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Sole contract-based tunnelling

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Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2010

The Northern Spy

by Fe Claire TM Honor

Famed Agusan del Sur gold high-grader Pokloy has accordingly so efficient tunnel operations. He is not entering agreement with others who want to become destino owners, but he is only letting others as contractors for cash payment in whatever tunnelling tasks they undertake, say for timbering, dynamite blasting, tunnel diggings, or suppliers of anything that his tunnel needs. So it’s down to cash payments only and no more destino-destino system that requires ore sharing. This sole contract-based tunnelling might have been the outcome of the many lessons learned from Diwalwal mining following what Diwalwal tunnel owners had gone through right after the May 1990 (or was it 1989?) when there was that worst fire-bardown-cave-in calamity that made bye-bye to cat-and-mouse tunnel racing, and introduced the concept of tonton system. After the worst calamity came the centralization which almost stopped the first ore sharing concept of Diwalwal, that gave more advantages to manual labor of abanteros. The famed Pokloy has planta right infront his house at JLT Mining Mineral Corp, Rosario, AgSur. He is Rosario town Mayor Jose Cuyos.





AgSur high-grader

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Sept. 23-29, 2010

The Northern Spy

By Fe Claire TM Honor

Pokloy is now the famed miner in Agusan del Sur. He just became a town mayor last May. He is so rich now from being a habal-bahal driver, my new dynamitero bubuwets say. They said that Pokloy dug ten tunnels but only one tunnel struck the richest gold vein that lasted to have that bina for one year, making him realy fealty rich more than what a famed lucky miner (not a corpo) could boast during the heyday of Diwalwal in the mid 80s. Pokloy’s gold-rich tunnel, my bubuwets said, at one time had an assay of 16,000 gramos per – ton ore load. Wow, that’s so really rich of gold. I’m no miner but I’m still in the thick of my further research and investigation through my sometimes lazy, lousy bubuwets scattered around. Till then on next issue. Anyway, bubuwets just keep me posted!  Anyone interested to become CIA bubuwets can now communicate with me thru e-mail:, or txt me 09186710465. I’ll exchange per-info money as Civilian Intawon Ako (CIA) bubuwets based on my data request, and if I could already share the intelligence fund (IF, there’s a big If).