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DANECO-NEA only to manage DANECO in DOE-forged agreement

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sept 12-18, 2013

In dramatic turn of events, an agreement was reached by key stakeholders to put the conflict- and debt-plagued Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative into one management only and it is the Daneco-National Electrification Administration which should and not the Daneco-Cooperative Development Authority starting the coming September 1.
In a conference initiated by the Department of Energy and NEA board chairman Carlos Jericho Petilla last Aug. 30, Friday at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao , governors, congressmen, mayors, CDA officials and the officials of the two electric coop factions engaged in a hostile two-year row agreed to put Daneco’s management under the Daneco-NEA entity. It followed after the Court of Appeals handed its 39-page decision last August 22, 2013 that ruled many things to favor Daneco-NEA.
Petilla informed conference attendees on the need to have one management to immediately respond to the rising power supply payables of Daneco, stressing that there is an urgent need to avert Daneco suffering the same fate with the Albay Electric Cooperative (Aleco) which earlier had its power disconnected by Power Sectors Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM).
Attending the conference were CDA Chairman Emmanuel M. Santiaguel, NEA Administrator Editha Bueno, Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and his Vice Gov. Victorio Suaybaguio Jr, Compostela Valley Governor Arturo Uy and his Vice Gov. Manuel Zamora, Comval Cong. Maricar Zamora and Cong. Rommel Amatong, Davao del Norte Cong. Antonio Lagdameo Jr, 1-CARE partylist representatives Edgardo Masongsong and Michael Angelo Rivera, and the management and board officers of Daneco-NEA and of Daneco-CDA.
Conference attendees also expressly agreed that both the factions would be subjected to a mandatory financial audit by an audit them to be composed of auditors from NEA and CDA, which would be continuing even after the Sept. 1 assumption of Daneco-NEA as the sole management of Daneco.
“A referendum would also be conducted on the second week of January 2014 to finally resolve whether Daneco’s member-consumers would opt to be stock cooperative or not, strictly following the law and its procedures on how to duly conduct a referendum on conversion of electric cooperatives,” said Gregorio Ybanez, chairman of the board of Daneco-NEA’s directors.
Mayors present also agreed to campaign to member-consumers in their respective areas to pay to Daneco-NEA.
“With the expressed agreement, this means that Daneco-CDA will die a natural death because it can no longer function after August 31, 2013,” Ybanez added.
Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperative (Amreco) president Sergio Dagooc hailed the agreement reached as the “ultimate solution” to pestering problem besetting Daneco.
The Daneco-CDA faction sprang up after NEA in April 2012 dismissed nine members of Daneco’s previous board of directors and former OIC general manager after they were found guilty of grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty. Those dismissed were initiating to convert Daneco into stock cooperative.
Daneco-CDA faction sought refuge under the CDA after it conducted its own series of referendum where they claimed the option of converting into stock cooperative won. It was was assailed in court by Daneco-NEA.
The Court of Appeals 23rd Division ruled last May 10, 2013 recognizing solely Daneco-NEA and its officers as the legitimate representatives of Daneco pending resolution of an consolidated special proceeding case pertaining to the legality of Daneco-CDA faction and its CDA registration.
DANECO covers the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley serving 160,601 member-consumers.
Once a top performing electric cooperative, it is now currently considered an ailing electric cooperative beset with myriad of problems because of the two factions competing.
It turns out, however, that Daneco-CDA is not paying its power obligations as it does not remit its collections to Daneco’s coffers, even while it is not recognized by other government agencies such as the Energy Regulatory Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
Since Daneco-CDA has not remitted its obligations for consolidation of payments, it is Daneco-NEA which pays power obligations but is unable to pay the full amount due to the situation.
Todate, Daneco has an outstanding power accounts obligations to power suppliers PSALM, NCGP and Therma Marine amounting to over P300 million. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

COMMENTARY: Insult to position

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Feb 10-16, 2011

Fresh official actions are coming out now relating to the controversy on the security services contract bagged by the Christian Investigation Security Agency for the Davao del Norte provincial government.

On Tuesday, Governor Rodolfo del Rosario met with the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan including Vice Governor Victorio Suaybaguio Jr purposefully “to patch up perceved differences” relating to the CISA controversy, and so far we heard that the dinner-meeting failed to resolve issues relating to the CISA transaction as the meeting was reportedly more of a monologue than a dialogue (although at this writing we still don’t know what really happened).

If things on the current controversy over the CISA transaction can be appraised by the public, the attention to what has been let out thus far by concerned officials on events and official statements relating the issues is valuable. The matter at hand is a public interest issue given the key figures or entities essential to provincial governance involved in here- the executive and legislative departments, and consequently their current relationship, the controversy’s implications to politics, and each of their powers that have apparently collided. Above all, this is about transparency and public accountability as the CISA transaction was obviously kept under wraps during the December 20, 2010-Jan. 8, 2011 incumbency of the acting governor whose position is ought to be respected by the Capitol Triumvirate composed of provincial administrator Rufo Peligro, Bids and Awards Committee chairman and PGSO Samson Sanchez and provincial legal officer Atty. Jennifer Namoc, even if shall we say the person temporarily occupying the acting governorship is not to be respected.

Still, there are new questions to be asked – now particularly on what happened in the hours of December 20, 2010 when the transaction was awarded to CISA. What were the deficiences of the lowest bidder United Field Sea Watchman and Checkers Agency (UFSWCA) that it was knocked out by the BAC on that day? What time was it when the BAC decided to knock out UFSWCA? What was the gap of time on that same day when CISA was informed that it was the bid winner and the time when CISA Manila headquarters e-mailed the lacking/insufficient document? The Notice of Award, as told by CISA Tagum Branch officials, was dated and presumably received on the same day. What time was it received? Verily, there was only a matter of hours that the probing COA auditor can count from one BAC activity to another last Dec. 20 while really the concerned executive officials led by Peligro were racing a limited time as the year 2010 was almost about to end.

Dec. 29 and Dec. 30 were still working days and within these days they had never formally informed the sitting acting governor about the CISA transaction like he was made a scarecrow in the field. Who is he who sit as the acting governor from Dec. 20-Jan. 8? He is an elected vice governor and by the law he was serving as the very governor at that period, who had all the powers of the governor except the (hiring and) firing of the triumvirate. He was a former mayor for THREE TERMS of the city of Tagum, and one of the few living senior politicians-incumbent in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley provinces, a so cautious and careful chief executive in matters of government finances and governmental rules and regulations, also a stateman (to borrow an apt description of Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon). And evidently, they bypassed Vice Gov. Suaybaguio when they hid all the BAC bidding and awards documents from him and had ordered- by their obsessed reasoning and invocation of the new law on government procurement- the posting of the CISA guards on the New Year’s Day, a manpower change that is certaintly new when it threw out over 60 contractual security personnel from their work, their source of livelihood for their respective families, and drastically changed the way the security is handled for the Capitol.

They, fearing for a vacuum of security? This is a cute reasoning as the sitting acting governor has all the powers to mobilize personnel and resources for the exigency of public service and demand obedience from the provincial police to beef up the 17 remaining permanent guards to secure the Capitol while contract issues have yet to be resolved, command virtues which cannot and will not be fully found in the appointed officials. The last thing the triumvirate should do pending the COA finding is to apologize in public to the vice governor for insulting his position mandated by the people and law. (cha monforte)