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Issues not persons

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Oct 28-nov 3, 2010


By Cha Monforte

The conduct of the recent barangay election shows an unclean face of our country’s electoral system in the lowest rung of governance. Clear as the sky was the votebuying made by some matured candidates. That’s the same, folks, last May- only that a mere P50 can have winners. One non-incumbent candidate I knew of in Nabunturan was voted into office through his effective P50-votebuying schemes carried out by purok leaders. Obviously, he has access to the bank for having changed his P500 ot P1,000 bills for thousands of P50 bills. How many election winners do we have who poured P50 bills in the nooks and corners in the barangays? Matunog at umuugong ang P50 mo new barangay kagawad SL!

Even the Sangguniang Kabataan politicians through their cheating fathers and mothers, puera delos buenos, have the comeuppance to cheat through votebuying and entertainment as we heard of SK registered voters “kidnapped” on the eve of the election to frolick in Pantukan’s fine beaches only to return home Monday for the election.

Now second-termer barangay captain Ronald “Nono” Eliot of Visayan Village in Tagum City said he is humbled by his fresh mandate from the barangay people even if he was hit black and blue by black propaganda in the last polls. He was and is not a sabungero Boy. He’s a kapitan without Saturdays and Sundays. He serves 24/7- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He can be called for help even at the wee hours in the dead of the night. This is our greatest dream for each kapitan in the country.

The three naughty mosquiteers of the so-called “National Press Club -Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Chapter” – Misters Allan Laniba, Rey Nagar and Troy Jagunos hit me black and blue and below the belt in their Media Zona program over the unathorized “Radio Caritas” last Oct. 23 and Oct. 25 . “walang kalaban laban ka cha, giyaga yagaan ka ug gidaut kag sakto,” texted one reader of Valley & City Chronicle. I did not hear their reckless, irresponsible and libelous perorations on the air as I’m no fan since then to their illegal radio station. It’s clear that the three naughty mosquiteers have been ill-motivated to malign, cast dishonor to this person with their lies, concoctions and invented issues as they could not find one and it was in retaliation to the non-giving of Davao del Norte Capitol of the P50,000 they asked in a project proposal for the October press freedom month celebration they made without consultations with the working mediamen in the provinces as tackled by my column in our Dept. 23-29, 2010 issue. In that column I raised issues and they did not even name them. They have not been transparent  in their group’s financial transactions to working mediamen while they still have to account the money they accessed from the Capitol in last year’s celebration. Instead of rebutting to issues raised they engaged in personal attacks with baseless accusations, intrigues, innuendos and lies. They’re into irresponsible broadcasting. It’s what hit the good Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy before via the unauthorized, illegal “Radio Caritas”.  Money is what motivated them to destroy me. I have to rebut in fairness to my readers even as washing one’s dirty linen in public isn’t my forte. Now they have issues on the illegality of “Radio Caritas” (read my story in page 3). Evidently, they’re clutching raw straws in their claim that their radio station is legal. With a mere NTC-usurping RMC certification, a revoked business license, a DTI business name registration only, a verbal imprimatur of NTC regional director Josue de Villa Go and foremost without probational authority (PA), they deceive the public by going commercial broadcasting full-blast. With their court’s deadline, we’ll wait this December if they can submit the PA, or else by the New Year, it’s babay (bombay) to the three onion-skinned. The three naughty mosquiteers are a challenged to rebut these issues raised and not with personal attacks to this person, who is alone and is only armed with an old, rickety laptop. Punto por punto, shoot the message, not the messenger. And we’ll know who the real broadcasters and real journalists are.

BLOGS AND BITS: Ex-Sto. Tomas Mayor Dario Romano ran for poblacion barangay captain but was deafeated by reelectionist kapitan Benigno “Bobong” Andamon. That, despite that he is rich, an ex-mayor and got the Iglesia votes. Romano was supposed to make the barangay post as his jumping board for his new mayoral bid by 2013. With another electoral defeat following his failed mayoral bid last May polls, he’s in for a complete political demise, and with it comes the rising political star of ex-Vice Mayor and now Boardmember Daniel Lu for the mayoral post by 2013.

In the barangay polls, the brother of last-termer Mayor Maximo Estela- Gabriel “Jun” Estela Jr also lost in the race for barangay kagawads. Romano was supposed to boost his picking chances by Mayor Estela but he failed to be the kapitan. Since BM Daniel Lu is most senior Lakas member now, and with the implication of Jun Estela’s defeat even at the barangay level, so there must also be implication to the winnability of Councilor Eric Estela, the mayor’s son, as one of the administration’s mayoral potential bets by 2013, at this early. BM Lu really can’t be counted out since after the recent polls more Estela leaders are reportedly asking him to be apply now as an administration’s mayoral bet.

The budgetting process of local government units for next fiscal year is on finishing touches. Throughout the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, only three town LGUs have annual budgets hovering over P200 million. These are Monkayo, Sto. Tomas and Kapalong.

Cong. AGR has been declared to be now cancer-free. We’ll wait for his return by January, and not by December as earlier notified.

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has asked for more explanations from Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) for the balance of its P1.4-billion capital expenditure (Capex) loan application. Deputy GM Engr. Felix Hibionada said that he’s currently preoccupied with the explanation papers. He’s the man in charge of it. The loan is sought to fund for the rehabilitation and improvement of its 40-year-old and decaying power infrastructure and system.

Daneco OIC GM Engr. Nelson Balangan, on the other hand, said that if the people, the power consumers, want the breaking of Daneco into two electric coops, so be it, thy will be done. (e-mail: