Daneco board moves to re-publish GM post, Laniba rejected again; Briz gets death threats

DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

The board of directors of Davao del Norte Cooperative (Daneco) has chosen the option of having the vacancy of the regular general manager to be published again visibly finding former OIC GM Allan Laniba not fit to manage the multi-billionaire cooperative.

The board in special session last December 18 sent its decision to the National Electrification Administration for the re-publication of the post  than the acceptance of the Laniba to the post, two options that NEA recommendation earlier forwarded to the board.

Under the law, the board of the power cooperative has the final say in the choosing of the general manager as it is mandated to confirm NEA’s recommended GM following series of validations, examinations, interviews and interviews of shortlisted applicants.

The board first tackled the issue of whether confirming Laniba or not last December 11 and on that date moved to tackle it in a committee of the whole by Dec. 18. On the latter date the board met and finding the GMship issue as urgent and with all the directors present converted the committee of the whole into special session.

NEA would still send its advisory on when the notice of vacancy of Daneco GM would be re-published by national and local newspapers.

As this developed, board president Dean Briz has reportedly received death threats in his cellphone days after the board decided to re-publish the vacancy of Daneco GM. One text message says, “mapugos ang grupo sa pagpatay nimo”.

Other text messages were reportedly sent to other management executives of Daneco threatening them to be cautious in making official Daneco documents as they might be included in a suit against Daneco board officials.

At present, Laniba is on the thick of defending charges that he is ultimately responsible for the mismanagement of several Barangay Power Associations (BAPAs) which were abolished by the board due to several millions of unremitted power bills collections with some absconding BAPA officials already taking flight to avoid prosecution.  The BAPAs were under  the Institutional Service Department headed by Laniba. (cha monforte)


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