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 Tataw nga gi-bypass si VG Baby

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jan 20-26, 2011


By Cha Monforte

The case of the contract of the Christian Investigation and Security Agency (CISA) to secure the Davao del Norte Capitol is turning now to be quite an interesting case for the court to decide. Naa man goy contentious legal question nga dili maresolbar sa sulod kay puros may mga puntos ang duruha ka managbanging partido, ug maresolbar lamang kini sa mga hanas sa balaod. Aw, inato, praktikalan man lang ni ang ato. Kinsa man diay ang mohukom? Di ang atong korte.

Our editorial tells the contentious issues and circumstances surrounding the bidding and awarding of the security services contract won by CISA. Tataw nga gi-bypass gyod si Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, kinsa maoy acting governor gikan sa Dec. 20, 2010 hangtod Enero 8, 2001 sa pag-abot ni Gov. RDR sa probinsya gikan sa Estados Unidos.

Vice Gov. Suaybaguio was evidently bypassed by the Capitol triumvirate composed of provincial administrator Rufo Peligro, provincial Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) chairman and provincial general services officer Samson Sanchez and provincial legal officer Atty. Jennifer Namoc. A rose between two thorns. If they have no respect to the person occupying the post of the acting governor, they should have respected (and they ought to respect) that post occupied by Vice Gov. Suaybaguio.

There is a need to settle the legal question in court. But who can file a case against the governor and the Capitol triumvirate? Sa Davao del Norte, kinsay mamahimong Boardmember Quisumbing ug tulo niya ka kaubanan sa SP sa Cebu kinsa mikaso kang Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia kabahin sa panginahanglan sa prior authorization o approval sa SP usa mokontrata ang gobernador bisag naaprobahan na ang annual budget diin anaa nahisulod ang galastuhan sa maong kontrata?

The bidding where CISA won was Dec. 20, 2010. Taking PA Rufo Peligro’s assertion that there was no need for an SP’s prior authorization for the sake of argument, matud pa mismo sa balaod, Akta Republika 9184, gikinahanglan japon nga mo-issue ang naglingkod nga gobernador ug Notice to Proceed sulod sa 7 ka adlaw human madeklarar ang winner sa bidding. Sa bidding diin midaug ang CISA kay gi-knock out man sa BAC ang lowest bidder nga United Field Sea Watchman and Checkers Agency (UFSWCA), ang deadline sa required 7 days para sa Notice to Proceed Enero 6, 2011 kanus-a si Vice Gov. Suaybaguio japon ang acting gov kinsa may tanang gahom sa governor gawas lang sa gahom sa pag-hire ug pag-fire ug mga empleyado. Morag mao kining parteha ang Achilles’ heel o patyanan sa maong transaksyon kung makalusot man nga di na kinahanglan ang prior SP authorization.

There is no debate now as to the noble purposes and objectives the privatization of security services in the Mankilam Capitol. These are all valid. But in good governance, procedures must still be followed. This is an interesting case that must be settled in court at the earliest time while the CISA guards have not yet eaten a budget of the approved annual budget, or as in Cebu case, the COA declared so that Gov. Garcia’s transaction was illegal as it needed prior SP authorization. Nah, basig ma-disallow pa ang makuhang kwarta sa CISA gikan sa Kapitolyo ug makatapada ug dako and Capitol triumvirate apil na si Gov. RDR. We are awaiting if this case is within the legal penumbra of the 2008 Supreme Court ruling on Cebu Boardmembers Gabriel Garcia et al versus Gov. Garcia (GR 175527). Nahisulod ba kini bisag sa kilo-kilom nga bahin diha sa buhagay sa sulaw sa bilog nga buwan kalabot sa maong desisyon sa Korte Suprema?

NEWS: Oyo now serious for Congress bid

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april 14

Tagum City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy is now serious in his plan of vying for the Davao del Norte District 1 congressional post amid reports that he has already prepared his camp, backed up by his father City Mayor Rey Uy, on how to further float his name to the electorate as a good congressional aspirant.
He gave silence on said report but instead he said in a text message that “I’m not confirming about it but I’m seriously contemplating the idea”.
Since when the former Vice Gov. Anthony Rafael del Rosario made a public admission early this year that he is afflicted with Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer in Stage 3 development, the post that would soon be vacated by last-termer Congressman Arrel Olano has become hotly sighted and prematurely contested by among Lakas and Kampi partymates.
At press time, Anthony’s father, Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is mum on whether his son, who declared his intention to run for the post mid last year, would be still be coming to gun for the post amid drumming up of reports that his disease is curable and the continued inclusion of Anthony’s name in province-sponsored sports activities.
Reported to be among those eyeing for the post were Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel, and Philippine Councilors’ League provincial president Helario “Larry” Caminero.
As Anthony went to Manila for treatment and as talks ripened over about his most potential successor from within the Lakas party, Vice Gov. Suaybaguio let loose gripes about the governor’s past political decisions and maneuverings that allegedly diminished the political stature of Suaybaguio.
At one time, Suaybaguio said in a report he could afford to be on the losing end this time around as to his longstanding congressional aspiration.
It could not yet be immediately ascertained if Suaybaguio has already patched things up with Del Rosario following the issue about the governor’s alleged act of disowning the vice governor’s whereabouts relating to his US trip last December.
The reported falling out of Suaybaguio from the governor’s grace has reportedly resulted to “much sipsipan” of Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad, while Boardmember Israel also continued to grumble over his own congressional ambition but careful of not hurting the governor as Israel bid for the latter’s political blessing.
Meanwhile, Boardmember Caminero said in an interview welcomed the latest statement of the younger Uy saying that “it’s good that there’s now voice from the youths like Oyo who will meet the challenge of representing our people in Congress.”
“I welcome him as a good potential rival,” Caminero added.
There is still much silence these days on whether the defeated congressional aspirant in the last polls, former DOTC Secretary Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez will be coming in to join the congressional fray. He already attempted twice but failed to grab the post despite the reported millions he poured to his political and barangay leaders especially in the last 2007 polls. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)