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The Life & Salons of Leo Revita

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Leo Diamante Revita, finest salon-trepreneur in Tagum City, has been enterprising to earn money since his high school days. 

He climbed coconut trees to get matured coconuts to be able to cook bukayo jam which he would consign to vendors to his school canteen. Or he would bring ice water to the canteen. When he was in college taking up BS in Elementary Education, he was working in beauty parlor the whole day and would go to school by late afternoon ‘til the evening.
He is the 4th child in a brood of five. He was born in Tagum City on July 5, 1980. His father Legorio is retired policeman now, while his mother Elizabeth is still teaching.
“I discovered I’m a gay when I was between 10-11 years old. I liked to have female barkadas and play girls’ games,” Leo confided. He is she, not he.
When she graduated in college in such course, she first taught cosmetology in the city’s trade school. But wanting to earn more bucks, she out from her savings set up his first beauty parlor in 2002, which lasts until todate when she has already a total of eight Leo Revita Salon & Spa outlets located in the cities of Tagum, Panabo and Davao. One more is coming this September.
“All of my salons in Tagum City after the first were assumed. It’s in salon business where you can earn money easily at less capitalization. It’s God’s providence that I managed to have many salons now,”Leo confided in an interview.
“I am not like those who wrested ownership of beauty parlor. Ang swerte ihatag gyod diay sa Ginoo dala sa diskarte (Luck would be given by the Almighty, when you ask and exert creative efforts),” she said.
Leo is “Kokoy” in the household; she’s fondly called “Madam Ley” by his over 200 on-shift hairstyling personnel. “Nasanay na silang magtawag ug ‘Madam’ sa akoa,” she said.
Those salons she assumed were all referred by her suppliers of hair colors or beauty products. They tipped her about the salon’s locations and status and Leo then assessed the salons’ potentials to bounce back.
Asked on why her clients keep on coming back to Leo Revita Salon & Spa, Leo said: “My salon is not for the high-end. It’s for all- pangmasa. We go for low, medium and high. Kung mao na imong budget, say P500 or P1,500, among paigoan ang pag-hairstyle sa imoha, pero mas gwapo gyod ang result kung branded. (We adjust with the client’s budget, but the result is better if we use branded product).”
“We always strive for quality in service and result. In each of my salon, clients can expect the same result and accommodation,” she said adding that each of her hairstyling personnel has undergone rigid training under a Leo Revita’s hairdressing standard. “They are trained in both theory and proper application. They have always to follow the rules.”
The first Leo Revita Salon & Spa in 2002 in Tagum City was located in Quezon Street. It operated for 4 years until it had to be closed as the building had to be renovated. It transferred location in 2006 to Bonifacio Street, infront the SP Building, City Hall.
In 2005 her 2nd salon, the first branch, opened at Rizal Street, in 2008 her 3rd opened at Sto. Nino, Panabo City, in 2010 her 4th at Rizal St., near the Christ the King Cathedral.
2010 ushered expansion of her salon to Davao City as in March that year she established the 5th branch at Claveria St. In 2012 she opened three salons- the 6th along the highway, Tagum City, the 7th at Bolton St., and the 8th at Matina area, Davao City.
This coming September 18 her 9th salon will open in Panabo City, at the night market area.
Next year, Madam Ley is setting her eyes to launch a franchising program in Mindanao for her quality-in-service-quality-in-result pangmasa Leo Revita Salon & Spa.
Indeed, the salon-treprenuer aims higher while she gives employment to many people around with her as an exemplar of beauty, wellness and industry. In her entrepreneurial endeavours, “I always think positive,” she said. (Cha Monforte)