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NEWS: “Anti-Urban Poor” Ordinance reaches SP

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Legislation seeks to defer approval

of urban poor housing for 5 years

oct 28

TAGUM CITY – Two weeks after the controversial Purok Ordinance of the City Hall was unanimously junked by Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan, another city ordinance considered by several quarters here as ”contentious” and critics as “anti-urban poor” reached yesterday at the provincial board in its 48th regular session.

Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio immediately referred City Council Ordinance No. 320 to the SP committee on human settlements, planning and development chaired by Boardmember Roger Israel as the lead committee and to the committee on laws, resolutions, ordinance and justice chaired by Boardmember Artemio San Juan.

Dubbed by critics as “Anti-Urban Poor Ordinance”, the new legislation reaching the provincial board, which recently smarted from its act of finally junking the controversial Purok Ordinance, is seeking to defer for a period of five years the issuance of accreditation and approval of permits and other requirements by the City Hall for urban poor subdivision housing projects.

It appeared to have been passed at the city council without much fuss, and suddenly it reached at the SP secretariat last October 22.

It was authored and pushed by Councilor Nicandro “Nickel” Suaybaguio as initiated by the city executive department. He is a nephew of the presiding vice governor.

But the young Suaybaguio,  in a phone interview yesterday, said that the city council had passed it in two sessions, the first one of which was followed by a public hearing attended by representatives of shelter agencies and the affected sectors.

He said that his measure was approved by the city council last September 22 and that for a month it was at the city council secretariat which had worked on its long minutes and proceedings.

Yesterday, urban poor leader Gregorio “Loloy” Ibanez said in text message that Suaybaguio’s ordinance “is anti-urban poor for being contrary to the Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA) and executive order of the Dept. of Interior and Local Government and to the policy of the Presidential Commission of the Urban Poor (PCUP)”.

He vowed that he himself will make a petition to oppose it at the SP level.

Ibanez is the executive director of the Davao del Norte Urban Poor Foundation, Inc. He is also the president of the Davao del Norte Press. Radio and TV Club.

Earlier, in one report of a weekly paper, District 1 Congressman Arrel Olano branded as “anti poor” the ordinance that would evidently stop him from carrying out land acquisition projects for the urban poor which he has been funding out from a congressional fund.

Sidlak clarified also with Vice Mayor Allan Rellon an earlier report that the urban poor ordinance would have still to be fully sponsored by Suaybaguio saying that he was confused on the question posed to him by the media adding that it mixed up with the preoccupation of the city council of also formulating a revised comprehensive ordinance on the city’s land use.

Earlier also, Vice Gov. Suaybaguio said he would not inhibit from the deliberations on the ordinance authored and pushed by his nephew, adding that the rule of the majority would prevail  He presided when the Purok Ordinance was unanimously junked by his boardmembers.

The urban poor ordinance has invoked the ground that that urban poor subdivisions and informal settlements in the city are not livable due to inadequacies of basic community facilities and services such as road, water, electricity and have low occupancy rate.

The young Suaybaguio earlier said that the deferment could be “automatically lifted” if a high occupancy rate of existing urban poor housing projects could be attained.

He also said that several existing urban housing projects whose requirements are on process are included in the exemption clause of the ordinance.

But critics also charged that the ordinance is “a class legislation” saying that it favored the rich subdivision developers and would stop informal housing for the poor in the city like the Habitat and the Gawad Kalinga projects initiated by the religious.

They said that the urban poor housing projects instead contributed to solve the city’s acute housing backlog of at least 28,000 families per projection of the City Comprehensive and Development Plan (2001-2010). (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Nowhere to go

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oct 20


By Cha Monforte

Congressman Arrel Olano of Davao del Norte’s 1st District might have already chickened out from taking another political career path gauging his latest tough talk with the local media. I got him right after Senator Chiz Escudero ended his friendly banter last Friday at Mankilam’s Tahanan with Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, Tagum City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy, him- Olano, Vice Mayor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio and several other officials.

