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OPINION: Doc De Veyra, the Underdog

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By Cha Monforte

Curious and strange events do happen at this formal start of political season for the 2013 election. In Tagum City, the turnaround of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon has shaken the Liberal Party. But the bid of Rellon for mayor has long been thought by many. His running against the Councilor Oyo Uy for the city’s top post is a surprise- thought to eventually come.
The next surprise is when Rellon has reportedly allied with the force of businessman-landowner Cesar Cuntapay. Will the controversial real property (RPT) ordinance that was approved under the city council presided by Rellon become a rallying issue of the city opposition during the campaign?
How will Rellon handle this when his colleagues would make the RPT issue their punching bag? He can say, look, we’re only two in the opposition, I and Councilor Boyet Gementiza, deep inside I’m against it. Both Rellon and Oyo though pledged to campaign professionally, without the mudslinging, below-the-belt issues.
It was this RPT issue that Councilor Bong Aala managed to sneak into the city LP, Uy’s camp. He obviously endeared himself to the city administration when he attacked the provincial board to be dull (“bulok” in his word) for returning the RPT ordinance to the sending city council, not knowing that his mama is part of the board that he lambasted. Later, he clarified he was referring only to the members of committee which recommended for the return of the RPT ordinance to the sender.
It was the trade committee chaired by Dr. Fred de Veyra which first made the return- to-sender. They recommended and the entire SP nodded or was silent when the measure was passed in the plenary. That means that the return-to-sender move was a collegial act of the SP. Which means sldo that Councilor Aala did still include his mama in his tirade. During the 2010 polls, only Councilors Gementiza and Aala won from the opposition. Councilor Aala is bright. When he left Gementiza to be the sole opposition to the RPT measure, now he is riding in the admin’s boat (not going to Japan) and he can handily win in the coming election.
As to Boardmember Doc de Veyra now, he filed alone as independent candidate, not for LP, not for the Kusog Baryohanon. He was double-crossed by both. Now Doc de Veyra is seen as the Underdog. Don’t count Doc de Veyra just yet, just because he is an independent waging for his reelection. He won in 2010 polls without actually much backing from Tadeco, nay Floirendos. He was the only one who came from Lakas to join with the winning 4 LP boardmembers. Tingnan natin!

It’s only in Nabunturan that an incumbent first-termer vice mayor, who was a consistent topnotcher councilor did slide down to run for councilor. Vice Mayor Darwin Tan gave his post to Councilor Mario Angelo Sotto, who would now be the 2013 runningmate of reelectionist Mayor Romeo Clarin. Sotto, a neophyte councilor but a bigtime miner, is reported to have raided ward leaders and barangay captains in town with his cash (from gold) doleouts. Obviously, there was arm-twisting made by Uswag Comval bigwigs.
Fresh report we heard is that Councilor Boyet Gementiza filed his COC for vice mayor in tandem with Atty. Paul Suaybaguio, who is running for city mayor. So there’s three-corner mayoral and vice mayoral fight in Tagum City. What a democracy in the capital city of DavNor!… As to the capital town of Comval, there’s an incoming electoral monotony in Nabunturan. Without a rival, Mayor Clarin has to better stump out the worsening problem of shabu drug addiction among his town youths, bar girls and women, as well the problems of loose firearms, shootings and killings in his town …Outgoing Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Jun-Jun” Brillantes slide down to run for vice mayor, like outgoing Comval Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya for boardmember for next year’s election…. Can Montevista Councilor Jojo Jaoud, who is running for newcomer boardmember in District 1 Comval, trash the over 44,000 votes of controversial ex-police officer Cesar Mancao in the last polls when he was defeated by Congw. Maricar Zamora, who got over 66,000 votes? Mancao is now gunning for boardmember . What about for reelectionist BMs Neri Barte and Paul Galicia vis-à-vis Mancao?
Nabunturan’s 61st fiesta was peacefully and merrily celebrated last Wednesday. Like any other barrio or parochial fiesta in this part of the country, Nabunturan fiesta is marked of joyous dining, drinking, merrymaking and festivity. In good times and bad times, Nabunturanons are known to celebrate their fiesta with much food, booze and funfare. Those who have prepared for the yearly feast, their tables would surely have abundance of delectable dishes for hearty meals and yum-yum tummy-filling of fiesta goers. Of course, the fiesta is never complete without the lechon. I must say I missed these-oh the cold beers with lots of pulutans and friends with all their pakatoks- last Wednesday as I was outside of my hometown’s embrace. (For comments, e-mail:

NEWS: Flexi fare ordinance not yet acted upon – Rellon

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oct 21

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon said yesterday that the City Council as a whole has not yet acted upon the proposed executive-initiated ordinance putting as flexible the motorcycle fare based on the current prices of gasoline.

