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OPINION: Doc De Veyra, the Underdog

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By Cha Monforte

Curious and strange events do happen at this formal start of political season for the 2013 election. In Tagum City, the turnaround of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon has shaken the Liberal Party. But the bid of Rellon for mayor has long been thought by many. His running against the Councilor Oyo Uy for the city’s top post is a surprise- thought to eventually come.
The next surprise is when Rellon has reportedly allied with the force of businessman-landowner Cesar Cuntapay. Will the controversial real property (RPT) ordinance that was approved under the city council presided by Rellon become a rallying issue of the city opposition during the campaign?
How will Rellon handle this when his colleagues would make the RPT issue their punching bag? He can say, look, we’re only two in the opposition, I and Councilor Boyet Gementiza, deep inside I’m against it. Both Rellon and Oyo though pledged to campaign professionally, without the mudslinging, below-the-belt issues.
It was this RPT issue that Councilor Bong Aala managed to sneak into the city LP, Uy’s camp. He obviously endeared himself to the city administration when he attacked the provincial board to be dull (“bulok” in his word) for returning the RPT ordinance to the sending city council, not knowing that his mama is part of the board that he lambasted. Later, he clarified he was referring only to the members of committee which recommended for the return of the RPT ordinance to the sender.
It was the trade committee chaired by Dr. Fred de Veyra which first made the return- to-sender. They recommended and the entire SP nodded or was silent when the measure was passed in the plenary. That means that the return-to-sender move was a collegial act of the SP. Which means sldo that Councilor Aala did still include his mama in his tirade. During the 2010 polls, only Councilors Gementiza and Aala won from the opposition. Councilor Aala is bright. When he left Gementiza to be the sole opposition to the RPT measure, now he is riding in the admin’s boat (not going to Japan) and he can handily win in the coming election.
As to Boardmember Doc de Veyra now, he filed alone as independent candidate, not for LP, not for the Kusog Baryohanon. He was double-crossed by both. Now Doc de Veyra is seen as the Underdog. Don’t count Doc de Veyra just yet, just because he is an independent waging for his reelection. He won in 2010 polls without actually much backing from Tadeco, nay Floirendos. He was the only one who came from Lakas to join with the winning 4 LP boardmembers. Tingnan natin!

It’s only in Nabunturan that an incumbent first-termer vice mayor, who was a consistent topnotcher councilor did slide down to run for councilor. Vice Mayor Darwin Tan gave his post to Councilor Mario Angelo Sotto, who would now be the 2013 runningmate of reelectionist Mayor Romeo Clarin. Sotto, a neophyte councilor but a bigtime miner, is reported to have raided ward leaders and barangay captains in town with his cash (from gold) doleouts. Obviously, there was arm-twisting made by Uswag Comval bigwigs.
Fresh report we heard is that Councilor Boyet Gementiza filed his COC for vice mayor in tandem with Atty. Paul Suaybaguio, who is running for city mayor. So there’s three-corner mayoral and vice mayoral fight in Tagum City. What a democracy in the capital city of DavNor!… As to the capital town of Comval, there’s an incoming electoral monotony in Nabunturan. Without a rival, Mayor Clarin has to better stump out the worsening problem of shabu drug addiction among his town youths, bar girls and women, as well the problems of loose firearms, shootings and killings in his town …Outgoing Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Jun-Jun” Brillantes slide down to run for vice mayor, like outgoing Comval Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya for boardmember for next year’s election…. Can Montevista Councilor Jojo Jaoud, who is running for newcomer boardmember in District 1 Comval, trash the over 44,000 votes of controversial ex-police officer Cesar Mancao in the last polls when he was defeated by Congw. Maricar Zamora, who got over 66,000 votes? Mancao is now gunning for boardmember . What about for reelectionist BMs Neri Barte and Paul Galicia vis-à-vis Mancao?
Nabunturan’s 61st fiesta was peacefully and merrily celebrated last Wednesday. Like any other barrio or parochial fiesta in this part of the country, Nabunturan fiesta is marked of joyous dining, drinking, merrymaking and festivity. In good times and bad times, Nabunturanons are known to celebrate their fiesta with much food, booze and funfare. Those who have prepared for the yearly feast, their tables would surely have abundance of delectable dishes for hearty meals and yum-yum tummy-filling of fiesta goers. Of course, the fiesta is never complete without the lechon. I must say I missed these-oh the cold beers with lots of pulutans and friends with all their pakatoks- last Wednesday as I was outside of my hometown’s embrace. (For comments, e-mail:


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March 31-April 6, 2011

Remaining oppositors to the P90-million bond flotation which the current administration of Nabunturan Mayor Romeo Clarin has recently dumped in favor to an P82-million bank borrowing have slammed the municipal buy-out plan of paying P1.8 million to Preferred Ventures Corporation, the municipal bond float consultant, citing “it is disadvantageous and prejudicial to the government.”
Emilio ‘Meloy” delos Reyes, one of the remaining lead oppositors to the municipal bond float, said in an interview that the administration of Clarin “might again be entangled with a new legal case… this time, it would not come from us (old oppositors) but from new and younger opposing taxpayers if they would pay P1.8million to Preferred Ventures in their planned buy-out scheme.”
“In the first place, Preferred Ventures should only be paid in no cure, no pay basis, that is if there would be proceeds from bonds floated, but there’s no bond proceed yet ,” added Delos Reyes, a PTCA-NNCHS official.
The bond flotation started by the past administration of former Mayor Macario Humol obviously failed in raising funds to finance the construction of the two-storey “mall-type” public market building as there was reportedly no buyers in the public auction of bonds to the general public and the bond float’s second-stage underwriting phase, which entails more obligations, is snagged by the reported denial of the Veterans Bank Manila to release funds to buy the bonds in bulk due to existing injunction issued in November 2010 by the Regional Trial Court Branch 3 in Nabunturan temporarily stopping the municipal bond flotation.
The group of bond float oppositors composed of taxpayers and market vendors filed an injunction case in November 2008 in their legal bid of stopping the bond flotation after the previous Sangguniang Bayan presided then by Clarin turned down their people’s initiative petition in their bid to put the issue for a local referendum.
The oppositors cited that the bond flotation is disadvantageous to the municipal government owing to its many un-understood and unknown obligations and conditionalities besides that the rentals to spaces in the proposed public market building were exorbitant as earlier tagged by a group of complaining market vendors.
The buy-out scheme appears to be paying Preferred Ventures in exchange that it would already exit as the municipal consultant from the terminated bond flotation.
At presstime, an ordinance is being passed for new readings authorizing Mayor Clarin to contract a bank loan worth P82 million “to finance the planning, design, construction and development of the public market (building) and to buy-out the agreement with the bond flotation financial advisor.”
Rationale d) in the the proposed ordinance authored by Councilor Carlo Ancla states: “Consonant to the shifting of form of borrowing, the agreement with the financial advisor must be terminated, thus the buy-out provision of the Memorandum of Agreement must be complied with.”
Former Mayor Macario Humol started the bond flotation during his second term starting particularly in 2006. He further pushed it in his third term starting in 2007.
During those last two terms of Humol, Clarin was the vice mayor actively supporting the much-touted P90-million bond flotation . Clarin had gave a thumbs up to a pending measure filed in the Sangguniang Bayan repealing the bond flotation ordinance and authorizing him to sign,contract and negotiate an P82-million loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines.
At presstime, sources said that the measure repealing Municipal Ordinance 2008-10 which authorized the P90-million bond flotation has already passed the first and second reading. But in the next session the SB reportedly backpedalled by aborting the ordinance repealing the bond float ordinance and instead pushed the ordinance authorizing the mayor to contract a bank loan with the buy-out provision.
Right after the May election last year, Clarin, who just assumed as the new town mayor, Humol, who was already a plain citizen, and other pro-bond flotation officials formally launched the project for a construction phase in a ground-breaking ceremony, putting up a huge tarpaulin billboard at the site in the market where block tienda stalls were razed to the ground by a fire in 2005. Sooner the site was enclosed with a fence made of galvanized iron sheets.
Subsequently, words were abuzz that inside the fenced area foundation works had been made by a contractor who already spent some P20 million but which had reportedly stopped further funding the project at present while waiting for the release of money from the Veterans Bank-Manila the local officials earlier identified to be buying the bonds in bulk.
Said contractor named by sources as CCJJ construction company and represented by one Engr. Moreno had invested some P20 million to start the construction works specifically for the foundation of the market building including its architectural and engineering design that in the feasibility study made by the bond flotation financial advisor-consultant Preferred Ventures Corporation would cost some P6.7 million.
Separate reports however said that the Veterans Bank-Manila is not releasing any single amount to buy municipal bonds unless the injunction issued in November 2009 by Regional Trial Court Branch 3 Judge Hilarion Clapis Jr would be reversed or dismissed such that the bond flotation would be free from any legal suit.
Last February 23 another fire ate up block tiendas just adjacent to the fenced site. A day after the recent fire, the gate of the fenced site was opened and visibly seen were steel trusses laying down on the ground.
The present measure while still being debated at presstime would seek to alternatively fund the project that has already eaten up three various sets of sanggunian bayans since the bond flotation financing scheme was pushed by Humol starting in year 2006 during his second term.
In 2008 midway during Humol’s last term, his bond flotation scheme was opposed by a local group of taxpayers including a good number of market vendors whose block tienda stalls were eaten up by the 2005 fire. The group then complained that the bond flotation’s terms, conditions and obligations were exorbitant and disadvantageous to the government while particularly the market vendors feared loss of livelihood as they cited excessive and high rentals of spaces inside the proposed public market building as spelled out in the project’s approved feasibility study.
The bond float oppositors during Humol’s last term included former Councilors Alfonso “Jun” Tabas and Raul Caballero, former provincial agriculturist Antonio Mencidor, former NNCHS PTCA president Emilio “Meloy” delos Reyes, journalist Charlie “Cha” Monforte, groups of market vendors led by Dodong Coquilla, and now Councilors Mario Angelo “Dodong’ Sotto and Atty. Carlo Ancla, who were then a plain citizen and one of the legal counsels of the oppositors, respectively.
In their opposition, the group first launched a people’s initiative petition seeking to repeal the controversial ordinance and to put the bond flotation issue under a local referendum but the previous SB presided by Clarin junked their petition in its Resolution No. 2008-206 made on October 21, 2008.
Subsequently, the oppositors represented by former Councilor Tabas, Delos Reyes and Monforte went to the RTC Branch 3 and filed an injunction case with application for writ of preliminary injunction in their bid of stopping the bond flotation through the court.
Respondents, who had taken pro-bond float position, were Humol, Clarin, Councilors Darwin Tan (now the new vice mayor), Iluminada Cabuga (now plain citizen), Eduardo Minoza (now barangay captain), Vivencia Secuya (now on second term), Cheryl Asion (now on third term), Alfredo Manalop (now deceased), indigenous people representative Felipe Masambo and Sangguniang Kabataan president Jennefer Gamao (now out of SK).
In February 2009, the respondents made a motion to dismiss on grounds of lack of jurisdiction and lack of cause of action.
While both parties tangled in court over an injunction issue, in May 2009 and subsequently thereafter the Humol administration made a first pre-bid conference and bidding for the project’s construction works. Sources said there was failure of the first bidding.
After series of hearings where various resource persons from the regional offices of the Dept. of Budget and Management (DBM), Dept. of Finance and municipal and provincial accountants and treasurers shed light about the bond flotation, Judge Clapis issued the writ of preliminary injunction on November 4, 2009 citing that the court has jurisdiction to rule over the issue and that the complainants have cause of action and legal standing on the case.
Judge Clapis also called Preferred Ventures Corp to shed light on bond flotation, but no company representative appeared during the hearings.
Subsequently, the respondents reportedly wanted to make a motion for reconsideration in view of the injunction issued, but complainants later heard of the respondents’ petition for Judge Clapis to inhibit from hearing the case, to which Clapis accepted their petition and inhibited himself as the judge of the case.
Clapis later said that his injunction can only be reversed by the Court of Appeals or by the Supreme Court.
Since when Clapis issued his injunction in November 2009, the respondents had not made an appeal to a higher court.
Reports instead said that the pro-bond float officials had since proceeded implementing the project and before the last May 2010 election they had already a contractor winning in the second bidding.
For proceeding with the bond flotation despite Clapis injunction and for, among others, allegedly giving the financial advisorship of the project to Preferred Ventures Corporation without “legislative enactment, ordinance or resolution to hire a financial consultant and advisor” and “without passing through the bidding procedure as required by law,” the oppositors represented by Delos Reyes and Monforte filed a grave abuse of authority case against the respondents to the Office of the Ombudsman for Mindanao in August 2009. Respondents denied the charges.
Last July after the May polls, Clarin, who just assumed as the new mayor, and newly elected and reelected officials and a plain citizen Humol formally launched the project’s construction phase at the burned site in the town public market
Just last January 12, 2011, the Ombudsman for Mindanao had ordered the two parties to file their respective verified position papers before the resolution of the case. It was the latest Ombudsman’s directive since when the complainants filed their complaint affidavits and the respondents replied with their counter affidavits to the Ombudsman in late 2009. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Issues not persons

