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Tagum mayor perplexed on what’s his political party

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(late upload oct 25, 2014 news)

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon is perplexed over what is his political party now as in the last 2013 election he ran under the PDP Party but “without the PDP’s CONA (Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance)”.

“I’m PDP (candidate), but technically I’m independent, or I’m PDP independent,” he said.

That time the PDP party leadership was not yet wracked with division between Vice President Jejomar Binay and the Pimentels- former Senator Nene and Senator Koko.

In March this year Binay left PDP and is now leading the United Nationalist Alliance which he shared leadership with PMP party czar, former President Erap Estrada.

Rellon left the Liberal Party prior the 2013 polls as he was not endorsed the mayoral standard bearer.

Rellon explained: “I have strong reason to leave the LP. I went to Manila and sought refuge to Binay and he embraced me. I then ran under PDP. But we ran without the CONA. Technically, I’m independent. I don’t know. But I will really go for Binay. We’re closer to each other.”

Further, he said Binay visited him twice in Tagum City while he is already the mayor- during the rover scouting and the national jamboree activities. “Atty. Wendel Avisado (Binay’s top leader in the region) keeps on calling me. We’re closer to each other.”

He further recalled that when he left the LP, “OK ra pod kay I became free” as he ran virtually without a party, without money but with the people of the city backing him up for his victory.

He said that although he left the LP in the province, “but in reality” he always goes for Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, the provincial chair of the LP.

It appears now that Rellon. being “technically independent” is choosing with whom to ally: RDR and Baby of the LP, locally, and Binay of the opposition UNA, nationally.

He said he is willing to go back to the fold of the LP party.

But when it comes to the choice of who’s the standard bearer for mayor in 2016 election, and if it’s not him, he openly confided: “Ah, lahi na na! (It’s different matter).”

He added he is supporting all-out the gubernatorial bid of Vice Gov. Victorio Suaybaguio, Jr. in 2016 polls.

Suaybaguio has long not been hiding his interest to run for governor in 2016 saying he has long prepared for it while he has been serving as Gov. Del Rosario’s vice governor for four terms already. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: Can first-termers in Davao Region make real dent to be reelected?

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aug 27-sept. 2, 2014


By Cha Monforte

Who seyz that the Election 2016 is still far? It’s near. One full year and 1 month from now politicians will be filing their certificates of candidacy, if the timetable of the last two elections set by the Comelec is to be the gauge. I said again (from my last column), sorry. It’s because the period before October 2015 COC filing can make or break especially incumbent first-termer mayors or governors. We have Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon, Mati City Mayor Carlo Rabat and Davao del Sur Governor Claude Bautista as examples. Have they performed well since July 1, 2013 Day 1 that would make people say they need another term by 2016? If people say kulang pa, then this 1 year from now can make or break them. In our country’s politics, politicians often bank on hard infrastructures. Makit-an, eh. That 1 year is first seen to be estill enough to construct public buildings, bridges, cement roads, etc. They have to beat the project’s lag time and lengthy government procurement process that eat time before people can see structures being constructed. That 1 year is also enough to deliver tens of thousands of social services, the soft projects. Mabati, eh. The 4 Ps did not originate from the the first termers, although the list of indigents got fat by their additional beneficiaries. C’mon deliver more soft projects now for the great many constituents before it’s too late. What about their reforms, policies introduced in their respective governance styles? Or their governance itself as a whole? Are first termer chief executives making their LGUs so transparent and accountable that the full disclosure policy is being installed and institutionalized? See, there are more to be done, and this 1 year from now appears to be isn’t enough. They have to strike on what’s strategic, doable, plausible and “impact-ful” (heard that last word from Coke spokesman Atty. Adel Tamano in his Tagum sortie here last month). The mayor or the governor is the head of the local government unit and he is considered as the most powerful and the most influential figure in the LGU who has the overall command in the deployment of governmental resources and manpower. Indeed, he can make and unmake. But he can also be the cause of stagnation.


Tuesday last week I went to Samal Island to gather news. I managed to catch last-termer IGACOS Mayor Aning Antalan in his office and fortunately got again a little access to “interview” him. The other week he blurted with my brief presence, “You and I Party! Ahhh, maayo ni kay may kongresman nga moanhi lang dinhi sa Samal panahon sa eleksyon, ug mangasaba pa gyod!” Last week, he blurted: “Ingna si Gov nga gamay lang kwarta dire sa Samal para i-develop ang Talikud!” in reply to my question if he was in favor to make the Talikud Island a separate municipality out from its own four barangays. Then he waived his right hand, a signal I clearly understood he didn’t want to be interviewed at all. I exited and went to the nearby Sanggguniang Panglungsod building, where a session of the elected was going on. The mayor is making himself scarce to the media even the friendly ones.

Nonetheless, the bits of statement of the most powerful figure of the island need a little discussion. The first is about political formation and politicians’ presence, the second about limited government resources vis-a-vis the challenge to make special development of the islet that people said can be made as Samal’s own Boracay. The U & I (Uswag IGACOS) Party that the Antalans have organized can be a potent force for solidifying development that they have introduced in the island. There’s no debate on that, especially if the party formed has a sort of ideology, paradigm, framework or set of principles that its top leadership, hardcore leaders and membership believe to be what the island needs to truly develop, than just being formed for political convenience of the Antalans.

If the U & I Party is to become indeed a force to reckon with, it must have a set of beliefs and principles that express the collective aspirations of the island’s people and foremost, understood and believed also by the people. The political aim of capturing political power in the City Hall, maybe indefinitely, comes just easy that the party leadership need not be disturbed by rare visitation of a district congressman. Samal Island is yet a special frontier. It is fast becoming a topnotch weekend hideaway of people from Davao City and neighboring provinces and foreign tourists with its largely unpolluted beaches. It can become a so powerful island in the next decade. It must develop out from the unity and energies of its people and leaders. A true and serious political party is what it needs to make the island powerful out from prosperity. The Antalans seem to have seized a good start now than before.

Infra completion-oriented reshuffling to effect in Tagum City Hall in 2014

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jan 2, 2014
Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon bared that he is effecting this new year 2014 an infrastructure-oriented personnel reshuffling “to do away from too much bureaucracy” that proved to delay completion of projects and city maintenance works.
He said that he would form at least four task forces that would affect mostly the personnel from engineering department while carting out some personnel from few relevant departments.
He cited to form the purok road and improvement task force, drainage construction and maintenance task force, asphalt plant operation task force, and small improvement and imaintenance task force.
“Trusted and capable personnel would lead in the task forces, and they would have to directly report to the mayor as I would have to directly engage with the task forces to complete and finish projects that were started during the previous administration like the new City Hall,” he said.
He expressed dismay that at the rate projects have been done in last year there seemed to be organized delay and even snobbish posture of some old personnel in the City Hall in the way they seemed to be unmoving over his directive to fasttrack project completion and maintenance works “even including submission of reports.”
“I’ll put in somebody whom I trust in each task force. Each has to render monthly accomplishment report detailing his day-to-day activities,” the mayor added. 
Rellon vowed anew to finish the more than P700-million still-unfinished new City Hall at Barangay Apokon, where the city’s spectacular fireworks display on New Year was successfully launched, even as he waits for the final go-signal from the Commission on Audit to proceed.
He said that the city government is already incurring more than P60 million annually or over P5 million monthly in interest payments alone for the bank debts owing to new City Hall construction. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte) 

Tagum Mayor Rellon on all-out war vs. criminals through swift pursuit, arrest, prosecution

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nov 20, 2013
Vowing he is making a recent case “a sample”, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon said that “crime does pay” in his campaign against crimes and criminals in his city.
He recently showed his his anti-crime ways being carried through out through swift pursuit, swift arrest and swift prosecution as exemplified by a case of a suspected bag snatcher who made his heist Monday and “not less than 24 hours”, on the same day, the suspect was collared by pursuing police team in neighboring Asuncion town.
The city police immediately worked for inquest proceeding filing a robbery case against the suspect, one named Ddjay Cruz, a resident of the town.
“This sample would continue,” the mayor declared even as Tuesday afternoon he met police and Church officials and leaders of civilian volunteer force multipliers to wrap up a tight security plan for the peaceful and successful fiesta celebration of Tagum City by Sunday and in days preoccupied with celebratory activities this week.   
He said that the “sample” was made for three reasons: first, “the victim cooperated with the police”, second, “the police made swift pursuit without sleep” and third, “the justice system is moved with the inquest proceeding against the suspect.”
He also cited the important role of civilian volunteer force multipliers like the newly formed United Taxpayers Against Crime (UTAC) in augmenting the police force as part in his flagship EAGLES WINGS program, particularly in the agenda of genuine peace, safety and security.
UTAC members are composed of businessmen, tricycle and single motorcycle owners and drivers providing information and force-multiplying volunteerism to augment law enforcers and collaborating to support Rellon’s administration in fighting crimes.
Mayor Rellon said he is happy to note that UTAC gained increase in membership since it was organized in the advent of his administration last July.
UTAC has already over 500 members throughout Tagum City.
Earlier, the mayor said that he was beefing up the 30 motorcycle-riding police teams to be doubled in numbers, with acquisition of more single motorcycles and communication equipment, besides that motorcycle-riding civilian force multipliers have been increasing to augment the city police.
Last Friday the city police apprehended a robbery suspect, a certain Jeyrome Mahusay, who had still a stockpile of his “IT loot” that consisted of 13 cellphones, 9 laptops, one iPad, one digital camera and one portable DVD.
PNP Tagum police chief Solomon de Castilla urged robbery and snatching victims to check the valuables if they own any of which.
“They can claim it provided they can show proof of ownership,” PSupt. De Castilla said.
By nightfall Wednesday, the city’s giant Christmas tree located at the Freedom Park was lighted up again with a joyful program attended by public, Church and private sector officials, and thousands of city onlookers.
Thousands of Christmas lights  embellished and strewn around the Christmas tree were switched on again to continue the yearly tradition of giving Christmas cheer to Tagumenyos. 
This Thursday evening, the revived Mutya ng Tagum will see action onstage at RDR Gym at the Sports Center, fronting the provincial Capitol compound, Barangay Mankilam.
Tagumenyos, religious as they are, will be celebrating the feast of their Patron Saint Christ the King on Sunday. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Junk RPT ordinance, finish new city hall, stamp out summary killings, allow vans – new Tagum Mayor Rellon

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june 7, 2013

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

Tagum City Mayor-elect Allan Rellon vowed that under his incoming watch starting July 1 he would push for the junking of the controversial Real Property (RPT) ordinance, finish the still-unfinished new City Hall, allow the vans to pick up passengers and stamp out summary killings occurring in the city.

“Dapat ibasura na na (that should be junked),” he said referring to City Ordinance City Ordinance No. 558, which had become a leading hot issue in the last polls for what critics said as charging too high tax rates which the city’s landowners cannot afford to pay to.

The city council last January temporarily deferred its implementation reasoning on the need for relief due to the onslaught of typhoon Pablo, even while the measure was questioned by a landowners’ group at the Supreme Court. It is yet pending for SC’s resolution at press time.

“The deferment is really awkward. We can’t really implement it. That should be archived. We will go back to, revisit the old (RPT ordinance), and if it is lacking, we will conduct real consultation with the people to know whether it is acceptable to the people, the consultation will be barangay-to-barangay,” Rellon said in an interview Wednesday.

As to the gargantuan new City Hall at Barangay Apokon, he said that he would try his best to finish it and use it “but within budgetary limits and other considerations like the Commission on Audit, which is presently reviewing” the transactions relating its construction

He said that he does not know yet the balance of the P230 million which was the last financial measure that the city council he presided approved to augment the funding of its construction. The loan was sought from Philippine National Bank with 20 percent of the city’s Internal Revenue Allotment made as loan collateral.

The funding for its construction is already close to P700 million with the earlier loans of the first P200 million and then the next P250 million from the Development Bank of the Philippines. All the loans were contended to be still within the allowable debt servicing capacity of the city government.

“From what is left, I’ll benchmark from there,” Rellon said.

“It would take time. But I want to be transparent to the procedures on how we address it, of course, because the new city hall is funded by loans,” he added.

“Summary killings should be stopped,” the incoming mayor vowed.

He said he would deploy all security and peace and order measures in place to get rid the menace which has been victimizing people out of bounds of law and for the city residents to have peace of mind and greater sense of security.

He said that the rule of law and peace should reign in the city.

He expressed apprehensions over recent violent incidents and dysfunctions following his election as a mayor that seemed to sow mayhem in the city.

Local media recently reported on killing, kidnapping, holdup and stabbing incidents, the rise of rugby boys, besides that text messages are circulating that the banned bura-bura (noisy) single motorcycles are now ruling in the city’s streets.

He added that “text brigades are again busy” and are projecting that under his watch “ang syudad sagbot, hugaw, gubot ug daghang patay (the city would have a lot of weeds, dirty, troublesome and has a lot of killings).”

He said that people should know that much as he wants to but he cannot yet act on these as he is not yet officially the mayor.

He added that those who want him fail want to sabotage his administration from the start.

He said they better watch out when he will assume office starting July 1.

Lastly, he said that as to the issue of passenger vans that were not allowed loading and unloading within the city’s spaces during the time of outgoing Mayor Rey Uy, the mayor-elect said that he wants it resolved under the principle, “buhi-buhi lang (live and let live) and within the bounds of the laws of LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board)”

His foremost question in mind is, “why are vans allowed by the LTFRB in Koronadal City and in other places?”

He recalled that during the time of the mayorship of ex-Governor Gelacio Gementiza, there was one bay in the city’s integrated terminal allocated for the plying vans.

Following the May 13 election, passenger vans have been seen picking up and unloading passengers along the national highway within the city without being flagged down, apprehended or pursued by trafficmen employed by the city government.

In the last polls, Rellon trounced Mayor Uy’s son and senior Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy by 21,964 votes’ margin. Rellon got 54,492 votes against Uy’s 32,528 votes- (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: In fairness to Cee O

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By Cha Monforte

City Mayor Rey “Cee O” Uy will surely be destined to a good place in the history of Tagum City. It is he who engineered dramatic and massive developments that physically changed the city in the last decade and part of this decade until June 30, 2013. Yes, his son, senior Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy lost in the last polls to Vice Mayor Allan Rellon. But he never lost to Rellon. Maybe he’ll come back by 2016. That’s for Mayor-elect Rellon to prepare for.

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon (second from left) and Vice Mayor Geterito "Boyet" Gementiza (second from right)

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon (second from left) and Vice Mayor
Geterito “Boyet” Gementiza (second from right) proclaimed

Cee O is still so much a force to reckon with even if he would be out of the political scene for the next three years (only). Reasons: The mayor just made great accomplishments while being a mayor and Tagumenyo voters have always shifting electoral outlook. They voted again Councilor Tristan Royce “Bong” Aala in 2010 polls after they didn’t like what the councilor did in deserting his 2007 mandate in staying in Japan to work there. He had his good reason justified by winning in the opposition along with now Vice Mayor-elect Geterito “Boyet” Gementiza in 2010 polls.

