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Duterte almost declared to run for President last night, but he’ll run only if the First Lady comes from Cabadbaran

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sept 13, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte almost declared to be running for President Friday night. But he said he’ll do if the First Lady comes from Cabadbaran.

His statement put in jest drew thunderous laughter and cheers from some 700 provincial officials and employees of Agusan del Norte led by Governor Ma. Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba who have their Family Day celebrated out of town, in posh Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao.

duterte for president

The mayor was the guest of honor of last night’s fellowship party of the Family Day of Agusan del Norte provincial government. Agusan del Norte Vice Governor Rambu Bungabong and provincial board members were also present.

Mayor Duterte was introduced to be a Cabadbaranon by heart as his mother, a teacher, Nanay Soling taught in Cabadbaran for a long time.

In his talk, the mayor welcomed the Agusan del Norte people to his city, and said he could not escape from sharing what is fad these days in the city and it’s about his running for President.

He said he’d run to the suspense of the audience, waiting in bated breath— but then again he came saying he won’t, nixing again the wide endorsement of the people for him to run for President.

After saying he’s not interested, this time he didn’t reason out why like what he once laboured for a little length in his regular Sunday TV program but went straight to the scenarios that could dawn in the country if he becomes the country’s next President.

In frank yet friendly pitch, the mayor said again- on the thought that he’s the President- he didn’t want to end his term without making changes in the country.

He said again about declaring a revolutionary government if after 6 months there won’t be changes that could be effected in normal functioning of the President, and said he’ll be frank with the generals in telling them “they’re considered as retired”.

The mayor had regaled his audience with his frank and yet friendly speech, especially so that he ended it in a jest that he’ll “run only if his First Lady comes from Cabadbaran”, to the laughter of beauteous gobernadora and her full working force.

After the mayor ended his talk, Governor Amante in lowered microphone was overheard on stage gamely asking the mayor not to leave yet saying “ayaw sa’g lakaw dayon Mayor oy, mag picture picture taking sa ta, gusto man kaha nimo mag Presidente?” It was past 7 P.M. before the dinner.

The mayor and governor had then their group selfies with the provincial employees by department.

The governor had her speech earlier exhorting provincial employees and officials to continue rendering best public service for the people and thanking them for their unity for the sustained development of the beautiful province of Agusan del Norte.(Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

PBB Top 2 Maris returns home, takes hometown by storm

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sept 12, 2014

PBB All-In Season’s Top 2 Maris Racal returned home Tuesday in Tagum City and she was profusely welcomed back by the very people who first voted, supported and loved her.

She was mobbed, selfied and cheered by ordinary folks, city and provincial officials as she barnstormed to thank them in winning in the popular ABS-CBN show.

maris racal smc tagum

Maris visited the offices of the Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, Jr. and of some board members while Capitol employees briefly stopped working to see, cheer and have selfies with their newest idol.

She also put the City Hall in merry frenzy as she visited the offices of Mayor Allan Rellon and others.

Her schoolmates were so proud of her at St. Mary’s College where she entertained them with three songs.

People along the city’s streets cheered her with shouts of joy as she waived, smiled and made return gestures to them on motorcade.

“She’s Top 1 for us Tagumenyos than Daniel Matsunaga,” Jonelbin Larawan, a disc jockey.

Maris is gearing up to be a Kapamilya talent and an actress in Manila to watch and behold by the Tagumenyos and the rest of the country. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Thousands bury slain young barangay captain in Tagum City

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sept 10, 2014

Several thousand Tagumenyo mourners turned out on Monday to bury the young barangay captain of Magugpo West- Niño Cutin, who was killed by still unidentified riding-in-tandem assassins the other Saturday.

The body of Cutin was first blessed in funeral mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church in the morning, and in the early afternoon mourners mostly barangay folks poured onto the city streets walking like a protest march with long caravan of vehicles toward Glorious Resurrection Memorial Garden at La Filipina, Tagum City.

Many mourners wore T-shirts emblazoned with words calling for justice to the fallen barangay captain and for a halt of killings in the city.

City Mayor Allan Rellon has earlier put up P1-million reward money to capture the killers of Cutin.

With many others, he wore a black T-shirt with words “Thou shall not kill- Exodus 20”. 

At press time, the city police has yet no suspect to the killing, although the mayor the other Monday bared that as theorized by the police there were at least three motives stemming from the slain’s work as a barangay captain and another one relating a “political aspect”.

Cutin was fatally shot at his head by one bullet, whose shell was identified by the police as from a new type .45 caliber gun, pumped by riding in tandem whose faces were fully covered with helmets when they made the crime that has left the city in anger and in calling for justice for all victims of killings.

The barangay captain was attacked while driving his own motorcycle on the way to his barangay hall to follow up the food preparation for the community service activity featuring free barber cuts for his constituents on that day at Purok Talisay in Magugpo West.