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Oct 28-nov 3, 2010


By Cha Monforte

The conduct of the recent barangay election shows an unclean face of our country’s electoral system in the lowest rung of governance. Clear as the sky was the votebuying made by some matured candidates. That’s the same, folks, last May- only that a mere P50 can have winners. One non-incumbent candidate I knew of in Nabunturan was voted into office through his effective P50-votebuying schemes carried out by purok leaders. Obviously, he has access to the bank for having changed his P500 ot P1,000 bills for thousands of P50 bills. How many election winners do we have who poured P50 bills in the nooks and corners in the barangays? Matunog at umuugong ang P50 mo new barangay kagawad SL!

Even the Sangguniang Kabataan politicians through their cheating fathers and mothers, puera delos buenos, have the comeuppance to cheat through votebuying and entertainment as we heard of SK registered voters “kidnapped” on the eve of the election to frolick in Pantukan’s fine beaches only to return home Monday for the election.

Now second-termer barangay captain Ronald “Nono” Eliot of Visayan Village in Tagum City said he is humbled by his fresh mandate from the barangay people even if he was hit black and blue by black propaganda in the last polls. He was and is not a sabungero Boy. He’s a kapitan without Saturdays and Sundays. He serves 24/7- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He can be called for help even at the wee hours in the dead of the night. This is our greatest dream for each kapitan in the country.

The three naughty mosquiteers of the so-called “National Press Club -Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Chapter” – Misters Allan Laniba, Rey Nagar and Troy Jagunos hit me black and blue and below the belt in their Media Zona program over the unathorized “Radio Caritas” last Oct. 23 and Oct. 25 . “walang kalaban laban ka cha, giyaga yagaan ka ug gidaut kag sakto,” texted one reader of Valley & City Chronicle. I did not hear their reckless, irresponsible and libelous perorations on the air as I’m no fan since then to their illegal radio station. It’s clear that the three naughty mosquiteers have been ill-motivated to malign, cast dishonor to this person with their lies, concoctions and invented issues as they could not find one and it was in retaliation to the non-giving of Davao del Norte Capitol of the P50,000 they asked in a project proposal for the October press freedom month celebration they made without consultations with the working mediamen in the provinces as tackled by my column in our Dept. 23-29, 2010 issue. In that column I raised issues and they did not even name them. They have not been transparent  in their group’s financial transactions to working mediamen while they still have to account the money they accessed from the Capitol in last year’s celebration. Instead of rebutting to issues raised they engaged in personal attacks with baseless accusations, intrigues, innuendos and lies. They’re into irresponsible broadcasting. It’s what hit the good Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy before via the unauthorized, illegal “Radio Caritas”.  Money is what motivated them to destroy me. I have to rebut in fairness to my readers even as washing one’s dirty linen in public isn’t my forte. Now they have issues on the illegality of “Radio Caritas” (read my story in page 3). Evidently, they’re clutching raw straws in their claim that their radio station is legal. With a mere NTC-usurping RMC certification, a revoked business license, a DTI business name registration only, a verbal imprimatur of NTC regional director Josue de Villa Go and foremost without probational authority (PA), they deceive the public by going commercial broadcasting full-blast. With their court’s deadline, we’ll wait this December if they can submit the PA, or else by the New Year, it’s babay (bombay) to the three onion-skinned. The three naughty mosquiteers are a challenged to rebut these issues raised and not with personal attacks to this person, who is alone and is only armed with an old, rickety laptop. Punto por punto, shoot the message, not the messenger. And we’ll know who the real broadcasters and real journalists are.