This also happened last election, when Tagumenyos gave a new mandate to now Councilor-elect Agripino “Jun” Coquilla after they didn’t like what he did in not informing the city council and the public that he was already employed as designated provincial engineer in Comval Capitol before his 2007 term would end. Coquilla ran but lost for city councilor in the 2010 polls. Last May 13 Tagumenyo voters forgave him. Congrats to him!

Rellon’s winning is already done. We’ll leave the issues hurled at him and to Oyo behind for good, to move on. Time to work and prepare for the future, for 2016. Mayor Cee O made true his pronouncement that he would not do ala Duterte (or ala Dongkoy Emano of CDO; both came back as mayor after a term as vice mayor): run for other post like for city vice mayor. Cee O prefers to plant trees for greener environment and likes to be invited by plain folks in their breakfasts while he is a plain civilian. He has word of honor. He doesn’t like ribbon cutting ceremonies to open his great projects that transformed the city into a premier class in this part of the country, great services that touched many lives. He doesn’t like rendering SOCAs (State of the City Address). SOCA, SOMA and SOPA are venues that only to titillate incumbents’ bragging rights.

He’s a hands-on leader. In the last two years, during non-working holidays, we always caught him at the City Motorpool in his slippers and shorts, supervising his pet project of transforming seized hot logs into tens of thousands of school chairs, desks and tables that were donated to many needy schools including those in various parts of the country. He’s a multi-awardee mayor.

For all Cee O’s great feats including the festivals, entertainment, peace and laurels which he brought for the Tagumenyos to be happy, he will surely be remembered as the one mayor who made a difference. Maybe, it’s only that his own leadership was not translated as an adjunct, a co equal, a continuum to Oyo as perceived by the electorate. He was not misunderstood, his critics did; Cee O was understood by the Tagumenyos in the way they gave him mandate one after another term until his present third and last term. But it’s still fair to him. He often has his dictum, he would “rather be misunderstood for doing something than be understood for doing nothing”.

It’s Cee O’s own brand of leadership that the Tagumenyos understand and want. Verily, Cee O is a 2016 tough force to reckon with.
We still have to savor what brand of leadership can Mayor-elect Rellon show and give to Tagumenyos. He did say in my interview with him in December 2010 that the “unique leadership styles” of his three bosses- ex-Mayor, Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, ex-Mayor and ex-Gov. Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza and Mayor Cee O- whom he had worked with influenced his own leadership style.

To him, Baby is a “stateman for good governance and transparency, a chief executive so careful and conscious to make decision especially when it comes relating with government’s money and policies. Yayong “is a down-to-earth makamasa politician, a typical one that the people like.” “And Mayor Uy “has a strong political and an output-oriented mayor who uses his powers and government resources to accomplish something even if at times he chooses an unpopular option… He’s a tough mayor”.

Then, let us see how Rellon’s mixed leadership style can make much more difference to Tagum City.

TAGS & HASHES: Congrats to newly reelected 1st District Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra for winning as independent candidate against the well-oiled administration machinery. He’s a serious congressional contender by 2016…. That is also true to newly reelected Board Member Alan Dujali in the 2nd district of Davao del Norte as Cong. Anton Lagdameo is now entering his third and last term …. By 2016, it’s Rellon vs. Cee O vs. Baby for mayor in Tagum City, maybe, but there’s this possible Cee O-Nickel Suaybaguio tandem vs Rellon-Gementiza…. and there’s also this Anton vs. Baby vs. Cee O vs AGR for gov by 2016… In this case, there’s this Baby vs. De Veyra vs Raffy del Rosario in 1st District congressional race come far 2016…. Comval’s 2016 electoral scenario is quite complicated among LP/Uswag Comval partymates: now elected Vice Gov. Way Kurat vs. Tyron Uy vs. Cong. Bobong Amatong. And we’re in for another political guessing game. (for reactions, e-mail:, or post in his Facebook timeline, Cha Monforte)