“We are still waiting for it,” he said in an interview at Tahanan ng Punong Lalawigan, the official residence of the governor inside the Capitol complex at Mankilam, Tagum City where guests, mediamen and provincial officials with Press Secretary Jesus Dureza took their lunch after the holding of local National Press Club activities yesterday.

Last October 8 the new measure passed the first reading and was referred to the committees of laws and of public facilities.

On the other hand, as to what is dubbed as urban poor ordinance, he said that its proponent Councilor Nicandro “Nickel” Suaybaguio has still to fully introduce the measure.

Observers earlier said that Suaybaguio’s measure may yet draw another controversy as it plans to suspend for five years the issuance of approval of permits and requirements to urban poor housing.

Last week, the city’s purok ordinance on motion for reconsideration was junked anew by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for being “legally infirmed”.

Under the proposed ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Imposing the Regulation of Fare Rates of Motorized Tricycles for Hire (MTH) of the City of Tagum” fare rates would vary based on the set schedule.

If gasoline prices per liter (gpl) range P20 to 29.99 it will have P6 for regular fare and P4 for student or senior citizen; P30 to P39.99 gpl- P7 regular fare, P5 student/senior citizen; P40 to 49.99 gpl- P8 regular fare, P6 student/senior citizen; P50 to P59.99 gpl- P9 regular fare, P7 student/senior citizen; P60 to P69.99 gpl- P10 regular fare, P8 student/senior citizen; P70 to P79.99 gpl- P11 regular fare, P9 student/senior citizen; P80 to P89.99 gpl- P12 regular fare, P10 student/senior citizen; P90 to P99.99 gpl- P13 regular fare, P11 student/senior citizen; and P100 and above gpl- P14 regular fare, P12 student/senior citizen.

The fare rates are good for the first three kilometers of the Central District from where the passenger originated, and would have an additional of P1 for every kilometer or every fraction thereof. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Too high a budget for “paperless legislation”

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Prices of computer nowadays are dropping. It’s different before, 5 or 10 years ago, when acquiring a computer was considered a rare luxury. Appliance stores in Davao City and Tagum City then made so much a killing for profit by selling slow-speed computers at so expensive price through installments.

Now you can buy a computer set at P5,000. It’s a surplus though but it works for the novice and practicing, kids and youths who are not addicted to top speed RAN online game and its ilk, say it’s only for encoding, web research and small games (not the one the needs 1 gigahertz of processor and 1 gigabytes of memory, that’s so fast at these specs).

With the fast rate of computer innovations and production of new brands and products at much improved performance and more features, as well as the stiff competition of computer makers while chip and parts makers are vast for computer assembly industry, computer imports are ever coming to the country inevitably decreasing computer prices. It’s like the cellphones.

Try online search in Davao City stores, the usual source of supplier in Davao del Norte and Comval local government units for the product and you’ll see good, fast brand new laptops having a capacity of 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of memory, which are so fitted to for the city councilors and vice mayor eyeing to have “paperless legislation” next year priced lower. Say an HP Compaq Presario or Acer, both with 512 RAM, priced at P35,000. That’s fair and modest budget, although one could now buy a fairly fast WIFI (wireless) capable laptop at P25,000 nowadays.

But we’ll stick to P35,000-worth laptop that’s already so good for our city councilors. At this budget multiplied by the number of Tagum City councilors plus the vice mayor and the secretariat or 14, and add P200,000 for the two servers, peripherals and for the licenses of operating systems so the greedy software business alliance cohorts of Bill Gates will not run after the City Hall, and what we have as modest and practical budget for Tagum SP “paperless legislation” is a little over the half of the planned P1.5 million budget as proposed by Councilor Rey Salve. That’s too high a budget Kons.