BLOGS AND BITS: Ex-Sto. Tomas Mayor Dario Romano ran for poblacion barangay captain but was deafeated by reelectionist kapitan Benigno “Bobong” Andamon. That, despite that he is rich, an ex-mayor and got the Iglesia votes. Romano was supposed to make the barangay post as his jumping board for his new mayoral bid by 2013. With another electoral defeat following his failed mayoral bid last May polls, he’s in for a complete political demise, and with it comes the rising political star of ex-Vice Mayor and now Boardmember Daniel Lu for the mayoral post by 2013.

In the barangay polls, the brother of last-termer Mayor Maximo Estela- Gabriel “Jun” Estela Jr also lost in the race for barangay kagawads. Romano was supposed to boost his picking chances by Mayor Estela but he failed to be the kapitan. Since BM Daniel Lu is most senior Lakas member now, and with the implication of Jun Estela’s defeat even at the barangay level, so there must also be implication to the winnability of Councilor Eric Estela, the mayor’s son, as one of the administration’s mayoral potential bets by 2013, at this early. BM Lu really can’t be counted out since after the recent polls more Estela leaders are reportedly asking him to be apply now as an administration’s mayoral bet.

The budgetting process of local government units for next fiscal year is on finishing touches. Throughout the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, only three town LGUs have annual budgets hovering over P200 million. These are Monkayo, Sto. Tomas and Kapalong.

Cong. AGR has been declared to be now cancer-free. We’ll wait for his return by January, and not by December as earlier notified.

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has asked for more explanations from Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) for the balance of its P1.4-billion capital expenditure (Capex) loan application. Deputy GM Engr. Felix Hibionada said that he’s currently preoccupied with the explanation papers. He’s the man in charge of it. The loan is sought to fund for the rehabilitation and improvement of its 40-year-old and decaying power infrastructure and system.

Daneco OIC GM Engr. Nelson Balangan, on the other hand, said that if the people, the power consumers, want the breaking of Daneco into two electric coops, so be it, thy will be done. (e-mail:

NEWS: Court stops P90 M bond flotation of Compostela Valley LGU

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nov 13

The Regional Trial Court Branch 3 has issued an injunction stopping the implementation of the P90-million bond flotation of the local government of Nabunturan, Compostela Valley.
RTC Branch 3 Executive Judge Hilarion Clapis Jr in his decision, released Wednesday, in the Special Civil Case No. 898  praying for injunction with application for writ of preliminary injunction stated that his sala finds that the three complainants, who are town residents, “have sufficiently established the existence of grave damage and irreparable injury to justify, albeit provisionally the restraint of the act or acts complained of in this the bond flotation scheme.”
Temporarily enjoined not to make any act relating to bond flotation pending the decision of the case on the merits are Mayor Macario Humol, Vice Mayor Romeo Clarin and town councilors Darwin Tan, Eduardo Minosa, Vivencia Secuya, Cheryl Trinidad, Iluminida Cabuga, Felipe Masambo and Sangguniang Kabataan representative Jennifer Gamao.
The officials have been wanting to raise P90 million by selling government bonds to the public to fund for the construction of a “mall-like” public market building to replace the old market building razed by a fire four years ago.
Complainants were Charlie Monforte, a journalist, Emilio delos Reyes, a president of a  parent-teachers association and opposing Councilor Alfonso Tabas Jr.
They charged in their complaint that the bond flotation enacted by Municipal Ordinance No. 2008-10 “is clearly oppressive and grossly disadvantageous which if not repealed will result to great wastage of taxpayers’ money, dissipate the coffers of the Local Government Unit and importantly displace hundreds of market vendors from the said facility resulting to loss of income. loss of jobs and grievous economic injuries to ordinary citizens of Nabunturan”.

