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NEWS: P7 fare to effect January 2

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dec 22

Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy has approved to implement a reduced tricycle fare of P7 starting on January 2 next year.

In his meeting on Saturday with the City Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (CTFRB) chairman Atty. Roland Tumanda and other board officers, the decision was reached to effect the second fare cut from the latest P8 since that the current gasoline pump prices already hit within the P30-P39.99 range in a general matrix provided under the city’s flexi-fare ordinance.

If the minimum fare is P7, students and senior citizens would only have to pay P5 for the regular tricycle ride.
However, the CTFRB will still have to formally make a corresponding board resolution for the new fare cut this week, Atty. Tumanda, also the city legal officer, told Sidlak.

The city has now its flexible mode of charging tricycle fare due to the flexi-fare ordinance which provides a bracket on tricycle fares depending on gasoline pump prices.

The City Hall already ordered for fare reduction to P8 fare from P10 last November 18.

When the reduction was effected on that date, gasoline prices were already observed to be diving below the P40 per liter mark.

There was then a fare increase from P7 to P10 approved by the city
council which effected last September 19.

But a week after due to growing complaints of riding public as gasoline prices were decreasing then when the increased P10 fare was implemented, Uy backpedaled and pushed
the flexi-fare ordinance as a novel way of skipping the tedious and long legislative process of enacting an ordinance in view of the volatility of oil prices.

The ordinance’s bracket provides that if gasoline prices per liter
(gpl) range P20 to 29.99 it will have P6 for regular fare and P4 for
student or senior citizen; P30 to P39.99 gpl- P7 regular fare, P5 student/senior citizen; P40 to 49.99 gpl- P8 regular fare, P6 student/senior citizen; P50 to P59.99 gpl- P9 regular fare, P7 student/senior citizen; P60 to P69.99 gpl- P10 regular fare, P8 student/senior citizen; P70 to P79.99 gpl- P11 regular fare, P9 student/senior citizen; P80 to P89.99 gpl- P12 regular fare,
P10 student/senior citizen; P90 to P99.99 gpl- P13 regular fare, P11 student/senior citizen; and P100 and above gpl- P14 regular fare, P12 student/senior citizen. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)