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Goryo Facula for PA, why not? The failed bond float of Nabunturan

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march 10-16, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Names of “who’s who” to be the next Davao del Norte provincial administrator (PA) have been floated and so far we heard of Fr. Em-Em Luego of Sto. Tomas, provincial general services officer Samsom “Sammy” Sanchez, Romulo Tagalo of info office, provincial legal officer Jennifer Namoc, ex-Igacos Vice Mayor Orly Amit, and ex-Boardmember and ex-BE Dujali Mayor Gregorio “Goryo”Facula. The last should be the first. First and foremost, Goryo has good rapport with the local media and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, he being an ex-BM. He’s a good bridge between the executive and legislative departments which have sour relationship these days. He was once a Capitol insider.

Goryo is also amiable to provincial employees, besides having no pretentions to be who he is. Well, I knew that Goryo before be became the BE Dujali mayor was a coconut pilot (gagah, he’s an ex-mananggite), an ex- sprayman for-hire by basak owners (the reason why he got sick by synthetic chemical and stopped his high schooling), ex-habal–habal driver, an ex-bakery delivery man, ex-Kabataang Barangay (KB) president, ex-kapitan, ex-councilor, ex-mayor (3 terms) garnering several Hall of Fame awards, an ex-topnotcher BM. Goryo used to walk in slippers the long length of Barangay Cabayangan, BE Dujali to Carmen town daily in going to school during his elementary and high school days. He has been a church kaabag even now. He has all the qualifications. More than these, he’s a simple man, down-to-earth person, and has all the patience to be chopping board (tadtaran) or to be a shock-and-scold absorber. It seems Goryo’s patience is like a swaying bamboo. This last is the most important qualification of Goryo Facula for Tahanan. He’s not the one whom a father of a living Capitol executive department officer said is “not like a kite which at times looks down while flying high.”

Days after Goryo lost his mayoral bid to Mayor Lolita Moral last May, I saw him eating banana at the entrance of Kadiwa canteen at the Capitol. He was sitting on the guard’s chair with one leg folded up, in shorts and plain shirts. When I approached him, he said “pusoy ta bay”. Kay way kwarta. No much money to win an election. Though approachable, but he’s strict like a father to his legislative staff especially in implementing his plans. But he’s consultative and would not stop asking anybody for best ideas. He was the No. 1 BM in terms of legislations- resolutions and ordinances authored/passed for series of years – 2008 and 2009 in his only one BM term. Why? He’s prayerful and hardworking. He went to his legislative office almost daily from Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday. He can be a first Tahanan resident PA. Goryo is the man whom the Capitol needs for a PA with the CISA guards around whom several observed are already getting lax in no longer always subjecting visitors to the main building for check and body search. Sometimes, humans as they are, the CISA guards have been seen to be drowsing to their posts especially the most wee 2 PM and while always seeing their CCTV cameras so monotonous even as there have been no terrorists-looking guys around from those who frequent the Capitol.
That recent fire in Nabunturan public market struck in the part of the location where the planned two-storey public market building would rise through the P90-million bond flotation project started by ex-Mayor Macario Humol. Sources said that the bond float scheme is already being abandoned by the new sanggunian and Mayor Romeo Clarin for its failure to raise funds for the project. Now they want a direct bank borrowing, an P80-million loan from the LandBank. With this development, the bond float oppositionists are being vindicated. We’re telling them so- that from the concept alone of bond float, it is bankrupt, that’s why we opposed and brought the issue to the Regional Trial Court in Nabunturan for an injunction. That’s besides the abuse of authority case filed against the pro-bond float officials for their insistence to proceed the project despite that there’s an existing injunction issued by the RTC against the project, the very reason why the Veterans Bank, as institutional bulk buyer of bonds, remains to have only the intent and is not releasing a single peso to buy the bonds. They immediately knocked to the doors of Veterans Bank when we have not yet heard that the bonds were auctioned to general public, the supposed first step in bond float process before the entry of institutional bulk buyers which would underwrite the buying of bonds or buy the bonds in bulk. As a result, the Nabunturan LGU would be paying more charges and obligations for the underwriting or for the coming entry of bulk buyer, the Veterans Bank.

