OPINION: TokHang for lawyers, et al

July 17


By Cha Monforte

TokHang for lawyers, et al

Now I realize – after reading Baste Duterte’s opinion on being Mindanaoan stereotyped as a Moro when you are in Manila, and for all that Manilenyos’ supremacy-fueled hatred against Moro- the more Pres. Duterte comes home to Mindanao on weekend to rest, the more this historical bias against Mindanao will be hastened to be reversed.


I’m seeing that the cops’ Bato Dela Rosa will be the next Mindanaoan senator by May 2016. Jan. 21 before that he’ll have his mandatory age of retirement.


Hope is high that the graft issues vs. ex-Pres. Noy’s subalterns won’t cascade and prosper like the plunder case vs. Coloma and COA’s findings on unauthorized bonuses worth almost P1 B by PCSO’s execs as I would be tempted to say that Noy only indulged in seeing the macro and the big picture than the micro and ugly view on Bilibid.


Why: If someone is accused of worst corruption in our country he reasons out he’s been selling jewelries, like that narco general mayor.


For those who don’t hug with unwashed masa, when a Bisaya IDP (Illegal Drug Personality) says kaon, it means to take shabu. It was suyop, etc before. Kaon no more!


If you’re a Duterte hater and you have dreamed him as part of your dream scene, then: you actually love him which you deny while awake. You’re not a true blue Dutertard if you haven’t dreamed Pres. and you with others as characters of your dream scene.


We shall launch now Tuwid na Daan para sa Tunay na Pagbabago with PDP & LP coalition, after all the fist color is usually yellow in color.


I wish there would be discreet TokHang for lawyers, doctors, teachers, mediamen, and managers. But a netizen snapped back to this post, and she said: “include the politicians like councilors, vice mayors, mayors up to the highest level.” She was short of saying include the congressmen and governors.

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