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OPINION: Naisahan kay nagtinanga man gud

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sept 12-18, 2013


By Cha Monforte

Don’t count Daneco-CDA out yet.
It is still operating despite that it lost in the battle at the Court of Appeals. Last Monday it filed its MR- motion for reconsideration. It looks like they want to go to the Supreme Court if the MR will be junked by the CA.
They are buying time. Still in this scenario, Daneco-CDA despite that it stopped collecting electric bill payments from members, and hence it is draining of resources, will last until the confirmatory referendum in the second Saturday of January 2014. That’s January 10, 2014, to be exact.
I see the next three months and a half as crucial, and there’s another battle to be won for either of the both sides.
The Daneco war is still ongoing, only that Daneco-NEA won in the battle at the CA? I say maybe. A battle is not at all won and closed by mere declaration of decision. The defeated must surrender, waive flags of surrender, sign surrender papers, or be subdued, put on rest, unresisting, tamed, chained, encaged, made as prisoners of war, made to walk in death march, put in garrison, annihilated. I’m not being literal here.
In the world, many wars have been won not by sheer coup de grace force but by diplomacy amid heightened warring while one is already losing.
There are wars that the losing force ended up winning in the negotiation table following diplomatic offensives. Naisahan ang modaugay kay nagtinatanga man gud. Again, I’m not being too literal here.
Daneco-NEA has a problem in its Institutional Services Department. Its head is Jhona Abaquita. I donno why she failed to make immediate press releases after the CA decision last week of August. Or call for a press conferences right after. Or makes radio hopping. She’s content in only posting the CA decision in Daneco-NEA official FaceBook page, many days after for the media to lengthily decipher. But then the CA ruling is gone now, at presstime, lol!
It seems she’s inutile in functioning as the ISD head. She’s better be sacked, NEA Project Supervisor Engr. Godofredo Guya. Mas maayo pa sa imo si Oliver Autor, Daneco-CDA information officer kay mohatag pa dayon ug kasayuran sa media bahin sa Daneco-CDA bisag sa dalan.
BMs Dujali, De Veyra, Aala
DavNor vice gov potentials
Catching up with the lambast on pork barrel is the speculation on potential vice gubernatorial contenders in Davao del Norte by 2016 polls.
Talks abound under some political grooves that independent Board Member Alan Dujali is running for congressman in the second district knowing that Cong. Anton Lagdameo is in his last term now. This, as no new name yet from Floirendo/Tadeco has been dropped as potential successor of Cong. Lagdameo. Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo seems to be not interested in politics as he resigned from his two posts- barangay kapitan and FABC provincial president- reportedly to go fulltime in Tadeco’s business conglomerate. It seems his world is not in tumultuous politics.
But BM Dujali is also talked about to be running for vice governor to tandem with Vice Gov. Baby Suaybaguio Jr., who has no more lofty post to run for by 2016 except for governor (or for first district congressman). But Cong. Anthony “AGR” del Rosario has still one more available term by 2016. But why not also Cong. AGR for gov in tandem with BM Dujali for vice gov while ally VG Baby runs for cong? This, so that whoever Tadeco tosses up for 2nd district cong, even if most neophyte and youngest Floirendo, can have no opponent in the name of BM “Aldu” Dujali. This corner sees that even ex-FABC president Vincent can have a so much difficulty in beating a long-serving and capable Dujali political heir considering changed electoral parameters and factors like the automated election, the phenomenon in the winning of Sto. Tomas Mayor Bobong Andamon who defeated a Tonyboy-backed mayoral candidate last May (include also the phenomenon of victory of now Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon), plus the pork barrel issue that can make and unmake reigning politicians. Dujali is one such great political name and institution in the province.
Rugged popularity and closeness with the people can also be a winning factor. This is proven in the winning of 1st district BM Dr. Fred De Veyra, who, no matter how a well-oiled slate led by Gov. RDR wanted him to slide down out from the five-man winning circle of BMs in pre-election surveys, managed to persist at the middle in the list. And the “eyes of the people” won as independent candidate, not once but twice. BM De Veyra turned out to garner the most improved voting record among all BMs, with the increase of his 2013 votes from 2010 by more than 30,000! Which makes him also a strong vice gubernatorial contender by 2016.
The other strong vice gubernatorial contender is a woman- BM Shirley Belen Aala. This is because she is a consistent topnotcher of all BMs in the 2010 and 2013 polls. A tandem with woman, articulate and strong, is every male gubernatorial candidate’s sweet-best wish.
TAGS & HASHES: Like or unlike Comval politics by 2016? Amatong for gov in tandem with VG Way Kurat for reelection vs. now BM Gentugaya for gov, no vice gov or ? for vice gov or he runs for reelection- while BM Tyrone Uy for 2nd district cong and 1st district Congw. Maricar for reelection (Gov. CK Uy on political furlough for a term). This is because Gov. Uy’s Uswag Comval politics has been known already- it’s based on accommodation, unity, pragmatism to the bones. This is what we call as “Don’t rock the boat” best political scenario in Comval. What only dilutes is Ramil’s running for a top post….. Beginning this issue Valley & City Chronicle has changed color from blue to orange in its logo. Blue is for tranquility, peace. Orange is more representative of forewarning that the climate change is in us now. We need to adapt and combat climate change now. That’s why we chose orange to be always be reminded of the climate change.