The riding in tandem tailed and shot Cutin at the street of Purok Vipatil in the same barangay.

Cutin was just 32 years old.

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio Suaybaguio, Jr. , who joined the mass and burial, could not hide his grief and anger in also condemning the crime as “cowardly and dastardly killing made by the killers and their mastermind”  whom he said to “have no mercy and have no right to kill.”

“Where is your conscience? What’s happening to our country now?” Vice Gov. Suaybaguio asked even as he exhorted the people to join hands in putting an end to killings and crimes.

The mayor, city council and the city liga ng barangay have condemned the killing in strongest terms.

A sketchy report heard by this paper said that the killers had holed up for sometime renting space in Magugpo West as though they had really planned and cased on Cutin.

At press time, reports said that the police and other law-enforcement agencies are still on the thick of their investigations and pursuit operations. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Kadayawan festival fund disagreement “is over”- Mayor Duterte

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Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in his regular weekly TV program that the fund disagreement on the recent Kadayawan sa Davao 2014 Festival is over.

“Tapos na na,” he said in reaction to the issue on the disagreement among Kadayawan executive committee officials relating the use of the budget for the week-long Kadayawan festival held mid last month .

He said that the people running the festival were in disagreement how the funds was used.

 The City Government funded P2.9-million budget for the activity.

The mayor said that City Councilor Edgar Ibuyan, Sr. recently showed him the “complete” liquidation papers detailing the expenses of the last Kadayawan.

He added that the money spent for the activity “were in the papers”.

Immediately after the holding of the festival last month Councilor Ibuyan, the Kadayawan execom chairman, complained that some committee members withdraw cash and made cash advances without his signature affixed on the document.

Ibuyan said that the itemized budget was prepared without his approval as it was already made by yet unidentified committee members, whom separate reports said allegedly cornered honorarium as judges of some Kadayawan activities.

Ibuyan particularly griped over the street showdown judges being the same persons who handled and organized the event.

The councilor wanted to push changes for the next Kadayawan as he lambasted the cornering execom members to be acting like they were the most powerful ones to run the Kadayawan. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Tagum Mayor Rellon puts up P1 M reward money vs. killers of young brgy. captain

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sept 3, 2014
City officials in Tagum City condemned Monday the killing of Magugpo West barangay captain Niño Cutin who was shot dead while riding in his motorcycle on his way to his barangay hall last Saturday at around 11 A.M. by still unidentified riding-in-tandem gunmen.

City Mayor Allan Rellon convened an emergency meeting of City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) Monday morning at the Sangguniang Panglungsod Session Hall, and from a resolution unanimously approved by the body as moved by Councilor Tristan Royce Aala, he put up a P1-million reward money for those who could provide information leading to the capture of Cutin’s killers.

The body also made a resolution “strongly condemning the untimely death and assassination” of Cutin.

The two killers, riding on a motorcycle, followed Cutin and made fatal one shot at the victim’s head resulting to his death.

He was shot dead on the road of Purok Vipatil in Magugpo West, coming from Purok Talisay where he was launching his barangay activity giving free barber haircut and other services to constituents.

According to sources, Cutin went out from the activity supposedly to follow up the food for the barbers and volunteers being prepared at the nearby barangay hall.

As the attackers fled to unknown direction, Cutin with his motorcycle fell down on the road. Concerned onlookers brought him to the Davao Regional Hospital in Tagum City, where he was pronounced dead.

In the peace and order council meeting, the city’s barangay captains were all present to express unity for their fallen colleague. Provincial and city police officials as well as military officials from nearby camps and stations also attended.

During the meeting, Tagum PNP chief PSupt. Solomon de Castella apprised on the body on police investigation on the killing and on security measures being placed in the city.

Meanwhile, he bared that the police and CIDG have already a suspect in the killing of Barangay Mankilam kagawad and broadcaster Tata Butalid last December.

He said that they would soon file a case against the suspect he did not name and who remains still at large.

The body also approved a resolution giving P50,000 financial assistance to the bereaved family of Cutin, and another resolution asking the City Council to revisit the city’s helmit ordinance on the proposal to disallow complete covering of the faces of the driver and the passenger when in the city.

In an interview after the meeting, Mayor Rellon said that as of Monday the police had still “raw profile information” on the victim and the descriptive information of the attackers for analysis and pursuit by the regional and provincial police offices and the CIDG.

A Task Force Cutin was organized to pursue investigation and collar Cutin’s killers.

He said that per information he initially received there are many angles in the killing relating to Cutin’s performance of his function as a barangay captain that included his witnessing of a recent buy-bust operation that resulted to the arrest one drug pusher in his barangay, his being a Katarungang Pambarangay mediator in conflicts, “a political aspect” and yet “other possibilities.”

Although, he added, that the local PNP said that “there seems to a remote possibility in the buy-bust and those others mentioned” relating to Cutin’s official functions, “but it remains as an analysis.”

The mayor said he was certain that the regional and provincial police commands, the CIDG, NBI and other duly constituted authorities would do their own investigations and sew altogether pieces of various information gathered from probes.

Mayor Rellon also vouched for an incoming case against Butalid’s killer, saying he had seen the case documents including photos of the killer.

He said he has been exerting all efforts including organizing barangay action teams and tapping of the help of households in the villages as the last line defense to stop crimes in the city.

In the afternoon on the session of the City Council, several councilors took turns expressing great loss over the death of Cutin and in describing him as a good man and good barangay official.

Councilor Nicandro Suaybaguio, Jr. said that Cutin is a good kapitan who could have a good future in serving Tagum and a good friend too young to die.

Cutin was 32 years old at the time of his death.

Suaybaguio called for “more actions” of the part of city officials and chided the city chief of police for failure to act on the longstanding request of the City Council to provide them police statistics on the “extent of drug-related crimes and drug problem situation in the city.”

Cutin’s death sparked uproar and outrage among peace-loving Tagumenyos and online netizens who called authorities to arrest the killers and serve him justice. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Meet the youngest department head in Panabo City Hall: CENRO Engr. Felix Senajon

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sept 3-9, 2014

When he assumed office last April 1 this year he put his first foot forward on the city’s solid waste development and mangrove development in the coastal areas.

New CENRO Head Engr. Felix Senajon replaced Engr. Suelo Gudin, who retired from public service.

Panabo CENRO Engr. Felix Senajon

For becoming a department head in his 13 years of working in Panabo City Government, he’s thankful to the Personnel Selection Board, and foremost the Chief Executive and the City Council.

Engr. Senajon started in the City Planning and Development Office, and stayed there for five years.

In 2000 he was promoted as the head of the Solid Waste Management Section of CENRO.

In 2013 he became the assistant CENRO officer.

The PSB approved his appointment (effective April 1, 2014) as the new CENRO last March and the City Council confirmed it on April 21, 2014.

Engr. Senajon, 37 years old, is the youngest department head of the City Government.

He manages 28 regular and 54 job order employees, 10 of whom are basureros. (RUN/cm)


Barte confirms running for mayor

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sept 3-9, 2014

Board Member Neri “Nonong” Barte has confirmed he will run for mayor in Compostela in 2016 polls.

“I’ll still be with Uswag Comval, with Governor (Chiongkee) Uy,” he said in an interview last Friday afternoon at Miko’s Brew in Tagum City, where Senator Bongbong Marcos had arrived for a talk in an orientation seminar for Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Ligas ng mga Barangay.

board member neri barte

And the board member is indeed running in the name of peace: “Since 2010 there are more than 100 persons killed in Compostela based on record from police blotter.”

This paper reported earlier that the town is besieged of rising incidents of “lungkab,kawat, patay” crimes, which the administration of Mayor Lema Bolo failed to contain as of now.

The board member said that at present he is further collating the police statistics on crimes against persons and properties, including carnappings of single motorcycles.

Board Member Barte wants to put a stop to all of these if he is given opportunity and power by the town people to lead them in the fight against crime.

He said the unabated crimes occurring in his hometown appeared to be caused by the proliferation and use of illegal drugs sold by drug pushers.

“Dinha ko natawo ug nagdako sa Compostela, kabalo ko kung kinsa na’ng mga pusher,” he said.

He feared his town would become proverbially a one whole “drug tiangge” even as he said that at present drivers and owners of habal-habal single motorcycles are no longer plying at night in the roads of Barangays Siocon and Gabi and neighboring areas out of fear that their motorcycles might be carnapped.

But the top position of the mayor is a basic requirement for him to be able to do controlling and terminating crimes in the now crimes-besieged Compostela.

“There is no substitute for an honest intention for the good and welfare of Compostela people,” he said before mediamen in Tagum City.

For his recent declaration the board member is further fast earning the monicker “The Terminator”.

Barte had served councilor for five terms in Compostela before he became a board member in 2007.

He is serving his last term now in his 28

th year as elected public official apart from his 6 years a Scout Ranger trooper (Class 27) before he entered the town politics.

Compostela residents managed to be interviewed by this paper last week said that they want a strong-willed person and not a weakling as their next mayor to give peace and put order to the present state where people feel so unsecured and fear they would be the next victims of crimes.

Moreover, in the same interview, Barte said that at present he is eyeing his first cousin Atty. Jeorge Rapista as his vice mayoral tandem “kung mosugot siya”.

Atty. Rapista, an articulate and feisty legal counsel of Daneco-NEA, had served for three terms as Compostela vice mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)