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Police looks into 2 angles in mayor’s killing in Compostela Valley

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may 30, 2014

The Compostela Valley provincial police is looking into two angles in the killing of Laak town Mayor Reynaldo Navarro last Wednesday at Asuncion town in neighboring Davao del Norte.

PNP provincial police director PSSupt. Abraham Rojas said in radio interview that possible angles that the police is looking into are related to politics and to illegal logging.

He added that police investigators are still in the thick of their investigation to the case as of press time.

Mayor Navarro, 62 years old, was ambushed by some five armed assailants Wednesday at around 8:30 A.M.Wednesday while his convoy of two vehicles was cruising Kilometer 9 at Barangay Sagayin, Asuncion.

The mayor’s back-up escorts managed to fire back resulting to the killing of two still unidentified assailants.

The mayor was hit in several parts of his body causing his instantaneous death while his driver Estelito Pacano and security escorts Glen Ochoco and PO1 Rey Llones sustained gunshot wounds.

Injured in the crossfire were civilians Crespolo Matawa, Sr. and Paquito Sonocarte.

Hours after the ambush, Col. Lyndon Panesa, spokesperson of the armed forces’ eastern command, said there were strong suspicions that communist rebels were behind Navarro’s ambush.

As of press time, the NPA has not yet claimed for it.

Last May 23, the NPA posted in its website http://www.philippinerevolution.netaccusing the mayor as “lying as logging is rampant in Laak villages”.

The communist group through Aris Francisco, NPA spokesperson for Comval-North Davao- South Agusan areas warned the mayor and other “local reactionaries” not to continue making “big business out of the remaining forest resources, (as) the NPA will impose measures to protect the environment and peasants.”

Navarro is on his third term as Laak mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: Remembering Laak Mayor Rey Navarro;  Well done, Mayor Reynav! Be thou at peace!

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By Cha Monforte

Long-walking provincial mediamen in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley just call him Reynav. It’s just for among us in the way we shorten politicians’ names when we talk about them no-holds-barred. But in final print and professional broadcast, we call them with their exalted positions due to the mandate given by the people.

Laak Mayor Reynaldo Navarro was killed Wednesday morning in an ambush staged by 5-6 assailants, 2 of whom were killed by the return fire made by the mayor’s bodyguards. Mayor Reynav died while his driver and two of bodyguards sustained gunshot wounds. The mayor was 62 years old and has a long stint of rendering public service.


I browsed my online stories about the mayor to remember him, some bits of his life and times. I haven’t seen him for about two years now. The last time our paths crossed was in Tagum City. He was president of the Comval mayors’ league at that time.

I interviewed him for several times when he was serving as Comval vice governor, as liga ng mga barangay president hence an ex-officio board member, and the last, as the Laak mayor. In 2010 he was elected the national vice president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines.

Laak, an outback, remotely interior town of Comval, has been Mayor Reynav’s turf.  His last term is in the 2nd round of his serving as a mayor of Laak. He led the town beginning at the cradle of its townhood. It was he who led for the change of the name of San Vicente to Laak. The town’s first name was hastily chosen, and so he petitioned for a holding of a plebiscite to rename the town to what has been called by Laakenos since a long time ago. That was 1994. And he was young mayor then – at 42.

While browsing his stories online, what first struck me was his succinct words for late Cong. and Gov. Pros Amatong: “In politics he was a legend, a real champion who has never tasted defeat. He was proud of his achievements yet he remained humble and accessible to friends and foes alike. To us his political students, he was a genuine, larger-than-life guru. We will forever miss him.” He texted those to me while I was writing on the passing of Comval and Davnor legendary leader in 2009.

Mayor Reynav is a great writer unrevealed- and as known by everybody- an excellent orator-speaker, two qualities that qualify him to become a good congressman. When he speaks onstage he puts his audience in awe with his crisp, his glib, flowing delivery, his articulate expression. He has sartorial elegance and legal acumen that I falsely thought he was a barrister. What has seared in the minds of Tagum and Davao City mediamen is that Mayor Reynav is a great media supporter and patron, he being once a media engaged as columnist using a nom de plume in the 80s.

