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Newsfeature: Machine inventions to make organic fertilizer, push MRF recycling deep fried in the backwoods of Compostela Valley

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By Cha Monforte

In his way of contributing to contain the country’s pestering waste management problem, an inventor based in Compostela Valley has come up mobile machines that could potentially boost production of organic fertilizer and recycling of biodegradable and organic materials for individual livelihood purposes.

davao-techno-craftArthur A. Benedicto, an awardee inventor of the Dept. of Science and Technology, has recently designed and initially sold his mobile “all-in-one” shredder, mobile organic fertilizer mixer and rotary aerobic composter to various end-users including local government units of Panabo City, Asuncion in Davao del Norte, Trento, Agusan del Sur and the Davao Oriental provincial government.

“The shredder can shred organic materials from kitchen refuse, banana stalks and fruit peelings, rice straws to inorganic ones like plastics and cellophanes,” said Benedicto, an inventor who has long been based in the province’s capital town of Nabunturan.

The plastic shreds can then be used as cushions for pillows or a mixture of hollow block, the peelings or rice straws for fertilizer for one’s livelihood.

But to make complete organic fertilizer, the mixer and composter of Davao Techno Craft, Benedicto’s firm, are best appendages to the shredder.

“The mixer on the other hand mixes for your own organic fertilizer formula in only 10- to 15-minute mixing time,” he added.

Both the shredder and mixer run on fuel-efficient 7-horsepower diesel engine.

The aerobic composter does a mechanized way of composting that shortens the composting period by 50 percent.

“It is safe and contains and eliminates harmful bacteria to avoid spread of diseases, besides that it eliminates the unwanted weed seeds,” he said.

A customer entrepreneur Ely Miguel in Trento town said that he has recently sold his first 1,000 bags of fertilizer in his new livelihood out of Benedicto’s shredder and mixer which he bought last September.

Benedicto’s latest three machines are now positioned in the market to be the processing machine requirements of an operational material recovery facility (MRF) that has been required in every barangay or cluster of barangays under Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, that until now lags behind in the government’s full implementation target to address the country’s continuing garbage crisis.

“The cost of each machine is just within a small barangay budget,” he said.


Also, Benedicto is currently completing an environment-friendly integrated gold processing system ordered by a small-scale mining firm operating in the town’s Barangay Mainit mining district.

“Unregulated, polluting gold processing will take turn for a best with the processing machine that uses the feed water over and over again… than allow it to exit to pollute our rivers, waterways and eventually the seas,” Benedicto enthused.

In its complete design, the gold processing system rolls on 10-horsepower capacity with two giant 10-ton per day ballmill ore crushers, filtering, sorting and draining components and cynidation leaching plant all geared to extracting the maximum gold content of the ores under a most time-and cost-efficient and zero-waste management principle.

The system is apt for a province known of its gold-rich Mt. Diwalwal and many mineralized districts where many gold strikes and finds by mere shallow diggings have been reported since the rise and intensification of small-scale mining in the 80s.

Besides Benedicto has recently completed a portable abaca stripper with clutch and brake as the government renewed its campaign in the recent years to boost abaca production in the countrysides.


Through all the 34 years that this eccentric inventor has been tinkering steel and designing machines, and noted first by his agricultural machines, he has never moved out from his headquarters from the backwoods of his town.

But his machines have already reached as far as Ecuador and Malaysia, and acquired or used by multinational firms, agriculture department, local government units, cooperatives, private corporations and private end users across the country.

Benedicto, now 52 years old, started from a scratch. He was barely 19 years old when he decided to quit college and pursued his fling of inventing something to help farmers in his town.

He has been fond of tinkering farming machines of his late farmer father and for  being associated with rice farmers in youth days in the farm, two years after, on meager P1,000 financial support of an older brother, he produced his own rice thresher out from metal scraps. He had it rented to the farmers for a fee.


From the mid 70s he has produced this range of farming machines and equipment: turtle power tiller, rice thresher, corn sheller, multigrain processing device, multigrain mechanical dryer, mobile multigrain winnower, corn seed dryer, rice and corn milling set, coconut decorticator, feedmill and more in various designs and models at the urging and want of buyers.

“These have been designed ala deep fried for coming out from ideas pursued with the people in our localities,” he said.

“Yes, there’s that passion to invent, I am just working then and now, designing is work and occupation to me,” says Benedicto, now evidently seen as the leader inventor-designer based midpoint in the northern phalanx of Davao Region’s provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, Compostela Valley and Caraga region’s Agusan del Sur.

He got his first recognition as an inventor in 1987 when he was named as one of the national awardees of DoST, and by the Philippine Productivity Movement for his multigrain processing device, a rice thresher and multigrain sheller combined.


He invents, designs and innovates whatever people want him to make based on their specifications and suggestions.

“I come up a good design and better product since the idea is pursued collectively with the ones who make the order. I always consult them. I make observations. I read a lot of books and reading materials before. I weigh the pros and cons. I’ll tell the idea is not feasible when it isn’t feasible. I improve when there’s room for improvement. It cannot be that inventors would not listen to others,” Benedicto said.

And how he thanks now that he can easily browse the Internet for layers of knowledge on idea pursued in creating something good for country.

“I remain in my town since it’s here where I grew up and where my friends are, and besides there’s now no barrier in communicating your ideas with the world outside,” he said. (CHA MONFORTE)