But good for the Veterans Bank which reportedly recognizes the existence of Clapis injunction while the remaining pro-bond float officials have been trying to belittle and disregard it. Despite the Clapis injunction and evidently showing disrespect to the court, they have been implementing the bond flotation by having a contractor fund the foundation works for the public market building reportedly amounting to P20 million. But shortly they hit a financial squeeze when the contractor has no more money to fund further the project. Our sources said further that the contractor is awaiting for the promised release of funds from the Veterans Bank, which surely would not shell out the amount pending the quashing of Clapis injunction. (But how can it be quashed when they did not mind Clapis injunction in the first place?) We heard that most members in the current Nabunturan sanggunian don’t want to re-bid the project under the regime of direct bank borrowing, and want the same contractor which initially funded the project under the bond flotation regime. Now here’s a new question: Why should not the project be re-bid when the contractor belonged to the bond float regime? Bank borrowing is a new regime and so there’s a need to re-bid the project. The new Nabunturan officialdom should first secure legal and COA opinions about this, else new legal complications would come in. And so with the question, if it is legal and allowable if part of the bank loan would be made to pay the P20 million spent by the contractor of the bond float regime.

But when they initially implemented the bond float, it is evident that an injury to the interests of Nabunturan public has been made already due to the costs and expenditures made in the name of the failed bond float (for all those Laag Aral on bond float in Mindanao and Batangas, preparation expenses, meals, accomodation expenses for the Preferred Ventures consultants, supplies and reproduction of the so-called feasibility studies, plans, communications, calls, executive coordinations, travels, etc.) However, when they resort to direct bank borrowing now, the bond float oppositors and the people win. We told them so, and now many said who heard about this latest development, here’s a big pikat to them!

Despite this development, still we’re waiting for the Ombudsman’s verdict on the abuse of authority case. Lately, the Ombudsman asked the two parties to submit verified position papers after it did not dismiss the case with the offering of joint counter-affidavit of the pro-bond float officials led by ex-Mayor Humol. It is best hoped that they would finally junk the bond float scheme and resort to direct bank borrowing, the one the anti-bond float oppositors have been pushing for since then as it is simple, has only the principal and interest to watch on as obligations and the loan’s terms are not injurious and prejudicial to the interests of the Nabunturanons.

Compostela Vice Mayor Reynaldo Castillo just shrugged off the report that several of his men employed in the LGU were floated or reassigned from their posts by Mayor Jessie Bolo due to the alleged failure to deliver lumber supplies to a bridge project during Castillo’s administration. He said he just heard about it and he could not yet confirm. Earlier, Mayor Bolo was asked if the report was true that there are palengkera talks about his ineffectual running of the affairs of the public market. He replied to querying folks to instead go to the market and know themselves the real score of the market situation.
Carmen Mayor Marcelino Perandos needs to check his town’s demographic statistics if he continues putting words in one arc in his public market about making Carmen a city by 2020. Come again mayor? The cityhood needs the requirement of 150,000 population, and your town has only over 60,000 people at present. You mean in a span of 8 years you could have 90,000 additional people in your town? RH bill proponents in Congress must be laughing out loud (lol). Ha ha, gipakatawa mi nimo Mayor Perandos! You must be just formally joking!

Assume a much faster annual population growth rate of 5%, and for Carmen at 60,000, thus the town can only afford a maximum of 3,000 births in a year (But this is really so high for a small town). So where will Perandos get the lacking 7,000 persons in a year to realize the assumed 8-year target of getting an additional 90,000 people to make Carmen a city? Make Carmenians populate more in a year? Lol.
Boardmember Vicente “Enting” Eliot has been all busy in distributing coconut seedlings and in giving value formation seminars to rural folks through their Three-In-One foundation. Besides being a daily radio commentator in XFM in Tagum City, he along with ex-Congressman Bal Sator is visiting remote places in District 1. So with Boardmember Dr. Fred De Veyra , who’s been distributing free reading glasses to indigents in barangays.
But unlike BM Enting and BM Doc who separately make diskarte serving their constitutents, there’s that one BM who cuts shortcuts. When Asuncion Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas rendered his SOM Address last week, that BM, who’s known to be gubernatorial sipsip, had his presence felt when he accompanied Liga ng Barangay provincial president BM Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo when they walked upstairs of the new, elegant municipal hall. When BM Enteng F left, the BM also left always walking by the Floirendo scion’s side. Somebody said the BM is now namamangka sa dalawang ilog.
Before Asuncion Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas rendered his SOMA, he said before mediamen that if he had his way he better not have a SOMA. But, he quickly added the sanggunian did not want him to dispense the SOMA. The next thing the mayor knew was that he was applauded for many times while he was delivering his SOMA- as started by his own employees.
New Bataan Mayor Lorenzo “Boy” Balbin Sr seems to be aloof with the local media, from the way he’s making his presence scarce whenever there are mediamen around. Taga hilit man gud. Way media didto.
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