The info man of Sen. Chiz told me while covering their table talk that the good opposition senator was on a side trip in the province just to meet with provincial officials who are his friends and possibly know problems and suggestions from his constituents in this part of the country. (He was the guest speaker of the Philippine Judges Association conference in Davao City in the evening) . Naturally, being an elected senator of the Republic the governor, city mayor and Cong.Olano had to meet and accommodate Sen, Chiz regardless that he is one great oppositionist. Maybe Cong. Anton of the 2nd District was not home yet last Friday, that is if the hatchet has already been buried between RDR and the Floirendos. Had that been the case, the Lakas-Kampi family in the province would have been complete in meeting the youthful Chiz, a presidential timber.

Sino ba kaya sa kanila ang tunay na oposisyon? Si Manny Villar? Si Mar Roxas? Si Ping Lacson? Si Erap? Sen. Chiz threw a puzzle to his listening pack of provincial and city officials. Each one of today’s presidential timbers, sans him and Sen. Loren, were unmasked of their flip-flopping records in terms of legislations pursued and positions to Pres. GMA’s policies and actuations. Sen. Chiz would seem to say that all of these presidential wannabes in the opposition picked up both carrots and sticks in dealing with GMA, and hence imply that all of them were not true-blue oppositionists. I wouldn’t enumerate here such flop-flops for lack of space.

They were all listening perhaps dumbfounded to the usual razzle-dazzle of Tagalog enunciation of the senator on the matter except quite visibly Cong. Olano who was so busy in his cellphone- texting. Had it not been a friendly banter, he could have been called as out of protocol before a talking senator. Maybe those were urgent messages. I wouldn’t imply that the congressman wasn’t interested to the topic of Sen. Chiz. He has nowhere to go except the opposition.

If Cong. Olano meant it true, during an ambush interview made by some local mediamen, that he didn’t want to be intrigued by the question posed of whether his earlier plan of running for city mayor or governor and others when the present reelectionists are all his partymates, then he is indeed nowhere to go. He said that “the mayor is with Lakas, the governor is with Lakas and I am with Lakas” “Don’t intrigued me with that question,” Olano threw a pique on us.

If we voluntarily take a ride over Gov. RDR’s hint that there seems to be no Floirendo running against him for his reelection, then all’s well is bound to end well with Lakas in Davnor. With the principle of the equity of incumbent, Olano couldn’t be the administration’s standard–bearer for mayorship, governorship, and even to vice governorship and vice mayorship that rightly belong to reelectionist Suaybaguio and Allan Rellon, respectively. He has no incumbent son or daughter to bargain for the open post that he’s finishing to serve, unlike Comval District 1 Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, who has his daughter Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay long gunning for the post in stiff competition with Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya (don’t disturb, just married).

But sadly, what remains to Olano for an easy admin crack is a lowly boardmember’s seat, for remaining up to this day to be porkless unlike their Comval counterparts. Such is a real contrast to a congressman’s position that has lots of pork barrel funds that a white paper of Speaker Nograles wanted so much to be demystified of its negative and irregular connotations. But he has lots of top posts for a picking at his pleasure and luxury. Only that he’ll have to jump ship to the opposition where Sen. Chiz truly belongs.

BLOGBUZZ: I felt the academe’s free spirit again. That was last Tuesday when I gave journalism crash course for the UMTC English Guild. Thanks for the invitation to the Rural Urban News, my outfit, for Felimonne Em-em Monteros, the guild’s prexy, Ma’am Armela Gertos, the amiable adviser…. Kodus to NBI Tagum for pinpointing the establishment where the known UM Tagum sex scandal occurred- the Aroma Café and Computer along Sobrecarey St.. Ironically, the suspect establishment is owned by Edgardo Silagan, the president of ICAT- Internet Café Association of Tagum City. The NBI agents armed with warrant seized Thursday 23 computer units from the alleged culprit establishment. Now justice for Baby and her family is near. (Tomorrow: Olano’s fret on purok. For online edition, visit my blog at:, email:

OPINION: Banana polevaulters, China, CIA

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By Cha Monforte

Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario did not mince his words in saying that the pole-vaulting banana growers “deserve to learn their lessons” and “deserve to lose their money”. He said Thursday in roundtable talks with Tagum mediamen after the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo organized by the PIA that one Vic Lao, the chair of the Regional Development Council, should also be “shot at Luneta” for alleged “economic sabotage”, an obviously comical charge made in jest. The governor said he had warned the local bankers a year ago not to put their money to fund the pole-vaulting banana growers.

But since pole-vaulting persisted and it has now resulted to the non-payment to the already shipped bananas, and “ayon nagkalinti-linti na ang mga growers” in the words of Gob Dolfo, hence now bad, bleak days are really ahead for the affected banana growers. He said that due to this pole-vaulting the local banana industry would be losing billions and not millions of pesos this year. That in terms of income lost by the growers and taxes which should suppose go to government coffers.

For the uninitiated, pole-vaulting occurs when a contract banana grower sells his produce to companies other than the one he had signed a contract with. March to April this year the pole-vaulting row between banana growers and banana multinational companies (MNCs) cracked up wide open in public.

For his harsh words, Gob. Dolfo could not be faulted. He said he has not been with the banana industry for 35 years for nothing. He had been there and had known well of the ups and downs of the number one dollar industry in his province. That’s when the governor stood side by side with the Banana King Antonio O. Floirendo Sr. as his right hand man in the making of Tadeco as a leading banana exporter in Asia-Pacific region, and consequentially, the making of Davnor as the Top 1 producer province in the country.

But pole-vaulting growers could not be faulted too. We know that these growers come from at least three origins.

First, there are these landowners whose lands before have been turned into banana plantations of big banana firms and whose 25-year lease contracts had already expired. So they learned to grow cavendish bananas using the already developed plots, sell their produce to banana companies and get higher income from boxes pegged in dollars. Where before their families suffered economic difficulties for being victimized in the tricky downpayment scheme and low monthly rentals from banana firms, now mansions and bungalows are sprouting inside contract-growing banana

Second, there are these ARBs- the agrarian reform beneficiaries who for being benefited by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law, they managed to carved out a share of landholdings from banana plantations and vast private lands and organized a coop for banana contract growing. Where before they are poor tillers and workers or employees of banana firms, now they take pride over having their own banana companies run like an MNC.

Third, there are these landowners who after knowing that their neighbors become economically well off out from banana production, they have even their ricelands converted to banana plantations to follow suit to them in this lucrative dollar-earning banana craze in the provinces. The known Compostela granary, Tagum’s Pagsabangan  and even the highland Maragusan are not even spared of this, so with the watersheds and aquifers in the outskirt highlands in Davao metropolis.

Now that growers know how to grow cavendish, they have been dreaming all along they could independently sell their produce direct to the foreign buyers and not passing through the cartel of Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA)- this one which wants the aerial spray- and the MNCs which the growers charged to be buying their produce in low dollar prices.

Enter into the picture Vic Lao and et al, whom the governor tagged as having “no plantation, no contract” and who allegedly dropped the high and mighty name of Malacanang in pursuing the pole-vaulting adventure. He appears to be brokering for the growers to carve their own foreign market niche. He brought the growers’ produce at high dollar prices over those offered by the MNC buyers. One grower said that an MNC affiliate offered only $2.11 per box, while he made more money to the pole-vaulting company which bought his produce at $3.95 per box. That’s a lot of money in difference in terms of thousands of boxes. The pole-vaulters delivered. Until they blew it. Now in the Sto. Tomas-Kapalong-New Corella enclave alone, affected growers have still to collect P78 million from the pole-vaulting banana marketers. Bankers, too, who fund the pole-vaulting are standing to lose. I tell you so, Gob Dolfo reminds.

I think the aim of the pole-vaulters is good- that in giving high prices for the growers. That’s good for the economy. But it puts banana MNCs into a fit of so jealous rage. What is not good is that they lead the growers to renege their contracts with the PGBEA cartel and MNCs.

It is said that pole-vaulting started when China opened its market even for Class B bananas than the Class A bananas the cartel and MNCs want to buy. That’s 1 billion of banana eaters out there versus the 88 million Pinoy consumers. It’s good for the economy, regardless that cheap China-made products have long flooded the country including milk adulterated with the dreaded melamine. The pole-vaulting could have been our country’s sweet revenge that’s initiated by our own growers. But sadly, the pole-vaulters blew it.

But here’s this devil’s advocacy: maybe the MNCs which have known links with the CIA have the latter enlisted to sabotage the Pinoy pole-vaulters’ marketing initiatives in China. After all, the CIA is known behind the strings of downfall of regimes in Banana Republics in Latin America. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, e-mail:

The vicious cycle

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sept 29

Next day is already October and we are fast inching our way to 2009, past the first year of the current term of our elected officials but the year before electoral year of 2010. It’s just like yesterday when elected officials took their oath of office and we are already near to electoral tempo. Many first-term councilors are complaining over the so short three-year period in a term. Wa pa gani kaayo nanginit sa paglingkod, atubangon na pod unsaon ma-reelect. Many of them are amenable to Cha-Cha (Charter Change). They say 4 years is good enough for them to accomplish something in the legislative mill, and not three years.

But sadly, the Constitution is not for the councilors. The 1987 framers did it intentionally after Marcos and his minions had their way in wanting to serve forever. A lot of people like the three-year term so that besides the fiesta of holding elections near the after the recent one they can have the opportunity to elect new officials to replace the non-performing, abusive and corrupt officials. Good community leaders can also have the immediate opportunity to run for public office.

The thing then is for the city and town councilors to have their presence felt in their communities and by their constituents during their three years of stay in office. Shying out from the usual solicitations and requests from constituents has often been tagged as one major cause of the failure of term holders to be reelected in office. They could not just evade from these. Many councilors and boardmembers in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley are in fact branded as gahi o timbirado ug liog after they were elected in the last 2007 polls.

Not that the doleout system should be perpetuated. Our local legislators who have no pork barrel funds have the responsibility to explain to the people their sacred duty to legislate and not to implement projects. There’s no need for pogi points from giving but pogi points from legislating policies that redound for the people’s welfare.

But sadly, the people and even barangay officials have long known of the need to beg as resources always last in our poverty-stricken countrysides. That’s why councilors, boardmembers and even vice governors and mayors clamor for their share in the pork barrel so they could give to their begging constituents. And so the local legislators and the one presiding them beg to their mayors and governors knowing that the latter have dispensable resources out from their intelligence fund, which is not really so “auditable” by the Commission on Audit, discretionary funds from the pork barrel and from other items in the development and general funds and savings they could identify or realign for the needy barangays or group of constituents (include also those from dirty sources from winning suppliers and contractors).

For these, and as often, this doleout and patronage culture in our politics has often blurred the concept of true public service and is continuously feeding an ember to whet the public appetite of seeing elected officials giving money and something during their term of office, rather than good legislations from our local legislators and visionary plans and projects from chief executives. Enmeshed in this culture, public officials become wily or are forced to corrupt.

Needless to state, and only as reminder- this culture has got to stop as this only reinforces the vicious cycle of corruption in our public offices.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: UM-Tagum blames internet café in city’s sex video scandal

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Coed “Baby” commits suicide?

The head-director of the University of Mindanao-Tagum City is blaming the still unidentified internet café in Tagum City which has reportedly taped one of the school’s female students who figured in what is dubbed as Tagum sex video scandal that has been already widely spreading in cellphones and in the Internet.

UMTC director Fely Rabaca said that the internet café involved in recording the involved chatting coed should get the blame and punishment for the spread of sex video clip.

She said though that if the coed were still in the school when school authorities knew of the sex video scandal the student could be immediately expelled for tarnishing the school’s reputation as provided in the UMTC disciplinary manual.

“We could not even issue a good moral character certificate for her,” she said.

“Ang internet café gyud ang maoy basolon kay sila ang nakahibalo sa pamaagi (the internet café should be blamed as they know the technology),” she added.

Rabaca also said that school authorities could not prevent students for what they are doing outside the school.

She bared that she instructed her Office of the Student Affairs to investigate on the matter sometime in the first week of last August.

This developed as Sidlak heard from a group of UM-Tagum personnel yesterday that they heard unconfirmed reports that “Baby”, chat username of the suspected UM-Tagum coed, has tried to commit or has committed suicide by cutting her wrist. “Naglaslas daw”.

Baby has since then fled the city to unknown place.

Rabaca said that per school records as of July 18 Baby was considered already “officially dropped” and considered no longer a UM-Tagum student when the news about the sex scandal broke out in the media and at the city’s session hall last week.

Baby is considered to have finished only her first year in UM-Tagum since she managed to officially dropped her subjects during the first term of the first semester of this school year obviously before whispers about her grew louder inside the campus.

Also, Baby managed to secure an honorable dismissal before her sex video clip has been widely shared through the cellphones of many students in the campus, said Maricar Cainglet, UM-Tagum high school guidance counselor.

She said that she only saw Baby’s video clip in a cellphone last August 19.

The guidance counselor said that the last time she saw Baby in the campus was July 16 processing her papers.

She said she was so surprised and even could not believe of the sex video showing Baby describing her as a “sweet, buotan (good) and intelligent student.”

She learned though about her coming from a broken family.

She added that Baby had at least twice shifted in course while studying in UM-Tagum and was a transferee from a college in Davao del Sur.

Baby had also studied at the St. Mary’s College in the city from 1st year to 3rd year high school and graduated in a town in one of Davao provinces.

The UM-Tagum authorities have strongly called yesterday on people to stop spreading further Baby’s sex video.

In what others dubbed as UM Tagum sex video scandal, Baby was chatting with an obviously foreigner chat boyfriend with a blurred username “Cled” or “Clyd” in the chat message box. ((Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: More noises vs new LTO helmet policy

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Sept 2

LTO, DTI not synchronized- Zulueta
Helmet panic buying reported
Money-making of Arroyo administration?- Millan

More noises have been heard slamming the Land Transportation Office’s new national policy on single motorcycles as improper and its fine and penalty provisions as exorbitant such as the violation in not wearing a prescribed helmet carries a fine of P1,500 compared to the P150 fine imposed  in the city’s helmet ordinance.

Councilor Allan Zulueta has called on for the city government to register its objection against the Dept. Of Transportation and Communication-LTO AO No. AHS-2008-015 which prescribes the new rules for the use and operation of motorcycles on highways.

Under the new policy, failure of the driver and/or the passenger or back rider to wear the standard helmet would have him fined P1,500 as against the present P150 local fine.

The “standard helmet” is defined as a protective helmet approved by the Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI) with PNS-UNECE 22 marking, a presumably hard and tested type that could protect the head on strong impact.

Zulueta said that obviously the LTO and DTI have not yet synchronized their moves in enforcing the new LTO policy even as he reiterated that LTO failed to consult local government units in making such policy that has reportedly triggered an ongoing panic buying of helmets by motorcycle owners in the city.

Though the controversial administrative order was issued last May 15 pursuant to Executive Order 292, but LTO officer Marietta M. Piccio bared on Monday that while the new AO’s fines are already ready in LTO computerized system there is still a “hold order” on its implementation pending the final resolution of LTO’s national board on contentious issues this week.

Also, Nelly Esperanza, chief of consumer welfare and trade regulations division of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Davao del Norte provincial office, said that the helmet prescribed in the AO is still and “optional product” and is being subjected to consultations at present considering the oppositions they received in the Internet.

