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Amatong “uneasy” of Way K’s vice gov bid for 2013; Navarro endorses Colina for VG

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DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Compostela Valley District 2 Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong is reportedly “uneasy” this early  over the bid of the former Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora to run for vice governor by 2013 seeking a tandem with Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, political pundits said.

By 2013 polls the governor would by then be running for his third term  and chances are whoever sits as the vice governor would most possibly run for governor by 2016, the year when Uy and Amatong would end their respective terms and possibly run swapping each other’s post- Uy running for congressman and Amatong for governor.

By 2013 current Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya would end his third term and Gov. Uy is reportedly facing a range of vice gubernatorial probables for 2013 to anoint:  former vice governor and current second-termer Boardmember Atty. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, former Cong. Zamora, who is on political furlough after serving out his three terms, 2000 bartopnotcher and second-termer Boardmember Atty. Dexter Lopoz, and former Nabunturan Mayor Macario Humol, who is now working as one of the governor’s executive assistants in the provincial government following his three terms as mayor of the capital town.

However, pundits said that there is also this prospect of Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay vying for the vice gubernatorial post by 2013 with his father returning to vie for his former congressional post.

But Comval league of mayors president and Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is now all endorsing Maragusan Mayor Cesar Colina Sr to be a fitting vice gubernatorial tandem of Gov. Uy citing five reasons.

“Personally I’m endorsing Mayor Cesar Colina of Maragusan on the grounds of: 1. His closeness to Gov. Uy, 2. His experience as a Sangguniang Panlalawigan member, 3. His track record as local chief executive, 4. His proven business acumen, and more importantly, 5. His logistics and machinery which can supplement that of Governor Uy,” Mayor Navarro said in text message.

“If the mayors are consulted we will suggest that because the incumbent governor is from District 2, ideally the vice governor must come from District 1. Also, preferably the candidate is one among the local chief executives in the District 1,” Navarro added.

Pundits said that Cong. Amatong is reportedly “uneasy” over the prospect of Zamora’s getting of the vice gubernatorial pick “basig modagan siya pagka gov sa 2016 (as he might run for governor by 2016)”.

The option is well within Zamora’s right to aspire for new public office even as he has already his daughter  Maricar elected as District 1 congresswoman in the last May polls. But it matters most when he gets elected as vice governor by 2013 under the Uswag Comval provincial political aggrupation and officially serves as the political better-half of the governor towards 2016. The vice gubernatorial post is considered crucial in 2013 with big political implication by 2016.

The Valley & City Chronicle tried but failed to reach Gov. Uy and Mayor Colina for comments.

On his current political furlough, Zamora is observed to be always basing in Nabunturan as he is reportedly preoccupied in managing his sprawling cockfighting sports arena-resort business in town.

This as pundits said that senior Boardmember Joselito Brillantes and last-termer Mayor Manuel Brillantes would not be aspiring for any higher post as long as the mayorship of Monkayo is assured to be uncontested except by their sister Janet Brillantes-Diel, the barangay captain of Olaycon, Monkayo.

Meanwhile, Gentugaya has been reported to be always residing in Monkayo now. But Monkayo Vice Mayor Avelino Cabag earlier said that Gentugaya’s presence in town should not be not be given political meaning other than he is now taking in charge of their family’s business in town from his parents’ management. Other sources said that the vice governor has also engaged in cavendish banana farming of sizable hectarage in his town.

But the problem of Ramil if he chooses the lesser option of running as boardmember by 2013 polls is there is no vacancy for boardmember’s slot in the administration party with the five reelectionist boardmembers around- Lito Brillantes, Atty. Lopoz, Paul Galicia, Neri Barte and Heracleo Codilla, who is reportedly joining the Uswag Comval from being an independent election winner, unless Lopoz comes out to be the vice gubernatorial pick.

On the other hand, in the District 2, at least three possible boardmember’s posts would be vacated by 2013 with the scenario of having Boardmember Cesar Richa running for Maco mayor as Mayor Voltaire Rimando is serving his last term now, while second-termer Boardmember Moran Takasan might run for mayor in Pantukan given also the current last term of Mayor JC Celso “Tok” Sarenas.  Boardmember Ruben Flores is also in his third term. Remaining reelectionists are first-termer Boardmember Kristine Caballero and second-termer Gonzaga.

With the expected opening of more boardmember’s posts in the District 2 by 2013, the governor’s youngest son Jay Tyron Uy is given opportunity to run for boardmember under the administration’s slate, pundits said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Cee O to fellow mayors: still move things differently in 2011

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DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy has still his wish and advice to his fellow chief executives  in Davao del Norte for 2011 to still move and steer things differently in their respective towns and cities – focus on projects, programs and services that the people will appreciate.

“I’ve been encouraging my fellow

mayors whenever we meet on occasions to make physical changes in their places so they won’t not be replaced in the next election,” he said in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle.

Even as the mayor cited a simple formula of getting easier mayoral reelection, how he wished that for 2011 sincerity, honesty and dedication would all the more be pursued as the cornerstone in the rendering of public service by all elected officials “for our constituents for whom we are sworn to give our best and deliver basic services.”

As the mayor enters his second to the last year and a half year in his third term, he said: sa tinud-anay pamilin-bilin gihapon ni ang ako, pledging for his continued effort of laying down his legacies for the over 230,000 people of Tagum City.

“My New Year’s wish is for more jobs to be available, more businesses to come in, good harvests, peace and unity of our people,” he said.

He added he would continue being hands-on in running the affairs of the city and being interactive with the people citing his longstanding people’s feedback mechanism through his well known cellphone number.

The mayor also thanked the people in the neighboring towns for their continuing patronage to the city’s commercial and institutional services so that “we are all the more encouraged to develop Tagum not only for the Tagumenyos but also for them”. “They buy and spend here, so more money are left and circulating in the city.”

As to Metro Gaisano, the city’s incoming biggest mall that is still being constructed at the city highway centre, Mayor Uy reckoned that it would start doing initial business middle of 2011 while the 168 Mall in the east along the road going to Apokon will open early months of 2011.

And as to the kutings (bedbugs) lurking in the wooden benches in the Tagum City Overland Transport and Integrated Terminal (Totit), it’s bye-bye to them as he would soon be introducing fiberglass benches “para mawala nang kuting” to the ease and comfort of the awaiting passengers.

On the other hand, the mayor is seeing that President Benigno Aquino III “is doing good” and his administration is making solid strides for the past six months last year since he was overwhelmingly elected by the people.

“Go on P-Noy in your task to clean the government and have good governance,” the city mayor wished the President as the New Year started.

Mayor Uy said that to him the President has still maintained a very high trust rating as he is on the right track of doing things.

He added that bad issues that cropped up in the last six months and leveled against the Aquino administration proved to be nothing and not of his own making such as the bus hostaging in Manila. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Daneco board moves to re-publish GM post, Laniba rejected again; Briz gets death threats

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DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

The board of directors of Davao del Norte Cooperative (Daneco) has chosen the option of having the vacancy of the regular general manager to be published again visibly finding former OIC GM Allan Laniba not fit to manage the multi-billionaire cooperative.

The board in special session last December 18 sent its decision to the National Electrification Administration for the re-publication of the post  than the acceptance of the Laniba to the post, two options that NEA recommendation earlier forwarded to the board.

Under the law, the board of the power cooperative has the final say in the choosing of the general manager as it is mandated to confirm NEA’s recommended GM following series of validations, examinations, interviews and interviews of shortlisted applicants.

The board first tackled the issue of whether confirming Laniba or not last December 11 and on that date moved to tackle it in a committee of the whole by Dec. 18. On the latter date the board met and finding the GMship issue as urgent and with all the directors present converted the committee of the whole into special session.

NEA would still send its advisory on when the notice of vacancy of Daneco GM would be re-published by national and local newspapers.

As this developed, board president Dean Briz has reportedly received death threats in his cellphone days after the board decided to re-publish the vacancy of Daneco GM. One text message says, “mapugos ang grupo sa pagpatay nimo”.

Other text messages were reportedly sent to other management executives of Daneco threatening them to be cautious in making official Daneco documents as they might be included in a suit against Daneco board officials.

At present, Laniba is on the thick of defending charges that he is ultimately responsible for the mismanagement of several Barangay Power Associations (BAPAs) which were abolished by the board due to several millions of unremitted power bills collections with some absconding BAPA officials already taking flight to avoid prosecution.  The BAPAs were under  the Institutional Service Department headed by Laniba. (cha monforte)

OPINION: Not whim and caprices over Laniba

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By Cha Monforte

DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

The Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) board of directors presided by Dean Briz has crossed the rubicon: it decided to reject a non-engineer Allan Laniba as a insider employee to become Daneco’s regular general manager. Earlier, the National Electrification Administration (NEA),  following its validation and  screening of shortlisted applicants, recommended to the Daneco board to either confirm Laniba or have the vacant post re-published by newspapers. The Daneco board, under the law and the bylaws, has the final say who becomes the regular GM. NEA only screens, validates and recommends its choice. Stupid, it’s the Daneco board which finally decides who the Daneco regular GM should be!
My source said that of the 12 members of the board of directors now only director Orlando Bugas of Nabunturan is supporting Laniba. If I were Laniba I would not insist for the peace of Daneco. But he’s moving heaven and earth wanting unpeace by soliciting support from top politicians including Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and religous leaders unknowing of Daneco’s la affairs. I know Gov. RDR and Bishop Wilfredo Manlapaz are men of peace, so here’s a history about Daneco’s GMship for their comprehensive info as especially the governor’s cordon sanitaire obviously failed to provide him one. And like Fr. Nards of Panabo City info office, the DavNor info men should be better inside Bananoy, the mascot.
Daneco’s GMship issue has now reached the peak in so far as Laniba is concerned and after 1 year of legal tussles and boardroom wranglings. Laniba, junior of many senior department managers of Daneco, was a protege of late GM Edgar Savellano and was designated to be OIC GM by the latter when he was still sick and on leave. The previous board, presided then by Dr. Antonio Sebumpan, MD and majority of whom were allied to Savellano, subsequently confirmed Laniba’s designation as OIC GM on April 4, 2009. NEA on April 15, 2009 finding Laniba to be backed up by the previous board affirmed the board’s action and gave Laniba 1 year probationary period.
On July 11, 2009 while Laniba was supposed to be on probationary period the previous board led by Dr. Sebumpan moved to make Laniba the permanent GM. The resolution net 8 votes and 1 “no” vote of Briz. Shortly after, Briz together with director-treasurer Ananias Darjan Jr and director Roman Calicdan questioned the board’s action and by mid 2009 NEA administrator counsel Atty. Edgardo Piamonte threw back the issue to the board to resolve it as a collegial body. Dr. Sebumpan answered NEA, stating that the issue was already settled by the board. On September 16, 2009 NEA counsel Piamonte wrote the board giving Laniba 1 year up to April 2010 to prove his worth during the probationary period with an advice that Laniba had still to be subjected to NEA evaluation and recommendation.
But on Dec. 12, 2009 six Daneco directors led by Briz in a simple majority moved to declare the GM post open and vacant in Resolution No. 293 . Four directors said “no” while one director abstained. It was contested by Laniba, backed up by Daneco’s legal consultant Atty. Jess Albacite,  to NEA legal department and they tagged Res. 293 as invalid from the very beginning advancing that what was needed was 2/3 of the votes of 12-man board of directors or 7 votes and not simple majority of 6 votes. But NEA threw back again to the board the challenge to resolve the issue on majority votes in Res. No. 293. On February 28, 2010 the previous board, leaning to Briz contention, affirmed Res. 293 to be valid and in order with additional 1 vote gained, thus the 7 majority votes was reached and affirmed the contended resolution. But still Laniba protested even while he was yet acting as the OIC GM of Daneco with a board reeling in so divisive, tumultuos mood and so oriented to boardroom maneuverings that had one director crying for peace in the boardroom in Daneco Tagum office after he had a stroke. When Laniba was still the OIC GM he managed to sway the employees to his side even the contracting electricians instigating them to go against a Laniba-hostile board already chaired by Briz, who earlier wrested the presidency from Sebumpan in a new election of officers following vascillations of few directors towards Briz and company.
With Briz and company’s 7 votes as a backdrop, the previous board was then locked in a struggle in policy measures with hairline vote margin switching to and pro either favoring Laniba or Briz depending on the issue at hand. Briz and Co. contended that Laniba’s term as OIC GM could anytime be cut by the Daneco board citing a NEA ruling that the management of a power cooperative is vested on its board of directors, and therefore it can anytime declare the position open and vacant for application by anybody nationwide. They then asked NEA to publish the vacancy to a newspaper of national circulation with Daneco shouldering for the cost of publication, which NEA subsequently favored to publish it by second week of April 2010.
While Briz and Co. and Sebumpan and Co. locked horns on the issue of replacing or maintaining Laniba, the Briz and Co. had been blowing the lid off in baring alleged anomalies and “deficiencies” happening in Daneco with unresolved management, operational and financial issues harking back to the time of late first GM Atty. Jose Amacio. Briz and Co. wanted reforms, while Laniba was defending a status quo. Last year Laniba succeeded twice not to be unseated by Briz and Co. as he still got the majority in defeating the measure of replacing him with one who chickened out, and then the motion of rotating OIC GMship by department managers. If not of the publication of the notice of vacancy for Daneco GM,  Laniba, unrepentant and clinging like kapit tuko to his post, would not have relinquished the OIC GM post as required to an Daneco insider applicant to the position. On April 27, 2010 technical department manager Engr. Nelson Balangan assumed as Daneco OIC GM. Balangan is proving to be well in managing Daneco even as there is now peace in the current board of directors led by Briz (who was reelected as board president July last year by his colleagues with two new directors – Zafra and Binasbas).  By October 2010 three of the eight applicants for regular GM were shortlisted by NEA to be qualified for validation and screening even as earlier NEA deemed Laniba to be already automatically qualified for being the OIC GM on probationary period. And by December last year NEA gave an advisory to either confirm or re-publish the notice of vacancy of regular GM of Daneco.
POSTSCRIPTS: We are in democratic country, and a power coop is also democratic by the virtue that it is collectively owned by its members, who reposed their will to their elected board of directors. Since Briz and Co. is reportedly now composed of 10 directors, a so large majority, with only Bugas supporting Laniba, now how’s this far Gov. RDR? It’s the will of the Daneco members through the board that put Laniba to be the man not to be trusted to manage the multi-billionaire Daneco.Not by the directors’ whims and caprices. Laniba could not even manage well the small thing of the small BAPAs. And still give him the whole, big affairs of multi-billionaire Daneco? It’s doubly risky to put the management of Daneco to a junior, a neophyte, non-engineer and politician wannabe. Laniba is a suspect when he defends the status quo and resists reforms pushed by Briz and Co. and wants divisions and tumults to characterize Daneco’s boardroom. And look what he had done to peace in Daneco by his being kapit tuko? Instead, of getting more directors to his side, he has one Orlando Bugas digging up for him. (e-mail:

OPINION: Damn the rules on calamity fund

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DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

Oftentimes, Manila’s imperialism to Mindanao rears its ugly head in the form of laws and policies that do not fit to the conditions and realities of Mindanaoans. The often lopsided national budget bias to Metro Manila and Luzon  has resulted to dualism in the country’s development. This is seen in the continuing accelerated growths to an already developed Metro Manila and Luzon and the laggard growths of Mindanao areas. As always, since time immemorial, the island only eats up a third of the country’s budget while Mindanao has been the major food and natural resource supplier to the rest of the country. The policy-spawned development in the country needless to say has always put Mindanao in the sidelines.

On the particular score, the same, this newly issued implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10121, otherwise known as the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, finds it undercurrents on the long historical neglect to Mindanao. Panabo City Mayor Jose Silvosa Sr is right to call for an immediate revision of the IRR that prohibits declaration of the calamity fund savings as savings on beginning balance of the general fund and put this in the freezer as reserved fund in case of calamity and for risk reduction and management for the next 5 years. What an unrealistic IRR! Just because an LGU experiences no calamity, and ergo, the supposed budget for it would be treated to be idle for the next five years? What if there would be no calamity that will strike to a town for the next 5 years? The scenario would be a bloated reserved fund or savings that cannot be used for productive and development endeavors for the welfare and good of the people, save for the portion of it that could be used for risk reduction projects such as drainage and slope protection infrastructures and the like. By this, the LGUs and the people are not given leeways to use the people’s taxes to where they are needed most.

The rules have shown otherwise the protective mindset of the people of Luzon who are often hit by typhoons and calamities year by year. Maybe the framers of the rules have in their mind that since their areas are calamity-prone, the unused budgets can be left to be bloated as reserved fund for diasasters and calamities as they would surely be hit by calamities every year and each time they are hit a more disastrous scale is left for greater repair and rehabilitation requiring more resources from the government. But this isn’t the case in Mindanao.

“The rules are inappropriate, not all-embracing and need to be revised,” says Panabo City Mayor Silvosa. We need not say more.  (Cha Monforte)