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OPINION: Pre-SONA piece from the provinces

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By Cha Monforte

july 24

President Arroyo missed Comval and Davao del Norte in her State of the National Address (SONA) last year. To recall, she did almost mention Comval when she announced of a forthcoming manna from Malacanang for Agusan del Sur. It was about a big, impact project.

Before she did her SONA last year, various regions in the country reeled from typhoon and flood calamity. And to soothe down regional pains, we heard of her claims on dazzling accomplishments from exacting more taxes via the Value Added Tax, while damning the global fuel and food crisis as causes of the country’s ills. For that- she “cared so much for this nation”. Imeldific statements, just like the original who said she cried so much for the country’s poor.

What our provinces now want to hear from the President this coming Monday are her assurances that she would actively work to provide opportunities and investments for mass livelihood and jobs for our people. Without the abundant gold resources and the learned endogenous mining skills of our people, our provinces, most of all Comval, must have been so devastated by crimes against properties, which our local police have nonetheless failed to stump out the way our local bisaya tabloids report about these daily. Likewise, policy statements on the peace and order situation in our provinces particularly with regards to the rising crimes against persons are also much wanting now, and this inevitably relates to the efficacy of police organization in the provinces.

We would not hesitate to listen if the President would also give the Palace’s policy pronouncements, nay even good development intentions on Diwalwal, knowing that there’s now more silence than thunder about what the national government has been doing especially in Level 600 underground since when there was that direct government mining takeover over six years ago. It’s still foolhardy now to expect for government transparency now as even trhe Philippine Mining Development Corp (the NRDC before) keeps to be scarce of its public presence. And corollary to this, her policy statement on people’s mining activities that continue to flourish down in Comval and other mineralized provinces in the region is most wanting. A mere mention on people’s mining in Mindanao provinces could immediately connect the President particularly to the people in Comval, Davao Oriental, Agusan and Surigao provinces. Pa-gwapa points ka naman sa amin Madam President, at least on this score.

BLOGSBITS: Three or four SONAs ago, I was bedazzled by the ostensible gold pendant the President wore while in her dark green gown suit. Seen over ANC, she was sparkling, so presidential. But that was when her rule was not yet smudged by so many issues, ripoffs and scandals of the day…..Word has it that Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is engaged in mining at Pamintaran, Comval’s new gold rush site. Pamintaran is in highland Maragusan. It’s just cool endeavor as the mayor comes also from an upland town…. Last 2 gambling has proliferated in Davao del Norte and Comval. I don’t know what our authorities are doing to stump out this vice. See no evil, hear no evil?…. Until now we still don’t see any financial report on the last liga congress of the Federation of the Association of Barangay Captains in Comval. Paging FABC chair and Boardmember Abundio Cubio. Many Comval barangay officials are wanting to see your FS report…. At the rate there’s deafening silence in Comval District 2 political front, ah that past row between Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay, then we expect no more noise about it til November? But then Atty. Jaime “Jun” Lopoz, oldest brod of Boardmember Dexter Lopoz, is coming his t-shirts that he is kursunada! to run against BM Maricar for the district’s lone congressional post. Well, Atty. Jun was a student and youth leader before of Mindanaowide stature, has a down-to-earth, charismatic, makamasa personality. He first worked with the Ombudsman for Mindanao after passing the bar exams, for which BM/Atty. Dex was challenged to proceed to law after becoming a registered nurse. Why not? In that case, BM Maricar and Cong. Way Kurat could not claim they got the plum and perks-blessed Cong position without a rival, and with all the District 1 Comvalenyos just sitting or lying down in 2010 polls, while grabbing it, proverbially. (For your comments and reactions, text 09069104553 or e-mail

NEWS: New Comval’s gold rush on at Pamintaran, Maragusan

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Secret gold boom in Mainit, Nabunturan?

july 13

A new gold rush is now largely ongoing at a village named Pamintaran at the highland town of Maragusan, about two-hour ride up northeast of the capital town of Nabunturan in the Compostela Valley.
John Alfred Angcog, a gold prospector who has just come from Pamintaran gold rush area said in an interview Sunday in Nabunturan, that an estimated 20,000 miners are already exploring the area since it was opened again after exploring miners were temporarily barred by authorities to enter and explore in last February.
He said that the mining site has been opened again after the Maragusan municipal government has made a plan for the area.
“Pamintaran is about 4 kilometers from Maragusan poblacion and can easily be reached by single motorcycles unlike the other gold rush sites in Comval,” he said.
He said that about 300 small-scale tunnels are already operating and competing for rich gold veins in the area, adding that in fact some known mining-associated personalities who had hit it big in Diwalwal and even in as far as influential politicians and names from Agusan and Surigao areas have been heard to be also staking for a fortune in Pamintaran’s range of mountains, which reportedly consist of about 300 hectares.
He said that he and other members of his corpo (mining group) heard that early this year the area came to be known to have rich gold deposits when a group got a yield of about 6.6 kilos of gold after they had some 220 bags of ores excavated from one of Pamintaran mountains processed by the “planta” (carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plant).
Angcog also added that there are still few cynidation plants in the Maragusan and most of the ores from Pamintaran found their way to mineral processing zone downhill at Barangay Mainit in Nabunturan.
Mainit barangay captain Dominggo Malanog, in separate interview, said that in his barangay there are thirty (30) cyanidation plants mostly owned by outsiders of his village including foreigners like Korean nationals.
“They are the ones who are benefit from it, and not us,” he added.
The mountains and rivers of Barangay Mainit and the neighboring Barangay Bukal have long been known by exploring miners to have deposits of gold since the 70, although gold strikes and hits of small miners trigerring seasonal gold rushes have largely characterized the Mainit-Bukal mining area time and again in the past.
But since the firmer grounding and use of fabricated, small-scale carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plants as a technology and the continued high price of gold in the world market have changed the gold production parameters and in fact made more feasible the small scale mining.
Village chief Malanog bared that the Mainit-Bukal area has the mining sites in Payawan, Bugac, Pagtulian, Cabinuangan, and the older Saraban, Inupuan and Noknokan areas.
He said that guerilla-type of small scale mining activities even encroached into the Log Cabin area inside the 1,775-hectare Mainit Protected Landscape (formerly classified as Mainit National Park).
But with the lively operations of cynidation plants in Mainit mineral processing zone at present have fueled speculations that there is an ongoing secret gold rush and boom in Mainit-Bukal mining complex. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)