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The “trusted lieutenants”

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By Cha Monforte

An ex-Comval boardmember who is now out of public office said to me after reading our last week’s issue that transactions like the CISA transaction were always thrown by ex-Governor Jose “Joecab” Caballero to the Comval Sangguniang Panlalawigan for their prior authority and approval. He was one of the member of the so-called Comval SP Eight, the majority that blocked Joecab’s executive and supplemental budgets during the 2005-2006 budget wars in Comval. He said the new law on government procurement was already there existing and operational, and yet transactions like the CISA transaction of the Davao del Norte provincial government, passed to their scrutiny.

Maybe, sir, Comval’s precedent was different because ex-Gov. Joecab became already a virtual lameduck governor by your too much fliibustering and obstructionism in the SP. But “no” the ex-Comval boardmember retorted, adding, “Joecab always makes it sure there will be no legal liabilities on his part later in whatever contracts he would implement for and in behalf of the province.” The ex-BM who had three terms said that during his first and second terms he was a good, loyal ally of the ex-Gov. Joecab. He is a lawyer. I saw him only shaking his head while reading our issue bannering the headline, “AALA’s THUNDER COMES TO SNUBBED SP”.

There were evident rush and shortcuts in the awarding and implementation of the security services contract of CISA, in so far as the period Dec. 28, 2010-Jan. 1, 2011 is concerned. Why? We take Dec. 28 as more of a day of notifying, complying all the documents with a questionable e-mailed document at that, and a day of awarding. There were still Dec. 29 and 30, two days that the Capitol Triumvirate composed of provincial administrator Rufo Peligro, BAC chair and PGSO Samson Sanchez and PLO Atty. Jennifer Namoc could have appraised the sitting Acting Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr on what had happened to the bidding before the CISA guards would move in to secure the Capitol complex, but oh, my gulay! they just didn’t. Why, oh wow? So there was no Notice to Proceed sent to CISA until the supposed last day (Jan. 6, 2011) of the required timeframe to issue such under Republic Act No. 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act), when the vice gov was still the acting gov.

Since Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario signed the contract “after January 8, 2011”, as bared by COA auditor Susan Querequincia in an interview with us, the more the CISA guards are not allowed to swing their presence around in the Capitol from Jan. 1 to Jan. 8, 2011, assuming that the contract does not need a prior authority and approval from the SP.
If I dub Boardmember Shirley Belen Aala as the “tigress” (a female tiger) in the DavNor SP, I am tempted to dub the Liga ng Barangay provincial president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo as the sleeping lion in the same provincial board. Obviously, BM Vincent (to differentiate with the other BM Enteng- Eliot)is still on the threshold of his learning curve as a provincial legislator. Wait ‘til the lion is awake and he would no longer be silent during sessions. I saw and covered his Manong Tonyboy as a boardmember in the mid 80s and the latter showed that among equals in the SP he was oozing with influence. The sleeping lion now is preeminent District 2 congressman who would succeed Cong. Anton Lagdameo after his last/second term.

I chanced upon last week ex-Panabo City Mayor Rey Gavina in a shoe shine shop in his city’s downtown and I asked him about his bent of running as drawn by political pundits who are always meeting and plotting in the kapihan under the acacia trees fronting Panabo’s Hall of Justice. He said he’s yet hopeful that the “agreement” between him and Mayor Joe Silvosa Sr “will be implemented”. Considering the pundits’ says so that it would be a “long way for the Gamaos and Gavinas” in Panabo’s politics with no less than his son, city councilor and PCL president BM Janrey “Biboy” Gavina as a faraway city mayor after the three mayoral terms of the expected next Panabo mayor, current Vice Mayor James Gamao, starting 2016, if I were on his shiny shoes, I’d better not run for a mayoral comeback by 2013 so as not to risk the good prospect in the political careers of his kins- own son BM Biboy and brother-in-law VM James. After all, ex-Mayor Gavina had already his sweet time in serving well the city of Panabo.

