday that it was him who was responsible in the delay of the SP’s supposed declaration of the state calamity for the six municipalities and Tagum City hard hit by the low pressure area that intensified into tropical depression Agaton last January.

Romulo Tagalo, PDRRMC head Davao del Norte

Romulo Tagalo, PDRRMC head Davao del Norte

Appearing in session following his no shows for two sessions after he was invited by provincial board, assistant provincial administrator Romulo Tagalo finally appeared before the body and acknowledged responsibility over a paper snafu which resulted why the SP has not yet made a declaration of a state of calamity more than four months after typhoon had badly wrought parts of the province.

He said that it was only last Thursday that the non-existence of the SP state of calamity declaration cropped up when the Provincial Welfare and Development Office asked for it from Tagalo’s office.

Tagalo is also acting as the head of the provincial information office and according to Capitol insiders a trusted chief at the nearest beck and call of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario.

PSWD officer Arlene Semblante, according to Capitol sources, asked for it to be needed as supporting legal paper to official office transactions relating to the use of the remaining amount of the provincial budget for disaster preparedness and mitigation.

Apparently, the sought state of calamity declaration has put SP in awkward situation as declaring a state of calamity after the calamity had long happened.

But the SP had not made a declaration in due time as the copy of resolution of the Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CCDRMC), of which the governor is the chairman while Tagalo is a member, has not reached to the SP.

The resolution recommended to the SP for the declaration of state of calamity over the Agaton-stricken areas in the province that included the municipalities of Kapalong, Carmen, Asuncion, BE Dujali, New Corella, Sto. Tomas and Tagum City. It was dated January 11, 2014.

Tagalo said that last Thursday he and OIC provincial administrator Norma Lumain searched the resolution which ought to be handed to the PADO (Provincial Administrator’s Office) on endorsed date March 6, 2014.

“It was only received last Thursday,” Tagalo said.

The SP was discussing with the invited resource persons on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the provincial government and Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration(PAGASA). The MOA was referred back by the SP to the office of origin for asking for donation than a usufruct use of a lot inside the Capitol complex.

Tagalo submitted the draft MOA to the SP which he himself on Monday’s session asked that it be withdrawn after Board Member Joey Millan reminded him that the provincial government is only granting right to use through deed of usufruct with other government agencies in areas within the Capitol complex and not by ceding areas “gratis et amore” or by donation.

For that Tagalo said, “I plead ignoranc e of the implications of the terms.. .all the more we have to withdraw (the MOA from the SP).”

Tagalo admitted that the sketch plan showing the 1,500-square-meter lot that PAGASA wanted donated has yet to be finalized.
The provincial legal office earlier made an opinion that the MOA is not suffice as there is a need to obtain an SP resolution authorizing the governor to enter contract with PAGASA.

SP Floor Leader Hernani Duco then pressed on that since Tagalo was already around, “we have to make use of his time to explain to us.”

When an item slightly relating to the calamity declaration was taken up, Tagalo draw out his prepared paper asking apology for the delay of the SP resolution caused by the loss of the CCDRMC’s resolution during the referral process.

He apologized for his “shortcomings”and reasoned there was “a glitch” and “an honest mistake.”

But he mentioned without naming his administrative officer whom he said he had delegated the task of referring the resolution.
Asked by Board Member Joey Millan asked, “if we declare, saan gagamitin?”

Tagalo responded, “di ko natanong” referring to PSWDO Semblante.
He through hinted that the PSWD might want it in the use of the 30-percent share of disaster mitigation from the total disaster preparedness budget.

Millan said he found it “grey and serious” that the SP would be making a delayed declaration of state of calamity four months after.

“It’s better late than never,” the board member said, and then he asked Tagalo if he was amenable that the one of the whereas of the delayed resolution should state the “cause of the delay.”

Tagalo replied, “yes we have to place it explicitly to be aware of our shortcomings.”

“I found it grey and serious to declare four months after… Sana di na maulit ito,” Millan countered.

But Tagalo is leaving to Australia to attend a scholarship grant which would start June11, 2013 and end on July 14, 2015.

Asked earlier by Board Member Ely Dacalus how he would do it to finalize the MOA with PAGASA with the limited time he has. Tagalo said he has some people around who can do the job for him (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: We want all our Congs and Congws to be like Bal Sator

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may 21, 2014


By Cha Monforte

I have a high regard and respect to former Congressman Bal Sator because after he became a civilian again I saw him several times walking down the street of Tagum City alone, without a bodyguard or a coterie of bodyguards. One time when I met him on the street, I greeted him and introduced myself to remind him that I had at least two occasions that I interviewed him in the past. As he remembered, he touched my chin, rubbing it, while smiling at me. He did that to me the last time. Now he’s Mr. Ordinary and he never had gotten rich out from his three terms as the 2nd district congressman of the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte. Frankly, I have great respect to the man as he never had built a hotel, or a posh rest house or had put up secret or tangible businesses when he was through being a congressman. We want all our congressmen and congresswomen to be like Bal Sator!
Now the PDAF scam goes full steam again in national scene, dragging new new names so familiar and near to us. Comval second district Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong must publicly tell his side, his story on the latest issue that hit him, to think that he is aspiring for Comval governor in 2016. The PDAF scam issue can be his Achilles heel although he is still considered innocent until proven guilty.
Last year, when the name of former Comval first district Congressman Way Kurat Zamora was dragged to an allegation that he was allocated P3 billion pork barrel he immediately rebutted the issue, called up the national TV to deny the allegation, turning it an opportunity to make a national media mileage. He was supported by his daughter Congw. Maricar Zamora, who also made categorical and detailed press statement on the issue, denying it and hitting the COA for its reckless peddling of information. So with Davao del Norte second district Cong. Anton Lagdameo who denied being involved of the pork barrel scam as the questioned P1 million pork barrel for organic farming was accordingly implemented by the Dept. of Agriculture-XI without the congressman knowing about it. But, aside from Cong. Amatong, former Davao del Norte first district Cong. Arrel Olano has still to make his late statement as to his alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.  (@chamonforte on Twitter)