NEWS: More noises vs new LTO helmet policy

Sept 2

LTO, DTI not synchronized- Zulueta
Helmet panic buying reported
Money-making of Arroyo administration?- Millan

More noises have been heard slamming the Land Transportation Office’s new national policy on single motorcycles as improper and its fine and penalty provisions as exorbitant such as the violation in not wearing a prescribed helmet carries a fine of P1,500 compared to the P150 fine imposed  in the city’s helmet ordinance.

Councilor Allan Zulueta has called on for the city government to register its objection against the Dept. Of Transportation and Communication-LTO AO No. AHS-2008-015 which prescribes the new rules for the use and operation of motorcycles on highways.

Under the new policy, failure of the driver and/or the passenger or back rider to wear the standard helmet would have him fined P1,500 as against the present P150 local fine.

The “standard helmet” is defined as a protective helmet approved by the Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI) with PNS-UNECE 22 marking, a presumably hard and tested type that could protect the head on strong impact.

Zulueta said that obviously the LTO and DTI have not yet synchronized their moves in enforcing the new LTO policy even as he reiterated that LTO failed to consult local government units in making such policy that has reportedly triggered an ongoing panic buying of helmets by motorcycle owners in the city.

Though the controversial administrative order was issued last May 15 pursuant to Executive Order 292, but LTO officer Marietta M. Piccio bared on Monday that while the new AO’s fines are already ready in LTO computerized system there is still a “hold order” on its implementation pending the final resolution of LTO’s national board on contentious issues this week.

Also, Nelly Esperanza, chief of consumer welfare and trade regulations division of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Davao del Norte provincial office, said that the helmet prescribed in the AO is still and “optional product” and is being subjected to consultations at present considering the oppositions they received in the Internet.

She advised though motorcycle owners to buy the helmet with International Commodity Clearance (ICC) marking.

Councilor Francisco Remitar, on the other hand, raised an alarm over the possibility that in the ongoing panic buying of helmets he witnessed in malls and stores in the city, motorcycle owners might end buying two or more unprescribed helmets.

He urged the LTO and DTI to immediately advise store owners selling helmets to only sell the prescribed ones.

He said that with the new LTO policy, there is more tendency to corruption.

Councilor Raymond Joey Millan, in questioning the LTO representative  during last Monday’s session, also raised a query as to whether this latest LTO AO is a money-making scheme of the present administration.

“I guess you know what I mean?” Millan asked, to which Piccio refused to comment.

Councilor Joedel Caasi first blew the lid off last week over the new LTO policy that has now been sending shivers down the spines of motorcycle owners and drivers.

He said that the policy is “anti-poor” that could immediately apprehend driver s of skylabs and motorcycle-riding fish and pandesal vendors.

Caasi said that he first learned of the new LTO AO from photocopies alone and he already heard of LTO personnel from Davao City apprehending several motorcycle drivers in the city due to violations of said AO.

Aside from the existing traffic and motorcycle rules, the latest AO has a one backrider and no-cargo policy. Allowed is only the saddle bag or luggage carrier, which is defined as a DTI- approved built-in carrier of luggage in a motorcycle. Both carry a fine of P1,000.

Drivers must also not wear flip flops, sandals or slippers or drive bare-footed or be fined of P500, P700 and P1,000 and revocation of driver’s license for the first, second and third offenses, respectively.

For having defective accessories such as headlight, tail light, signal light, brake light, side mirror and horn has a fine of P1,000.00.

For modifying any part of the original designs of a motorcycle or scooter without approval of the LTO and the DTI has a fine of P2,000.00.

Several councilors said that the AO is inapplicable, improper and exorbitant of its fines, which according to Piccio will already go to national coffers and not to the city government. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


8 Responses to “NEWS: More noises vs new LTO helmet policy”

  1. mga buang jud nang mga taga LTO..Labi na nang taga Region VII… I should know—i used to work for a private firm conducting regular business with LTO RO VII…Namutod na nang ilang mga tiyan sa mga libo-libong gihatag sa kompanya nila, isip lagay.

    diri sa negros oriental daghan na sad kaayo ang nagbagulbol

    —jack, concerned negrense and motorcycle owner

  2. wala bang taga davao na nakipag coordinate man lang sa MCP o motorcycle phil, regarding this issue? sama sana tayo sa laban nila.

    pls visit this site for more info…

  3. dodong-1434423 Says:

    Naunsa naman tawun mo taga LTO.before unta mo mo pasaka ana nga provision tan awun unta ninyo ang kahimtang sa mga tao karun nga nagmotor.kasagaraan ka nila mga pobre,unsa paman ila/amo ibayad kung mao man gani na.OO,concern lagi mo sa amo kung madekgrasya me pru sa lain bahin WLA MO CONCERN sa FINANCIAL.nakita na ninyo nga nagkalisod ang kahimtang sa panginabuhi tapos ingun ani pa gud inyo e impose.What are you?unsa manmo.salig langmo kay naa moy kwarta?unsaon nalang nang uban diha?ayaw mo pag ingun ana uy!wla manmo batasan kung kinsa man gani ang nagbuot ani wla nay kasingkasing,naa diay pru gahi ug bagtok.nagsalig raman tawun mo.ayaw mo pag ingun ani uy!grabe mo ka strict pru wala mo kasulbad ana inyoha problema sa inyo SULOD LTO.sulbara sana before mo mag ingun ani.salamat-

