NEWS: Big internet café tagged in Tagum sex video scandal

sept 8

Remote access software reportedly used to secretly record coed
“Baby” is “chinita, puti, flawless” wearing UM Tagum uniform, chatting with “Cled”

A big internet café in Tagum City has been suspected to have secretly recorded using a remote access software to the young coed who figured in playfully baring sensitive parts of herself and doing orgasmic acts using a sex toy penis on webcam on the proddings of a foreigner chatmate boyfriend she was chatting with.

An internet café assistant told Sidlak on condition of anonymity that the video clip of the coed, identified by her username as “Baby” who was chatting with a username “Cled” at the other end, was taken in a big internet café which uses the same white plastic monoblock chairs and has a yellow-colored wooden partition as seen in the “Tagum sex video scandal”.

She said that she has been hearing now and then that assistants of the suspected internet café have long been seeing online activities of their users by using a remote access software secretly installed in their networked computers.

She said that what is urgent is to conduct inspection now to all internet cafes in the city and find out whether a remote access software has been installed in all their computers.

The name of the suspected internet café could not yet be divulged as efforts of Sidlak to reach its management for comment failed.

But the source said that authorities have already leads in pinpointing the suspected internet café from the physical features alone as shown in the 20-minuter video clip that is already uploaded in several pornographic websites offering free uploads for sharing.

She said that the partly-shown yellow-colored wooden partition, electrical line across the white-colored wall background and the monoblock chair used by the girl are “good leads” for the authorities to start on.

Last week, Councilor Maria Lina Baura said that the Tagum sex video clip was being spread from cellphone to cellphone.


Reports said that the coed has already stopped schooling in one of the colleges in the city and left the city to unknown place.

Councilor Alfredo Pagdilao said that he already located the residence of the girl, but other Sidlak sources said that the coed was just renting a boarding house in Mabini street area.

“She is chinita (in eyes), white and flawless in complexion,” a lady internet assistant told Sidlak.

She said that the girl appeared to be coming from a middle class and not from a poor family judging on her looks and attire.

As the city council girded up to investigate Tagum’s cyber scandal last week, the internet café association in the city met before the weekend and called on to stop the further spread of the Tagum sex scandal video.


Remote access software allows user of the “server” computer unit to spy simultaneously on what is happening to other computer units connected as “clients” around the network of the internet café.

It can also capture screenshots, steal data saved and record live webcams into video files without the user of the client desktop knowing that his activities have been monitored and recorded with by the user in the server desktop.

It can control the mouse and keyboard of the client computer unit.

Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia, says that remote desktop applications have varying features, some of which allow seeing an existing user’s session in a running desktop and “remote controlling” it in front of the user’s eyes.

The software thus allows one to access his computer from another computer via the Internet, local area network (LAN), or phone connection and work on the computer remotely as if he were sitting in front of it.

But remote applications through the Internet, which allows one or a business to access a subject computer while miles away from it, are not free and have high dollar prices.

There are though trial softwares downloadable in the Internet, which Sidlak sources said could only work on local area network (LAN) such as the internet café’s network.

The trial software could have been the one used in recording the almost 20 minutes of webcam shows and chat conversations between “Baby” and “Cled,” presumed to be her foreigner chat boyfriend.

Sources said that the sex video clip was spliced only to join the chat message board and the webcam’s live streaming into one clip, both of which were recorded simultaneously in one screen.

The webcam video shows of “Cled” on the same screen was though not included in the clip.


Sidlak in its own online sleuthing has found at least two pornographic sharing websites as of yesterday in first pages of Yahoo and Google search engines where the Tagum sex scandal had already landed.

One has the sex video clip was uploaded just late August and the other last week. One has in fact carried an alleged full name of “Baby”.

In lookup of its domain name owners, one website is based in Denver and the other in Chicago.

In one website that does not asks for prior sign-up registration, the clip has a total length of 19 minutes and 35 seconds and shows “Baby”, a pretty looking young coed, wearing a visibly UM-Tagum uniform with a tie marking of “UMTC” and an ID card slung around her neck. She is wearing on her right hand a teener’s watch.

She clip shows her doing her thing with a sex toy penis and in various orgasmic acts and appears be doing under the command of “Cled” who has always his blurred text chats always scrolling up.

Sometimes “Baby” would hit the keyboard for short replies in their exhange of I love yous and ahhhs. Visibly “Cled” is a foreigner as their chat conversations were in English and is also doing his thing at the other end based on his proddings to “Baby”.

On the first show towards the middle of the length, the webcam has only the body of “Baby” captured until her face finally flushes out on screen especially on the near ending when they engaged in brief chat with long text.

The two appear to be already intimate online friends as it appears only a single mention of money in blurred text has been talked about in passing during their chat conversations that revolved more on love relationship. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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