NEWS: Flexi-fare ordinance geared up for approval next week

CO asks for patience of commuting public

nov 6

Tagum City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy has bared that the flexi-fare ordinance that he initiated is geared up for approval by the city council next week following the recent public hearing and amid calls for fare rollbacks due to further decreases of gasoline prices in the recent days.

In a phone-patch interview yesterday with “El Kapitan” program anchors over Sonshine Radio 711 of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City, Mayor Uy asked for patience of commuting public in the city to wait saying, “gamay lang gyud nga agwanta kay kinahanglan man gyud ug balaod usa mapaubos nato ang pletehan.”

He reiterated that the flexi-fare ordinance has brackets of tricycle fares that would either increase or decrease depending on the current pump prices of gasoline.

Under the ordinance, the City Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board is the one which will call for fare increase or fare decrease from time to time.

“It’s one of our firsts and with it, we do away with the long process of making an ordinance where public hearings and other tedious processes are to be taken,” Uy said in venacular in view of the current volatility of the gasoline prices.

It was learned that the mayor himself pegged the price brackets in the draft ordinance made by City Legal Officer Atty. Roland Tumanda a week after the ordinance on fare increase from P7 to P10 effected last September 19.

During the public hearing on the flexi-fare ordinance, reports said that some tricycle drivers were asking that that new ordinance would be effected by January next year so they could recoup their losses when the fare was still P7 and the gasoline price had once hit P60 per liter sometime in July. In January this year, gasoline prices only hovered around over P30 per liter. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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