  4. ramon ortiz Says:

    sobra naman tong bagong policy, baka nakakalimutan nila na mahihirap ang karaniwang gumagamit ng motor, wag naman ganyan…pati yung mga modifications kasama pa noh? hanep mga anak ng put* kayo, naghahanap lang kayo ng mapeperahan…linisin nyo muna yang mga tanggapan nyo…wag nyo ibunton sa mga mahihirap, dun kayo magnakaw sa mga mayayaman…mamatay na sana kayo lahat jan…

  5. ramon ortiz Says:

    ibigay nyo nga samin ang pangalan kung sinong demonyong kongresman ang utak nyan at nang masama na sa iboboycot kulam…yang mga kongressman na yan… mamatay na rin sana…

    I am inclined to seek a permanent injunction against this LTO regulation (AHS-2008-015)because, it seeks to ram through our throats certain provisions which are not only unclear, but absurd, illogical, impractical, and not applicable to local conditions.
    This LTO regulation was crafted without consulting a cross section of Philippine society, particularly the economically marginalized.

    Take for example the requirement for helmets.
    The LTO regulation states that: “Standard helmet” shall mean the protective helmet approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with PNS-UNECE 22 marking.
    Now what animal is this “PNS-UNECE 22?
    Does any one know what this mean? I myself didn’t know this, until I had to research its meaning in the internet. PNS means “Philippine National Standard” UNECE means “United Nations Economic Commission on Europe”
    According to an article from the Business Mirror:
    “The PNS/UN ECE 22:2007—Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Protective Helmets and Their Visors for Drivers and Passengers of Motorcycles and Mopeds—specifies the standard requirements and test methods for protective helmets for motorcycle and mopeds drivers and passengers with or without sidecar. It also applies to visors fitted to such helmets or intended to be added to them.”
    This regulation is rammed through our throats without a deliberative process so all stakeholders can participate.
    This is undemocratic. Look at the provision on “protective devices”: “Protective devices” shall include helmet, goggles, leather boots and protective clothing such as heavy pants, heavy jackets, leather gloves and rain suit.
    What is meant by “heavy pants”? What is meant by “heavy jackets”?
    Do we have to weigh our outfits—pants and jackets—before we drive our motorcycles, so as to be compliant with the LTO regulation? And there is an addition: “rain suit” So try to imagine yourself, complying to the letter with this absurd LTO regulation. Try imagining yourself wearing a helmet, goggles, as heavy pants (is the regulation endorsing Levi’s jeans?), a heavy jacket, leather gloves and leather boots, plus a rain suit.
    How would you look? There is another LTO provision that requires motorcycle drivers to turn on the headlight anytime of the day while in the highway (Section VIII).
    Why will you turn on the headlight at high noon?
    Can somebody explain that? Next, there is a provision in the LTO that says: “Any modification of the original standard design of a motorcycle or scooter shall first be subject to the approval of LTO and the DTI.” Isn’t the motorcycle private property? I have to ask permission from the government if I want to do something to my private property? Suppose I want to place a basket on the front of my motorcycle below the headlight, where I can place books, grocery items, so I wouldn’t be holding them while driving. Do I have to ask permission from the government/LTO? Suppose I want to install a anti-hand perspirant around the motorcycle grip, because my hands easily sweat. Do I have to ask permission from government/LTO? Suppose I want to install a muffler to lessen the noise of the motorcycle.
    Do I have to ask permission from the government/LTO? No, I still won’t call this LTO regulation stupid.
    There are some people who love to just follow any government regulation hook-line-and-sinker, no matter how absurd and illogical a law is. Well, I respect them. They probably are fans of the governments of China, and monarchies ruled by dictators and kings like Saudi Arabia. But not in the Philippines, my friend. The people here demand that they be allowed in the deliberative processes, in the formulation of laws and regulations.
    People here are allowed to question, to reason, to discuss, to debate in the marketplace of ideas, so we can come up with better laws.
    Why, we can even freely write our comments on websites, like the Negros Chronicle. Go, do that in Egypt or China and chances are, you’ll be jailed. It has happened to bloggers there. That is the reason why I question this LTO regulation because most of its provisions do not make sense to me. Don’t make me follow a law that cannot be understood. Don’t make me follow a law that is devoid of reason and logic. Don’t make me follow a law that is vague.
    It just doesn’t happen in the Philippines.

  7. LTO…wla na ba kayong sa sarili nyo…..kung wla na wag naman kame ang pagbuntungan yo nang inyong gawain…..
    mabuti pa..magretero nlang kayo kung wla na kayong magawa jan……

  8. sabi ng LTO bawal daw magmodify ng kahit anong parte ng motor kasi daw “UNSAFE”. nagiging dahilan ng mga aksidente.

    Pero take note.. ok daw magmodify kung.. hihingi ng permit sa LTO..

    di ba understood na non na pera-pera lang habol nila?

    kasi kung bawal magmodify kasi unsafe daw, bakit may permit pa para makapagmodify?

    e di may permit n pala para maging unsafe?

    ang bobobo tlaga ng mga taga LTO! mga mukha pang pera!

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