The CISA controversy erupted at a time when Gov. RDR visibly needs a rest, literally and figuratively. He spent about 18 hours in air travel from US to PH and here he was met on the first week of the year by a raging controversy not of his own making but by the rush and shortcuts made by his “trusted lieutenants” (to borrow words from the news that hurt SP members) to implement the CISA contract. Perhaps, if they are indeed loyal to the governor they should have cared for his health. There’s apparent work-related stress spawned by the controversy that hit all of the concerned – in both sides of the pros and cons, which could have been avoided had there were no rush and shortcuts made. Though the CISA controversy is largely now about a question of law as well as a question of fact, but, since the cat was already out in the bag when the fire in the house was started after Peligro burned the bridges anew with his vice governor in continuity of the past wranglings between them, and this time around- with the unresolved issue about the bypassing of the SP’s prior authority, the snubbing of the SP’s invitation to him, to BAC chairman Sanchez and to CISA owner Rolando de la Cruz, and the grandstanding charge from the governor- the coverage of the chasm has been extended to several questioning boardmembers, if not to the entire SP as an institution. At 76, behind the too long years of the governor’s illustrious and exemplary political career, the CISA controversy is quite certaintly an unwanted thing to come at a time when he is often guessed at by pundits to be planning for a much needed retirement from politics by 2013, as there’s sunrise early in a day and there’s sunset late in the day. Sadly, the CISA controversy is amidst us, compliments of the governor’s “trusted lieutenants”.
For all his eye to the 2016 governorship in Compostela Valley, second-termer District 2 Cong. Rommel “Bobong” Amatong is better challenged now to establish his own identity provincewide, or particularly to the District 1. It is quite a public knowledge that Cong. Amatong won his first term because of his legendary father Pros, who was still alive in 2007 polls, and he was reelected last May 2010 polls because his stateman father Pros died and the legend of Pros Amatong was proven in the massive outpouring of grief and love of the people to him in the wake of his death due to an accident in the US. There was indeed that people’s burial of the legend-hero-stateman Pros Amatong which preceded the last May 2010 polls. Now, Cong. Amatong must extricate himself from the shadows of his late father, for what the people see in him is his father. He has to barrel through his own leadership to the District 1 like the way ex-District 1 Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora is barreling through now his own leadership to Amatong’s very hometown and bailiwick of Nabunturan, in his own legislative district. Cong. Amatong has to answer now the first question why ex-District 2 Cong. Way Kurat has already penetrated District 2, and why he (Amatong) is yet to penetrate District 1. (For your reactions, e-mail:

Amatong “uneasy” of Way K’s vice gov bid for 2013; Navarro endorses Colina for VG

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DEC 30/10-JAN 5, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Compostela Valley District 2 Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong is reportedly “uneasy” this early  over the bid of the former Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora to run for vice governor by 2013 seeking a tandem with Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, political pundits said.

By 2013 polls the governor would by then be running for his third term  and chances are whoever sits as the vice governor would most possibly run for governor by 2016, the year when Uy and Amatong would end their respective terms and possibly run swapping each other’s post- Uy running for congressman and Amatong for governor.

By 2013 current Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya would end his third term and Gov. Uy is reportedly facing a range of vice gubernatorial probables for 2013 to anoint:  former vice governor and current second-termer Boardmember Atty. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, former Cong. Zamora, who is on political furlough after serving out his three terms, 2000 bartopnotcher and second-termer Boardmember Atty. Dexter Lopoz, and former Nabunturan Mayor Macario Humol, who is now working as one of the governor’s executive assistants in the provincial government following his three terms as mayor of the capital town.

However, pundits said that there is also this prospect of Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay vying for the vice gubernatorial post by 2013 with his father returning to vie for his former congressional post.

But Comval league of mayors president and Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is now all endorsing Maragusan Mayor Cesar Colina Sr to be a fitting vice gubernatorial tandem of Gov. Uy citing five reasons.

“Personally I’m endorsing Mayor Cesar Colina of Maragusan on the grounds of: 1. His closeness to Gov. Uy, 2. His experience as a Sangguniang Panlalawigan member, 3. His track record as local chief executive, 4. His proven business acumen, and more importantly, 5. His logistics and machinery which can supplement that of Governor Uy,” Mayor Navarro said in text message.

“If the mayors are consulted we will suggest that because the incumbent governor is from District 2, ideally the vice governor must come from District 1. Also, preferably the candidate is one among the local chief executives in the District 1,” Navarro added.

Pundits said that Cong. Amatong is reportedly “uneasy” over the prospect of Zamora’s getting of the vice gubernatorial pick “basig modagan siya pagka gov sa 2016 (as he might run for governor by 2016)”.

The option is well within Zamora’s right to aspire for new public office even as he has already his daughter  Maricar elected as District 1 congresswoman in the last May polls. But it matters most when he gets elected as vice governor by 2013 under the Uswag Comval provincial political aggrupation and officially serves as the political better-half of the governor towards 2016. The vice gubernatorial post is considered crucial in 2013 with big political implication by 2016.

The Valley & City Chronicle tried but failed to reach Gov. Uy and Mayor Colina for comments.

On his current political furlough, Zamora is observed to be always basing in Nabunturan as he is reportedly preoccupied in managing his sprawling cockfighting sports arena-resort business in town.

This as pundits said that senior Boardmember Joselito Brillantes and last-termer Mayor Manuel Brillantes would not be aspiring for any higher post as long as the mayorship of Monkayo is assured to be uncontested except by their sister Janet Brillantes-Diel, the barangay captain of Olaycon, Monkayo.

