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OPINION: Nasty virus

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By Cha Monforte
jan 6
The long holiday vacation of government officials and workers has also given us in the media a break. Without much government beat to cover, while this month the Ramil-Maricar row over the issue on who should be of the two congressional wannabes would be chosen by Lakas party in Compostela Valley (yes it’s electoral time now), I also got a splendid time to revisit the ways of the techies and geeks in computer and web world.
My PC at home has long been infected by this nasty huelar browser virus that leads to the porn site of redtube, while my flash disk we commonly call as USB has long resided by this Cool USEP virus. In preferring to get and write news since late last year, I ended up letting my patience go on with slow speed and often interrupted online PC. I also didn’t mind inserting my USB to any PC in internet cafes I dropped by to send my news and views. Anyway, I always thought, the cafes have technicians to repair virus-infected PC. It’s part of their business and getting virus, worms, trojans, etc and spreading them isn’t intentional. When you’re Internet-engaged, think it normal, don’t panic.
But really this redtube virus is snapping my patience’s limits. I tried reformatting my PC for two times over the weekend, and awhile after in each successful reformat the huelar redtube virus was re-launched, and there, it wanted that the porn redtube site would be your only site to browse on and nothing else. This worm stops other programs, disallows other installations and disables the PC administrator.
I downloaded a lot of free anti-virus and installed them on the third reformat, before the redtube virus crept in to the PC’s system, but a little while the redtube site again flashed onscreen. I thought of the boot sector being infected by this nasty virus, but online sources said it is the PC’s task manager and registry editor being disabled by it. Either, it’s not the orgasmic site that launched it. The naughty virus maker just chose redtude as the site to where all your clicks lead to. But maybe he/she wanted infected PC owners to get horny first before becoming mad at this virus. Anyway, until this writing I’m still searching for solution and has posted help in various online forum using another uninfected online PC.
For this virus variant alone, I’m saying now that nastier virus, worms, trojans etc  could still come ahead of us to test patience, wreck time and money of PC owners and those engaged online. But not to worry, virus makers are humans- we know that among them are engaged in business of selling solutions for the virus they created to amass monies worldwide. This is one big paradox in the era of the Internet and computerization. Who knows multi-billionaire Bill Gates is one among them? But this is a techie reality we have to live with.
As to the Cool USEP virus that infects removable disks, it still resides in the USB I’m using. Online sources said it is made from the Philippines. My two-cents worth guess since last year is that USEP stands for University of the Southeastern Philippines. Maybe a computer geek from USEP’s School of Computing made and unleashed it, ala the Love virus years ago that hit even the Pentagon website. Maybe we now have our own Davaoeno IT genius. Looking at it liberally,  the Cool USEP virus shows of the latent wizardry of the Filipinos in the field of information technology. Why does our government fail yet to seize this opportunity for good use and realize leap-frogging of our computing and software industry to the level of India. They say we have also a braindrain of our IT talents.
Looking the state of the tech-voc schools in our provinces, there’s still a large lack of governmental support to IT development. Sadly, our tech-voc schools are left to fend for themselves- operating under inadequate learning facilities, lack of computers, instructors- absence the State subsidies, and as to the IT development, they are left to rot as certificate mills for poor-caliber computer technician graduates. In Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, a number of voch-tech schools are offering computer technician courses while standing alone without being even connected with the Internet, which is a basic aid of any computer technician worth his salt. Paging our congressmen- pogi points can be more earned if you set aside a budget from your pork barrel for the puchase of computers and Internet connection of these schools. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, text 09069104553, e-mail: