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Federiso’s landmark ordinance

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sept 15

Rare is the legislator who thinks and reflects on to craft a legislative measure that requires much theorizing while lessons learned and best practices on the ground, are gathered, no matter what his colleagues may first say. But a legislation of this type was passed in Davao del Norte provincial board out from the labor of one who has not even graduated in high school.

Now Boardmember Jose Recarido Federiso shows it all that if a local legislator has a will and spirit to pursue and an honest heart to have him understood by his colleagues, he can have his measure passed than torpedoed by say a majority banking on their tyranny in numbers or by the filibustering minority. Nothing of that filibustering sort is yet seen in the provincial board or in Tagum city council, except that a few have been showing time and again their independence of the mind when it comes to a seriously flawed measure, like the yet to be submitted Nickel Suabaguio’s proposed ordinance that seeks to stop urban poor housing for five years. Comval SP, on the other hand, has only the triad LBC- Lopoz, Barte and Codilla, the known Three Mosquiteers boardmembers from Kampi and Liberal allied with Mayor Manuel Brillantes, now whetting up an appetite for semblance of democracy in Cabidianan Capitol.

But Federiso’s ordinance on the Provincial Sustainable Integrated Development Process (PSIAD) is a stand out now on the indicator that this is a unique legislation that outlines concrete and practical steps and mechanisms before government plans, programs and budgets are implemented on the ground.

It seeks to institutionalize barangay assemblies, taho sa barangay, purok meetings and consultations, people’s congresses, and the like as approaches of people participation, while it aims to realize people and grassroots participation in governance, transparency and integrated development approach.

Truly, executive agenda when submitted to these bottoms-top participatory and consultative processes and mechanisms become people’s agenda itself and institutionalizes real people governance. This is the overriding goal of Federiso ordinance, while it lays down specifics to start on in implementing the so-called RDR Wheels, which are more guiding program priorities and generic numenklatura of good intents of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Two Tagum broadcasters stopped from airing radio program

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By Cha Monforte

July 23

Two broadcasters in Tagum City were advised yesterday to end their early morning radio commentary program effective today by the management of an FM station whose legal papers to operate were earlier questioned by several city councilors.

Co-anchors Ben Wang and Manny Pajarito, who have their Uswag Davao Siege (UDS) radio program aired from 6-8 AM from Mondays to Fridays over X88.7 FM station, said in an interview with Sidlak late afternoon yesterday, that they were subject of a “a deal” saying the management wanted them out of the air following reported pressures from the city councilors whom the two have been criticizing every now and then for alleged unproductivity in making legislations and lack of debate occurring in their sessions.

Wang alleged that Randy Marquez, the station’s “owner”, resorted to self-serving self-censorship in caving in to reported pressures coming from the questioning City Hall officials in exchange for the continued running of the city-paid one-hour developmental radio program following their blocktime.

A report published in another paper, Tagum City Mantalaan said that the City Hall is paying the station P25,000 monthly for its “Tagum Padayon sa Pag-uswag” radio aired from 8-9 A.M. from Mondays to Fridays.

Both Wang and Pajarito expressed dismay over the station management’s act of terminating suddenly their blocktime even as they have still P18,000 unpaid obligations to the station saying that they could not even bade farewell today to their listeners whom they claimed to have been growing day by day.

They claimed their radio program rating has already topbilled in the airwaves of Tagum City and neighboring areas due to their “truthful commentaries.”

They also said they had not criticized even for once Mayor Rey Chiong Uy adding they believe on the mayor’s good governance and management in running the affairs of the City Hall.

Lately, the anchors were heard to be critical to 1st District Cong. Arrel Olaño and to some boardmembers in the Davao del Norte aside to several city councilors.

During the Question Hour in last week’s Sangguniang Panlungsod session aired live over DXDN Radyo Ukay, reports said that most the city councilors participated in over an hour of “grilling” to the X88.7 FM management officials who were invited to be present.

During the Question Hour, the station’s manager Fernando “Dodong” Marquez  admitted that the X88.7 FM has been operating for a year now without the required Provisional Authority from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

He said though they that have already an application for affiliation with the Kalayaan Broadcasting Network (KBNI) but also claimed the KBNI has already given them temporary permit to broadcast when their FM station was allocated with the 88.7 radio frequency by KBNI.

During the same Question Hour, Edwin Garing, the station’s assistant manager, informed the inquiring councilors that all the affairs of the FM station is handled by the Expose Ads and Promotions, an advertising agency which contracted with the City Hall for its developmental radio program.

It was also learned that X88.7 FM has only a Memorandum of Agreement with KBNI but is not dated and not notarized.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)