Cee O to fellow mayors: still move things differently in 2011

DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy has still his wish and advice to his fellow chief executives  in Davao del Norte for 2011 to still move and steer things differently in their respective towns and cities – focus on projects, programs and services that the people will appreciate.

“I’ve been encouraging my fellow

mayors whenever we meet on occasions to make physical changes in their places so they won’t not be replaced in the next election,” he said in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle.

Even as the mayor cited a simple formula of getting easier mayoral reelection, how he wished that for 2011 sincerity, honesty and dedication would all the more be pursued as the cornerstone in the rendering of public service by all elected officials “for our constituents for whom we are sworn to give our best and deliver basic services.”

As the mayor enters his second to the last year and a half year in his third term, he said: sa tinud-anay pamilin-bilin gihapon ni ang ako, pledging for his continued effort of laying down his legacies for the over 230,000 people of Tagum City.

“My New Year’s wish is for more jobs to be available, more businesses to come in, good harvests, peace and unity of our people,” he said.

He added he would continue being hands-on in running the affairs of the city and being interactive with the people citing his longstanding people’s feedback mechanism through his well known cellphone number.

The mayor also thanked the people in the neighboring towns for their continuing patronage to the city’s commercial and institutional services so that “we are all the more encouraged to develop Tagum not only for the Tagumenyos but also for them”. “They buy and spend here, so more money are left and circulating in the city.”

As to Metro Gaisano, the city’s incoming biggest mall that is still being constructed at the city highway centre, Mayor Uy reckoned that it would start doing initial business middle of 2011 while the 168 Mall in the east along the road going to Apokon will open early months of 2011.

And as to the kutings (bedbugs) lurking in the wooden benches in the Tagum City Overland Transport and Integrated Terminal (Totit), it’s bye-bye to them as he would soon be introducing fiberglass benches “para mawala nang kuting” to the ease and comfort of the awaiting passengers.

On the other hand, the mayor is seeing that President Benigno Aquino III “is doing good” and his administration is making solid strides for the past six months last year since he was overwhelmingly elected by the people.

“Go on P-Noy in your task to clean the government and have good governance,” the city mayor wished the President as the New Year started.

Mayor Uy said that to him the President has still maintained a very high trust rating as he is on the right track of doing things.

He added that bad issues that cropped up in the last six months and leveled against the Aquino administration proved to be nothing and not of his own making such as the bus hostaging in Manila. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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