Mayor Reynav is the acknowledged most seasoned politician in Comval. He is a portrait of a politician versatile- par excellence. He is an enduring politician who has not become political has-been while the rest of his colleagues, save the rare one or two, have been on indefinite political furlough after trying for comeback for several times. Mayor Reynav has only a short political furlough. After failing his vice gubernatorial comeback bid in tandem with Trino Tirol against Gov. Joecab Caballero in 2004 polls, he maneuvered to become a punong barangay of smallest Bullokan village, and from there, he sprang a surprise by being elected as the provincial Liga president, hence sit again in the provincial board.

He died without seeing the light of the pet project he wanted realized- a new municipality carved out from the big-territory Laak. It’s named Municipality of Lorenzo S. Sarmiento to be composed of 8 of the 40 barangays of Laak. The measure was just read by a congressional committee early this month of May. The townname is in honor to the mayor’s first political boss – ex- Cong. Don Lorenzo “Enchong” Sarmiento.

When the news of his death burst Wednesday morning, May 28, questions crossed in my mind about a political hot button being pressed on by sinister forces or a scenario of priming him up to become a collateral damage in the ongoing internecine strife in the country? The New People’s Army on the next day denied it has the hand in the killing, and stated in its e-mailed press statement that the mayor had helped their revolutionary cause for sometime in the past and had only warned the mayor “to stop his illegal logging activities.”

If waves of adversity besiege Laak now and a deep sense of loss has been felt by the Laakenos, in the wake of the ambush that has messed up everybody in Comval and Davao del Norte, it is because Mayor Reynav has met, touched and befriended many people in the provinces. The Laak town hall officials and personnel saw no abuse, no sin committed by their mayor.  He’s a mayor they all love as they credit most of Laak’s developments to him. I feel, too, a loss in this Laakenos’ tragedy for he was a kindred spirit.

We will miss Mayor Reynav of Laak- his ceaseless energy, his wit, his far-reaching intellect, his crisp and eloquent oratory, and we will miss that infectious grin and laughter of him. Well done, Mayor Reynav! Be thou at peace! (views of Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

The SOMA, SOPA renderer

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Feb 17-23,2011

By Cha Monforte

State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) and SOPA for the province are being rendered and complied by chief executives these days. Laak Mayor Rey Navarro was an early bird- he had his good length last February 7. Comval Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy did the complying of the local government code provision rendering their yearly report Wednesday last week. Asuncion’s SOMA was postponed for unknown reason. I don’t know, I’m still checking with Mayor Joseph Nilo Parrenas. Sto. Tomas Mayor Max Estela rendered his- last Valentines Day. Carmen Mayor Marcelino Perandos, in my interview Tuesday, said he would have his simple SOMA scheduled yet at the sanggunian session hall only by March (he added at the onset that his LGU has no money for the publication- oh, my gulay! for the publishers and the Carmen public because the SOMA and SOPA should really be published now with the recent DILG directive, or else just post that to conspicuous places to save resources, though it’s a so important document for library archiving). Meantime, there’s yet no signal from the Tahanan when would Governor RDR would render his SOPA- amidst the spinning of the CISA controversy. (Will he address in his SOPA’s intro, to my dear “grandstanding” honorable members of this august body? Just kidding). Most of the mayors in Comval and Davao del Norte though have not yet rendered their SOMAs. Meantime, we’ll wait.