An P800,000 budget is already so good and cool budget to our estimate.
There’s actually no training seminar in other venues needed there. What is important is that the city IT department first set up the networking cables, and conduct hands-on training, dry run for the city councilors right at SP hall after the goods arrived. And that’s it. Meantime, Councilor Inting Eliot could have all the time learning the sophistication of his laptop at home with an apo at his side. There’s actually no so much fuss and grand in implementing a “paperless legislation”. And the balance of P700,000 that is squeezed out could as well be infused to the La Filipina public cemetery for our beloved deads to be happy. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Mayor Cee O: “No cause for alarm”

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On rise of killings in Tagum

oct 14

Tagum Mayor Rey Chiong Uy in a report of DXDN Radyo Ukay in Tagum early morning yesterday said that the city’s statistics on killings reported by the police “is no cause for alarm” adding that that those “salvaged” or killed were bad elements in the society, “mga kawatan, holdupper, snatcher, akyat bahay… so walay dapat ikaalarma.”

Asked in an exclusive field interview the other day by Ruel Dagsangan, anchor of Radyo Ukay’s early morning newscast program, the mayor added that the city in fact had been banking on its good peace and order situation in receiving continuing confidence from people for its continuing development.

In the same Radyo Ukay report, Vice Mayor Allan Rellon condemned extrajudicial killings in the city saying that the “root cause of the problem” should be addressed to in an effort of helping the police solve it.

The mayor’s and vice mayor’s statements came close to the heels of provincial police reports on the rise of crimes against persons particularly shooting incidents in the city that accounted the bulk in the reported cases throughout Davao del Norte.

Provincial police director PSSupt. Benelito Bianzon bared a total of 54 shooting incidents from January to October 10 in the city last Friday’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s human rights committee hearing-inquiry initiated by Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad, the committee chairman.

The crime statistics included the still unresolved slaying of long-time serving former Mankilam barangay captain and kagawad Noel dela Cruz.

PSSupt. Bianzon however that police has solved 23 crimes and a lot of petty crimes like stabbing, hacking and others and recovered many loose firearms in their Operation Kapkap.

But he also bared on increasing death threats which he said the police has been meeting difficulties in responding to all requests for protection considering the limited number of police personnel.

In that committee hearing, the police director admitted difficulties and loose ends in stemming off the rising crime index in the city primarily owing to the lack of police personnel to secure the high city population even as he said that the province is still generally peaceful.

He called on for active civilian support while asserting that police has all been doing its work to secure the populace.

Also in that hearing, Bianzon downplayed reports on the presence of death squad operating in the city, but he admitted the police is looking into reports on hired killers. PSSupt. also cited various causes and motives in the rise of shooting incidents in the city.

The hearing led to various initial proposals in addressing the problem of criminality which the SP committee had documented.

Boardmember Lagunzad said that extrajudicial killing is a human rights violation and vowed to continue his committee’s probe. He planned to conduct activities with barangay officials to address the problem.

Also present during last Friday’s committee hearing-inquiry held at Lakan’s Place were Boardmembers Jose Recarido Federiso, Ely Dacalus, Artemio San Juan, Salvador Royo, and SK federation president Dennis Café, Tagum City police chief PSupt. Dario Gunabe, CIDG-Davao del Norte provincial director PSupt. Rowena Garma, and some members of the family of the slain Dela Cruz who shared their fearful plight to the committee. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: “Paperless legislation” for Tagum SP next year

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oct 9

TAGUM CITY – Patterned after what the Agusan del Sur provincial government has trailblazed ahead, the City Hall will be investing about P1.5 million to implement a “paperless legislation” in the City Council by next year.

Under the scheme, city councilors would no longer have to deal with voluminous papers but instead use laptops in doing legislative works such in submitting their committee reports, proposed resolutions and ordinances.

The budget would be used to buy 14 units of laptops, one for each of the councilors, vice mayor and the secretariat, server and two back-up CPUs, scanner, WIFI connection, networking and peripherals including training and installation, said Vice Mayor Allan Rellon.

Last week several city councilors went to Agusan del Sur and saw for themselves how the paperless session in the said province works.
“What can be added to the city is the use of emails in sharing proposed legislations,” Rellon said.

He added that in this scheme a laptop-carrying proponent councilor can send his proposed measure to his colleagues to invite them for comments or for co-authorship, or send it to the secretariat to be calendared.

From reports gathered, the laptops would be brought by the councilors outside the City Hall and during sessions they would have to connect the laptops to the local area network in the session hall.

On the other hand, Councilor Rey Salve proposed to provide P1.5 million for the paperless legislation in the Annual Investment Plan for the 2009.
He said the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is also interested to implement the same next year. Some of its members went ahead in their Lakbay Aral on paperless legislation. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)