Duterte almost declared to run for President last night, but he’ll run only if the First Lady comes from Cabadbaran

sept 13, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte almost declared to be running for President Friday night. But he said he’ll do if the First Lady comes from Cabadbaran.

His statement put in jest drew thunderous laughter and cheers from some 700 provincial officials and employees of Agusan del Norte led by Governor Ma. Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba who have their Family Day celebrated out of town, in posh Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao.

duterte for president

The mayor was the guest of honor of last night’s fellowship party of the Family Day of Agusan del Norte provincial government. Agusan del Norte Vice Governor Rambu Bungabong and provincial board members were also present.

Mayor Duterte was introduced to be a Cabadbaranon by heart as his mother, a teacher, Nanay Soling taught in Cabadbaran for a long time.

In his talk, the mayor welcomed the Agusan del Norte people to his city, and said he could not escape from sharing what is fad these days in the city and it’s about his running for President.

He said he’d run to the suspense of the audience, waiting in bated breath— but then again he came saying he won’t, nixing again the wide endorsement of the people for him to run for President.

After saying he’s not interested, this time he didn’t reason out why like what he once laboured for a little length in his regular Sunday TV program but went straight to the scenarios that could dawn in the country if he becomes the country’s next President.

In frank yet friendly pitch, the mayor said again- on the thought that he’s the President- he didn’t want to end his term without making changes in the country.

He said again about declaring a revolutionary government if after 6 months there won’t be changes that could be effected in normal functioning of the President, and said he’ll be frank with the generals in telling them “they’re considered as retired”.

The mayor had regaled his audience with his frank and yet friendly speech, especially so that he ended it in a jest that he’ll “run only if his First Lady comes from Cabadbaran”, to the laughter of beauteous gobernadora and her full working force.

After the mayor ended his talk, Governor Amante in lowered microphone was overheard on stage gamely asking the mayor not to leave yet saying “ayaw sa’g lakaw dayon Mayor oy, mag picture picture taking sa ta, gusto man kaha nimo mag Presidente?” It was past 7 P.M. before the dinner.

The mayor and governor had then their group selfies with the provincial employees by department.

The governor had her speech earlier exhorting provincial employees and officials to continue rendering best public service for the people and thanking them for their unity for the sustained development of the beautiful province of Agusan del Norte.(Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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