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NEWS: Tagum cops’ localized anti-terror plan OKd

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aug 4

The Tagum City Council on its session Monday approved the localized anti-terror and anti-criminality incident management plan of the city police.
Police Chief Inspector Eleuterio Hernando said before the city council that the IMPLAN is localized action plan of the city police in combatting all forms of terrorism and criminality within the city jurisdiction involving barangay-based participation down at the grassroots’ level.
The IMPLAN while stemming from the national mandate and current campaign of the Philippine National Police put localized approaches as different areas vary in police action plans to one another, he added.
“It serves as our legal basis in organizing peace and order structures such as the barangay-based action teams and Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) in enhancing our intelligence capacity,” he said.
“We need it approved as we do not know when terrorists would strike in our city,” he said.
The police officer bared that Tagum City PNP has a current strength of 94 police personnel guarding a population of 250,000.
Councilor Reynaldo Salve, however, said that the IMPLAN needs to respond to the perrenial problem of the lack of manpower of the local police and urged to heighten police visibility citing the “unabated crimes in the city” and the killing of retired Judge Erasto Salcedo at the parking area of Tagum City Sports Complex at Barangay Canocotan last Saturday at around 4:40 p.m.
PCI Hernando said that the there were policemen some 150 meters away from the cockpit when Salcedo was gunned down “but we just don’t know whether it (killing) would happen” even as he admitted that the city PNP force lacks police personnel.
Vice Mayor Allan Rellon said that the city council would make comparative study to determine whether the city has not been complimented fairly by the PNP hierarchy with policemen compared to the cities of Panabo, Igacos, Digos and others before they would request for an augmentation of police force.
An unidentified gunman approached and shot Salcedo several times and fled with another companion on red motorcycle with no license plates, police said.
The Integrated Bar of the Philippines and members of the judiciary and legal community have been condemning Salcedo’s killing and called police authorities to arrest the killers.

As of press time, the local police is on the thick of their investigation on Salcedo’s killing. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: 9:30 PM siren for 10 PM youth curfew mulled in Tagum City

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A 9:30 P.M. siren to warn for a proposed 10:00 P.M. curfew for the youths and minors has been proposed at the Tagum City Council in Monday’s session.

In the bid of nipping at the bud the emerging problem of youth gangs in the city, Councilor and ABC president Alfredo Pagdilao proposed for an imposition of 10 P.M. curfew time for the youths and for this a 9:30 P.M. warning siren would be sounded off for the loitering youths and minors to return to their respective homes.

“Beyond 10:00 P.M. dakop na,” Pagdilao said before his colleagues on privilege motion.

But Pagdilao’s proposal immediately met several opposition voices on Monday.

“Unsay iyang gipasabot, di na manan-aw ug kalingawan ang kabataan sa Freedom Park?” (What does he mean, that the youths would no longer watch festivities at the Freedom Park?), said Ryan Subico, a habal-habal driver said.

A source from University of the Mindanao said that Pagdilao’s proposal is “alarmist” besides that it could immediately make “lonely nights” for city.

During yesterday’s session where the existence of youth gangs was tackled, Pagdilao informed his colleagues that his Barangay Magugpo South has been mulling for a 10:00 P.M. curfew time for the minors as they have been apprehensive over reports of youth gangs that are preying on even on minors.

He said that aside from gangs the city has also been facing the problem of drugs engaged by youths.

Pagdilao though did not specify the maximum age among youths who would included in his coming measure.

But Councilor Raymond Joey Millan immediately favored Pagdilao’s proposal as he urged him to pass first a resolution from Pagdilao’s Association of Barangays Councils (ABC) as guide to the city council.

Pagdilao admitted though that youths from his own barangay who are returning late at night have been reasoning out that they come from nightly festivities held at the Freedom Park. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)