The respondents filed a motion to dismiss last February citing lack of jurisdiction and lack of cause of action, but complainants filed opposition to it following hearings where regional officials and experts from Dept of Finance and Dept. of Budget and Management and Local Finance Committee officials were summoned to testify as resource persons.
Monforte and Delos Reyes were also complainants of a separate graft complaint filed at the Office of the Ombudsman for Mindanao last August.
In that complaint, the two charged that the same respondents have allegedly failed to conduct public bidding in the hiring of the bond flotation’s financial adviser-consultant Preferred Ventures Corporation, a Makati-based firm.
They claimed that even without the “legislative enactment, ordinance or resolution to hire a financial consultant and advisor for the municipality’s infrastructure project, Mayor Humol proceeded to enter into Memorandum of Agreement with Preferred Ventures” and “(it) became an automatic financial consultant/advisor without passing through the bidding procedure as required by law”.
For opposing the bond flotation, Councilors Raul Caballero, Editha Arangcon and Tabas were spared from the complaint.  (Al Rosero/Rural Urban News)


NEWS: New Comval’s gold rush on at Pamintaran, Maragusan

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Secret gold boom in Mainit, Nabunturan?

july 13

A new gold rush is now largely ongoing at a village named Pamintaran at the highland town of Maragusan, about two-hour ride up northeast of the capital town of Nabunturan in the Compostela Valley.
John Alfred Angcog, a gold prospector who has just come from Pamintaran gold rush area said in an interview Sunday in Nabunturan, that an estimated 20,000 miners are already exploring the area since it was opened again after exploring miners were temporarily barred by authorities to enter and explore in last February.
He said that the mining site has been opened again after the Maragusan municipal government has made a plan for the area.
“Pamintaran is about 4 kilometers from Maragusan poblacion and can easily be reached by single motorcycles unlike the other gold rush sites in Comval,” he said.
He said that about 300 small-scale tunnels are already operating and competing for rich gold veins in the area, adding that in fact some known mining-associated personalities who had hit it big in Diwalwal and even in as far as influential politicians and names from Agusan and Surigao areas have been heard to be also staking for a fortune in Pamintaran’s range of mountains, which reportedly consist of about 300 hectares.
He said that he and other members of his corpo (mining group) heard that early this year the area came to be known to have rich gold deposits when a group got a yield of about 6.6 kilos of gold after they had some 220 bags of ores excavated from one of Pamintaran mountains processed by the “planta” (carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plant).
Angcog also added that there are still few cynidation plants in the Maragusan and most of the ores from Pamintaran found their way to mineral processing zone downhill at Barangay Mainit in Nabunturan.
Mainit barangay captain Dominggo Malanog, in separate interview, said that in his barangay there are thirty (30) cyanidation plants mostly owned by outsiders of his village including foreigners like Korean nationals.
“They are the ones who are benefit from it, and not us,” he added.
The mountains and rivers of Barangay Mainit and the neighboring Barangay Bukal have long been known by exploring miners to have deposits of gold since the 70, although gold strikes and hits of small miners trigerring seasonal gold rushes have largely characterized the Mainit-Bukal mining area time and again in the past.
But since the firmer grounding and use of fabricated, small-scale carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plants as a technology and the continued high price of gold in the world market have changed the gold production parameters and in fact made more feasible the small scale mining.
Village chief Malanog bared that the Mainit-Bukal area has the mining sites in Payawan, Bugac, Pagtulian, Cabinuangan, and the older Saraban, Inupuan and Noknokan areas.
He said that guerilla-type of small scale mining activities even encroached into the Log Cabin area inside the 1,775-hectare Mainit Protected Landscape (formerly classified as Mainit National Park).
But with the lively operations of cynidation plants in Mainit mineral processing zone at present have fueled speculations that there is an ongoing secret gold rush and boom in Mainit-Bukal mining complex. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: 117 Nabunturan youths take Iskolar ni Raul exams for 4-year course

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april 8

Some 117 new high school graduates, mostly belonging to the Top 10 of their class, in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley yesterday took the competitive qualifying examinations in the search for the 30 Iskolar ni Raul for four-year course in the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) at Antipolo City starting in the coming academic year 2009-2010.

Creme dela creme, the best and the brightest of Nabunturan- some 117 new high school graduates, mostly belonging to the Top 10 of their class, in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley take the competitive qualifying examinations yesterday for the 30 Iskolar ni Raul for 4-year course at the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), Antipolo City for the coming school year. Inset is Councilor Raul Caballero. (photo by Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

Creme dela creme, the best and the brightest of Nabunturan- some 117 new high school graduates, mostly belonging to the Top 10 of their class, in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley take the competitive qualifying examinations yesterday for the 30 Iskolar ni Raul for 4-year course at the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), Antipolo City for the coming school year. (photo by Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

The examinees who took the exam were considered as Nabunturan’s creme dela creme and best and the brightest of this year’s batch of high school graduates as they were either having 85 percent or above average grade, or Top 10 of the class or student leaders.

The IPLC scholarship grants accessed through the initiative of Nabunturan councilor Raul Caballero would provide free tuition fee worth over P32,000 per semester, free dormitory and student assistanceship for free board and lodging of the chosen scholars. They would also have the opportunity to go to US and other countries in Asia for youth leadership training and fellowship once they graduate.

The courses offered under scholarship are Bachelor of Science in Journalism, BS in Politics and Governance, BS in Philosophy Program, BS in Secondary Education,  major in English or in Values Education, and BS in Business Administration, major in Marketing, in Entrepreneurial Development or in Human Resource Management.

Before yesterday’s start of examinations held at NNCHS, Councilor Caballero challenged examinees never to waver from their aspirations to get education saying that education has remained to be the key and proving element in improving the lot of especially impoverished families in the country.

Caballero is also funding from all of his salaries as councilor the schooling of some 45 scholars who have just completed the first year of the two-year computer programming course in Nabunturan College of Science and Technology.

Yesterday’s examination was administered by Comval assistant schools division superintendent Antonio Delos Reyes, also the vice president of the Mesael Caballero Foundation, Inc., a nongovernment organization, which coordinates and administers the Iskolar ni Raul program. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Nabunturan councilor-anchor files libel suit vs. municipal planning officer over broadcast in new FM station

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By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

COMPOSTELA VALLEY- Nabunturan town councilor Alfonso “Jun” Tabas Jr. filed Tuesday a libel case against one municipal planning and development coordinator Freddie Coronica stemming from a broadcast in a government-paid program over a new FM station in town DXPA 103.1 on January 24, 2009 when he attacked Tabas with a mouthful of allegedly scathing libelous remarks.

Tabas is a blocktime anchor of the same station and a known broadcaster here who ran independent and won a councilor’s slot in the last 2007 polls. He is known to be oppositionist to last-termer Mayor Macario Humol.

Tabas complaint was lodged to and docketed by the provincial prosecutor’s office with NPS No. XI-01-INV-09B-0002/9 Tuesday afternoon.

In his complaint received by prosecutor II Alona Labtic, Tabas stated that Coronica allegedly attacked his reputation during the radio program “Padayag sa Nabunturan” by calling him words as “kagawad Tigbas (a hack)”, “kagaw… kagaw sa katilingban (germ), “baboy… irong buang, askal…asong ulol” (pig…mad dog)”, “attack and collect, defend and collect (AC-DC)” broadcaster, “may pagkadakung mota (has big mote in the eye)” and “nagpakaulaw na sa SB (he put the Sangguniang Bayan to shame)”.

Coronica was guesting in the local government-paid blocktime aired on that date at around 6:30 A.M. when he talked about the P90-million bond flotation project of Humol administration, which is as press time being questioned by Tabas and other oppositors in court.

Tabas stated in his complaint that to vindicate his honor as public official, pastor of Missionary Baptist Church and as an active member of Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), he was forced to engage the services of a counsel and paid an acceptance fee of P50,000 to his lawyer.

Tabas stated that that he was executing the libel as criminal case with the reservation of filing administrative cases against the same respondent in other bodies, ostensibly the Ombudsman and Civil Service Commission.

Tabas’ complaint was supported by affidavit of witness Hernanito Clet, a personal assistant of Tabas who claimed he made audio recordings on the program anchored by municipal information officer Jennifer Echavez and guested by Coronica.

DXPA 103.1 had just started broadcasting last December and is owned by former Congressman Prospero Amatong and his family. With its 1,000-watt power capacity, it accordingly reaches its broadcast to as far as portions of Davao City , Mati, Davao Oriental and Agusan del Sur.

Meanwhile, reports said that earlier before Coronica’s recorded lambasts Tabas had castigated for several times Mayor Humol, Coronica and other municipal personnel and officials in his own daily morning radio program “Katin-awan”.

Tabas is defended by lawyer Carlo Ancla.

Respondent Coronica would still have to execute his answer to the complaint before the office of the provincial prosecutor would weigh and rule whether Tabas libel complaint would to be dismissed or not. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)