There was that unique Comval SOPA during an early year after the 1998 separation of Comval from mother Davao del Norte when suddenly during an SP session ex-Gov. Joecab Caballero was asked to render his SOPA without him knowing first about it. Cornered, he was forced to render his SOPA impromptu, belaboring to recall what he had accomplished in the previous year and lay the challenges ahead. That time the Comval PG offices were still scaterred in various public offices in poblacion Nabunturan. The Capitol building was still inexistent. The SP held sessions in various places. They were in the poblacion barangay hall when ex-Gov. Joecab rendered his automatic SOPA. While he addressed the non-grandstanding SP members, someone among them, was always inserting his smallest finger getting a peek from his nostril, playing dumb and innocent, seeing and listening blankly to Joecab’s impromptu SOPA about the PG’s accomplishments despite the absence of the Capitol and the birthpains of the newly created province. The picking of the peek by the one BM playing dumb was said to be intentional to irritate the SOPA renderer. But its was maybe the first unwritten SOPA in the country, someone told me about that unique Comval SOPA.
Ma’am Estelita, wife of Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr had been in intensive care unit in the Davao Regional Hospital for almost 7 months for her lingering Parkinson’s disease that complicated into multiple cirrhosis. For over 6 years now she’s been struggling against the Parkinson’s disease and for those long years the vice governor has been caring for her dear Esteling, becoming her roommate, visiting her at the DRH daily every early morning, constantly praying for her to survive the onslaughts of the disease. With much of his salary stashed and going to respond to the asks for help of his constituents, the vice governor had to sell his millions-worth of real property in Tagum City to sustain the costly hospitalization of her dear Esteling no matter what. Recently, the vice governor transferred Ma’am Esteling from the DRH’s ICU room to their residence under similar medical but homely care with two nurses taking shifts to care and watch on her. On the day his dear Esteling was transferred to their home, VG Baby gathered his children and their families and his relatives for a welcome-home lunch-gathering. Esteling Pulmano whose family is also one of the pre-war pioneers in Tagum just like the Suaybaguios is VG Baby’s childhood neighbor, kababata in Tagum, and she became his college girlfriend when they were both studying at the University of East (UE) in Manila. Their love blossomed and they walked down the aisle of the old Cathedral in the city in 1964. It’s in sickness or in health, for better and for worse, ‘til death do us part for Ma’am Esteling and VG Baby now since their love to each other began.
Sentence No. 3 in my Jan 20-26/11 column was inadvertently omitted during the layouting rush. The paragraph needs to be corrected here, to give justice to that piece: “There is no debate now as to the noble purposes and objectives the privatization of security services in the Mankilam Capitol. These are all valid. But in good governance, procedures must still be followed. This is an interesting case that must be settled in court at the earliest time while the CISA guards have not yet eaten a budget of the approved annual budget, or as in Cebu case, the COA declared so that Gov. Garcia’s transaction was illegal as it needed prior SP authorization. Nah, basig ma-disallow pa ang makuhang kwarta sa CISA gikan sa Kapitolyo ug makatapada ug dako and Capitol triumvirate apil na si Gov. RDR….”
Next week the Capitol’s COA auditor Susan Querequincia is set to have her audit findings to the controversial CISA contract, per her promise to the local media. Since the vice governor and some unidentified SP members are putting the issue to the lap of the COA to declare whether the CISA transaction is legal or not, there’s the suspense out there in the Mankilam Capitol. There seems to be no middle ground in the COA’s challenge- either it’s yes or no, legal or illegal. If it’s yes, it’s legal, then brave souls might do a Quisumbing in the Cebu case, hailing the governor to the court, to further get what’s really that law ultra-fitting outta here- will the contract first pass the prior SP authorization and approval or not? But chances are, by the putting of the issue to COA’s lap, nobody in the SP could go beyond it? But we’ll just wait as someone might go ballistic. There’s also no Kilosbayan NGO of sort in the province which will take up a cudgel in case the SP loses. Just imagining.

Reynav is natl mayors’ league vice prexy

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Oct 14-20, 2010

Laak Mayor Rey Navarro was recently elected as the national executive vice president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP).

Navarro, current president of the Compostela Valley LMP, was overwhelmingly elected for the second highest post of LMP national officers making him the first Comvalenyo to hold such highest position since the LMP’s founding.

Laak Mayor Rey Navarro

The election was held last October 7 at the Crowne Plaza, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Navarro will serve the LMP national body assisting Bacoor (Cavite) Mayor Strike Bautista Revilla, who was also overwhelmingly elected as the national president. He is the younger brother of Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.

In a consensus, Navarro and Revilla had agreed to share the three-year term of national presidency.

Revilla in a separate report said that he would unite the 1,500 municipal mayors nationwide and would work with anybody regardless of political affiliation.

For his part, Mayor Navarro said he is confident that with his position, he can bring the concerns of all Compostela Valley municipalities to the league.

Among the other officers elected were: Dumanjug, Cebu Mayor Nelson Garcia, EVP for Internal Affairs; Buluan, Maguindanao Mayor Mayor Ibrahim Mangudadatu, EVP for External Affairs; Pasil, Kalinga Mayor James Edubba, EVP for Special Concerns; Daraga, Albay Mayor Gerry Jauncian, Island Cluster President for Luzon; Makato, Aklan Mayor Ramon Legaspi, Island Cluster President for Visayas; and Aleosan, North Cotabato Mayor Loreto Cabaya, Island Cluster President for Mindanao.

Mayor Victoria Lim of Gasan, Marinduque was elected National Treasurer, while Santiago, Agusan del Norte Mayor Franklin Lim as chosen as National Auditor.