Meanwhile, Gentugaya has been reported to be always residing in Monkayo now. But Monkayo Vice Mayor Avelino Cabag earlier said that Gentugaya’s presence in town should not be not be given political meaning other than he is now taking in charge of their family’s business in town from his parents’ management. Other sources said that the vice governor has also engaged in cavendish banana farming of sizable hectarage in his town.

But the problem of Ramil if he chooses the lesser option of running as boardmember by 2013 polls is there is no vacancy for boardmember’s slot in the administration party with the five reelectionist boardmembers around- Lito Brillantes, Atty. Lopoz, Paul Galicia, Neri Barte and Heracleo Codilla, who is reportedly joining the Uswag Comval from being an independent election winner, unless Lopoz comes out to be the vice gubernatorial pick.

On the other hand, in the District 2, at least three possible boardmember’s posts would be vacated by 2013 with the scenario of having Boardmember Cesar Richa running for Maco mayor as Mayor Voltaire Rimando is serving his last term now, while second-termer Boardmember Moran Takasan might run for mayor in Pantukan given also the current last term of Mayor JC Celso “Tok” Sarenas.  Boardmember Ruben Flores is also in his third term. Remaining reelectionists are first-termer Boardmember Kristine Caballero and second-termer Gonzaga.

With the expected opening of more boardmember’s posts in the District 2 by 2013, the governor’s youngest son Jay Tyron Uy is given opportunity to run for boardmember under the administration’s slate, pundits said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

NEWS: Joecab: it’s “either, or” pa rin

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Political smoke rising in Comval
april 8
Former Compostela Valley Governor Jose “Joecab” Caballero has said that as usual he is contemplating at press time to “either for governor or for congressman”.
In a phone call answering a query in a text message, he said that “everything is not definite yet” adding that it is dependent on “things that are still so much in fluid” in vague reference on his planned bid in 2010.
He said that either he would square off with reelectionist Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy whom he has not yet fought in the past elections, or “pwede ring balikan (make a return bout) with second district Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong.
Political kibitzers this time are saying that in whoesoever Caballero would fight it out could surely make a big run for his money since the latter has still a remnant following despite the reported swaying of Lakas incumbents over Caballero’s leaders.
They reckoned that whoever is Joecab’s rival would have to spend at least P30 million to defeat the governor adding that though Caballero would still lose but his rival would have to spend such big amount, making Caballero like a hot potato both of Uy and Amatong.
Caballero under Kampi party was overwhelmingly defeated by Cong. Amatong in the last 2007 polls while his daughter suffered the same fate by Gov. Uy of Lakas party.
Caballero at present has a running blocktime radio program “Joecab Express” over Radyo Rapido based in Davao City in the mid morning from Monday to Friday.
The program usually tackles more legal issues with the former governor, who is a lawyer, sharing his legal advises to text senders.
But at times Caballero and his co-anchormen dashed out political potshots such as that the express vehicle Joecab was driving was enroute to the Capitol, “byaheng Capitol”, or they tackled issues about Uy’s administration.
His co-anchormen are Davao City-based broadcasters Kiking Quimpan, Lyndon Catulong and Leo Villareal.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Silence on for Maricar-Ramil for Congress tiff for now til January

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nov 10

Silence would be observed for now by both camps of Compostela Valley Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay on who of them is rightful to be standard-bearer for fielding by the unified Lakas-CMD party- but only until January.

In a report carried by a daily in Davao City, Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy said both of the congressional wannabes who earlier both declared to be running for the congressional post in the first district have agreed to abide with a party decision on who to field for the post.

The governor said that the Lakas-CMD party will make a formal announcement of its decision in January.

Also, a source close to Lakas-CMD provincial leaders said that both agreed not to talk to the media on the issue “so that energies would not be wasted by anyone of them.”.

The source said that the party will hold a caucus by December especially to resolve it and strike consensus and agreement so as not to divide the party in the first district.

Earlier, last-termer Cong. Manuel  “Way Kurat” Zamora said that he would be sticking to the agreement on July 1, 2007 forged by him, daughter Maricar, Uy and Gentugaya for Maricar vie for the congressional post while Ramil would seek for reelection in his current post by 2010.

The suggestion that in order for the party not to be divided in the first district Maricar would instead take the vice gubernatorial bid while Cong. Way Kurat take the mayoral bid in Compostela town was earlier thumbed down by the congressman, saying that the said agrement was already “a solution that has been there.”

Meanwhile, Boardmember Moran Takasan in an interview said that the second district runs smoothly without political quivering thus far as Cong. Rommel Amatong is not facing a challenger at this early from within the party.

Earlier, former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero said that he would still be running “either-or” meaning either for a return bout for the congressional post or for gubernatorial bid. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)