She advised though motorcycle owners to buy the helmet with International Commodity Clearance (ICC) marking.

Councilor Francisco Remitar, on the other hand, raised an alarm over the possibility that in the ongoing panic buying of helmets he witnessed in malls and stores in the city, motorcycle owners might end buying two or more unprescribed helmets.

He urged the LTO and DTI to immediately advise store owners selling helmets to only sell the prescribed ones.

He said that with the new LTO policy, there is more tendency to corruption.

Councilor Raymond Joey Millan, in questioning the LTO representative  during last Monday’s session, also raised a query as to whether this latest LTO AO is a money-making scheme of the present administration.

“I guess you know what I mean?” Millan asked, to which Piccio refused to comment.

Councilor Joedel Caasi first blew the lid off last week over the new LTO policy that has now been sending shivers down the spines of motorcycle owners and drivers.

He said that the policy is “anti-poor” that could immediately apprehend driver s of skylabs and motorcycle-riding fish and pandesal vendors.

Caasi said that he first learned of the new LTO AO from photocopies alone and he already heard of LTO personnel from Davao City apprehending several motorcycle drivers in the city due to violations of said AO.

Aside from the existing traffic and motorcycle rules, the latest AO has a one backrider and no-cargo policy. Allowed is only the saddle bag or luggage carrier, which is defined as a DTI- approved built-in carrier of luggage in a motorcycle. Both carry a fine of P1,000.

Drivers must also not wear flip flops, sandals or slippers or drive bare-footed or be fined of P500, P700 and P1,000 and revocation of driver’s license for the first, second and third offenses, respectively.

For having defective accessories such as headlight, tail light, signal light, brake light, side mirror and horn has a fine of P1,000.00.

For modifying any part of the original designs of a motorcycle or scooter without approval of the LTO and the DTI has a fine of P2,000.00.

Several councilors said that the AO is inapplicable, improper and exorbitant of its fines, which according to Piccio will already go to national coffers and not to the city government. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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sept 1

Young female student in porno act from one of the schools in the city
Cyber sex happened in one of the internet cafes in the city

The Tagum City Council yesterday moved posthaste to probe on the reported “Tagum sex video” which is accordingly showing a young female student from one of the schools in the city baring herself in cyber sex.

In a privilege speech, Councilor Maria Lina Baura tipped her colleagues in session that a friend of her had recently received in the latter’s cellphone of a 20-minuter “sex video” which accordingly happened in one of the internet cafes in the city.

She said that the video clip is now being pass around from cellphone to cellphone.

But ABC President Alfredo Pagdilao, who said he had already seen the clip, hinted that it appeared that the clip was spliced to show the face of the slim girl having a different and larger body.

Pagdilao added that in his own probe he had already located the residence of the girl whom he said had already moved out from the city.

Vice Mayor Allan Rellon, co-chair with Mayor Rey Uy in the city’s Internet Café Accreditation Board (ICAB) said that the immediate convening of the board is in order to probe on the sex video and asked councilors to possibly pass an ordinance meting out penalty against makers of pornographic videos.

Mayor Uy issued last year his Executive Order No. 42 creating the ICAB, which counts its members from internet café operators, academe, Tesda, and some city departments and pertinent Sangguniang Panglungsod committees.

Although the reported involvement of one of the internet cafes in the making of the said sex video has yet to be probed on, but Councilor Raymond Joey Millan told colleagues it is high time for them “to revisit” the City Ordinance 227 on internet café regulation enacted two years ago with him hinting an amendment to it.

Councilor Rey Salve, on the other hand, moved that the city council investigation should be confidential to protect the identity of the girl involved in the sex video.

He said he also learned of reports about minors going to the internet cafes during school hours.

But Pagdilao wanted no less that the business of the internet café operator involved in the city’s own sex video scandal has to be closed. “Dapat ipasirado”. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)