Loay, Bohol Mayor Rosamarie Imboy; San Jose, Antique Mayor Rony Molina; Catanauan, Quezon Mayor Ramon Orfanel; and Malalag, Davao del Sur Mayor Roel Paras, took on the positions of Business Manager, PRO, General Legal Counsel, and Secretary General, respectively. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte with reports from Janice O. Ollave, IO Laak)

Comval mayors want DANECO broken up into 2 with COMVALECO

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Sept. 23-29, 2010

Compostela Valley mayors are reportedly interested to break up the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) with the carved-out one to be named as Compostela Valley Electric Cooperative (Comvaleco).

A report said that the Comval mayors have already commissioned experts to do a feasibility study (FS) on separation of a new electric cooperative that would serve the jurisdiction of the 11-town Compostela Valley.

It said that Comval mayors are up against the continuing inefficiency, high systems losses, piling up debts and high power costs being experienced by Daneco since then in its various managements up to the present time.

Inquired by the Valley & City Chronicle about the latest report in text message, Laak Mayor Rey Navarro, president of the League of Mayors in Compostela Valley, has not yet replied until press time. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Mayor Navarro opposes brgy elections funded by LGUs

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Aug 26- sept 1, 2010

Laak Mayor Rey Navarro has strongly opposed the proposal of holding of barangay elections with the funding coming from the local government units and barangays.

In an interview, he said, “Go ahead Comelec, but don’t let the LGUs spend for the barangay elections.”

He added that barangay election scheduled to be held on October 25 is really so costly and expenditure for it would run to billions which should instead be channelled to basic services.

He said that it would be better if it is postponed for the government to save money and at the same time avoid ushering new political divisions and confrontations between and among barangay leaders and people.

He added that the country has just had the political divisions brought by the last May 10 polls and barangay people and leaders “have not yet so reconciled” and the political heat has not yet settled down.

He said that the winner local officials have not yet warmed up occupying their seats and “here we go again with another election that would be costly to all of us.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: Gibo’s definition

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By Cha Monforte

jan 25

We heard it loud and clear the messages of Lakas-Kampi-CMD presidential standard bearer  Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro on Saturday during the breakfast meeting with some 300 administration candidates at Lakan Pakals hotel in Tagum City . But one message that ripped through the ceiling was when he defined who’s magaling at matalino among us.
Well, “Galing at Talino” is Gibo’s campaign slogan. That’s also vivid description of him- his capacity to lead the country. Now to him, the real magaling at matalino are the poor who work and manage to have their families survived amidst the country’s persistent crisis. “Sila ang totoong magaling at matalino,” he declared before that huge gathering.
His audience were seemed dumbfounded. For that one Gibo’s thought, he was stressing the usual obvious- the tradition for ages of putting the burden of economic survival to the people. He may have failed to put his definition within the praxis of his what he would be doing as president if he gets elected. But somehow it shows an upperhand outlook of Gibo’s mind. Letting people do for their own while the government does the work of governing, trying to turn things up under its own prescriptions and solutions that often failed to make usual miserable lives of the majority – the poor- different. And for this dose, Gibo represents a status quo.
Even when he has plenty of good intentions- he talked of Davao growth centers, peace and development, performance of the incumbents who are rooting for him, but such upperhand perspective seemed to spoil the wholeness of his mind. And this is buttressed by his prescription to the issue on aerial spraying in our export banana industry. “It’s just a matter of scheduling,” he said to a question posed. What he wanted is to just inform the people when aerial spray is made, or people will just move out from banana plantations when planes spray over to be out of risk. What, they would have to always run and run away throughout the year in their lives?
Perhaps, Gibo, the candidate, was just not apprised of the communities surrounded by or near to cavendish banana plants. Scheduling of aerial spray has long been done since before, but that doesn’t help in putting people away from harmful chemical exposure. Obviously, this also tells of Gibo’s speck of uppehand, if not elitist thinking- of making people as mere subjects. Why not put instead the toiling people as the basis and anchor of governance? But then this is already belaboring for real democracy, that “by the people, of the people, for the people” phrase, and there’s still that tatsulok- that social triangle  or pyramid where the only the few rule and command over the many subjects. For only this particular score, Gibo fails still to dissociate himself from a commanding President Arroyo. Maybe this tells also why Gibo fails in the surveys.
BLOGS AND BITS: In that breakfast meeting with Gibo, Davao del Norte vice gubernatorial candidate Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel was so visible. When asked whether he was already smelling victory given the many incumbents present, “not yet” he said…. Ian Neo, who is running for Tagum City councilor, has the looks and ideas for further development in the city. He said if he’s given a mandate, he would work for job generation. Neo is a barangay kagawad and a businessman at the same time…. Laak Mayor Rey Navarro was described by the emcee in that Gibo gathering as the “most seasoned politician in Comval”. While there are Navarro’s types of politicians, there are also bagito politicians despite of their current one term. The latter type doesn’t like to talk with the masa. (E-mail:

OPINION: Pre-SONA piece from the provinces

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By Cha Monforte

july 24

President Arroyo missed Comval and Davao del Norte in her State of the National Address (SONA) last year. To recall, she did almost mention Comval when she announced of a forthcoming manna from Malacanang for Agusan del Sur. It was about a big, impact project.

Before she did her SONA last year, various regions in the country reeled from typhoon and flood calamity. And to soothe down regional pains, we heard of her claims on dazzling accomplishments from exacting more taxes via the Value Added Tax, while damning the global fuel and food crisis as causes of the country’s ills. For that- she “cared so much for this nation”. Imeldific statements, just like the original who said she cried so much for the country’s poor.

What our provinces now want to hear from the President this coming Monday are her assurances that she would actively work to provide opportunities and investments for mass livelihood and jobs for our people. Without the abundant gold resources and the learned endogenous mining skills of our people, our provinces, most of all Comval, must have been so devastated by crimes against properties, which our local police have nonetheless failed to stump out the way our local bisaya tabloids report about these daily. Likewise, policy statements on the peace and order situation in our provinces particularly with regards to the rising crimes against persons are also much wanting now, and this inevitably relates to the efficacy of police organization in the provinces.

We would not hesitate to listen if the President would also give the Palace’s policy pronouncements, nay even good development intentions on Diwalwal, knowing that there’s now more silence than thunder about what the national government has been doing especially in Level 600 underground since when there was that direct government mining takeover over six years ago. It’s still foolhardy now to expect for government transparency now as even trhe Philippine Mining Development Corp (the NRDC before) keeps to be scarce of its public presence. And corollary to this, her policy statement on people’s mining activities that continue to flourish down in Comval and other mineralized provinces in the region is most wanting. A mere mention on people’s mining in Mindanao provinces could immediately connect the President particularly to the people in Comval, Davao Oriental, Agusan and Surigao provinces. Pa-gwapa points ka naman sa amin Madam President, at least on this score.

BLOGSBITS: Three or four SONAs ago, I was bedazzled by the ostensible gold pendant the President wore while in her dark green gown suit. Seen over ANC, she was sparkling, so presidential. But that was when her rule was not yet smudged by so many issues, ripoffs and scandals of the day…..Word has it that Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is engaged in mining at Pamintaran, Comval’s new gold rush site. Pamintaran is in highland Maragusan. It’s just cool endeavor as the mayor comes also from an upland town…. Last 2 gambling has proliferated in Davao del Norte and Comval. I don’t know what our authorities are doing to stump out this vice. See no evil, hear no evil?…. Until now we still don’t see any financial report on the last liga congress of the Federation of the Association of Barangay Captains in Comval. Paging FABC chair and Boardmember Abundio Cubio. Many Comval barangay officials are wanting to see your FS report…. At the rate there’s deafening silence in Comval District 2 political front, ah that past row between Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay, then we expect no more noise about it til November? But then Atty. Jaime “Jun” Lopoz, oldest brod of Boardmember Dexter Lopoz, is coming his t-shirts that he is kursunada! to run against BM Maricar for the district’s lone congressional post. Well, Atty. Jun was a student and youth leader before of Mindanaowide stature, has a down-to-earth, charismatic, makamasa personality. He first worked with the Ombudsman for Mindanao after passing the bar exams, for which BM/Atty. Dex was challenged to proceed to law after becoming a registered nurse. Why not? In that case, BM Maricar and Cong. Way Kurat could not claim they got the plum and perks-blessed Cong position without a rival, and with all the District 1 Comvalenyos just sitting or lying down in 2010 polls, while grabbing it, proverbially. (For your comments and reactions, text 09069104553 or e-mail